Nigeria is next in line to see the BlackBerry Z3 roll out

By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2014 04:09 am EDT

First we had the Far East and then the BlackBerry Z3 was announced as coming mid July to South Africa. Things are now moving north as next in line to see the latest low cost BlackBerry hit their shores is Nigeria.

BlackBerry have a big market share in Nigeria so it makes sense to see the Z3 land here fairly soon after its release. We are still in the dark as to when exactly we will see the LTE variant become available, but it is promised as coming.

I'm keen for the Z3 to arrive here in the UK. Sure, BlackBerry are going to have to market this thing or I suspect the average consumer will overlook it compared to the low cost Android and Windows Phones. Let's just hope the powers that be at BlackBerry are reading this!

Good news for other parts of Africa though and I'm sure the roll out will continue over the next few weeks. I'm currently in the dark in terms of a date that the Z3 will go on sale in Nigeria but the news it is coming has come direct from BlackBerry. We shall update this post as soon as we have more information.

In the meantime you can pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 here.

Hands up who is in Nigeria and waiting for this one?

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Nigeria is next in line to see the BlackBerry Z3 roll out


Yup, best news I've heard all week. And I think James is right. Actually BlackBerry is moving north. That's from south Africa. He can't say BlackBerry is moving west. The map doesn't play that way.
I'm going to be talking about the Z3 a lot on my channel: BlackBerry Nigeria (C0009EF62). You should join. Hey James, was wondering, since I have a channel called BlackBerry Nigeria. Do you think they will want it or want me to help with the campaign?
And I'm pretty sure that a lot of Nigerians are waiting for the Z3, and not the passport. Yes, BIS matters a lot. But most of us have gotten Z10's already, and those will want the Z3 just because of the battery (that I am sure of). I know a lot of people waiting for this device. And they'll be glad to hear this.

From Zarafet my Z30.

Thanks for this good work. Can you do something with the businessmen, students etc, the kind of amazing video we saw from South Africa this week. I will subscribe to your channel right away.

"South Africa" is a country in the South of Africa. Other countries in the South of Africa include Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana

Nigeria is a country in the West of Africa. Nigeria is in West Africa. Please correct the relevant paragraph

Not true. There have been print ads in major papers in India. So you don't have to be disappointed.

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After a really long time I've heard z3 radio ads as well as hoardings on the road. Don't know what you're taking about. I live in Mumbai

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I live in a small city in Uttar pradesh and although Z3 was available for preorder on Flipkart, still didn't see the one full page ad in times of india first page as they always do for new phone launches. Just today there was full page ad for Asus zenphone by Flipkart.

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Abdull....why would BlackBerry advertise in India....according to everything I read on the Indian blog sites and newspapers is that all the Indian consumer is concerned with is the cheapest phone available.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Lol. Well, there was a Z30 advert in the economic times. Cheap ones and high end business ones - both have a mkt in India.
Variety of users we have after all. Haha

Posted via CB10 from P'9982.

Both hands up! We are...But most especially we are waiting for the BlackBerry Passport and the 10.3!... Nigeria is WEST of Africa.

It's Nigeria!!!.... we always buy new phones Apple,Android, BlackBerry can attest to that . #Fact

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James, to be frank, i think we Nigerians are more interested in the classic and passport, ..... oh and we are in the West of Africa

We??? Blackberrys generally do well in Nigeria and so you can be sure this will do well too even if there's a preference for the classic and passport.

Marketing??? What's that????
If BlackBerry knew how to market products they likely would have sold a LOT more devices last quarter.

It's almost like marketing is a swear words at BlackBerry. I've never seen a company do so little but expect so much.

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Well the reason why blackberry has a big market share in Nigeria is because of BIS!! I don't see how the Z3 will make big sales in Nigeria particularly as most Nigerians are into high end devices like the upcoming BlackBerry passport!!

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Read my post....

This is exactly my thought.. but then, Nigerians like new things. * fingers crossed *

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

Agreed. Z3 will still sell sha. It all depends on the marketing. Android data plans don dey tire people.

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Lol!! Cut the guy some slack. I have seen many others write in other languages. Remember it is freedom of speech

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Na Naija.. We'll buy the Z3 just to use it and once The Passport and Classic is out we give the Z3 to our younger ones or some girl we need to dey sharp with.

