Updated: Verizon Storms not Shipping until December 5th... or is it 15th?!!!

BlackBerry Storm Launch Day Line Ups!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2008 05:11 pm EST

Update: Apparently the theory posted below isn't correct. More to follow. In the meantime, crossing it out...

Explanation for the Madness Update: The BG just made a great blog post of his hypothesis of what got muddled up during the launch of the BlackBerry Storm. I've been hearing the same story throughout the day from people on both the Verizon and RIM side of the equation, so though not "official" I'm pretty confident in saying this his story is much more than a hypothesis... it's bang on the money. The real question now is did RIM frak up, or Verizon? I've heard Verizon people blame RIM and RIM peeps put the blame on Verizon's techs not paying attention. I'd sure like to know every detail behind the story...

Essentially, the Verizon Storm was set to launch with an OS higher than The boxes handed out at the Verizon media event on Tuesday in NYC (where all those reviewers picked theirs up) actually have stickers on them that show Yet the devices were actually loaded with the .65 OS. Did you purchase a Storm today? Take a look at the sticker on your box. If you peel it off, you'll see one beneath for Right before the Storm was set to ship en mass, a security glitch was caught in the OS that prompted a hault of shipment. With no time to release a newer, updated OS, the Storm's that made the stores for today's launch were simply a limited number of units that were reprovisioned with an older OS, version Yada, yada, yada.. that explains shortages and the revised December 5th availability date along with the not quite silky smooth OS. Suffice to say, you can expect an OS update to storm into town soon.

Though the potentially really bad news is that we've now heard from a few sources that the December 5th availability date is now being pushed back to as late as the 15th! Hopefully there will be at least limited availability between now and then, but this is getting a bit frustrating to say the least! Verizon... or RIM... or both.. how about some sort of announcement to let everyone know what's going on.

Storm Shipping Schedule:

  • Orders that were placed on 11/21 by 12pm local time will ship no later than 11/25
  • Orders that were placed on 11/21 after 12pm local time through End of day will ship no later than 12/5
  • Orders placed on 11/22 will ship no later than 12/15  

Click on over to BGR for more details or into the Storm Forums. *

If launch day madness is a sign of a phone's success moving forward, then Verizon should be smiling right now. Despite some not so great reviews, Verizon experienced their own equivalent of an AT&T/iPhone launch today, with customers lined up at locations across the country, not enough devices to meet demand, POS servers going down, call centers being swamped and lots of mixed emotions in the air - customers were either happy they got their Storm or were ready to riot. From Fox News:

A saleswoman said the store had about 60 for sale when it opened its doors. Reuters reported they were all gone by 9 a.m. and that police were called to control angry customers who had waited outside in the cold for hours to buy one. About 30 people were waiting in line at lunchtime just to try out a display model.

We even tried just calling into Verizon to get an extra line added to our account and were told "You'll have to call back later, we can't do anything for you. BlackBerry Storm has us tied up."

Verizon Delays

To add fuel to the fire, we've now received several reports from Verizon employees (thanks guys and gals!) who have been told by their regional and district managers that any Storms ordered after 2pm EST won't be delivered before December 5th! Update: it's official now. D'oh!!!

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be in need of a stiff drink tonight. TGIF!!! 

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Updated: Verizon Storms not Shipping until December 5th... or is it 15th?!!!


I'm really worried about delivery delays since I ordered my Storm over the phone this morning! I ordered at about 8:15am Los Angeles time, so I'm well ahead of the 2pm NY time deadline. The VZW rep helping me on the phone said that if the phone did not ship today that it would be shipped no later than Monday....but still won't be happy until the phone is in my hands. I'll report back when I receive it!

I just received an email confirmation that my order shipped! I see from FedEx tracking that it left Ontario, California this afternoon at 1:47pm. Wish they would have told me where it was, I could have driven out there and picked it up. Looks like I'll have to wait until Monday!

Does your FedEx tracking say marked for Sat delivery? Mine shipped out today before the deadline and scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I am so excited. People think I am nuts :-).

Nope, mine is marked for 2nd day air, which is kind of a pain in the ass since it says that the expected delivery date is Tuesday - I just noticed this! I'm not sure how it could not get there Monday considering how close Ontario is to Burbank? I'm kind of annoyed that it was sent 2nd day air rather than overnight. Isn't the standard delivery for Verizon FedEx overnight?

Sometimes when they say 2-day they mean it. Sucks! Even though you maybe just miles away. If the phone is at your local FedEx depot before Monday, you could try to find out if you can pick up the package?

Verizon's standard shipping method is O/N yes, I asked and confirmed this with them over and over.

Mine's on the truck now and I should be getting it shortly.

Good luck.

My Storm is in Seattle so I called FedEx to see if I could pick it up at the depot today (about 10 miles from me) instead of waiting until Monday for delivery. I was told that it's still at the airport though and won't be available for pickup before they close today. I'm bummed!

Tis true...I just opened up my email and there was a little from the DM that stated that orders placed today, 11-22 will ship by 12/15. However, keep in mind that Verizon likes to underpromise and overdeliver. Verizon rebate slips say to allow 6-8 weeks, when in actuality you get the rebate in no more than 10 days usually. The dates that are given to employees to relay to customers are very conservative, and most likely the phones will ship before then. That is what happened last year with the Voyager.

I ordered my BB on the 12-2 and they said that it would ship by the 15th. Now does that mean ill get it on the 15th or is there any chance I might get it earlier. Pleas if any one knows get back to me asap. I'm getting antsy. Thank you

After failing to get a Storm at two different Verizon stores (and I'm not happy with the poor customer service I got in the store, btw), I spent 30 minutes on hold to talk to someone on the "VIP" line. After ordering, I was told it would overnight ship on Tuesday, although the customer service rep wouldn't promise delivery on Wednesday.

I was told they'd already sold 10,000 through customer service, and that nothing was available until the next shipment.

Verizon did a great job of getting the message out about their new phone, now if they could just deliever...

I spent all morning trying to order it online. Finally one of those boxes popped up and it was an online agent. I'm asking her/him why can't I access the blackberry section at all or order the phone. She say, "It does that when the phone is out of stock"....... WTF? What happen to the message just saying.. OUT OF STOCK??? Instead of having people sitting there clicking trying to order but getting timed out.

I never liked Verizon.. this situation today didn't help any. I was only going with them to get the Storm. Now they talking about nothing shipping until Dec. 5th.. thats 2 weeks away. Why such a big gap? Why weren't they prepared to sell this Blackberry? I don't get it..

