NFC powered CIBC Mobile Payment App now ready for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2013 01:02 am EDT


If you've used the CIBC Mobile Payment App in the past, then you already know it's a great way to pay for everyday things with your BlackBerry rather than needing to use your physical CIBC credit card. The app was previously only available on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 but now it has made to the transition to BlackBerry 10 and more specifically, the BlackBerry Z10. 

CIBC Mobile Payment App features include:

  • Pay for credit card purchases up to $50 - Accepted at thousands of participating locations in Canada and abroad. Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout.
  • Ability to lock the CIBC Mobile Payment App with an optional passcode
  • Cardholder protection for unauthorized transactions*
  • Trusted encryption technology to store your credit card on the chip in your smartphone
  • Track your mobile purchases on your CIBC credit card statement, or through online or mobile banking
  • Accumulate rewards with a CIBC rewards credit card

Keep in mind, you need to have a Rogers account in order to make full use of the app and additionally, you also need to have a NFC enabled Suretap SIM card from Rogers. We're seeing a lot of negative reviews on the app stating it's not working because of errors when really, it's not an error. It's folks trying to use the app without the proper SIM card in their device. In any case, the app is available right now in BlackBerry World.

Download the CIBC Mobile Payment App

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NFC powered CIBC Mobile Payment App now ready for the BlackBerry Z10


I don't bank with CIBC but kudos to them for pushing forward with this.
Based on their mobile app just getting released, rbc will have me up and running in a year or so

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Now let TD follow and I'll get it! And first if that matters. But glad to see we still have some BB10 support.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Yes TD lets get going. I wish it was not so complicated and specific. When I first heard about NFC on Blackberry I got excited as they were going to be early adopters. So far though it has been useless for the most part. I know there are many ways to set things up and use, but should be an app to set up and use any credit card. If they did that from the start on the 9900 series things would not be as bleak. just would have been nice for them to chase us again.

Well no luck on my Verizon Z10 running 10.2

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Apparently not, but they probably did leave a nasty review about how the app doesn't work

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I would like to see them bring this over to other carriers...for that matter to other banks too. I want all Canadian Banks to have these features on all carriers

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So damned cool. I want it for BMO!

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Power down the phone, take out the sim card, see if it has the Suretap label on the sim card.

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Yayyyyy been waiting for this!!! Great to show off to friends worked great with my 9900. Now time to show Z10 is full of opportunities still.

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Good to see dedicated banking apps. but practically speaking, with so many limitations (rogers only, possibly need a new SIM, only Z10 so far) it really diminishes the usefulness of the app.

I would rather have a proper everyday banking app that was native, not whatever the current cibc app is. Still, its good to see them getting stuff out there. It means they're working, albeit slowly, on development.

Exactly my thoughts.

I thought NFC would be MUCH more straightforward than this. No wonder Apple couldn't care less about it--it's not even close to being simple to use or simple to even figure out IF you can use it.

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Fail: carrier exclusives suck
Fail: need special sim card
Fail: advertising doesn't show rogers only so other carriers users are mistaken to think app doesn't work.

Way to go CIBC. Maybe it's time BlackBerry users all switch to CIBC because I'm losing patience waiting on a BMO app

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Wish this were Reddit, and wish I could upvote that 1000 times. I got tired of playing "email stupid time" with BMO tech support. Seriously .. we've exchanged something like 40 emails and I'm left with more questions than answers.

Wasn't the RBC app that was released a few weeks ago supposed to have NFC payments as well....

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Why the need for a special sim when the device has NFC? To make it available to non-NFC devices? I really hope Scotia jumps on board!

I agree with you on this. Seriously, if the sim is the only "secure" place to store information on a BlackBerry, they have major problems. This special sim requirement has to go.

I was told by Rogers that if you buy a new micro SIM they will be Suretap ones. All you need is a CIBC visa card.

I already have their mobile banking app - this is just adding to their stable of apps.

It took three companies, working together (BlackBerry, Rogers, and CIBC) to pull off thus app. Kudos!

Posted via CB10 1.4.2 on Z10 on the Rogers Network

When I got my z10 6months ago Rogers replaced my old sim card with the suretap one for free.

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Sweet! Just downloaded the app and registered by calling in to CIBC. They gave me a $15.00 credit on my Visa for downloading the app!

BlackBerry Z10 me likey.

I was excited to see this finally came to z10 but then read you had to be a Rogers customer...such a disappointment that my carrier isn't there yet.

"Get a $15 credit when you download the App and register by December 31st ".

BlackBerry Z10 me likey.

Why so many security permissions? What does 'read_cellular_data.label' do? Do they really need my phone information if they have my device information? I'm always leery of giving apps carte blanche access.

How many credit cards can one have,,, but now I'm really tempted to get a CIBC credit card just to be able to use this.. (Already have Z10, Rogers and a Suretap SIM) I heard that they can charge up to $10 for a SIM but if yours is "damaged" they'll give you one for free :)

Sorry stupid question of the day: If the OS on the Z10 and Q10 are identical, why is it not available for the Q10??? You TAP your phone not TYPE with the keyboard. Confused.

Anyone have an idea why this would be carrier specific? You would think Cibc would want all of their customers to have access to the app.

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Wish it was also debit and covered PC Financial since they are CIBC too...

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

if Blackberry wanted to differentiate itself from the competition it should have worked with all the banks and carriers to be first to market with a fully functional bank app for bb10 and NFC payment compatibility.

they would have gotten way more positive marketing and PR by subsidizing the development of those apps than paying Alicia Keys.

any word on when other carriers and banks will be on board with this?

are there competing NFC payment methods that are hindering wide spread adoption? like mastercard paypass, visa paywave and interac flash?

A while ago I just went to a Rogers store, asked for an LTE card and they gave me one with NFC enabled on it too. I'll give it a couple of weeks to see how useful it is before I pass judgement. Definitely feel like there are a lot of restrictions, but I just so happen to meet all of them (Rogers, CIBC CC user, Z10, NFC-LTE SIM card) so it would be kind of stupid not to try it since it doesn't seem like many people would meet the requirements.

Used the app for the first time today and drew a lot of interest from the employees at the store.
One person said "oh cool on an iphone" I then had to break the bad news to her...


BlackBerry Z10 me likey.

Works great! Just dropped by a Rogers store on my way to work, got a new sim for free... got it working within an hour - had to call cibc, setup mobile payments, security etc...

Question, when do I get my $15 credit? So far I haven't seen anything.

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Says on the fine print 60 days:

1 You will receive a $15 credit (the “Credit”) when you download the new CIBC Mobile Payment App and then register for the mobile payment service through CIBC Telephone Banking between October 1 and December 31, 2013 (the “Offer Period”). Offer applies to the primary cardholder and authorized users on the same credit card account who register for the mobile payment service during the Offer Period. Limit one Credit per Primary Cardholder and per each Authorized User. Credit will be awarded to the primary cardholder on the credit card account and will be applied within 60 days from the date that the registration for the mobile payment service was completed by the primary cardholder or authorized user (as applicable). Credit card account must be open and in good standing at the time the $15 Credit is awarded. Offer cannot be combined with any other CIBC offer. Offer may be revoked if you appear to be manipulating or abusing it, or are engaged in any suspicious or fraudulent activity, as determined by CIBC in its sole discretion. Offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice at any time.

Has anyone gotten this to work yet? I have successfully registered with CIBC, who informed me I would receive a notification that would ask me to set up a password, but when I opened that notification, there was nothing but the button to call CIBC. Both CIBC and Rogers informed me that there is no issues on their ends. Guessing it may be that I'm running a leaked version of 10.2?