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I agree, the market share was mainly because of BIS, I have a few friends refusing to upgrade to BB10 simply because of increased data costs.
That aside, I really don't see the demand for the phone here, most people who want low end phones already have all sorts of android and yes.. windows phones, blackberry is basically kinda dead here. The z10 and q10 sold well but it ended there, I only know one other person apart from me with a z30. Most didn't even know it existed or that you can load up android apps. WHY!!, BECAUSE BLACKBERRY ABSOLUTELY FAILED AT ADVERTISING!! Just twice ever did I hear a BB10 ad on radio.. and it was crap!!..
The passport may get attention, but its not a play phone and if priced at a premium, I only see it selling a few thousands max.
The classic and rumoured z50, now there's an opportunity to maybe gain some ground back if they play their game right.
Again as for the z3,with their proven advertisement record, I certainly don't see blackberry being able to convince the populace to switch from whatever to the z3.

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Lots of potential.......

"In 2014, Nigeria's economy (GDP) became the largest in Africa, worth more than $500 billion, and overtook South Africa to become the world's 26th largest economy.[16][17] Furthermore, the debt-to-GDP ratio is only 11 percent (8 percent below the 2012 ratio).[18] By 2050, Nigeria is expected to become one of the world's top 20 economies.[19] The country's oil reserves have played a major role in its growing wealth and influence. Nigeria is considered to be an Emerging market by the World Bank[20] and has been identified as a regional power in Africa.[19][21][22] It is also a member of the MINT group of countries, which are widely seen as the globe's next "BRIC-like" economies. It is also listed among the "Next Eleven" economies set to become among the biggest in the world. Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, OPEC, and the United Nations among other international organizations."

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Er... James, you might want to quickly edit. Nigeria in the West of Africa. The first paragraph referencing Nigeria is okay (we are moving north from south africa) but the next paragraph about us is the one to change.

I'm Nigerian and I'm currently in Nigeria. Frankly, the Z3 hype in Nigeria is dying if not dead. Nigerians await the passport and classic not Z3. The thing about Nigeria blackberry should know is the fact that, though we are an emerging market, Nigerians are generally a proud bunch who go after new and expensive brands. Bring the Passport and classic with good ad and watch it "kill" android (iPhones are not well known). But there's a market for the Z3 though for the fact that it's new.

Nigeria is West Africa not North :)

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

I've not seen any Z3 hype o! Samsung has stolen the spot for full touch phones, most BlackBerry users out here prefer qwerty, the 9900 is still hugely popular and costs more than the Z10 when you can find one. Z10 was like $200 - $220 last week, it would be interesting to see how the Z3 is priced.......not hopeful for great sales of the Z3 in Naija.

As mentioned the Nigerian market is peculiar, you can't expect great sales from price alone......ya need to understand the Nigerian psyche....

We are somewhat saying the thing. The "hype" and the unending wait by Nigerian CB members to the point of total loss of interest in the Z3. And the announcement of the Passport and the Classic only killed it further. Samsung (high end) even Tecno and other "chinko" low end android brands are in full competition with BlackBerry. Yes price isn't really an issue in the Nigerian mobile market because people here prefer expensive high end phones (not just BlackBerries) but if they should settle for a cheap phone it's got to compete with Samsung in most ways and that's where low end android manufacturers come in (Tecno). I can say that the Passport and Classic will do better than the Z3.

Nigerians like being the first to try new things, on that note the Z3 might just make wave for android users who would like to try out BB10 as a secondary platform.

I bought my Z10 immediately it was made available in Africa after launch as many Nigerians, but Z10 sales depreciated after the price slash by BlackBerry because over here, your phone is more of a signature / statement than a mobile device (at least here in Naija especially people in PH).

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

Precisely!! Blackberry should know their largest customer base - the university students to the middle aged, truth be told, its mostly about the rep. They want the latest devices, 30 people wld buy the save up to buy the Samsung s5 at its price before one buys the z3. Note - we dont have carrier subsidies, Nigerians buy there phones the full unlocked price. Infact, its more expensive from the carrier. That says alot.
The way I see things happening - the phone arrives, poor sales, just adds to the general opinion that blackberry is truely a dead company. Do your research well and maybe skip Nigeria on this one. Bring in the next high end phones.

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this is actually offensive, not everyone here is a scam artist, and i believe the only reason Nigeria is looked at like this is because the scammers are rather effective, and guess who the gullible victims are?