Patience young Skywalker, patience.
Calm down, Grasshopper.
It's OK LIttle Joe, you will get your toy soon enough!
Is our country really in such a state of instanty gratification that when we can't get what we want RIGHT NOW that we have to start pointing the finger at someont and saying that they can't deliver?
Fed Ex delivers the phone; I'm glasd to see that Verizon Wireless is real enough to admit they can not make aguaranteed delivery date FOR ANOTHER COMPANY! LOL

So i played with a demo phone at a local store and gotta say... i'm believin the software update story... it was slow and glitchy.. i woulda thrown the phone at the wall if i owned it... a local authorized dealer (not an actual VZW store) guy put me on the waiting list and assured me that i would get one as soon as he got his 5... which he still hasn't called me about... don't know if he ever got them... but didn't feel like calling to find out... if he doesn't call me tomorrow saying he got them then i'm gonna hold out until i hear news of the software update... but i'm waiting some more on it...

gotta say i REALLY liked the surepress screen... it wasn't too awkward to use... and when typing it was really nice.. i checked the software version in the wireless software update and it was the old version... disappointed by that...

I agree that the demos were horrible if it was not attached to the display it would have gotten thrown against the wall! But i kept in mind that allot of people have been playing with them, they were screwing with settings we would not touch on our own phones and going to every website possible. I think they were slower because of things that have been changed by shoppers that should not have been changed

Your Storm will run 50x better. Got my storm bright and early yesterday and after playing with it for 15 mins decided to uninstall VZ Navigator. The Storm is actually a great phone now! Runs much quicker (although they could lose those transition effects to make it run even quicker).
I can't recommend getting that crap navigator off of this phone, what a difference.

call verizon and they will see in the updates page they have that all orders after 2pm are delayed to December 5th. i called and the rep confirmed this.

Don't worry it sucks! hard to navigate, type, and its slow
Probably going to return mine, but I guess there will be one more on the market for you!

more posts by Anonymous (not verified) users say how it sucks and they will return theirs, too.

i was on that very line in that very picture. it was the 42nd and 6th store. i was one of the lucky ones who got one. i go on the line around 6:45 with about 25 people in front of me. when the manager came out and told the store was not going to open until 8 instead of 7 AM, people went crazy. later that same manager had to go out and tell people they were sold out. needless to say that guy had a crappy day.

i have to agree, typing is unbelievably slow on the storm but the features are great. i had the chance to check out a bold (the guy next to me had a rogers one) and i liked that, possibly more than the storm. too bad it won't come out on Verizon until next spring...

Now that I've heard some of the Storms were recalled due to an older, buggy OS version I'm nervous that mine has it. Where do I go under to find out my OS version?

p.s. I have no idea why I thought it could be better than my World Edition.... this is a mess.

Now that I've heard some of the Storms were recalled due to an older, buggy OS version I'm nervous that mine has it. Where do I go under to find out my OS version?

p.s. I have no idea why I thought it could be better than my World Edition.... this is a mess.

I went to the store in Chelsea NYC, at 7am, and i left 3 1/2 hours later, heavy one parking ticket and Storm. I had to call Cust Care and wait/talk to someone forever just to note my account eligible for upgrade instead of direct fulfillment. They had about 30 units at opening, and another 20 showed up at 9am via fedex.

Stopped by Verizon today and had the opportunity to play with Storm. The names fits it because it's a dark cloud on Blackberry's reputation. It is definitely is not designed for business use. The touch screen keyboard is inaccurate. Fingernails don't work and most men like myself will have a very difficult time typing on it with our large fingers. I guess AT&T has the right idea since their new version does not give the keyboard that made blackberry the corporate business benchmark.

In Nashua, NH the store I went to sold out of its 50 units practically as the doors opened. They said that they had plenty in the warehouse, and that they would overnight them to customers who bought them.

Personally, I played with their live demo units. I like the feel, and found typing quite easy. But, the OS is definitely slow, taking several seconds for the accelerometer to change orientation, or even to do something simple like call up the Calculator app.

My "new every 2" comes up in January, and I'm comfortable waiting while they tune up the OS and work out the kinks. It feels like they released the thing earlier than it should have been, to make the Christmas season.


Stopped by Verizon today and had the opportunity to play with Storm. The names fits it because it's a dark cloud on Blackberry's reputation. It is definitely is not designed for business use. The touch screen keyboard is inaccurate. Fingernails don't work and most men like myself will have a very difficult time typing on it with our large fingers. I guess AT&T has the right idea since their new version has keyboard that made blackberry the corporate business benchmark.

I was in line at 7:15 am, and told, "sold out." Went to Circuit City 1 hour before it opened, and they came out and said they only got 10, and they were out. HUH? You're not even open yet! I then get on the phone with Verizon and they say, "we didn't expect this." REALLY? You've been hyping this phone for 6 months! I then go to a store that says they'll overnight it to me, (I ordered at 11:27 PT) and I'll have it Saturday. LIE. Called Verizon just now, order not processed, but will ship no later than 11/25. Now I read 12/5? Tell me the damn truth already! I'm about ready to send Verizon packing and get an iPhone. I've held on to the customer service card with Verizon for years, but maybe they're like everyone else. (well, except over priced.)

I was at the store today looking at the new gems and was un-impressed with the speed of the os. An un-named Verizon associate told me that to get the phones out before Thanksgiving, they were shipped with BETA code and to expect frequent updates over the next few weeks. I can't confirm this but I'm waiting until the dust settles on this one. Can anyone confirm the BETA code reports?

Well stopped by my local store in Austin around 11 and of course they had sold out. They said they had 40 in when the doors opened. After demoing one for a while a guy came and let me know that the store was allowing for orders that would be delivered on Wednesday, and with that they bypassed the 50 G.C. and took another 50 bucks off for ordering right then. Either way, 150 for the Storm will work for me. Lets just see if all the hype lives up in the long term test.

Well stopped by my local store in Austin around 11 and of course they had sold out. They said they had 40 in when the doors opened. After demoing one for a while a guy came and let me know that the store was allowing for orders that would be delivered on Wednesday, and with that they bypassed the 50 G.C. and took another 50 bucks off for ordering right then. Either way, 150 for the Storm will work for me. Lets just see if all the hype lives up in the long term test.

So I called in and ordered a phone at 12:30. Gave him my credit card number, picked my calling plan, was given a delivery date of 11/25, and away we go.

Then I come home and read all of the stuff about orders placed after 2PM won't be fulfilled until 12/5. So I call to confirm, and guess what, no record of my order. Where is my credit card number, on some random dude's sticky pad on his desk?

I was lied to, my personal information is not in any system, wow, guess who's been without a contract for months waiting to buy a new phone and guess who's going to buy an iPhone tomorrow with no strings attached?

So much for being a loyal Verizon customer for 9 years...

So after a prolonged 15 minute back and forth with a manager, the conversation ends something like this:

Manager: What do you want me to do, there are no phones?

Me: I don't know, I have been a 100% on-time paying customer for the last 9 years, you tell me what you can do. Make sure the phone shows up Tuesday like I was told 8 hours ago, give me a service credit, I don't know, figure it out.

Manager: There are no phones, I can't do anything.

