Next BlackBerry tablet may not be far off after all

A BlackBerry director of product management confirmed a new PlayBook is on the horizon

10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook
By Simon Sage on 19 Mar 2013 10:42 am EDT

Though BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins recently knocked down the PlayBook on the company's priority list, BlackBerry director of product management Mike Al Mefleh at the Dubai BlackBerry User's Forum recently said that we can expect six new BlackBerry devices in 2013, in addition to a new PlayBook. This could very well be the ten-inch model we caught a glimpse of last summer

Though BlackBerry officials were mum on any timeframes, one source at the forum said we would see a BlackBerry 10 update to the existing PlayBook before this new one was released, and another source suggested we could see the device as early as the end of Q2. One developer went so far as to say that they're working on a BlackBerry 10 app optimized for this mythical 10-inch PlayBook.

So, we might be getting mixed signals from BlackBerry officials, making it hard to say for sure what's going to happen one way or the other over the summer, but the possibility of a new PlayBook is certainly tantalizing, especially if it's shipping with BlackBerry 10.

How would you guys envision BB10 running on a tablet? What would have to change?

Kevin has his own ideas, but what about the size --  did the old PlayBook have it right, or do you want something bigger? 

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Next BlackBerry tablet may not be far off after all


A better question to ask is whether BB10 can be run off the Playbook's 1GB of program memory. If so there is hope.

The Z10 and other newer phones have 2GB program memory, which is indicative that the BB10 QNX operating system requiring either a Playbook optimization or more memory than currently available.

I am so tired of this being spread because people start to believe hypothesis as though they are facts. That "2 GB is the minimum system requirement" for BlackBerry 10.

Think about it this way: iOS 6 released alongside the iPhone 5 which had 1 GB of memory. Yes, iOS 6 also runs on the iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch, 3GS etc.

Let's not make assumptions that BlackBerry 10 absolutely, positively needs 2 GB to run well, any more than iOS 6 needs 1 GB. until we've seen it.

of course it can. Most all of the dev devices are running with 1gb (a friend of mine has one who works for BB). They are noticeably slower than the Z10, but still work fine.

you said it right there, noticeable slower, why would blackberry do exactly what got them in trouble and release something that hurts the product? on a full OS 1gb of RAM can't do BBM video, can't have more than 3 apps running(depending on apps) and can't do timeshift... Sorry rubberchicken but its not a hypothesis that BB10 needs more than 1gb of RAM to run properly, its a fact.

That doesn't mean they can't have a modified version that runs better on 1GB. There's no phone app, lower resolution, limit Active Frames to 6 or 4, limit some other resources. At the very least I do want the web browser and other updated native applications as well as BB10 app support. It doesn't need to be identical to the phone.

+1 A lot of the Memory is being utilized through the BlackBerry Hub. In my opinion, a non-essential feature for the tablet. Set up BB10 on the PlayBook without the Hub and I think that would be just fine. Just a dumbed down all in one inbox would be fine.

I agree too: I want BRIDGE on my PlayBook, not the HUB. I think it should kind-of be automatic: If your playbook is bridged to a BB10 handheld, then the Hub does not run / require live memory. If you are NOT bridged, it CAN run to provide you with the services, but my optimal user experience is PlayBook bridged to my BB10 handheld, and everything is "stored" on the handheld.

Sidebar: I have noticed that without full Bridge functionality, I ask myself why I still carry the PlayBook with me everywhere? I might just take it out of my bag and wait patiently for full Bridge capability...

It's not a fact. You don't know what you are talking about or what kind of things affect performance. 1gb of RAM can do BBM video, time shift camera, and run more than 3 apps. The playbook can already run more than 3 apps and make video calls with the existing playbook OS. I doubt BB10 uses double the memory of the existing OS. Even if it did on the Z10, it could be optimized for the playbook to use less memory. As far as the development devices go, they are using different processors than the Z10 which would also factor into performance, especially if BB10 wasn't optimized for that device setup.

RIM has said they will release BB10 for the PB. I trust that they know what they are doing.

That's not what got them in trouble. What got them in trouble was running a java os for about 6 years longer than it should have been and living in the past. They were way in over their heads with BlackBerry os and it was that that got them in trouble. You could have throw 32gb of ram at blackberry os if it was possible, it wouldn't have changed anything.

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you say it cant do BBM video, I use my playbook to voice chat with others who are on Z10's. I don't understand your reasoning for that one statement. it does it and it does it just fine. I also have had my PB running 8 apps at the same time without lag.

as someone who had Dev alpha B (1 GiB of ram) it's impossible to run BB10 on 1 GiB of ram from end user's point of view, Browser crashes every time because of lack of ram, even without any other app being run on background, so unless they optimise it I don't see how the OS can run smoothly on Playbook

coming from Android, we have this debate about DOES it really have minimum RAM for the OS, or does it really matters.
The answers are YES and NO.
Low to Mid spec device could run OS, even with lower RAM. The case on BB10 with Dev Alpha was because the OS wasn't optimized for 1GB RAM.
BlackBerry will release another four devices, and I'm 100% sure that, at least, one of them will come with 1GB RAM for mid price range.
The key is how BlackBerry will optimize how BB10 will run on such device.

I had the Dev Alpha A and without the Hub it ran fine. There were a few camera bugs (a bit slow) but that seemed to improve after some OS updates. Still, it worked. So I think if the Playbook DOES receive a BB10 update, they could make the HUB a separate app (just like "Messages" is a separate app now on Playbook) and not run it all the time. The Hub would be a memory hog and you may not need it running 24-7 like it would on a phone.

