NHL Game Center now available in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2010 03:58 pm EDT

If you're a hockey fan then maybe NHL Game Center is the app for you. The NHL has updated their wide array of applications and this time around Game Center got the BlackBerry treatment it deserved. As noted in the release, the application will come in three flavors.

  • NHL GAMECENTER™ -- a free mobile application that delivers live scores; live in-game stats for every team and player; a real time Ice Tracker™, which is a feature that shows the locations of goals, hits and saves on a virtual hockey rink; game photos; a full-season schedule; NHL standings; NHL player profiles; archived results and stats for the current season; searchable content; and a personalized experience.
  • NHL GAMECENTER PREMIUM -- a premium upgrade from NHL GAMECENTER offering video highlights, condensed games and live game audio in addition to those features found through NHL GameCenter
  • NHL GAMECENTER LIVE™ -- available today on BlackBerry smartphones on the Verizon Wireless Network, this best-in-class mobile application gives subscribers access to live streams of NHL games on their mobile device along with all the content available through NHL GameCenter Premium.

I'm sure many NHL fans will be glad to see this arrive. Shame about Game Center Live being only available on Verizon though. I guess that's what the Game Center free version and upgrade are for though, to make up the difference. You can grab the free version today, the upgrade will cost you $19.99 for the full season. Thanks Jeff!

Reader comments

NHL Game Center now available in BlackBerry App World


80 bucks for the live version but worth every penny.  Now I can see tiny little men skating around my BB screen!   The picture quality is actually VERY good!

You can get the basic one, but that's basically ScoreMobile with a shot chart. I want the Premium $19.99 version with highlights and condensed games (like MLB At-Bat, which was $14.99). But it's not in app world, and the upgrade button doesn't work either.

There's no way they would refuse my $20 simply because I'm on AT&T rather than Verizon, right? Maybe I can try going directly to NHL.com?

Got this email from tech support:

"The Premium and Live applications are limited to certain carriers due to contractual obligations to sponsorship partners Verizon (USA) and Bell (Canada).

NHL MobileHelp Team"

I'm SO angry about that. Could the NHL be any worse at marketing? They give away a free app that isn't any better than other free apps for BB and iPhone, but the app that people actually want to pay for....not a single iPhone user or non-Verizon BB user can buy that? Why?

Do they really think I'm going to go switch carriers now specifically because of this app? Why would you cut limit your potential consumer base to just one carrier in the U.S. and Canada?

The Live version is amazing! I watch a game on my TV while a second game is playing on my BB. And the picture quality is better than I expected, it's digital TV quality.

Sounds like a good app, but being with Rogers I guess I'll never know...Boo NHL. I guess Bell bid for its exclusivity in Canada much to the chagrin to non-Bell subscribers. Dito with Verizon.

So I can't get this app because either it's not supported on the 9700 or on Bell. It told me I can't install due to device and or carrier. Lame. Anyway Go Sens Go!

wow I can't believe this pos is listed on the front page. Installed it on my storm2 and it shows the keyboard, has no options, vague message about disabling compatibilty mode, cannot does not seem to have any touchscreen capability at all.

I've seen a lot of junk apps but this one is the worst. Don't feature garbage on your frontpage please.

Simple fix, just go to options --> Applications --> --> hit the BB Button --> Disable Compatibility Mode.

Hope that helps, good luck.

Simple fix, just go to options --> Applications --> --> hit the BB Button --> Disable Compatibility Mode.

Hope that helps, good luck.

Simple fix, just go to options --> Applications --> --> hit the BB Button --> Disable Compatibility Mode. Hope that helps, good luck.

Works well on my Bell Storm1 (obviously no WiFi). Just had to disable compatibility mode and it's working fine! It's now my go-to app for hockey scores and info. Fantastic layout and updating. Will keep THN for the articles and The Score for CFL & PGA.

TSN's offering is a joke. Best on TV; worst on smartphone.

Am I mistaken? As I scroll down to the comments, I see a Bing result for NHL Game Center iPhone App???? I mean, yea...I'm on Verizon now, but if I were still with AT&T I would be SERIOUSLY P.O.'d. GO CAPS!!!!