Me: So you're not going to attempt to do anything to rectify this for my inconvenience?

Manager: I can't do anything. Do you want me to cancel your order?

Me: I'll be going to the AT&T store tomorrow for an iPhone.

Dude, calm down. You're the reason customer rep people are so pissy all the time.

You were likely one of thousands of people who had made an order after the stock was gone. If I was "Manager" I would've done the same...through clenched teeth.

No, not melodramatic. Just a consumer not happy with being lied to. When you're told you're going to receieve a product on a certain date, when you give a faceless voice your credit card number, to only find out it was all a lie, that's not cool.

Look, it's a phone, I don't care if I get it 2 months from now, so long as I was told it would be 2 months when I placed the order. If the dude said "listen, I don't know when it's going to be shipped", then we're not having this discussion. Lying to make a sale is shady.

So you gave some poor shmuck attitude over a situation he has no control over? Did you get the the call center reps name, ID number, and an order number for your original transaction? Probably not because why should you have any responsibility in this right?

Do you think anyone cares that you had service for 9 years? Nope. Well someone cares and it's not a store employee, it's gonna be someone on the phone called retentions. It's their job to keep whiny customers like you happy and bend over backwards giving you the world for free.

I also don't understand why if you wanted a Storm you'd go buy an iPhone? They're pretty different phones you know? You probably just want a shiny new gadget. I'm selling my LG Dare if you want a phone you can touch, email me, I'll get it on my Storm.

Actually, yes, I did get the agent's name and extention when I 'placed my order'. My mistake for not getting an order number, yes. It did seem kind of strange, but I figured maybe he'd been having a rough day, I'll just go with it. I thought his confirmation of a delivery date in triplicate was good enough.

But, it doesn't make their actions right. I got an idea. How about you give me your credit card number and I'll write it on a piece of paper on my desk and you can sleep well tonight not knowing where it is. Maybe you'd be OK with that, but I'm not. Did you happen to see that this same company had to fire reps for snooping into the President-elect's phone records?

Again, this all comes down to be honest with the customer. If your computer isn't working, say so. If you will need to process the order later when it starts working again, say so. If you tell me I can't get a product for a month, hey that's cool with me, just say so.

Maybe you're right, the problem really is that no one cares about customer loyalty. I know in my business, the last thing I'm going to do is allow a familiar face to walk out of my place upset.

Yea I called around 10am this morning and tried to order the storm lol. While I was in the middle of my order her computer froze up. She had told me that she would place my order when her computer is back up and that the phone would ship out on the 24th should receive no later then the 27th. So I called back around 1:30pm est to double check to make sure everything was ok with the order "different person then one that did my order" He told me that the computers were froze up still and I would receive a call on Sunday to confirm order. No idea what thats about strange

I heard the customer service area was a scene like that of Wall street during a huge sell off... What about the orders taken before 2pm that the agents computers were froze up? will those people still get there phones? What a nightmare!

they could solve a big part of that problem by making all of the Verizon employees return the phones that they snatched up before us regular folks (loyal customers) could buy one. I'm seriously considering paying my early termination fee and bailing on Verizon altogether.

Verizon Employees cannot buy the phone currently. Their orders will not be processed until the demand for the phone has died down some. Some higher ups may have the phone, but they had them before they ever officially launched.

At the the store I went to several employees had their storms out & commented that they were happy to have it.

Just to let everybody know employee’s orders have been pushed back to January and for customer orders all orders processed to day will ship dec 5th and all orders processed tomorrow wont ship till dec 15th
so hurry up and order now so we can get your phones becuz the ship date keeps getting pushed back further and further and retail stores receive last shipment tomorrow if they get any at all.....
Email if you have?s

I went to a Verizon store in Minnepolis todya about noon thirty. They had plenty and I got one. I really just went in to ask questions but the guy was very helpful and was able to hook me up and get me the new storm. Looked like they had plenty of them.

well i dont know how it happened but i pre ordered at best buy and i got the call to come in. ends up that best buy had only got 5 storms and i was one of the 5 to get one. its definatly a different type of phone and since i have been out of touch with a touch screen in soo long its a little different but i did pay full price for the phone and i do have to admit its pretty awsome. i do appologize for everyone else that couldnt get one that is a shame and for all the people that waited outside its terrible outside. but there is light at the end of the tunnel you def. will dig this phone. (easier said since i have a storm but true)

In total desperation after stopping at 3 stores and calling 2 more, i stopped by Best buy 10 minutes before they opened. Turned out they recieved 4 in total. 3 were spoken for, and they had 1 left. Buggy or not older OS or not i love it.

I was lucky enough to get one through best buy today via preorder. I had to go back later in the day because apparently the first shipment did not have enough. Best Buys customer service was mediocre, but that's of no surprise. Anyway, the OS is apparently the "buggy" one, .65 er whatever. It is a bit retarded at times, I must say, with it actually crashing once. The camera turned on, then the screen got all dumb and unresponsive. Dunno why it happened, I was setting up email. The "buggy" OS is still better than my prior phone, the Samsung sch-i760... Lousy.

As far as the typing, I find it relatively easy. The surepress screen is amazing. It does feel like you're using regular keys minus the physical, individual button feel. I can type relatively fast and accurately in both the qwerty landscape and portrait with multitap. Suretype sucks just because I don't like the two button part. Single hand use is easy with the multitap. It feels like a typical phone. As far as the pressing harder on the outer edge of the screen, I have not noticed any significance what so ever. If you are consistent with your pressure, why does this even matter? Press firmly everywhere...

Lastly, everyone needs to chill about the customer service this, vzw is terrible that. You wanted the phone. You knew the hype behind it... Did you expect ridiculous ease in getting this thing? Yes, someone did mess up with the OS and maybe that did limit the number of units sold. Treat the customer service people respectfully. It is one of the worst places to be in,on the other end with an angry, irrational customer. Yelling at someone telling them to fix a problem they have no control over because they are merely SALESPEOPLE makes you look uneducated and like a pr*ck. You'll probably get better results yelling at a wall. Just sayin'.

Hold on...how did you order it online and pick it up from fedex on the same day?!?! Did you order it online at verizonwireless.com? I placed my order online at 7:30am ET and I haven't gotten any kind of status that it was shipped yet. I'm confused as to how you picked yours up the same day you ordered it??? Can you shed some light please? Thanks!

When I found out FedEx picked it up, I called them told them to "Hold for Pickup". Yes I ordered it from Verizon online at midnite and it works perfectly!

Is anyone really surprised that these sold out quickly or that there were not enough phones for everyone? I ordered mine this morning around 8am and got my shipping confirmation a few minutes ago. I stopped by a retail store this afternoon and tried the demo. IT IS AWESOME!!! Cry and moan all you want, sounds like there are a lot of sour grapes out there today. It is hands down the best smartphone out there and this is coming from a huge Apple fan. I just won't get an iPhone on the crappy AT&T network. I think I like this better than even the iPhone. I thought I could type just fine and it didn't slow me down any. However, I'm not one of you nut jobs that has arthritis (blackberry thumb) by 25 from typing hundreds of messages a day.