I'm in Nigeria and I work with the largest telecoms company, I think the market is split between the users that want to follow the trend and get latest devices, such users will only go for the passport / classic, the rest users like the cheap stuff and will go for any cheap reasonable product. Samsung, Tecno and Nokia X are the best sellers in that category. For the Z3 to succeed, it's all about marketing. Nokia is gradually taking over the low end space with their aggressive marketing and sales incentives the are given for every sale made. If BlackBerry can't do close to Nokia in marketing and sales commissions I can assure you that the Z3 will not be successful

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I second your view. The main advantage BlackBerry has is in data price. Heavy users love BlackBerry cos it has cheaper data prices.

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Yes but only Blackberry 0S offers cheap data pricing, and that's dying a death.

I can't say I know Nigeria well, but in my experience of the people, I absolutely believe that aspirational products will sell well.
If the Z3 is to succeed it has to be seen as an aspirational product.

Consider this: a friend of mine recently bought an iPhone 4s on a ridiculously cheap contract. Now forget that we all know BlackBerry 10 is far superior to ios, and that the iPhone 4s is an outdated product. He doesn't know that. As far as he sees it, he's bought a premium aspirational product at a bargain price, and he's happy.

Marketing is everything, my friends.

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Great! But BlackBerry should endeavour to advertise to prepare the minds of the people for this great device.
Great expectations though.
Welcome Z3!

From my Z30, right here in Lagos, Nigeria.

Am in Nigeria and BlackBerry market share is basically on used uk/us BlackBerry phones. I use a Q10 and from my little eye survey, I can say, 2in20 nigeria use the bb10 variants now and 5in10 nigerians have a BlackBerry of any variant and only 3in10 buy a new BlackBerry device. So I wish them the best.

Posted via CB10

I don't agree with your "basically on Uk/Us used BlackBerry phones" statement. Do people buy used phones? Yes. But the market share isn't basically on anything as you stated. That is just your opinion (based on the people around you) not a fact so before you make statements like this I think you should put some thought into it. None of my friends, colleagues, siblings use a legacy BlackBerry device, mostly BlackBerry 10s/ iPhones and Samsung devices. Using your logic, BlackBerry's market share in the whole of Nigeria is "basically on " Q10s, Q5s and Z30s right? Right? Wrong.

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I completely agree with you Stanhanks. I for one have used at least 8 blackberry devices(2 bb10), because as it's been rightly posted, Nigerians like to try new stuff. But in all these, I've NEVER used a phone that isn't brand new. Why give myself such stress? It's not like a have an exceedingly high income, but I wait to afford a new device before i get one. I have 5 siblings and none of them has used a UK used device either, even though they've used at least 3 BlackBerry devices each. Amongst my extended family and friends, no one buys a used BlackBerry device too. Where's that data from then?

Posted with my supercool Z30 in Nigeria

Blackberry have really missed another opportunity again, delaying to make this device available worldwide at the time of releasing it.

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The blackberry z3 is a step down from z10. I'm more excited about the z30. A z10 here now goes for N34,000. A z3 is N43,000. But look at the specs of both phones ; the z10 is clearly higher in most departments (z3 just has a bigger screen). So if BlackBerry want to sell this device well in Nigeria,they'll have to sell it N30,000.

Getting my z30 soon,but waiting for the N74,000 price to drop. With a slightly better processor,better battery life and 5" screen,it's my dream BlackBerry phone. Tho the camera quality should have been improved to13MP at least,given that an S4 costs just the same. To be fair,BlackBerry phones are unnecessarily too expensive and offer less. The edge they have over android phones is the BIS. BIS is cheaper.

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bigger display but lower res
slower processor
less ram
natural sound isnt a selling point of any bb
bigger batter but not user replaceable
a better gpu, but im dead sure in real life applications the difference is negligible
z10 kills the z3
i hope the pricing is done right, else the phone arrives dead!

The future is 5".

Natural Sound feature is available only in 5" models (Z3 & Z30). It means better amplified call quality & minimal noise.

Non-removable battery means near-zero risk of mishandling, damage, corruption & leak. It's an advantage for buyer. All BB10 phones are likely to have non-removable batteries except for the first generation models (Z10, Q10 & P9982).

Display resolution is adequate (not low) as it's 540p. Simple test : try finding the difference between 480p & 720p videos on YouTube. Human eye spectrum limit can't tell the difference.

Faster GPU has obvious benefits in gaming online in real world.

