NFL Mobile Live from Sprint

By James Falconer on 8 Sep 2008 10:06 am EDT

NFL Mobile Live for BlackBerryWith the NFL season now under way, I thought the following was very appropriate.

It looks like Sprint has released an NFL application for the Berry that might work on other carriers too. I should note however, that a LOT of people have had trouble getting it to work...The download page has links for the 8130, 8330 and 8830 (all on Sprint). So give it a try, but I will not guarantee that it will work for you.

The app is free, so it's at least worth a shot, especially if you're big into the NFL. It gives you up-to-the-minute live scoring and video. You can even use it to listen to the game live.

To give it a whirl, head over to from your Berry. You can discuss it in the forums here

P.S. Did anyone watch the Bears hand it to the Colts last night? C'mon Payton... what's up buddy!?

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NFL Mobile Live from Sprint


I downloaded this to my Curve 8330 for Verizon Wireless. So far it seems to work well. Even the video clips work.

Same here... Curve 8330 for Verizon and it works well for me too. Got the video, but couldn't get the live gamecasts to work, but I think that's because I was in a weak signal area at the time. The updating scores and video streams worked great though.

They kicked the colts bum!!!! To me the best part was the part the post game interview...when they asked Urlacher about the upset... he looked like he wanted to punch the girl in the boob!!!!

Oh and i downloaded the nfl live. I got sprint and I got the radio streaming to work and the videos. But I dont see my self using it to much. Cuz im either watching the games or at Soldier Field at the game... But it is a pretty good app... just not for me.

i have an 8320 on tmo running 4.5 os and wanted to know if you would send me the link you used to download this app!

I have T-Mobile the software download did work but when loading I get Connection lost!!! Try To resume anybody know what I need to do?

My Bears kicked Colts butt. The app is great watching videos, audio and everything works wonderful. Great app

This happened to me also. I had to copy the link and paste it to myself in an email and then i was able to download it

I downloaded this on my Tmo 8120 and it works great. Just used the 8130 download link.

As for the game yes I did watch it and was very suprised at how they played. I guess it was granted since this was Mannings first game of the season with no pre-seasons under his bealt. I had Matt Forte (Rookie RB) for the bears which got me huge points in Fantasy. so that was good.

It is working so far on my 4.2.2 OS Verizon 8830. I plan to upgrade to this afternoon so I'll see if it still works after that by trying it out during MNF tonight.


I just got the 8830 World Edition just so that I can use the NFL Live. Everything else works but the Video & Audio portion. I keep getting this error message that the device is not compatible. Can you tell me if you're able to see the video and get the audio. Maybe I just have the settings all wrong. Thanks for your attention in this matter.

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anyone get this to work for the 8300 curve on att?

mine just hangs up at the loading page

i want this app!!!!


Geez, I'm starting to get mad! I've been trying all morning to get the software and all I'm getting is "server error" or "server busy" messages! You CAN'T do this to me! I NEED MY NFL!

I got it to work on my 8830WE on US Cellular. It took a couple time to get the software to load everything, but once it was set up, it has worked so far. It is slow-loading, though, and I have had some connection timeouts, but once the main screen loads, it seems to do fine. It does load faster after a reboot.

I get a message that audio & video aren't supported on my 8830, but other than that, it works.

Got it working. If it does not work the first time. Delete the app from the app list and reinstall.

I downloaded this app Saturday and was able to listen to the Pats game live. Well worth it for those like me without the sunday package.

TMO 8820 - Downloaded 8830 software - no problem. Running application says Connection Lost!


The Sprint NFL Mobile live feed is working on my VZW Pearl!!!!WOW! I'm just afraid VZW will get wind of this and lock all of us VZW BlackBerries out.

I have tried it on my 8130 with Verizon and the videos and game day radio is not working so far. Maybe I'm not doing it right but I'll keep trying.

Works on 8830 however, the audio and video is not supported on my device? I wonder if its because I'm using OS 4.5? Any ideas?

Is yours a Sprint or VZW? I can use many of the options but it keeps telling me my device is not supported. Could it be a setting somewhere.

I downloaded it on my VZW 8830 and i don't get the video it says its not supported, I have v4.2.2.196 do I need to upgrade my version or what, I could really use some help here.

Someone here said its working on Bold but when your given the option Blackberry 9000 is not available as a download... what version did you download to get it to work on Bold?

I downloaded to my 8330 for VZW and it works. However, I don't know if it is because it was made for Sprint but it runs kind of slow.

Finally got it working on my VZW8830. A little sluggish and lagging, but that's alright cause now I have my EAGLES and I can see what's what!?!

I have a T-Mobile 8320 CURVE and cant get it to work! I just keep getting the connection error after i see the NFL logo with the black background, any suggestions???

Okay after all day fooling with this thing I finally got it to work on wifi....and only wifi....

any suggestions on how to get it to work off wifi??

This app works sometimes on my 8100 Pearl on the Rogers network. It usually has problems connecting, but when it does its a super cool app. Its not just a link to a mobile site which is a welcome change from ESPN and SI.

Thanks for the heads up!

I have had nfl mobile on previous mint phones, unfortunately non-BB, but app works fine on my new pearl.

now i just need my fantasy team to perform as well as my pearl and i'll be all set.

That happened to me, but then i retyped the link again exactly the same way i did the first time and it worked perfectly. so many try the link a few times

I just downloaded NFL Mobile from Sprint and it works on my Curve. It's slow and gives me a message saying it is using the low band network, but it works. I just wish they would optimize it for the EVDO network to take advantage of the speed.

I get nothing, just sits there... Any ideas? I've tried removing and adding it a couple times...

Hey guys, haven't downloaded it yet because I didn't want to mess up my phone. Has anyone been using it? And is it worth it? Thanks!

Downloaded on my T-Mo Curve. Worked ok on UMA so far but I can't see videos, it says "streaming error".

NFL works great on my 8330. I loved listening to the Pats beat the Jets last Sunday. My only problem--it is very loud and I can only seem to listen to it on speaker phone. Anyone know how to lower the volume on speaker phone and listen to the games only via the headphones? The 8330 volume controls will not respond, and when I plug in my headphones it still blares out over the speaker phone.

thats weird because i use the aux port in my car to listen to it over the car speakers when i plug it into the headphone jack

NFL works great on my 8330. I loved listening to the Pats beat the Jets last Sunday. My only problem--it is very loud and I can only seem to listen to it on speaker phone. Anyone know how to lower the volume on speaker phone and listen to the games only via the headphones? The 8330 volume controls will not respond, and when I plug in my headphones it still blares out over the speaker phone.

After messing around with it for a while, I found you can change the volume by highlighting the radio section you're listening to (you'll see a play or pause symbol). Press the alt key, then * to reduce volume and # to increase it. I was thankful to figure this out after nearly a month of putting the phone under pillows!

Everything else seems to work but the Video & Audio. I'm running the 4.2 software. Anyone with the 8830 get the Video & Audio portion to work? If so, please advise as to the software version you are using and if I need to change a setting. Thanks in advance.

Anyone else having trouble changing the volume? It's really loud on my Curve. Is there any way to change the volume in NFL Mobile? I don't have any trouble changing the volume other times.

I have t-mobile and downloaded this app on my 8320. It doesn't work and now I can't seem to delete it. It is not an option on the BB and it will not allow me to remove it on the desktop manager. Any help would be appreciated. Please PM me if you can help.