I had it with Blackberry. The only thing I liked about it was the push email, but it sucked with Gmail anyway. Every sent message registered back to my BB - annoying!

I was psyched for the storm, but it sucks!!! I just switched and got the iPhone and I don't care what you guys say, it is by far the best phone out there, period! Gmail works flawlessly on it and as you know has the best browsing experience.

See ya BB land!!

Wow, now I just about heard everything...gmail sucks on the blackberry?!?! Are you joking? There are many times that I get my gmail on my pearl before I get it on my outlook. It's pretty lame that you are saying that blackberry is horrible with email when it clearly beats out any of its competitors in this area. You do know that email is the blackberrys main advantage, right? You're obviously a bb hater and an iphone lover, but hey, that's ok.

BTW, you can adjust the setting on the BIS to not send you a copy of your gmail, IIRC. What a dope!!

Haha. Wow did you even once try to get your gmail issuse resolved? That's the most commone gmail complaint,and it's also the easiest to resolve. Have fun in iPhone world. I'm gonna give you 90 days before you return it for a BlackBerry.

It sounds like a lot of people are upset because they did not plan far enough ahead to get their hands on one today. I have to admit, I didn't either, but I did just get an email from Verizon saying my Storm has been shipped and will be here tomorrow morning. I played with the demo in the store and it is awesome!

I typed a normal length email on it to see how I'd do and it was great. The media player is awesome - 9GB of memory! I cannot wait to visit the app store and start loading this bad boy up.

I asked the verizon reps in the store if they experienced any issues with the OS on the storms and none of them had any clue what I was talking about. The units I had been fooling around with were crisp and solid. There could indeed be a software issue, but it wasn't on these bad boys.

I think all the haters need to calm down, accept the fact they didn't get one today and suck it up. You'll get one soon enough.

I called Verizon wireless at 10:30 est this morning placed my order changed my plan everything. I had even received two text messages stating my calling plan had changed around 3pm. Anyways just called them to double check to make sure everything was processed as explained before and that it would be shipped out on 11/25. So the sales rep tells me that the order some how got screwed up because of technical difficulties and that the order was never placed! So upset she apologized and had to redo the order and now I have to wait to tell 12/5. Sorry just upset one of those people that have been waiting patiently like everyone else.

I called Verizon wireless at 10:30 est this morning placed my order changed my plan everything. I had even received two text messages stating my calling plan had changed around 3pm. Anyways just called them to double check to make sure everything was processed as explained before and that it would be shipped out on 11/25. So the sales rep tells me that the order some how got screwed up because of technical difficulties and that the order was never placed! So upset she apologized and had to redo the order and now I have to wait to tell 12/5. Sorry just upset one of those people that have been waiting patiently like everyone else.

Ok here we go Yes I got a storm yeaaahhhhh!
But it did come at a price.(a lot of headache)
I had pre ordered one from Best Buy so I had a phone call from them it was going to be here Friday 21st November 2008.
I also got a private sale ticket from Verizon to come down between the 17th and 21st to buy what I thought was a Storm.
Oh no they just got me to do so then tell me there was no storm till the 21st!!!!
Ok so why would you put a picture of the storm on the leaflet?
They told me it didn't say it would be there and I said it didn't say it wouldn't!
My argument was why would you put a picture on it and have a private sale, if you was going to release it to the public the same day that I could buy it DOH.
The just kept saying it doesn't state it will be there.
So I drove the 45 minutes home really p###ed.
I worked for a few hours and decided I wasn't happy.
So I googled who owns Verizon and a company called Cellco came up.
I called Verizon wireless one more time (*611) they just kept repeating the same thing we don't have them and it didn't say they was there.
So I called the CEO secretary (gotta love the net)
I explained the situation and told them this really was false advertising, any way long story short, customer services at Verizon gave me $25 credit and brought my end of year contract forward a month, nice i thought but still didnt get me a phone.
Cellco did me proud they reduced and ended my 2 year contract and held a phone for me at the shop just walk in collect it payed the $200 bucks and walked out! Result.
Im sorry I have been in the states for 7 years now and buying a cell phone should be easy.
In England they are giving the phone away with a one year contract on vodafone and changing a phone is as easy as walking in picking a phone for next to nothing and walking out the shop.
You guys and gals have a lot to learn from the European market(i use to call my wife from the UK and one hour on my cell to her cell cost me $15.
Just my 2 cents
By the way I will be sleeping with my BB storm tonight my wifes in the spare room lol


I ordered mine at 9 am through Verizon's Telesales and ordered it with Saturday delivery. Called back around 5PM to get my order # that the original sales rep forgot to give me. Then they dropped the bomb on me...the earliest ANY Storm will ship is Tuesday 11/26.

So unless you ordered overnight delivery you won't see your Storm until after Thanksgiving. And if I were a bettin' man, I'd say that the 11/26 ship date won't stick and it will be pushed back even further.

Well I did ordered my Storm around 3:15 today and mine shipped. What is the deal with all of the 2pm stuff?

Sales Confirmation Verizon Wireless, Order 3150*****

to me

show details 3:16 PM (6 hours ago)


Thank you for shopping at VerizonWireless.com. Your order is being processed and is subject to final credit approval. Normal delivery time is 1 to 2 business days. Pre-orders will ship when item becomes available. Customer signature will be required at time of delivery. We will contact you if we need additional information to complete your order. If you have any questions, contact us at InternetOrders@Verizonwireless.com . Be sure to include your order reference number.

For your convenience:
Check the status of your order online: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/orderstatus/OrderStatusForm

ORDER DATE: 11/21/08
Here's the shipment confirmation:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless, we appreciate your business. Your order has been processed and no updates can be made at this time. For more details on your order status visit our Order Status page.

Important Order Information:

Internet Order Reference Number: 315*****

Wireless Telephone Number: *******3049

Shipped via: FEDEX, http://www.fedex.com/us/

Tracking Number: 987*****

FedEx Tracking says they have picked it up and will be here Monday evening:

Tracking number
Ship date
Nov 21, 2008
Estimated delivery
Nov 24, 2008 by 4:30 PM


Radford, VA
Service type
Priority Overnight - Indirect Signature Required
2.0 lbs.

In transit





Nov 21, 2008 7:39 PM

Left FedEx origin facility


6:06 PM

Package data transmitted to FedEx

6:05 PM

Picked up


Maybe I just got lucky?

I wonder if it has anything to do with where you live and where your Storm is coming from? I noticed yours is shipping from West Chester, PA, while mine is coming from Ontario, CA. I had my order completed (with a bunch of accessories) by 12:20 AM Pacific (about 10 minutes after Verizon got the buy button up!), so I was well ahead of the delayed phones! Now if I can jsut make it through the weekend without going crazy!

