Nico Rosberg shows us how great BBM Channels is for business

By James Richardson on 20 May 2014 07:27 am EDT

We've mentioned before that Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Nico Rosberg has been interacting with F1 fans via the teams BBM Channel. Thanks to the Inside BlackBerry Blog we now get to discover why Nico loves it so much.

As you'll see in the above video, it's the whole team that uses BlackBerry, so BBM is an integral part of how they communicate with each other — from drivers to engineers. And as BlackBerry fans ourselves, you can't really blame them for finding the whole BlackBerry experience so great.

With BBM Channels now being one of the top three social platforms for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team it looks like the introduction of the feature was certainly a step in the right direction for BlackBerry. If you can't check out the video now be sure to try later — it's a beauty.

You can follow the Mercedes AMG Petronas BBM Channel by hitting up C00011785

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Nico Rosberg shows us how great BBM Channels is for business


I'd like to see more small businesses and media outlets with bbm channels.

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Hey CB, you need to improve your linking when talking specific channels.

When I click channel thinking it will take me to the Mercedes channel, it brings me to your channels article.

When you actual give the channel number at the end of the article, it is not clickable. Is it not possible to link a channel directly?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

When he mentions Bbm groups the world thinks it's just another text message. Nobody (especially) non BlackBerry users understand the power of Bbm groups and how important the chat, calendar and task integration is. This needs to be shown to the masses now!

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They should just let nice rosberg and lewis hamilton put whatever they want.

This is why BBM channels need multi admin statuses.

BB10 - call blocking please, BBM - too many to list

Agreed. BlackBerry needs a "Samsung" type TV ad showing off bbm groups specific feature.

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Did a BBM channel search in Help last night. thinking about doing a channel for my Golden retrievers. Hope to put it together tonight.

I would like the ability to edit my Bbm channel posts.

Sometimes I accidentally double post or make a speeding error.

Having the ability to correct my own posts would be nice.

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On TV all I see are people spilling liquids on their S5 phones. Would be nice if if we could get some BlackBerry or BBM commercials in the US.

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Channels is quite unique in the sense that it does only one thing (micro-blogging) and has a mobile interface to easily interact with each post.
Facebook offers a lot more, but conversations on posts are not as good.
Reddit is a lot more focused, but doesn't have that conversation mode on mobile.
Twitter is a mess.

We use BBM Groups and Channels to organize our Karate Club.. News, Training Dates, Tournament Organization, Communication between Trainers etc.etc. is done with it.
Running Blackberrys, Android and iOS Devices... Works great for us !
We switched from WhatsApp to this becuase of it's group functionality and we handle round about 70 active people with it. The team (6 persons) use a closed group and the members use the channel.

Love the video.

My dad is a HUGE F1 fan and this might get him on BBM in a snap once he gets his S3 as a hand-me-down in September from one of his mates.

Or I give him this Z10, and I grab whatever flagship is released around that time.

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Well...I hope the app will be improved very soon! it's certainly a good idea but so far away from a basic Tumblr in terms of UI design and features. Just try to correct a typo after a post...

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BBM Channels can be one of the best shared secured Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand Messenger out there with BBM Money.

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wow what a great clip.

Where the hell is BB managers in charge of advertising. Last night watching the Spurs game all I heard was the new SS G5 at every break over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Chen, kick some advertising ass in your company and get the word out. WTF WTF

I like Nico a lot. Too bad I was a McClaren / Hamilton fan first. I am enjoying seeing the team do well.

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Great to see some BBM Channels support from some celebs. Really loving BBM Channels, hope more people start using it.

Also, howcome you actually disable full-screen for embedded YouTube videos? It's quite irritating to have to open up the video in a new browser tab just to view it in full screen.

No updates on channels for a long time now. Are BBM Channels people sleeping.

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

It would be great if you could create a list of materials to purchase in the group and associate a GPS location from the map to alert you when you are nearby that specific location.

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