George, if you research about QNX you will quickly realize that QNX will adapt to any and all hardware specifications regardless whether they be slow, old, fast, whether they have 10GB, 1GB, 512MB, 2GB, 4GB. QNX will ensure optimal performance. This is how unique QNX really is and why other companies such as Google and Apple are threatened by it.
QNX can literally adapt to any environment and run it 100+% efficiently and optimal. The 1GB Playbook should easily run like cuddly little kittens purring away. And I cannot wait for the update and that badly needed Native BB10 Browser.

If PB requires 2GB of RAM then BB10 is resources hungry!!! BTW I am sure BB10 is not. Every current tablet OS, IOS6, JellyBean can run well on 1 GB RAM. So PB will run BB10 just fine.

A 10 inch Playbook would be pretty cool. The only issue is having an ecosystem ready to go to support it. That's why I believe that we won't (and shouldn't) see a new Playbook this year.

If anything, BlackBerry should get some top tier Devs, make them sign NDAs so that when the device launches, it will be more than ready to go. BlackBerry 10 was a good launch but still could have been stronger.

All the best to BlackBerry!

Totally agree on the NDA. The bad publicity on a snafu launch (supplier caused even) is what killed them this far. Luckily Thor has a much better way of operating BlackBerry!

I like the 7" - 10" is less manageable.

*IF* BlackBerry decides that 1Gb RAM is inadequate for BB10, then maybe they could provide a RAM upgrade service for a nominal fee - e.g. $50 or whatever. I would gladly pay that, and would prefer to do that than buy a new PlayBook, be it 7" or 10". This would not only re-vitalise the existing devices, but also get the existing loyal user base singing the PB's praises again.

It all depends on whether the PB hardware is able to accommodate extra memory, and how much work it takes to swap it with a bigger chip. If it's too expensive, then as another poster mentioned, perhaps an trade-in / upgrade program would be a good way to keep the users happy?

Exactly RAM update service would be great. There are so many loyal early PB adapters including me who bought the tablet when it was expensive. We trusted RIM and bought the tablet before the fire sale.

I agree! Also fits in my hand well so I can keep one hand free for the kids. Is also perfect for the kids to read on.

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But I found the size being too small. I have to pinch and zoom a lot. Portrait mode is just unusable in browser. The keyboard covers more than half the screen when you type something in landscape.

Theres gotta be a reason why apple made a smaller version of their tablet and I'd like to think it's because of the perfect form factor of a 7inch device.

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Apple's screen dimension aspect ratio was great for browsing. Android and PB's tablet ratio is great for watching HD movies but not for browsing.

Agreed -- I ditched my iPad for a Playbook back when they were fairly new, in part due to the iPad's large size. I still use the Playbook daily, but find it's beginning to look&feel dated. If there's to be a new Playbook, I'd prefer it be a sleeker 7", one that matches the design of the Z10.

Agree with the sentiments so far. 7" is a perfect form factor and the current PlayBook model is still a powerful piece of kit, despite its age. Even though the lack of RAM may be a problem, I'm itching to get BB10 on my current PlayBook.

Hurry up, BlackBerry!

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It's taking them half the year just to release two phones. Let's hope they can get the other 4 out in 2013 AND the BB10 playbook update. The last thing they need is another tablet causing notorious DELAYS...

I think to cover the market you need a few sizes...a new pb is needed. new processor and more ram would make the pb run Bb10 much nicer and smoother.

I can see benefits ti both sizes.

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Well... remember ideas were for how BB10 would come to the existing PlayBook. for a brand new PlayBook my vision would be different (more CPU and memory to work with).

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Yes, better CPU, memory, bigger resolution, a precision screen(stylus, wacom pressure points), an PERFECT support for Office Documents, Pdf, emails(if its a professional business tablet, at least work for business stuff and do it well, not just "support")and lets not forget about NFC, Bluetooth n' 4G.
Also i would like to see a BlackBerry Stylus, would be great that a "professional use tablet" got this functionality.

I agree Nick. More importantly we need few Blackberry made productivity apps. Don't wait for third app devs to create tab's optimized apps.

I think the question that Thor is looking at is with a new Playbook with more CPU, more memory.... What could they sell them for.... and would they be able to sell them?

Sure the PlayBook did good once it fell to the $200 price point (and below). But how many would BBRY sell if they went back to the $500 price point? And if they had to sell it for less to be competitive, then why bother?

I know that there is probably a million BB faithful out there that bought the 1st PlayBook at full price and would be proud to buy the 2nd one at full price. But is it worth release it IF that is as far as sales would go....

I love my playbook but unless BB10 is lighter than PlayBook OS, I doubt it will run all that well. I get serious stuttering with anything more than the browser with two tabs and the music player going. 1GB RAM just isn't enough to run Flash.

That's not my experience either. I often have several apps and the music player (and sometimes the browser as well) open at the same time without problems. The only time I have this problem is if I am using an app and/or the browser at the same time when I only have one bar of WiFi reception. This is not an OS or RAM issue; it's the strength of the WiFi signal. It is also sometimes slower when I am connected via a proxy server (as I am not in the U.S. and want U.S. updates, Video Store access, etc.).

I love my PlayBook as well despite all the criticism I receive from others!

I'll take a BB10 update for my daughter's Playbook (the sooner the better please), and a new bigger screen Playbook for me.


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As far as size, I think 7in is perfect. Maybe not 16x9 ratio though... It's awkward to use in portrait mode and a little too wide in landscape. For videos it's perfect.