Tonight I called the store where I ordered mine at 7 this morning. They gave me my FedEx tracking number and it shows it's due to be delivered tomorrow before 1.

Hey all.

After several bouts of trying to go through customer service and my local store, I called customer service tonight around 10pm ET.

The ever-friendly customer service guy told me he'd be happy to set me up with a Storm - and it would get to me by the 5th. More importantly, he told me that if I didn't purchase by 11pm when they went to bed for the night, that I wouldn't get one unitl the 22nd.

It seemed like a used-car scam, but I figured it was better to pull the trigger and cancel the order if I find (scam) one somewhere else.


I ordered mine online at 11am. Got the confirmation tonight that it shipped and will be here Monday. Played with the demo at the VZW store tonight. I liked it enough. A bit slow, but doesn't seem like anything that can't be fixed with some software updates. My mom was with me at the store tonight and she ordered it and she got told she wouldn't get her order until 12/5. She didn't mind too much, though.

I called a couple of weeks ago to see if I can pre order. Was told I would be put on a list and called when available.
I get a call last week saying they are taking credit card info then so today, they just have to process and ship.
I get a call at 3pm telling me that it was now back ordered and not available till 12/5 I asked how if my info was in system since last week. Was told system crashed this morning and by time got back all units were sold. I did this to not have to wait on line and chance it and no I do not get one at all.

Manager was supposed to call me to confirn ship date and of course he did not

I called a couple of weeks ago to see if I can pre order. Was told I would be put on a list and called when available.
I get a call last week saying they are taking credit card info then so today, they just have to process and ship.
I get a call at 3pm telling me that it was now back ordered and not available till 12/5 I asked how if my info was in system since last week. Was told system crashed this morning and by time got back all units were sold. I did this to not have to wait on line and chance it and no I do not get one at all.

Manager was supposed to call me to confirn ship date and of course he did not

Couldn't wait for morning, checked my computer at 5AM and the online sales were up and running. Got my upgrade, chose a new plan and received my FEDEX tracking for Monday before 3. I am excited and hope it's at least fun if not fast.

Now i feel like a genius for pre ordering at Best Buy my appointment is for tom and my Best Buy has 30 phones in tom i am number 8!!!! FTW!!!!

Man, reading all these posts about people placing their order online and getting tracking numbers already, makes me a bit sad....I placed my order at 7:30am ET this morning and I haven't received any updates. It just shows that my order is being processed and to check back tomorrow. I even called in and they don't have a record of the order, but she emphasized that since I placed my order that early, I should expect to receive it early next week....I'm not gonna hold my breath.

This makes me all the more happy that I got mine in a mall store. They only had 20 & I was 3rd in line but the 1st tp actually walk out with a working Storm.

My biggest hassle this morning was the rentacops that wouldn't let us form a line 8 minutes before it was allowed!

Is it absolutely necessary to try to be the first kid on the block to get the Storm? I'm not eligible for an upgrade from Verizon until Feb.'09. Until then, I'm going to sit back with my 8830 and wait until the kinks and bugs are worked out on the Storm and have fun watching everyone else's blood pressure rise because they have it now, now, now!!!

I went to the Verizon store at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester at around 10:00. They didn't have any but while I waited a shipment of 20 arrived so I guess I lucked out cause I got 2. The OS is a little buggy and there are some lag issues, but I love the phone. The typing is awesome when compared with other touch screens. The click feels incredibly natural and makes every stroke more confident. A movie trailer for Babylon A.D. comes preloaded on the card and the screen is nothing short of phenomenal. The speaker is LOUD and sounds pretty good. Call quality is also excellent. I saved my upgrade from a P.O.S. Razr that will soon be resting soundly at the bottom of a lake.

it pays big time to develop relationships! I cultivated one with my local vz store mgr, got on his personal list for a storm, he called me today around 1PM and I walked in and picked it up. Just like that. No waiting, no delays whatsoever. And I LOVE IT!

Orders that were placed on 11/21 by 12pm local time will ship no later than 11/25
Orders that were placed on 11/21 after 12pm local time through End of day will ship no later than 12/5
Orders placed on 11/22 will ship no later than 12/15

The information contained in this message and any attachment may be
proprietary, confidential, and privileged or subject to the work
product doctrine and thus protected from disclosure. If the reader
of this message is not the intended recipient, or an employee or
agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended
recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination,
distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this communication in error, please notify me
immediately by replying to this message and deleting it and all
copies and backups thereof. Thank you.

My huband and I were told by a verizon rep last week that we could sign up our name on a list to be told that would receive a phone call regarding the release date and store hours for the BB storm. We were told it would be in stores today ( the 21st of NOV) and that the store opened at 10 am and if we arrived at that timet there would be plenty in stock and we would be fine. The rep said they might be a little busier than normal, which I then told him that was fine, no big deal, we understood. So my husband went to the store and took his world phone and my pearl with him to make a purchase. When he arrived to his suprprise they informed him that the store had decided to do an early bird opening and that they opened at 6am and were sold out already and that if we wanted one we would have to order it online and it would be to us after Thanksgiving. We have a business account with Verizon and spend quite a bit of money on our phones for us and employees. Being business owners we were extremly pissed off that they even thought of doing this. What a joke- I am guessing Verizon sold these to people who then turned around and sold them on eBay knowing they could make a profit. Very Sad in my opinion. If it was easy to change all our phones over to another carrier we would, but we would face large fees due to breaking contracts with them. Again- what a joke. So now we will just stick with our phones and not even bother with getting new ones. However I will never return to that store and I will do most of my purchasing for BB items online and away from Verizon.

This is kinda hilarious...I wonder if AT&T should be thanking Verizon for all the new customers they'll receive in the next few days..The storm was a total disappointment with the lag and glitches...Man I had high hopes too..Verizon's Storm brought even more customers over to At&t..how funny..

So i got to my store, which opened 2 hours early at 7, at 6:45 to find 32 people lined up in front of the store sipping on Coffee Bean. I got in around 8ish to find out that there was a shortage and only 25 units were shipped and not 35 like they planned. Luckily since it was so early they promised to order your phone with free overnight shipping(they said the latest possible day was Monday).Also because of the unexpected shortage they gave an Instant $50 rebate instead of mail in PLUS I had a free upgrade. SO I got the storm for 100 dollars plus tax, pretty sweet. I have a tracking # and everything(It's in San Berdoo[GO THERE AND STORM THE WAREHOUSE] what?). I really wanted to play with the demo that the RIM rep was showing everyone outside though but the second he came up to me my girlfriend called crying. I slowly died as he passed by and showed it to farther Linees. But all in all I'll have a Storm by Noon tomorrow apparently. Sorry to everyone who got terrible customer service. I guess low key areas are just the way to go.

