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By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2008 02:37 am EDT

It's been an exciting couple of weeks for BlackBerry theme lovers. In recent months we've seen some really creative themes hit the BlackBerry world, and with the recent release of the Plazmic 4.5 Content Development Kit, tons of cool new themes are popping up and a lot of already awesome themes are now awesomer.

If you're looking to hunt down some cool free themes, be sure to check out our Wallpapers & Themes forum. And if you're looking for top-notch premium themes, look no further than's Premium Theme gallery, which is now packing over 1,200 creations!

I took a stroll through the gallery and last night and found a few new gems to try out. Catching my eye on this occasion were some of the themes by the crew at Not only do their themes feature the BEST theme names, like Nitro, Buntu, Invertex, and Renegade, they all look great and are easy to use. Check'em out!!

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Nice Themes and Cool Theme Names by ThemeBerry


I really love the plazmic theme develop, because I can create any themes and icons for my new hobby & fun!

You can pick some awesome icons from:



other sites where you can get cute icons..

Good Luck

If I download themes from here or other sites....will they mess up my phone? if it does will at&t take it and give me a downloading themes like agianst the policy?

If done correctly, you should be able to install a theme successfully without any problems. Just make sure you download the correct theme for your phone. Also, make sure your phone meets the OS requirements. I went in to T-Mobile when I was having trouble with my SIM card. I was running a custom theme when I showed the employee my phone. He just commented on it by saying it looked cool, and then continued to give me a new SIM card. I would THINK AT&T would be about the same way. I have never heard about anyone's warranty being voided because they installed a custom theme.

whats the OS that needs to be on a blackberry in order for the download of a theme successful? First time user of a BB, just trying not to mess the phone up. Where do I find 8310 themes? Also what are some of the cool apps I can download for this blackberry? One more thing I dont want to pay for navigation. Is there a way I can download a nav that I dont have to pay monthly for, and will it mess my phone up? One more question I have GMail should I switch to Yahoo! since Yahoo seems to be like push email, I think GMail delays a little?

What OS should the 8310 curve be on to install an app successfully? Also where can I DL a app for Navigation without paying 10 a month for it? will that app mess my phone up? Where can I DL the themes from for free that arent spyware or something.

The OS requirements are usually specified on the themes page. A good place to find themes is here, at the CrackBerry store. Also, CrackBerry's own forums is a good place to look.