Nailed it. 16:9 is the worst ratio for tablets. When in landscape keyboard takes more than half the screen. Even without the keyboard you only see the header of the website. No need to mention portrait its no use at all. Yes 16:9 is great for watching HD videos and only great for videos not for apps and browsing.

I'd like the number row for the PlayBook on screen keyboard to stay on, or have an option to keep it turned on. If the number row can turn on automatically for a password field then there should be a way to set it as always on.

I concur with 7", although a bigger version a La Surface or Chromebook would be nice. Could cut down bezel a bit. Want BB10 for sure, re-enable full Bridge is priority.

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If I wanted a 10" tablet I would have gotten and iPad. I'm happy with the 7" form factor and I see no reason to change that. Update the CPU/GPU, RAM and a few more internals and that would work (as long as it gets full BB10 from there). I just don't like the idea of being shafted 2 years after launch. I expect that from RIM but not Blackberry (pre-Thorstein and post, respectively).

7" is the perfect size. I take my PB everywhere because every jacket I own has an inside pocket that it fits in. I had to laugh at my cousin who started carrying a man purse just to take his ipad with him.

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Not so sure this will be the design that is released. The Z10 shows that with BB10, we don't need a large bezel. But I'm pleased that the PlayBook will have life! Great tablet and future versions will sell well running BB10!

I brought my first 16 GB PlayBook on release day and and got a 64 GB for cheap this past cyber Monday. But let's be real PlayBook was dead on arrival. A ten inch PlayBook would be a bust at this point. Wait for BB10 to take off then maybe it would a chance. Thor is right Apple has tablets on lock right now.

Memory aside, I don't foresee any problem with BB10 on the Playbook. I have quickly adapted to BB10 because I have been using the Playbook's OS for the last year or so. BB10 and the Playbook OS are very similar.

I seriously can't believe that BBRY would release a new PlayBook any earlier than next year. A limited release spec bump like the LTE PlayBook I might be able to understand, but wouldn't it be a bit of a wasted effort to have a major tablet release at this point?

I have several of the Blackberry Playbooks. I leave them all over the house, and carry one everywhere with me. One thing I woudl like to see is device handoff made simple. If I had a 7" or 10" playbook I would want to be able to link it to my Z10 and just fling content to it. It would be nice to leave a playbook hooked up to my 60" TV and just fling content to the playbook to be displayed on the TV, you kind of like "Flow" to the TV screen, grin.
I love the size of the 7" Playbook. The only thing that bothers me about iti is the keyboard. As soon as BB10 Keyboard comes to the Playbook I assume that will be resolved.

I would be in on a 10" PlayBook immediately. I have 3 PlayBooks now, 16gb for my teen son and two 64gb for business - industrial sales (and personal)

I would employ a 10" as a virtual proofbook in my work in sales - no more need to carry around a binder with photos and documents in plastic sleeves! I currently do that with the 7" / show videos, do one on one power points, etc, but IMO the PlayBook is a "one user" experience and it feels a little awkward snuggling up so close to an engineer I'm working with to share the view. With the 10", we can keep a little distance and have a better view. I would also use it for a sign in method for group meetings / lunch and learns/ etc.

One thing is for sure - BOTH the 7" and the 10" will have a role for me!

One of the reasons I opted in on Playbook was the 7 inch size. I think it is right for me. This is kinda reinforced by Apple and others racing to produce a 7 inch after the fact. Probably a place for both since it is a user preference. If you aren't using your desktop or laptop much one might opt for a 10 inch.

I know it won't happen, but what if there was a trade in program, I want to keep my 7" Playbook because it is a great size, and if the original playbook can't do BB10 because of specs, why not give the existing owners a free upgrade to a new PlayBook that has BB10 and that's only about 2 million PlayBooks and then we tout how great it is again and drum up more sales!!

I like the way you think! I also doubt they would have a free upgrade, but if BB would take your old PB back and allow you to purchase a new one for $100, I think current PB owners would jump on that. Personally speaking, not sure how much higher I would be willing to go.

This I totally agree with. I am a total salesman for these Mobile Computing Device. I would like to keep the one I have and pass off to my mother or sister so we could Video Chat and such.

Upgrade sounds great. I would love BBRY my whole life for that. I am one of the loyalist who paid full price for PB without email, contacts and calendar. Yes I love my PB.

I'd rock a 10" PlayBook with updated hardware specs with 3G/4G and BB10 no problem. Waiting for BB10 on my 64GB PlayBook. I run a Nexus7 Wifi+3G, a HP TouchPad 32GB with webOS/Android, a Galaxy Nexus with JellyBean 4.2.2 and have access to my GF's Galaxy Note 2. I'm not keen on Android any more, Mobilicity still doesn't have the Z10 and I'm looking hard at Ubuntu for Phones. But I'd rock a 10" PlayBook with BB10.

I think if BB is still interested in strong enterprise support I think a solid tablet strategy is critical. What has been done to date is also critical and should not be stopped as excited consumers is first. Going forward they will need to have a complete line as I have already heard decision makers use the lack of a complete product line (Smartphones, small tablets and full size tablets) as reason not to go all in on BB10 or BES 10. Success still requires both keeping and bringing back enterprise customers and there are still some challenges there

They need to make the argument that you can get everything done on the tablet with all of the windows 8 tablets around to compete in the large tablet market

Interesting comment. The only serious Windows 8 tablet I'm looking at is the Lenovo Helix, the i7/256GB SSD/3G/4G option. It will probably be super-expensive at launch. I'm looking for the ultimate convergence device and in addition to the Helix am looking at the Galaxy Note 8 (with Ubuntu for Phones), the ASUS PadFone (again with Ubuntu for Phones) and the 7" PlayBook LTE with BB10. Would love to see the 10" PlayBook LTE with BB10 in the mix.