Same thing happens anytime there is a release of any sort of "revolutionary" electronic device.
Sh*t... People still can't get Nintendo Wii in certain parts of the country!
All I know is that I ordered my Storm online this AM and it will be here tomorrow and I won't be able to sleep tonight! OS this, OS that. The update will be out before you know it. RIM officially has the REAL iPhone killer! BTW... I am an Apple employee!

Trying to upgrade here in Albany NY ... their website says:
Limited Availability
Orders will ship by 12/15


I work at a corp vz store, Ive worked there for about 2.5 years and I have never seen any Verizon store this friken busier than today. I was simply a madhouse, we probably had about 600+ customers come through our store today. I wanted to leave at lunch time, and I usually leave work at 830 (we close @ 8), I was there until 10pm still helping customers. We had 25 storms, which sold out by 8am. We got another fedex shipment around 1pm of 20 storms which 90% of them went directly to our waiting list. If you have any problems with your bill or phone and do have enough patience to wait a long time I would suggest staying away from the stores for a few days.

Today was a journey and a half! I drove by the VZ store just down the street at around 3am and no one was there. I also had no idea that they were opening at 7am so I arrived at 9am 1hr before the normal store hours. Of course, they were sold out and they said that I can order it through them and it would be shipped overnight priority. On top of that the sales rep said the rebate was instant and I wouldn't have to deal with the stupid wait of the debit card. For some reason I only ended up paying $191.24 total.

Here's where it got sketchy, I was told he was going to call me with a tracking number via Fedex later on that day. Didn't get a call so I decided to just call 611 instead so I can save a trip to the store. They had no record of the sale and they said shipments won't be going out until 12/5. At this point I was pretty irritated and said, fine, can I get a refund? Phone rep just told me to take the reciept to the store and I would get a refund. So, when I arrive at the store they said they cannot refund pending orders and I would have to wait until the 5th and return it then.

After this whole fiasco, I ran into someones post about calling fedex directly with my address to track a package. I gave it a shot and Fedex confirmed there is a package coming to me to arrive before noon on 11/22 from VZ. I've been with VZ for quite some time and this is the only time the support from both store and phone were terrible.

My advice to people who are worried about delivery problems, is to call Fedex directly and ask to track a package using your delivery address. Don't even bother trying to get a tracking number out of VZ. This only applies to the people who ordered before 12:00pm PDT / 2:00pm EDT. Anyone after that, unless lucky, should expect it their new toy around the 5th.

- Side note: tracking packages by address from fedex has limitations. They will not release a tracking number to you, thus, you cannot request a hold on your package for pickup.

I called my local verizon store in Los Angeles in San Fernando Valley at 2pm they told me they were out. So me and my wife went there at 8pm just to see it and test it. We came sales person say can i help you i said i want storm she said are you new or upgrading, i said new, she said we have them, so i ended up getting 2 of them for me and wife at 9pm. Go to your store and ask them, she said over the phone they say NO because they dont want millions of people. This store had 6 more left, when i was leaving.

Verizon store in Burlingame had 3 in-stock when I asked to purchase one the store clerk asked if I was a current verizon customer? I replied is there a right answer to this question? He laughed and replied yeah...! I was like WTF does it matter...! Well he then replied if I'm a current customer he could not sell me one of the phones. They were only for new Verizon customers...! WTF, I've been with Verizon ever since they started! I have 5 lines and spend almost $200+ dollars a month...! Well guess what didn't get the phone and now I'm thinking about the Bold and leaving the big V! ATT here I come..!

Burlingame, CA? Those pricks are on my craplist!!! But what can you expect I suppose, rival Apple is right across the street and a rich snobby area.

Yup. I figuered it out waaaay in advance. Folks, we are dealing with a heavily commissioned workforce and we are in a down economy. What do you think? Of course, new customers will be a priority. I know for a fact that I was one of less that 10 people that got the less than 10 phones my VZ store received. For once in my life I'm not the one eating other peoples dust in line. Don't worry, they will take care of the loyal customers - you'll probably get instant discounts at the store manager's discretion. Sooooo doesn't everyone win (eventually)? Of course, there IS that waiting period....

Check verizonwireless.com again, if you look at the storm on there is says "limited availability, will ship 12/15".


I think its funny that all these people threaten to go and get an iphone like that will remedy the current situation. Sorry but I would rather have a buggy phone that can be updated rather than buggy service that sucks. Can u hear me now. No but I have my ipod touch phone here and I can play games on all day. So what. I would take a free cheap phone with verizon over a iphone with att any day. My friends got the iphone and hate the service. Some of them already went back to verizon. If u want the iphone that bad it will be at verizon before u know it anyway!

The box I have has only one sticker on it (nothing underneath) and a round yellow sticker. Ver.65.

The phone was hard to handle at first, but the more I use it, the more I like it. Not buggy at all. Just glad I got one yesterday morning!

I think I will wait for Spring and get the Bold. I've read the reviews on crackberry for the Bold and most people love it. Im not seeing that with the storm.

I see all this madness with lines and people not getting there storm. Makes me thank god that I pre-ordered mine from Best Buy and got mine yesterday. No hassle, No line, just walked in at my appt. time and signed up and then 20min later I left with a new BB Storm in hand.

Verizon online also added 12/15 now to the Storm delivery date. As well, they added big format red letters that look like cheap word processing program saying LIMITED AVAILABILITY. I'm glad I woke up at 3:05 AM eastern to place my order. It was processed at 7:45 am. And in Memphis' FEDEX hub.

I couldnt understand at first why the Verizon Employpee told me Thursday, that she will just place my order for my first thing Friday and I will have it Saturday morning. That way I didnt have to wait in line and worry about not getting one. I stopped by the store yesterday and Im glad she did it was a mad house. I actually saw a young teenage girl crying to her father because she didnt get one, they sold out an hour before she got there. All I can say is Im glad now that I dont have one on opening day. I didnt have to stand in the cold and I didnt to try to beat the rush and possibly miss it. It's 9am now I pick mine up here in about an hour just by walking into the store and giving my name. Thank you Verizon for thinking of a way to save people from getting sick and having to deal with the mobs.

I was at work yesterday (as many of you were) and although I have an 8330, love it, and am not switching to the Storm, my wife on the other hand is -- or will be!?! She's had a Treo 700wx for quite some time and is now a Blackberry convert even before having tried one. It took a while, but she sees how incredibly easy and efficient my device is and how I, before the Curve, was a typical run-of-the-mill phone guy. We snagged another one ;-) J/K.

