Nicki Minaj tweets from her BlackBerry after performing at the Nokia event in NYC

Nicki Minaj Tweet
By Jared DiPane on 10 Apr 2012 12:42 pm EDT

Seeing celebrities using BlackBerry devices is nothing new really as we have seen them hundreds of times, but this instance is rather humerous. On Saturday Nokia had a big event in NYC for the launch of the Lumia 900, during which they had Nicki Minaj perform on stage. Following her performance, she tweeted out how exhausted she was and how much fun she had during the event. Being that the folks at Nokia brought her in, one would expect to see her tweeting from something along the lines of Twitter for Windows Phone, but instead she was caught tweeting from Ubersocial for BlackBerry. We don't mind one bit that's she's a BlackBerry user. Keep showing your support over there Ms. Minaj!


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Nicki Minaj tweets from her BlackBerry after performing at the Nokia event in NYC


This just shows that these people do anything for money. Probably RIM gave her the BB she is using so .....!

Haha this is good stuff! I saw the performance and nokia dropped a ton of money on this at times Square.

You can't buy rich folks I guess.

Nokia may have given her the new 900 Lumina to promote etc...But I don't believe it is connected with a plan and ready for her to use at that moment.

Lol. You won't ever see an article from news outlets about this. If there is, watch the bad spin on RIM.

That mainly happens over on iBGR.. where even an increase in use of BlackBerrys by Government agencies still get its own little negative iBGR spin put on it.

Hilarious! I haven't heard much about the Lumia 900 after release. Will be interesting to see how it does after a quarter on the market.

That's hysterical!!! It appears that alot of hip-hop moguls LOVE their Blackberry's!!!! First it was kanye, Jay-Z and Nicki Manaj!!! I love it!!!!

P.S.-- pssssstttt....hey RIM!!! Do you see the massive opening here? These are mega-stars that aren't using your product because YOU PAY THEM TO, they use it because they love it!!! BOOK THEM!!!!/MAKE A COMMERCIAL/SOMETHING!!! Believe me, it will get more recognition then the Martinez Brothers!
--Joz. Again.

Long Live The RIMpire. Always.

Agreed completely.

People make fun of the tools not toys commercials non-stop and especially the unknown Martinez Brothers.

Right now Samsung is running the marketing game, Apple does their own predictable thing. RIM should take this as an opportunity to do one logical thing in this space.

Get Celebs, if you're looking for some that already use BB, read Oh if you're looking at how to stop running your business into the ground, also read, this site is legit.

+1 to this guy
"Oh if you're looking at how to stop running your business into the ground, also read, this site is legit."

I lol'd when I read this. So tru

Long Live The RIMpire!!!

I agree Rim should get some of these celebs to do commercials for them. I recently saw a picture of Lady Gaga with a Blackberry phone. I am not sure what phone it was but you can clearly see the Blackberry Logo on the back of it. I am not a fan of Nicki Manaj or Lady Gaga but millions of people are fans.

If stars lose their password protected blackberry all their sextapes and nude pics don't end up on the web. People with android and older i.o.s versions were very vulnerable to their phones getting hacked i don't know if there has been improvements on those o.s's to prevent that now, but that used to be the case.

Rihanna has moved on to a white iPhone 4s (though she still has a BlackBerry). If I was Beyonce or Jay-Z, I would've chucked that BlackBerry from Kanye back at him as hard as Naomi Campbell threw one at her maid.