I'm looking forward to having the update on my current PlayBook.

For a 10" PB to be nice, the bezels need to be smaller and the device itself must be thinner. Otherwise it will feel like a brick. The current one has nice weight to it for its size.

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Imho...blackberry should stay out of tablets and keep their focus on the hardware and OS side of things. And while we're on this topic of future releases, i would streamline the phone portfolio to just two more for this year. A curve based model for lower income markets and a slider that is made with the best specs possible. Next year release a Z10 upgrade (a la Z11) with specs to match the S4 and then wait til the summer to drop an Aristo with game changing specs and ultra modern unibody construction made from titanium and carbon fiber. Make this a limited run and sell them off contact for a minimum of $1500 and get Porsche or Mercedes to sponsor it. Make it user exclusive and almost mythical and this will pique people's interest even if they can't obtain it.

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So if you have all these great ideas on how BBRY should do things, why are you flipping burgers at the local Tim Horton's still? Oh that's right....

I love my 7" Playbook, but shrink the bezel to 1/3" its current size (the small bezel works great on the Z10) and add more screen size without changing the size of the current Playbook. That, double up the ram, go to a quad core chip and run an optimized BB10 OS for a tablet and your golden!
Making it a little lighter wouldn't hurt either. Just my 2 cents.

I agree completely on the form factor. Keep the overall size the same but lose the bezel and make the screen bigger.

I agree with the pont that we could have a same overall size tablet as current 7" but with thinner bezel.

This would give a great ration to hold in hands but a slightly bigger screen.

Hopefully we will get a better display equivalent to the z10 and future q10 in terms of pixel per inch.

I'm not really fuss on cpu and ram as long as the user experience is smooth and fluid...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10.

Totally agree with this comment.

In the meantime an OS update for us current owners would be great. Specially those of us that will be getting the Q10.

A 10" model with full MS Office supports and with higher specs would be great. I would pay $800 for a 10" mobile computing solution that could replace my laptop.

I swear on TNT's "Monday Mornings" a nurse was using a BlackBerry Playbook but larger the other week, it was "larger" and the logo was visible, but I figured it was a prop.

Since I got my z10 I have stopped using my PlayBook. I think the z10 made the seven inch form factor redundant with the z10.

I think the next generation of tablets need to start to take on the role of laptops at the moment.

Where laptops killed the desktop for 90 per cent of tasks, as you could get just as much power from a laptop but it was mobile, so too the next generation of tablet should aim to kill the laptop...

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Hate to say it but I have zero interest in a new playbook tablet, I'm going to wait until Windows 8 is a little more mature before I buy my next tablet.

I like the existing PlayBook form factor. However, would love to see BB10 run on a form factor comparable to my Dell 17" XPS laptop. You know BB10 will have mobile computing breadth when this happens.

I don't think a 10 inch will sell well. An 8 inch tablet is perfect, slightly larger that the current Playbook and yet still portable. Attach a bluetooth keyboard in a nice case and you're all set! Please Blackberry, don't release a 10 inch tablet....

I love the PB's current form factor. The only enhancement I'd suggest is to have more screen and less border.

Also, agreed with others: BB10 for the existing PB, please. :)

The current 7 inch is just great. If improvements were to be made, then an increase in the screen resolution would be at the top of my wish list; in fact it's my only complaint about the existing models. Other then that, an increase in RAM, processor and an SD slot would be nice enhancements in my opinion.

I would assume that any new PlayBook would have a 1280x720 screen as opposed to the 1024x600 screen on the current PlayBook?

7" is the perfect size for portability. Just add BB10 and prior bridge functions and blackberry will have another winning combination.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Holy no one will ever believe this but last night I had a dream about A bigger PlayBook device, same size as the Regular I pad and this is what I see this morning. Wow.

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I think that a PlayBook with 2 GB RAM and a quad core CPU with the current size would be perfect. Perhaps a wee bit lighter, but the current dimensions are perfect IMO. Full Android app support would always be welcome. As for the OS, I am happy with the current OS, but BB10 has more apps. Posted this from my 32 GB Playbook. :)

I wish BlackBerry would just kill trying to get bb10 onto the playbook. They should reallocate their resources and launch the next 4 out 6 devices now. I don't want a bb10 lite experience on my 7" (1 gb) playbook.

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I love my playbook and use it every day. With an update to match the Z10 that would be even better. 7 is a good size.

I think I would rather have the size of the current PlayBook. I have an iPad and I just do not like the size of it. I use it with my kids, it's a great entertainment device. But for work I would rather have the PlayBook.

With the BB10 OS if they can bring desktop sharing through BBM and allow it to go to other devices too that would benefit the Business world quite a bit there.

For me the present PB is the best size.
The biggest complaint I hear about the iPad is that it it too big to lug around; that is one reason they now have a mini.
7" nominal is common, too, for eReaders.
I DO want a BB10 IU. The present is a bit too hard to negotiate especially viewing a large photo library.
BB10 OS has many languages that the PB does not currently offer - especially Far Eastern- Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Bring it on!! There are never too many BB Models. A 10" would be a great addition to the 7" I have.

I don't want them to dilute their efforts. I would rather they follow the Apple model. They didn't do the mini until the iPad was a runaway success. I agree with you that I would like something larger. I would like to see something slightly larger than the ipad mini and upcoming samsung note 8. A collaboration with amazon could drive down the costs for BBRY and might even give them an entry into the education market.

I would be happy if we got swipe type on the PlayBook....aside from that I'll wait until there is a new PlayBook that runs Bb10.