BB10 gestures are a perfect fit for large displays like Z3.

This is the Nigerian market
Natural sound - Not a selling point, nobody's making bbm voice or video calls here, data's very expensive.
Non - removable battery - Power supply is irregular here, its an advantage to be able to carry a spare battery and switch.
Screen Resolution - one of the few things peole look for on paper. Its low.
Memory 8gb- The 16gbs on the other devices is a real pain to begin with. I mean.. why just 16!! Bullshit. Not to talk about 8!! TF!!
GPU - nobody is gaming online
Price - 200$ puts it on the same range with the z10 now... no advantage.
The only real plus - it has a 5' screen.

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I work in the mobile phone retail industry in the UK. Sad to see so many BlackBerry's being constantly traded in for Android and Apple devices. The Z3 or any future BlackBerry should not be launched in the UK until they come with the Amazon Appstore installed.

Posted via CB10Zed30

Or until BlackBerry start demonstrating to consumers what their products can do, and creating at least some sense of desire or - at least - consumer awareness.

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I'm a Nigerian and I use a z10. But I'm waiting for the blackberry passport. Need that machine

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We are really looking forward to this device, I hope blackberry sets a competitive price because there are a lot of low cost android phones in Nigeria

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Not sure I'll go for the Z3 when it launches in Nigeria. I use a Z10 and very happy with it, but I'd prefer the Passport.

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We Nigeria fancy high cost devices so We are waiting for passport and classic. But welcome to Naija Z3

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If the Hong Kong launch is anything to go by, this is going to end up being a huge disappointment. 2 days after the launch and I have seen zero advertising. I went to numerous shops asking about it, the sales people have no idea what a z3 is, and there are none in stock.

But my beloved country is not in North Africa.

Welcome to Nigeria, Blackberry Z3!!!

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Blackberry should be aware that they might lose Nigeria sales of Passport and Classic if the Z3 pricing is high. Can't be above 30000 naira.

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Carriers don't really operate in Nigeria. Like 1 in 50 phones are carrier based. Only extra cost should be imports.

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Considering Z10 currently sells for N34,000 ($210). Now the question is: how's sales been since BlackBerry dropped the price? I bought mine N105,000 ($650) a year+5months ago... well, it would only be wise if it's sold btw 25k - 30k sha ($150-$190)... . Today's conversion rate is $1 = N162

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

The sales have been very good. I used to be the only one in my class with a BB10. I bought mine (Z10) for #98000 and since it went below #50000, BB10 owners have multiplied just in my class. Some even acquired Z30s because they found out BB10 was better than Android. But wouldn’t have known all these if the Z10 ( supposed entry level phone into Bb10) remained at a ridiculous price. I don't think the Z10 should be anywhere around $200. It should be much higher IMHO. But the poor pricing and losing public reputation has caused this.

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I'm a Nigerian, I'm glad to know Z3 is coming down, there are a lot of BlackBerry users down here, I particularly can't wait to get my hands on the BlackBerry passport when it comes out.

Posted via CB10

Z3 in Naija....well if the pricing comes good, it could sell more. Z10 never really performed but this could if the pricing comes good. But frankly speaking, as some others have said, Nigerians have a high taste for latest and expensive phones. So bring the Passport and Classic as soon as it drops and see stores going out of stock!

By the way, the post should be updated already. Nigeria is in the West and not North!

Posted via White Z30 Passport

That's good news...any news on whether it's coming to Kenya? Many people in Kenya are BlackBerry fans.

Posted via CB10

Some inferior android brands are making a Lotta money selling inferior phones with plenty of advertising. In actual fact, most Nigerians dont care which gpu is faster than which or which res is greater, geeks are always the minority anywhere . And so blackberry has to entice the users and Unless there's a lot of advertising, z3 is gonna be dead on arrival.

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I am Nigeria, I own a Blackberry Z30 and will never want to downgrade. I am currently dreaming of having the Passport. That I will get for sure once it is out. Nigerians are proud and sophisticated, but the Z3 is still gonna sell cos must people on the BBOs will love to upgrade to BB10 and Z3 in particular because it is low-end and budget friendly and that's a whole bunch of the populace, young people in particular.

