*Updated* Nico Rosberg to chat to fans via BBM Channels

By James Richardson on 13 Dec 2013 09:16 am EST

Attention Formula 1 fans. On Monday 16th of December, Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Nico Rosberg will be taking control of the teams BBM Channel to interact and answer questions from the public to celebrate the end of the 2013 season. 

BBM Channel users will need to on their BlackBerry devices from 16.30 GMT on Monday. Sorry Android and iPhone users - you will have to wait for BBM Channels. Or just go and buy a BlackBerry 10 device this weekend! 

Nico will be online to answer as many questions as he can in the allotted time and as I am sure you are all aware - BBM Channel chats are one-to-one so the conversation won't be public. 

If this isn't a reason to use BBM I don't know what is! Make sure you follow the Mercedes AMG Petronas BBM Channel to get in on the action.

*Update* I'm afraid that MAMG have just had to postpone the BBM Channel knees up with Nico. We will of course update you when it's back on track. Sorry. 



Is it the Mercedes AMG Petronas channel or his own?

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I know its hard to read the full article but it says "Nico Rosberg will be taking control of the teams BBM Channel to interact and answer questions from the public…"

The Bar Code is the teams channel.


The Mercedes AMG Channel going by the channel PIN

www.totallyparanormalevents.com BBM Channel C002C3F42


It's the AMG. Channel. I guess the team is realising Nico's rising popularity. Plus all the pole positions he's had this season.

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Huh that's pretty cool. I've always seen Lewis as an actual BlackBerry user, and he's done a lot more promotional work for BlackBerry, so it's nice to see Nico promoting BlackBerry as well.

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Yes awesome! Nico is my favourite driver

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jojo beaconsfield

I'm really impressed,great!!

sladka miyatovic

I want the same :)

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It would be nice if CB do a report about the fact that BBMC admin are deleting posts and channels based on excessive reporting of channels. I am curious if BlackBerry would treat these brand channels in the same way they are treating the channels with no power or influence.

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Reporting of the channel because it's violating the terms? i.e. nudity?


No. One channel was a wallpaper channel, another channel does quotes. These two channels were featured by BlackBerry. I posted pictures of the things reported in the forum under BBM channels.

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Yes use a blackberry only feature for

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For marketing, I could do a better job

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Given it's a 1 to 1 chat, this isn't the kind of thing you'd want to open to millions of people.


Still can't receive channels notifications properly. Not all of my subscribed channels send me the new posts notifications. I have to check most of them by myself. Anyone?

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percy franklin 360

Having the same issue.
STA 100-3 10.2.1055

From my awesome Z30


I believe he's going to be talking F1 not marketing his BlackBerry. To be hosted on a BlackBerry only feature might intrigue F1 fans who read this elsewhere.. maybe enough to checkout BBM in the future.

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Who is he?

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


How do you scan a QR Code pin that is in an app on your phone? Is it possible?

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No way to scan QR displayed on your phone screen....always thought that was a bit lame.

But you can usually tap and hold a displayed pin to copy then paste in the channels app., or some pins are directly tappable to launch right into the channel or BBM group .

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Yep. It seems awkward sometimes to think why crackberry putted this on the post, but the QR is great when on the pc. Fast and easy to add the pin

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Quote of the Day, BBM Channel: C001781A5


Will this be the new Reddit AMA? One can only dream


"Sorry Android and iPhone users - you will have to wait for BBM Channels. Or just go and buy a BlackBerry 10 device this weekend! "
- yeah, that'll happen.


Well ... they have more time to buy a BB10 device then since it was postponed.


Love Mercedes!

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Rafidy Aris

Proudly co-sponsored by Malaysian oil and gas producer, Petronas.

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Do You have more information about thé chat session ??? Will it be in few hours or it's postponed ?

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