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I like the advantages of my 7 inch, but the 10 inch model I am sure, has benefits as well. I would be tempted to purchase it if the price is right. I love my BB!

Although it might run a bit slower on the PlayBook classic, we need BlackBerry 10 in our PlayBooks as promised!

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I just believe gaining a strong spot once again in the mobile market should be top priority like Thor is telling the media before they go off on tablet and laptop projects

I think all BlackBerry needs is a 10" tablet. Since getting my Z10, my playbook has virtually not been used except for playing videos I want to watch on my tv via hdmi cord, but still want to use my phone. Anything my playbook can do, my phone can do just as well. But if my playbook had a ten inch screen, I can see it being used a lot more.

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Give me a full HD resolution Playbook, in the 7" form factor with more RAM and a faster processor and I'll be happy (with BB10 of course!).

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he said/he(she said),,, public conflicting statements??? round & round & round we go,,, a new playbook, when/if, would of course would be cool,,, choices are good,,, if they're feelin' froggy, why not make both??? 7" is great for portability, i can drop it right into my cargo pants pocket w/ a sleeve on it,,, 10" for those that want the real estate for games,docs & such...

If there was a 10" LTE PlayBook in the future I wouldn't be mad. If I could get it from AT&T and tack it onto this data share plan I have for $10, I wouldn't be mad at all.

Make it happen!

Yeah... If the new PlayBook is 10 inches, I'll be buying an iPad mini. 10 inches tall s too big for me to haul back and forth to work.

I like the overall size of the 7" PlayBook, but cut down on the bezel a little bit. The z10's top and bottom bezel is a perfect size (~1/2").

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I would like to see a larger device. Something that is incrementally better than the mythical (at this point) next generation ipad mini and ahead of the announced but not released Samsung note 8.

So in terms of size, larger than present, but smaller than an ipad.
Integrated pressure sensitive stylus that charges while in it's dock, and has some type of proximity alarm to prevent losses.
In terms of software, innovate the keyboard once again with the OoHK, (Onscreen, one-Handed Keyboard) with Dvorack layout optimization.
Design optimized for durability and ubiquity and targeted to educational institutions.
Better weight distribution for one handed portrait use. People talk a lot about weight, but comfort in hand can be more about balance than just a few ounces. If you hold a hammer extended by the head or the butt, it makes a great deal of difference. I'd like to see a tablet designer eschew the thin aesthetic and concentrate mass along the spine. Sony did this with a few of it's tablets. From an engineering standpoint it was the right thing to do.

I'm not sure how I want them to address the issue of serviceability. Do we accept the current model of returning products to their manufacturer to be repaired? That doesn't make sense beyond the warranty period too often.

The good thing is that BBRY is going to think long and hard before they come up with another tablet, and it won't be a me-too tablet. They know they can't do another "consumer" tablet and try to compete with Apple.

Personally I would love to see them collaborate with Amazon and leverage an entry into the education market with Amazon as a provider of digital content.

I love the current size, as it (barely) fits in my inside coat pocket. I like the idea of expanding the screen size but maintaining the overall size (shrinking the bezel). They should change the overall design too, just to help differentiate it. Add NFC (like the 4G PlayBook), and increase the resolution (maybe 1920x1080 or 1920x1200?). It appears that the PB 10 pictures show it with a 4:3 screen, which I don't care for (didn't like it on the iPad I tried).

I have a 64gb wifi model playbook. I want bb10 on it. However being wifi only all phone messaging and bbm will most likley be removed and work using the bridge functionality. That is one of the ways I can see the os being lightened for playbook. The os has no need to be programed into keeping mobile signal working with messaging.

I say it can be done and run fairly smooth.

I'd be interested in an upgraded Playbook, but primarily another 7" or similar. Ten inches is too large to be easily portable. I suppose I could see a 10 inch for home use...

Who am I kidding...I'd buy one of each...

Just again echoing some previous comments...
I'd love to swap my current PB for a redesigned 7-8" version running BB10.
Smaller bezels to allow for the slightly increased screen size, and a much thinner/lighter body would be perfect.
I hate to admit it, but (aside from iOS) the iPad Mini is gorgeous.

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I want a modified version of BB10 for the current Playbook and new 7" and 10" versions. I love my PB for travel but a 10" version while I'm at home on the couch or to altogether replace a laptop would be great. I do think they should have the same hardware specs, which should be slightly higher than the Z10.

Yup, the current 7" playbook is excellent. Unfortunately they are going to have to cripple the BB10 OS to get it on the old playbooks because of the hardware limitations. (Which is fine by me - just give me the same user interface on the old playbook as the new one will have, and I will understand as a consumer that I have an upgraded legacy device - just be honest about it). If Blackberry is going to play with the big boys then they will have to have both a 7" and a 10" model moving forward. One difficulty will be keeping the same user experience between Z10, Q10, old playbooks and new playbooks and other phone models we haven't seen yet. To me, it is all about the gestures. If they can keep the same gestures to mean the same thing on all hardware platforms, and keep the peek and hub stuff consistent, as well as the virtual keyboard, they they are golden. I don't want to have to think when I pick up a blackberry, I want to already know how to use it based on my experience with other devices.

its not a 10" that they need to keep up with the big boys.. its a better camera and a pen. Its not the size that matters, its the functionality. And the Playbook really needs to step it up with functionality because its really short on apps already.. so if the software is behind.. the hardware better catch up.

Sure the OS is awesome... but thats not gonna win over Android/Apple fanboys. I've used the Samsung tablet and that pen is mighty! I am very tempted to give up my sweet bezel gestures for a pen.