Anyway, to get to my point. I had no intention of waiting in lines or trying to survive the 75 degree frigid weather out here (:p), and although I was on my computer @ 6:00am yesterday ready to purchase, something told me not to. So, as the day progressed, I put in a few calls to my local VZW store and asked some questions. 1) How long did it take for you to sell out? Answer: 1hour. 2) Is it true that if I didn't place an order before 2pm EST I would not be receiving my Storm until 12/5? Answer: Yes. And 3) is the operating system that was sold in store today the updated .82 platform? Answer: Yes. The custemer's who got their Storms in store today received the updated O.S. WHAT???

What a line of BULL! She said without even hesitating that the individuals who purchased their devices received the most current of operating systems. She lied. But why? I wasn't trying to place an order or grill her on what crap she'd just spewed. I was just asking a question...

The moral of the story is this: based on everthing I've read and followed over the last 24hrs, is that .65 is the one everyone got and that when the update's avail. they'll just have to upgrade. But to be lied to on the phone just plain sucked. I even searched ATT's site thinking a Bold purchase might just be what the doctor ordered...

Good Luck!

If you go to the Verizon site-at least with my zip code as the locator-you get a "due to limited supply" message stating shipping by 12/15.

Ordered mine online at 7 AM Pacific time on 11/21, picked up by Fedex in Ontario, CA yesterday and is in San Diego for delivery I hope today but more likely Monday morning. Not Bad !!

Unfortunately I was traveling yesterday morning and it was after 4:30 PM when I was finally able to stop by a Verizon store. I was able to play with a loose Storm for a while and chat with the sales rep. Of course they were sold out, they had 7 units in inventory yesterday. They told if I ordered, at that time, it would be shipped Monday, to the store. Since the store is 2 miles from my home, no problem. I hope the fact that it's coming to the store, along with many others I will get it Tuesday.

Comparing my experience with iphone: I am a techie but have never owned a phone with a keyboard so, although I touch type I don't have any experience with thumb typing. I found that both the Storm and iphone keys are not where I think they are. I tend to put my finger or thumb slightly to the left of where the key is most sensitive. This creates many errors on the iphone. I found with the Storm, since the key is not entered until you click, I was able to observe that the wrong key was highlighted and make a slight correction before pressing the key. Of course this is slow but after a few minutes of playing with the Storm I had begun to make the correction automatic, my brain was compensating for the difference. The fact that the key is not pressed when making contact actually worked in my favor and allowed me to train myself to hit the keys in the correct spot. I suspect my typing rate will speed up to an acceptable level after a short time.

Just the prospective of someone who is not already bias for a particular keyboard type.

Dude cellco doesn't own verizon wireless. Vodaphone and vz communication own it. Also they didn't hold a phone for you, let's just say I know this for fact, but he shoot out all the bull shit you want. Because while your sleep with your 7130 because I doubt you have a storm I'm sleeping with your wife in the next room. Ha ha ha chump

Dude cellco doesn't own verizon wireless. Vodaphone and vz communication own it. Also they didn't hold a phone for you, let's just say I know this for fact, but he shoot out all the bull shit you want. Because while your sleep with your 7130 because I doubt you have a storm I'm sleeping with your wife in the next room. Ha ha ha chump

Frankly, the way Verizon handled the execution of the entire campaign was ridiculous. I too showed up at a Verizon location when they opened - was one of the first ones in - and was told along with the other individuals who had waited that they were sold out. Next I placed a phone call to Verizon customer service to order the Storm and was told that I would receive a shipping tracking number via text or email as the phone would arrive next week. Again Verizon fails to deliver. Today I call in to customer service to check on the status of the order only to be told that it would not ship until the 5th of December... I think I'm through with Verizon and suggest that those of you who feel completely outraged by this behavior send Verizon a clear message and move over to their competitors. Its this type of disingenuous corporate behavior and double speak that has resulted in the type of corporate greed that has created the global economic crisis that we are all feeling today.

I don't believe this for a minute:
We even tried just calling into Verizon to get an extra line added to our account and were told "You'll have to call back later, we can't do anything for you. BlackBerry Storm has us tied up."

The Verizon Wireless systems were up and running to add lines and access current accounts no problem at all. The customer facing web site was backed up due to the number of hits in relation to the Storm release.

This is my first visit to this website and seeing untruths like this give me a bad feeling about the legitimacy of info on the site.

There are two Walmarts in Northwest Arkansas that have over 25 Storms available. I just walked in and picked mine up. No waiting, no ordering. They're just sitting there in the case. Thought maybe some of your readers out there would like to know.

Well I waited outside a local store friday morning and got to
Get in the store as first in line and received my phone. I'm
very happy with it I like all its features but it has its problems.
sometimes when browsing it takes a while to load some pages it might
Even freeze up the phone. I still enjoy using it is a great phone
But hopefully they come up with an upgrade for those problems or we
Might have to wait for the next blackberry model if there is going to be

Yes it was Burlingame CA. I have never been so fed up with one individual store in my life... I don't care if I don't get one the first day. If they were out of stock so be it the wait is on... I just couldn't understand how they just said oh well you are already a verizon customer so we can't sell you one of the 3 we have in stock... We are holding them for new customers...! So I guess since you have my money already I don't matter...!

Well this is true is some sence and even if I jump to ATT for the BOLD its not like its going to hurt Verizon well it might feel like a little fle bite but thats something I want them to feel...! Calling up today on monday to cancel all my lines and selling my phones on craigslist!

VZ actually came through!!! I just got my Storm at 10:45am. Time to play with it and decide whether I'm going to return it, lol. I guess the sales rep at the store didn't lie to me after all about the overnight shipping if ordered before noon PDT.

Much like everyone else I did not get the Storm yet. When the Verizon reps here in Austin finally got their act together and decided to get real with me they told me that the best they could do was order the Storm for me and it would be at my house on Saturday (today). This happened on Thursday. I went to the store so they could add me to the order "list". I hesitate to call it a list because it was acutally a crappy notebook with scribble all over the place and this was the apparent list. Seriously Verizon?? How hard is it to at least make an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of this instead of a notebook that rivals that of my 4th grade cousin's math notebook.

Yesterday (Friday) the verizon rep called me to confirm I still wanted them to order it for me and I confirmed yes. This was at 10:00 am central time. He told me I should expect to receive it on Wednesday.

I'm assuming that they ordered it prior to the cutoff time for Wednesday shipments but does anyone actually have any idea how to verify if and when your order was placed?

I have no problem with waiting but I'd like to know at the very least if they actually even ordered it for me. There's no info when I login online to my Verizon account.

Anybody else in the same boat have any clue?

I ordered my Storm Friday, late afternoon. The sales person told me it would ship today. I just stopped by the store and checked and it has not shipped. They think propably by Dec 5.

so i ordered mine at around midnight on the 21st so i tracked it and im gonna get it on monday! apparently optimism doesnt get you too far thinking i would receive it today...oh well, the next two days will be torture!

anyway.........so after reading about .65 or whatever and it being buggy/slow/choppy/whatever...i mean if its that big of a deal, im pretty sure that RIM will have an update soon and i mean how hard will it be to just update? im not seeing it be too much of a problem. first editions of any product always have bugs to work out. i got to play with a storm and yes, i agree it is slow....but im pretty sure there should be a software upgrade pretty soon to fix the little quirks...

just my 2 cents...

