Game Center 2010 for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 9 Nov 2010 10:11 am EST
18 Game Center

If you're a NFL fan then you know when the weekend rolls around you live and breathe football. No matter if you're a Giants or Cowboys fan you want your scores, stats and news on the fly. Well Game Center 2010 is here to help. With this new app direct from the NFL, you can keep up with all the latest news right from your device. Get in-game audio highlights of big plays, customized "my team" alerts, pregame press conference video and much more. If you're looking to get a bit more than just the standard scoreboards some other apps offer, then Game Center 2010 is the way to go. Pick it up now from BlackBerry App World for $4.99.

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Reader comments Game Center 2010 for BlackBerry now available


Umh, uh, wouldn't this have been better just a bit earlier in the season? Like maybe before your favorite team established an insurmountable losing record for itself?

Would be good with radio play by play. The NBA app lets you listen to every game. Just seems like another ticker.

Why would one pay for something like this midseason? What does this give me over Scoremobile which is free?

Looks nice but should have been free. Scores and stats are free thru Scoremobile and in apps for other sports. This thing would need to have extensive highlight content to warrant the price, and even then, it's Week 10!!!

I can understand if it included their Fantasy, but just score updates? No thanks.

I'd pay 4.99$ for NFL Fantasy though.

Duhhh! ScoreMobile does the same thing and it's free. Besides football season is over for me! Signed Die hard Dallas Cowboy, fan for life!!!!!!

This app is useless! Being a storm 1 user my app space is limited! Lol. I wouldn't even use this if it was free! Scoremobile does this with all sports! BEARS rule! 5-3 superbowl chances still alive! Woohoo! Dallas won't go anywhere as long as that loser Wade Philips is their head coach! I mean come on he was once a Buffalo Bill. Need I say more? Lmao!!!!

You can't expect people to pay 4.99 mid season. Then again, I use for my game information anyways.

There is also a free GameCenter Lite in App World. I'm not going to bother with this since I have NFL Mobile on Verizon, but it's nice that the NFL has finally done something for other BlackBerry users since other platforms have had these GameCenter apps for a while.

I would pay it, only if I knew it was for life, but the again, who knows how long I'll have a BB......

Chicago Bears FTW!!! Scoremoble has all the sports in one app. The best part for FREE...great job nfl trying to scam more money from people. Already have black outs from online radio. try being a Bears fan and live in alaska i never see a game unless its the late game or monday GRRRR. now i cant even listen to them online. ok my rant is done. BBs rule!!

i'm not spending 4.99 on this crap when scoremobile is free. an app like this on iphone and android is scott free. its funny how bb users get the rotten end of the deal

Why pay for this app when u can go to and they have a free app for blackberry I downloaded it at the beginning of the season and its awesome !