To be honest.. after seeing Samsung's Youm and oLED... If blackberry doesn't have those in their plans.. After years of loyalty, I may have to jump ship in a few years. The only reason I'm still aboard is that Blackberry's' functionality still outweighs the toy features of Androids.

Simon, I've seen this article posted elsewhere and you'll notice that they don't QUOTE Mike saying anything about Playbook release. Given what Thor has said, it looks like it was a false conclusion/wishful thinking reached by the writer of the article.
Can you link to a QUOTE by Mike referencing a new Playbook?

The other day in my search for BB10 news I found a page on blackberrys site that shown the 10 inch tablet but I couldn't get it to reload...

The 7 inch Playbook is the perfect size. It fits in my coat pocket and a joy to use. If the 10 inch PlayBook comes out I will purchase one for my wife (she would like to have a bigger screen). I would like to see the full Bridge and Power Point on the new PlayBook.

Existing playbook size is correct, even Apple (every 7 inch tablet will be DOA ) have made a smaller ipad, I believe they wanted to call it the iDoa. The playbook could actually stand the bezal area reducing by 1/8 th of an inch (3mm) all round, this would increase the diagonal about 3/8 of an inch (9mm). This would be on a new playbook that should include a SIM slot, 64GB internal memory, 3GB Ram and 2 X 64GB card slots. Software features should include wireless printing and built in Satelite navigation. Retail price of $275.00. I would buy it, in a heartbeat.

I don't understand why people are so crazy over Netflix... I subscribed to Netflix on my desktop and I UNSUSCRIBED after 5 mins of browsing their movie selections.. I swear I can find better movies on youTube. And if its not free on youTube... what is $1.99 per movie... I can watch 4 HD youTube movies per month for the price of a Netflix subscription.... and god forbid me to ever have to watch more than 4.. considering just youTube web series are entertaining enough... and its FREE

If possible, give the new tablet mini SD support. I utilize those bad boys alot, so one or two slots shouldn't take up that much real estate on the new tablet yeah?

My personal preference is that the 7 inch form factor is the perfect tablet size "for me". I can't wait for BB10 to get installed on my always amazing PlayBook.

An update would be great to see. For the most part I think the playbook is already running what is pretty close to bb10. It has the active tiles, short of running bb hub I'm pretty happy with the os on the playbook. I would like to see a huge update to the browser but really, I'm happy with the current os.

Let's face it, playbook os was the test run for what would become to be known as bb10.

What would also be awesome would be to have NFC, or something similar. The ultimate idea would be to instantly and simultaneously share a screen. Great for conferences, and business people on the go!

7in is a good size. Though a 10in PlayBook would be nice to have I'd rather have BB10 on my PlayBook.

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Don't need something bigger... need something a faster with a pen. I've been loving my Playbook for years.. but recently... I've been having an affair with the Galaxy Note. Although I love everything about the Playbook's OS... it is just a little slow. I can deal with slow on a phone.. but a tablet should be an extension of a laptop/desktop.. but my Playbook feels more like an extension of my phone. 1.5Ghz quad with 2gigs of ram would be enough.. I'm not even asking for much.. If they can slap a GPU in there.. that would be even better.. if it had a GPU... and a pen... I would pay $800 US dollars easy.

I think they should keep the PlayBook the same size but increase screen size, best of both worlds.

I think what would knock the tablet market upside down would be launching with the docking station essentially replacing pc's and laptops what made computers so successful was the ability to upgrade memory hd etc. Since I got my PlayBook I only use laptops at work or to download movies and to shows.

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I would love to see wi-fi only if cell tethering could become a seamless process. I wonder what percentage that would work for? I'm either at home or I have my cell phone on me. If I can get internet access when I'm at home using my home wi-fi, and through my cell phone when I'm away from home then I'm covered.

They just have to make that connection and setup seamless.

A 7" and a 10" version would be awesome...I think it would be a mistake from BB not to cater for both markets.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

I do hope for a new PlayBook, but in terms of software/hardware, while still retaining the 7 inch size. 10 inches is just too bulky to use on the move, and being a student a 7 inch tablet works perfectly.10 inch IPads and Galaxy Tabs are impressive, but not practical anymore, dont want to be hampered with carrying chunky items. Cross my fingers for a new tablet running BB10, with updated specs but keep the size, it works better.

Whatever people says about my PlayBook I don't even care, I am just more than happy with my 7 inch PB. I just want BB 10 in my PlayBook. Then it will fly......

The 7 inch playbook is the perfect size BUT, if the side bezels could be decreased like the ipad mini, that would make a big positive difference. The ipad mini seems to have more screen real estate to view.

I would never buy a 10' Playbook. The form factor looks terrible at that size and the 7' size is perfect and what attracted me to the Playbook in the first place. It just wouldn't work..

I tend to believe what Thor said in Oz yesterday- no new PlayBook any time soon... the PlayBook is awesome, but it is a money lose. BlackBerry does not seem to have a way to generate sustainable residual income by building them and giving them away at cost.

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Tough to say.. I'm definitely glad that BB10 will be brought to my current playbooks, but as for the new model.. I think a 10" would be nice, but it would definitely have to be slimmer and lighter.. the current playbook just stretched out to 10" like in the picture above would be a beast. that I wouldn't buy. I used to really love having my 7" playbook with me at all times, because compared to my 9900's screen the playbook was a must for attachments, web surfing etc.. but now with my z10, I'm finding I don't carry my playbook 24/7, I still use it, but only for serious document editing on the go and for movies.. everything else I'm happy to do on my Z10, so If they come out with a new 7", I'll probably get one if I can unload my current one for a decent amount, but for the few things I currently do on my 7" I don't really need a new one, so it's not a priority. If they come out with a bigger, slimmer lighter version I'll definitely get one.. just because.