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yeah, i agree with you that lots of legacy BBOS users who run on low budget will want to get this device but it's not going to be cheap because resellers will want to maximize profit from the demand its going to generate

Nigeria is a West African country, not North or South Africa and the biggest economy on the continent recently overtaking South Africa. Great news, Nigerians are indeed heavy users of Blackberry products. However there has been stiff competition from Android devices. The Z3 introduction is a welcomed gesture, any awareness programme to reignite BlackBerry phones is good value, I think more launches need to take place like this, I must however say that the reason for BlackBerry success in Nigeria is mainly because low end devices are easily accessible and the BBM functionality is an absolute must for most smart phone Nigeria users.

Posted via CB10

I own a Z10 and I don't see any point in downgrading. I'm gonna just wait for the next full touch screen high end device from BlackBerry. Fingers crossed it'll be sooner than later

One Smartphone To Rule Them All

Where's that report button when you need it??!!!! CB10 needs an upgrade ASAP!!!!!!!

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

Yes CB10 does need an upgrade.. James I hope your noticing this crap, we shouldn't have to stand for this.
By the way, guess who the idiot is that keeps falling for the same old lie..

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the major challenge the Z3 will face in Nigeria will be pricing...Nigerian businesses have a knack for overpricing products if demand appears high...

i use a Z30 already and i have thought of buying the Z3 for a few people still on the legacy OS to help them move to the BB10 platform but if the Z3 hits the market at a price point higher than the Q5 or Z10...i'm definitely not going to buy

Be great to see this in the UK, but it will need to be under 100pounds, Sim free.

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

Agreed, this region by region roll out will have it hit North America in three years. By that time the Classic and Passport owners will be trading in their phones for the next big thing. Is it BlackBerry deciding this or can Foxconn just not keep up with supplying these units?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Should BlackBerry have to lower prices on a phone that is head and shoulders better then any Windows or Android phone? That judgment based solely on the OS alone, never mind the hardware.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

As far as James stating that the phone launch was moving north, he was speaking of a geographical direction, not naming any region. This seems to have been read into and misunderstood. Cheers.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

If you had seen the post before it was edited, you wouldn't post this.

Hard for a majority to get things wrongly.

Posted via CB10

I didnt know that we have so much Nigerians here on crackberry..

My opinion of the Z3 is that with a price range of NGN 25,000 to NGN 30,000, it will do well.

I am a Z10 user and not having any plan(s) of dropping it for any phone any time in the nearest future, not even with my latest leak os 10.3 recently installed, but I could get the Z3 as a gift for somebody because I love the phone too..

Finally, if BlackBerry must improve on their sales on any phone, then marketing is a must-do, especially here in Nigeria where products appeal so easily to our eyes..

BlackBerry should start aggressive marketing of the Z3 and any of their products. I think with that, they will have improved sales..

iRock crackberry via my super-z10

I am in Europe. I got my Z3 today (family brought it over from Indonesia). I must say that it is pretty good device considering that I used a Q10 up until this morning. Been using the Z3 for a day now and it works fairy well. The experience feels the same. I'm actually waiting for the Passport. Typing on a virtual keyboard isn't my thing. As expected, it is slower than the Z30 but besides that, the differences is minimal.

Keep it up, Blackberry!

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Z3)

As mentioned before, it's like a swear word for BlackBerry. I know they are trying to cut losses by minimizing expenses but some expenses are necessary. I assume these things are expensive but at least 1 ad every now and then would be appreciated.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

@Bap322.. what an idiot you are, fuck off... good news blackberry, Nigeria will welcome the awesome Z3.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry needs to make a Dual Sim version for Nigerians, I think that would sell well.

Posted via CB10

Iam still waiting for the day when BlackBerry gets famous enough in qatar so I can go smack some blackberry in that manipulative sales guys head.

But so far so good, GO #blackberry

Posted via CB10

The battery life is better. BlackBerry would be kicking its own legs if they released any other phone with the z10 battery life.

Posted via CB10

KEEP BLAZING BLACKBERRY!!! Bbnigeria and beyond! :)

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Blackberry is moving on the right way nearly everyone especially the university students is expecting this phone in Nigeria cos of would be price and cheap BB internet in the country. Kudos to blackberry.

Absolutely Nigerians can't wait to grab their hands on the Z3. Moreover the passport is will be available in September. I think the passport is going to revive blackberry and to compete with the heavyweights.

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Lack of BIS on bb10 dampens a lot of people's desire for these devices as data pricing on bb10 device is costly in Nigeria.

Posted via CB for Z10