Niagara is the BlackBerry 9630 World Edition

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Feb 2009 06:27 pm


(The CrackBerry World needs to see a photo of a real 9630...
If you have one you can send it in here!)

BGR posted some new details yesterday about the eagerly-anticipated upcoming full-qwerty BlackBerry, codenamed "Niagra".

Word is the device model for the Niagra will be the 9630. The device is a bit of a Bold/Curve 8900 hybrid, so both 9030 or 8930, while sorta logical device model extensions, don't quite fit the bill. The 9630 model number makes me really curious as to what the branding of the device will ultimately be. I sort of always assumed this would be the CDMA Bold, but maybe it will go to market otherwise.

Other BIG news for at least the Verizon version of the 9630... it'll be a World Edition phone and apparently will NOT have WiFi. We know that at least some pre-production versions of the Niagra have had WiFi on them, so if Verizon releases it without WiFi you know it's not a technical limitation on RIM's part.

BGR's source also said the OS on the device is version 4.7.1, though depending on release date it could hit as the re-branded OS 5.0 (tied to the release of BES 5.0). 4.7.1 seems a little strange to read when you think of the Storm's touchscreen OS as being version 4.7, but it makes sense when you take the Application Center (not app storefront) into account. Thinking back to my interview with RIM's Jeff McDowell at Dev Con, it was said that the Application Center would ship on all devices with 4.7 and newer, and I'm sure Verizon and other carriers will want it on this device.

No word on official release date yet. Jump over to BoyGeniusReport for more details.  

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A new picture is right...


it seems like verizon gets all the new models. first the storm and now this.


It's about time is more like, for YEARS Verizon has been late to the new phone release party.


Niagra...i've seen this talked about for a while now but what exactly is it? Is it a Bold? Is it a Curve? It looks cool, but--where does it fit in?


What Verizon getting this? Jesus Christ! What about Sprint!


What about Sprint? Last time I checked they were a worthless carrier without a decent network to speak of. I don't understand why Sprint would get ANY phones before any of the other carriers.


Sprint has a very good network. Maybe you are in one of the few places where Verizon is significantly better, but I have traveled a lot and Sprint is excellent in most places.

And Sprint 3G is faster in almost all cases.

Why the Sprint hatred? Why would you defend a carrier that neuters it's phones by removing Wifi and GPS.


Yes would be nice to have!


Yet again.. CDMA chokes out another phone without wifi


The correct internal name for this device is Niagara and not Niagra. FYI

Kevin Michaluk

HAHA. Big ooops Surreal. That's just called a repeated "can't spell because it's the weekend" mistake. Thx



I just had to reply to this comment:

"We know that at least some pre-production versions of the Niagra have had WiFi on them, so if Verizon releases it without WiFi you know it's not a technical limitation on RIM's part. "

This is incorrect. We know it's not a technical limitation after we see a Niagra on another CDMA carrier that includes all of the same features as Verizon's Niagra, plus wifi. However, it no other CDMA carrier has wifi on the final version, as it stands today, then, it may seem to be a RIM limitation. Just remember that Verizon does offer wifi on some of their winmo smartphones, so we know they aren't against wifi. And there is no other cdma blackberry for any carrier on the market with wifi. The Curve 8350i is IDEN.


By the time Verizon releases the Bold it wont be a Bold at all. I was going to skip the Storm and the new Curve in favor of the Bold, but if reports like this continue, what would be the point. WiFi isnt a big deal to me, but it would be nice to get what you pay for.


So, no new images have come out about the Niagara. Some reports still show it has Wifi, this report shows it doesn't. I am really hoping that it still does end up with Wifi as it gets out to other carriers.

WiFi or not, I am still looking forward to this 8830 upgrade. I really do hope that RIM decides to listen to the end users on wanting WiFi, and not just to one carrier's wanting to restrict WiFi.


You'd think that since Verizon requires all BlackBerrys to have a data plan, they would welcome people using wi-fi instead of their own bandwidth. It seems like it would save them money somehow now that everybody is forking over $30 for a data plan anyway.


This looks almost identical to the bold. In fact, its dimensions or only a few millimeters off, if at all. Bold (114 x 66 x 15). Niagara (113.5 x 63 x 14). 8900 Curve (109 x 60 x 13.5). As you can see, the form factor is MUCH closer to that of the Bold. I'm waiting for the CDMA 8900 series curve (if it ever arrives).


A Storm That Will Work,,,


This better come to Sprint


This looks like a nice phone and all but I will stick to my Bold for the time being. I obviously have at&t and am happy with the service in all aspects, customer support, phone service are all great. I had verizon and there was nothing wrong with them as far as a carrier went I just like at&t and am sticking with my 3g device. at&t's network is in baby stages with the 3g whereas verizon is pretty much capped.


If it can be unlocked for GSM like the 9530, I will be investing in one. The look of the 8900 + Bold keyboard = WIN for me


Its called NIAGARA i would know, i live there.


Win, Win, Win......its my only mantra!!!


I just scratched my berry. This would have been nice about ten minutes ago.


Will it have a camera I wonder? The current Verizon World Edition does not....or I'd have it!


I am really interested in checking out this phone.

Having an 8830 this would be a perfect upgrade.


WIFI is not needed on a cellular unless you have a poor wireless connection. When will you use WIFI other than home or Starbucks. You cannot use WIFI while your driving so why do people care so much. It's lame to worry about WIFI!!!!


Wifi has its uses. What if you have wifi and no service??? Then it comes in handy.