I own 4 of the very first playbook. They released the second generation the 4g lte. Everywhere else but not in the states. When. Is that. Are ever coming out with a 4g lte playbook here in the U. S. Now I'm hearing of an even newer playbook WTF.

I agree with Lovemyplaybook. If it had the screen size of the iPad mini, EXCLUDING the bezel, that would be perfect. Or an 8.9" model, maybe with a material like the back of the Q10 and a chrome ring that wouldn't hurt to hold for a while.

I like the PlayBook's understated look as it is, but I think the next one should really be eye-catching.

Not going to happen. If Thor said it is a long way from being released, then it is a long way from being released.

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7 to 8 inch is perfect for me. Maybe more gesture based control, BBM, better apps and screen resolution.

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I want a PlayBook 2 (I also like the name). They should launch both 7" and 10" models. I love the form and the design and feel. Maybe slightly smaller bezel and some chrome accents or something. An sd card slot, 2 gb of ram. Basically bump all specs.
As for the current PlayBook, I really like the UI, so I can see BlackBerry just adding most features with a bit of an updated UI - essentially BlackBerry 10 Lite.

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I could see a larger tablet really scoring big(pardon pun) with people. It would directly impact against that of apple and samsung and would be great for presentations and the like at work. If it came with say 4gigs of ram and had many of the apps people want now and some in the future it would be great. The playbook for home and person use, then the Playbook X(for ten) for work, school and other areas of life that demand more screen, higher resolution displays, faster task management and the like. I would buy it.

Without changing the footprint of the PB and reducing the bezel to half ts size, would be able to increase the screen size to about 8". An 8" tablet would be a good compromise. However, BB knows that releasing another PB would be solely for the BB fans with no profit in sight. So as Thor said, no more PB.

I would be happy with a OS 3.0 for my PB, with optimized browser speed and better BB Bridge integration with BB10.
Am I asking too much?
I don't think so.

That will give my PB at least one year more of life, and will give me a LOT of reasons to believe that Blackberry is truly committed to support their loyal customers.

I'd like to see more laptop / desktop like capabilities such as a computer grade office suite like Microsoft office or Coral word perfect. Power Point creation. A printing interface so i can print directly to my printer from my PlayBook or phone. This Printing to the laptop or desk top is bull. I may as well just use the laptop and skip the tablet. I find printer emailing doesn't always work.

Instead of using a desktop or laptop for home base for my phone for syncing it would be sweet if the tablet took the computers spot.

Maybe external memory slots for an SD cards and or USB stick just so theirs no memory issues for media.

And it should be doable like look at the size of a mac book air and what iT can do. And say if you take a game on the PlayBook for example the Bards tale. When I see that it reminds me of games for desktops from a few years ago... and it plays it no problem. So I'm thinking full office suite capabilities should be easily attainable


Do you think people would pay for a BB10 upgrade on the existing PB? I'm pretty sure I would.

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1) I like the size of the current PlayBook so would prefer to see a hardware refresh of the current size.
2) The PlayBook hardware is inferior to the Z10's, so I'm concerned about BB10 performance on the current PlayBook.

For mobile computing we need the option of both sizes. For my service trucks I would go with 10" and for personal use. The 7" is good at times but often its a little small

As for size, I like the 7 inch size as it fits in my winter coat jacket pockets and leaves two hands free. It seems perfectly large enough for reading and watching videos.

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I love the PlayBook but I'm not in love with the screen size. I think with the Z10 being a really solid phone with a great browser I personally would want something bigger. I don't use my playbook for messaging I use it for browsing, reading CB articles, watching video and playing games. The more I think about it a bigger tablet would work better for all of those things. In order for me to use it for messaging the bridge has to be able to sync messages from one an other in a better way.

I would like 10", but SWMBO loves 7" so who am I to complain ;0)

BB10 on my PB seems good to me as long as it's ready to go and will still allow me seemless video calls from here in the UK to most of Europe, China, South and North Africa Thailand, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. With properly functioning BB Bridge and maintain the great battery life I will be a happy bunny.

On the other hand perhaps I would like a 10" version to use at home.

New Play lets see give choices..7" and 10", stylish and slim,and more apps specially netflix.Color black,white and some cool colors.Change the charge port.And fast reboot.

Not sure about the PB in 10", even the 7" as much as i love mine isn't the most ergonomic of 7" tablets, if the 10" will look like the old 7" but bigger, this would be more like a Slablet than a tablet!!

I agree ... Z10 will be the portable version of the larger PB.

Current 7" PB is too small to work on docs, or use as a display to present business information. 9 or 10" model would replace my laptop, something my ipad failed to do.

Please don't make it bigger. the 7" screen is so perfect!! I can actually hold and use it with one hand!! its the reason i never got the iPad. That, and the price is just awesome.

We need new hardware specs on the z10 are a lot better than the play book
I would release new hardware

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Not sure sure how legit this is... although it might be.

There is nothing in the Dev notes about larger form factors. Unless the resolution is going to be 1024x720 (which is the larger Resolution that the doco says BlackBerry 10 devices will support. ) but that seems pretty low for a tablet resolution. Well... a modern tablet anyway.

Might be further in the future when they add support for more resolution. Maybe later In the year.

National Rail Times App for BB10 -

10 and 7 inch please. It has to have some jam. People shop specs, even if it performs decent with less most people don't know that. Can I please get a developer to get an app on Z10 or PB so I can process credit cards.

