NHL GameCenter Live will arrive on BlackBerry 10 later this season

NHL GameCenter
By Bla1ze on 15 Jan 2013 06:30 pm EST

With the NHL lockout now over with, it's time for what's left of the season to get going. To help keep fans in the loop the NHL GameCenter Live app which allows hockey fans to watch live and archived games featuring teams outside their local markets on several devices including smartphones and tablets has been reduced in pricing to only $49.99 for the remainder of the season. No doubt, that's great news for hockey fans but BlackBerry fans looking to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device in the near future are who this post is really for:

The NHL today also announced significant enhancements to the NHL GameCenter app, the official app that provides live streaming access and video highlights during NHL games. Available on Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads (and later this season on BlackBerry 10) the redesigned NHL GameCenter app now features more free video for users -- including post-game video highlights, a live-game simulation with real-time shift changes and play-by-play for the ultimate second-screen experience in hockey.

The above info was taken from the press release issued. As noted above, the app will be coming to BlackBerry 10 later this season. When exactly, that means we're not sure but hopefully it won't be too launch after devices start landing in consumers hands. After all, even with the lower price point it's still a fair amount of change depending on how many games one will have access to.

Source: NHL, via: BBCool

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NHL GameCenter Live will arrive on BlackBerry 10 later this season


I was hoping that with the lockout, the NHL would have made gamecenter free, but $50 dollars is not bad.
If you are planning on getting GameCenter to watch the leafs and live within the Toronto broadcasting region (which is GTA and all of southern Ontario). DO NOT BUY. The games will be blacked out. This is because LeafsTV Interactive is the only place to watch Leafs games legally online. And trust me, Leafs TV Interactive is bush league compared to Gamecenter live. And that's only when it is up.

P.S. Let the leaf bashing begin

The same applies to any fan within their team's home region. The game will be blacked out, the same as it is on Centre Ice within the team's home region. It is done to protect the local broadcasters, who pay big money for the rights (and play their own commercials).

I'm glad that the nhl is finally supporting BB again....but after the greed they just finished displaying....I will not spend one cent on anything NHL for the foreseeable future.

Atlanta lost two teams in as many decades...
I'm not convinced its Bettman that sucks

PS - This Flames fan thanks you


As some one formally from Winnipeg I know what it is like to lose your team. Oddly I live in Calgary now and watched both former Atlanta teams play each other last season. Great for Canadian fans but sucks for Atlanta fans. Winnipeg should never have lost the jets in the first place. Phoenix probably should have moved back instead.

I sure was disappointed that the NHL locked out the players for so long but now that the lockout is over, I'm just glad that hockey's back. Go Leafs Go!!!

It may just be a quirk of the Ottawa market, but every Sens game is on TV most years, on Sportsnet, TSN, or CBC so no need for Gamecenter unless you like watching more than just your home team here.

Foster Hewitt just turned over in his grave so he could tell the NHL to kiss his behind...and I have approval from his granddaughter to say that.

Depending on how quickly this comes to BB10 I could be very interested in this app, as a Blackhawks living in St. Louis this is HUGE! With BB10 a micro HDMI cable and my big screen...this sounds perfect!

I think Crackberry is just pointing out that perhaps the shunning of Blackberry may be over. Hopefully the PB will get BB10 in Feb or march ... too late for NHL but OK for next year.

The ability to get live streaming of games for NHL and MLB are two big things on my list (though I am unsure about support for this year for the NHL just 'cause they took for granted I would).

We have had access only to crippled apps on the BB phones and subject to work arounds on the PlayBook. The ability to simply click and watch is tremendous to us who love to watch the sport, and to me at least - speaks how far BB10 can take us.

We all have things that we want from BB10 and when this comes down - you can put a big check on my checklist of things I personally wanted.

Let's go Rangers!! (clap-clap-clapclapclap).

Even if it takes a while to come out on the Playbook, you can visit the NHL Game Center Live website through the browser in the meantime. It's Flash-based. :)