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I think the most important aspect will be keeping it a secret. It is all great and fine to create buzz about something, but, BlackBerry needs to under commit and over deliver. Contradictory stories is the best way to accomplish this.

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Well bigger means it can replace a laptop for most of the tasks. So a 10 inch tabled is good for the enterprise and a 7 inch for the consumer market. You cannot do stuff during the day (for example creating documents) on a 7 inch tablet. A bigger display is a huge advantage in this case.

i have 32g wifi playbook. 10 inch is heavy. i dont think it will sell. not unless they do some tweaking in hardware side.

So much speculation. Best to get bb10 on legacy PlayBook first and then release new one with services to add value.

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It would be good to have both options in the 7" and 10" versions, but I think 7 inches is the optimum size for tablets.

Just give me a kick ass browser and I'll be happy. Oh, and BBM and I won't bitch about my PlayBook ever again...

Coming over from an HP TouchPad, I can tell you that BIGGER IS BETTER on the web, seriously...but the portability of the 7" tablets are handy as hell. I'd ditch my TouchPad in a hearbeat and buy a 10" PlayBook just as fast...damn, I'm drooling writing this.

Before releasing a new tablet, they should focus on upgrading the existing one and get good feedback to gain confidence.

I've been a Playbook user for 2 years now and I love it. even with the lack of apps. I like the size mainly because of the portability. I have also had the chance to use it in a corporate setting and I have to say it's the best in class. I'm able to view and edit some of my spreadsheets, word docs, view presentations, watch call queues, answer emails and instant messages all while providing floor support for my consultants while they're on calls. Even for the consultants that I provided support for, I was able to bring up knowledge base articles for them to refer to for trouble shooting. That is the Playbook at it's best.

For my personal use, I would be inclined to buy the 10 inch version only because I like to read magazines and eBooks on my playbook. I am finding the size to be a bit confining being that I have to expand pages in my eMags to read them fully or dealing with the lag of the page turning when I'm reading my eBooks in Kindle or epub reader.

A 10" playbook in stores just before Christmas would be perfect to build on the BB10 momentum... I would keep this quiet for a while if I were in Thorsten's position. Let the Z10 and the Q10 build the momentum first. (makes sense)

I have the playbook but to be honest, do not use it much because it does not have the apps I like, for the most part so has become an expensive alarm clock.
I also have an ASUS transformer prime TF201 10" which has many nice features in particular, how thin it is and runs a fast Tegra 3 processor, so this device is good with lots of apps and all the bells and whistles but I am not thrilled to death with android for tablets and the 10" size.
As well I have a Samsung 7.7" with a super amoled screen, includes a phone not just data and runs like the ASUS android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The Samsung is an awesome device for video, pictures because of the clarity and this device has become my main tablet for data outside my Z10.
My windows surface RT is my worse tablet, almost 11" but do not like win 8, it crashes or slows down alot and is very finicky. Not user friendly at all and very heavy but well built, which is the only good thing I will say about it.
My last tablet is an iPad mini and I have to admit although I do not use it because it is not compatible for transferring with my phone or other devices, it is really the best tablet to date. Runs like a charm, is thin, light with many apps that are of use to normal folks and good battery life, having said that they all have good battery life. But the Apple mini does not have the same clarity as the Samsung when looking at pics or vids but I think this issue is overblown as the difference is not an issue.
So if BB were to come out with another tablet I would say optimally 8" would be a perfect size but it also needs to be thin 7mm, light (500 grams or less so you can easily hold with one hand without strain), have a super fast processor (Qualcomm Pro, 600 or even better the 800), minimum of 2GB of ram, redesigned power button, super resolution like the new Sony Z tablet (1920x1200, better than HD), gorilla glass 3, micro sd, sim for data, dlna, and more of the new standards coming on line. BB OS needs to be optimized for the tablet experience and as well more useful apps or more of what is already out there, optimized natively and available.
Remember to be successful they need to knock this product out of the park otherwise it just becomes another wannabe in the plethora of tablets out there.
Hey...just my thoughts.

I love my playbook, don't care what anybody else of the naysayer variety says! It's a very smooth device. I don't even care if we get a blackberry 10 experience or a cut down experience of it, as long as it's perfectly amazing like it already is, I'll be happy. :)

Hey guys,

For me the ideal would be:
playbook the size as it is
1) BB10 running on it with
2) BBM
3) the HUB (like on the Z10)
4) Bridge fully loaded (very useful on old BB bridge when you are stuck in the noisy metro reading your book on your PB, when someone text you, email or call, you can easily see it on your PB and reply or pick your phone to answer the call).
5) BB10 blackberry world to get all app that are/will be adapted for BB10 :) (I rather prefer If I can avoid to side load app)
To date I don't see the need for a new PB, I am happy with mine.

Oh by the way, add to the item above an update in blackberry link or develop an app that will fully synchronise my PB with my iTune library and particularly with the play list that would make the PB the ultimate tablet to have (what else when you can get the best of each tablet in one).

Honestly, I think the PBOS works perfectly for the PlayBook, BB10 works best on a cell phone, but it's not really an upgrade from pbos, I think they should just add some new features to the current PlayBook operating system and get bb10 apps running perfectly on it, but if there is a new PlayBook, I'd just be happy with a better processor, and 2 or more gigs of memory. BlackBerry 10 is meant for smartphones, PlayBook OS is meant for tablets

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As probably said a hundred times already, I think the 7" size is really the sweet spot for the PlayBook. This allows both myself and my wife to carry ours with us in a busy house while taking care of the kids, cooking meals, picking up after them, etc.

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