I'm just glad I stayed home in my PJ's drank my coffee, and watched Sports Center. I ordered my phone after 3 O'clock so I can expect it later than sooner.

I loved <---- the bberry storm until I began using it. Some features are great but the same email it takes me to type in 2 minutes on the curve takes me about 20 minutes on the storm. It is extremely slow and my navigator stopped working! Why can't they build a curve with all the features of the storm minus the touch/click screen?

Went to the Verizon store in Des Moines, IA early in the A.M. Waited in line, only to be the first one in line not to get a phone. The rep at the door was handing each person that entered the store a pink voucher. I did not get one. I decided to wait in the store and order one for direct ship. While waiting I see 3 people with vouchers leave without a phone. When I get to the counter and talk to the rep I tell him "I saw 3 people that had vouchers leave without getting phones. Shouldn't you have 3 extra to sell now?" The rep told me that the people with the vouchers could come back later and pick them up. WTF????? I waited in line with cash in hand for this stupid phone and these people can come back later? I started getting mad and decided to just leave the store. I then drove to another local VZW store where I know the people that work there are not totally retarded. I go in and talk to a rep tell her that I would like to order a storm and tell her about my previous adventure. She gets my order taken and tells me that she is going to have it shipped next day with SAT delivery should by at my house by 1 pm. AWESOME Right?? WRONG!!!! I wait at home for the shipment to show up. At 2:00pm I call the VZW store and try to talk to someone. 1st call I was place on hold for 30 min and 4 sec and then hung up on. 2nd call I get a guy who is willing to figure out what is going on. He gets a call back number and tells me he is going to call his district manager and find out what is going on. About 45 min later I get a call back from the guy. He tells me that he has no idea what has happened but the phone did not ship. He also states that he does not know when it is going to ship. (how could he) The guy was very nice on the phone and agreed with me that if he was in my shoes he would be pissed. I don' even know what to say at this point I guess I will just have to wait and see when I get it. If I don't have it by the middle of next week I am canceling my account and going to another provider. I can't believe 2 companies with the amount of customers and the huge market share that VZW and RIM have could screw up a huge event like this SO BAD!!!!

I ordered my Storm online about 10pm EST on Friday 11/21, thus not expecting my Storm till about December 5th, per this blog and even the Verizon web page. So I was shocked to get an email that my order shipped today, and FedEx tracking says it will arrive on Monday (11/24). Wow, didn't expect that! (Now, I guess my next wait will be for the new OS to be released and get it upgraded...). Cool!

Just wondering if you checked your order status after you placed your order Friday night and it actually had a status that said "Order has been processed....will receive your order within 2-3 business days"??? Seeing this status is giving me some kind of hope! But I am glad you are getting it earlier then expected.

Yes, that's exactly what it said. I didn't really believe it and just assumed that this was just the standard line, and probably didn't really apply in this case. So who knows. Good luck!

Pre-ordering it at Best Buy was without a doubt the smartest thing ever. No camping out, no long lines, no mail-in rebates. My appointment was at 2:00PM yesterday. They had my phone just like they gauranteed they would. It even came with a free bluetooth headset. The $50 dollar mail-in rebate was instant and the $50 dollar deposit made the thing only $149.99.

Only thing that sucks is that first bill since it'll come with the $35 activition fee.

Been playing around with my Storm for about 24 hours now. It definitely has some bugs. However, I do enjoy the SurePress. It took a little bit of time to get used to but it's great.

This is my first Blackberry, so I'm still trying to get used to the OS.

Well, it sounds like you guys are lucky tha your phones are being shipped. I ordered my Storm on Friday at 8:34am EST. through my business account. I haven't received any updates from Verizon or from FedEx, so I have no idea if I'm getting it Monday or 12/5.

If the phone does ship with is there an official updates through RIM or Verizon?

Hope eveyone is enjoying their phones. It sounds like there are sevral bugs with the phone. Hopefully Verizon/ RIM work them out.


I went in at noon on 11/21 and placed an order.. which was delivered to the store today (11/22). It has the .65 OS marked on the box & showing on the "about" screen. I wonder what I need to do to get the update (since they KNOW this one has security issues).

Actually, OS .65 is the slow, buggy, one that seems to be safe from the rumored security issues, which is why Verizon/RIM fell back to that older release. OS .82 supposedly removes some of the bugginess and makes improvements, but evidently introduced a security issue along with the other improvements. So we're stuck on the older OS .65 until RIM releases a newer version that has the goodness of .82, without the security issues included. I'm guessing we'll be able to upgrade to OS .82++ in a couple weeks or so.

I want you to be aware of a very non-professional practice that took place at a corporate stores in Totowa, NJ. I went to the store today to try to upgrade my phone to a Blackberry Storm. The representative told me they did not have any in stock and I would have to get the phone through the mail. My friend who has another wireless carrier called the same store and asked them if they had any in stock. After they found that he is not a Verizon customer they told him that they have them in stock and he could come and get one today. I understand why they want to reserve the phone for a new customer but it is unacceptable to be deceptive. Verizon Wireless representatives should make it known that since the phone is in limited supply, preference is being given to new customers. I hope that this is an isolated incident rather than how Verizon Wireless is dealing with the limited supply of the device at their corporate stores. Anyone else experience this?

I just got mine from Best Buy. I had pre-ordered, but they still had some extras - I guess everyone was running to the Verizon store!

Anyway, my first impressions? I am NOT blown away. Honestly, I think I would opt for a "Niagra" as soon as it is available on Verizon. I can type MUCH faster on my curve - will I get better on the Storm? Sure. But for now, I am concentrating on the mechanics of typing almost as much as the content.

The Operating System is slow. I get it - BR has already said there would be an update - and that was confirmed by the VZW reps when I got the phone. That is forgivable - afetr all the iPhone is not on OS 2.2 because 1.o was f'ing perfect!

For me, it is just not as "quick" to use as my Curve. I LOVE having 30 "Speed Dial" keys on my curve. You only have 8 on the storm - the 1 is voicemail. And to get to that, you have to hit the phone key, and then press and hold. On the curve, you just press from the home screen.

Ditto on "auto-finding" contacts. On the curve, if I want mike, I just press m i and k... from there I can jump directly into a phone call, an email, PIN, MMS or SMS. On the storm, you have to pull up contacts forst, then "flick up" the keypad, and THEN begin typing a contact name.... All with the questionable touch feedback of the Storm touchscreen. UGH!

What do I like? THE SCREEN IS AWESOME! makes my curve look like a foggy day in London. Multimedia is nice, but I have an iPod for when I want to play music. Camera is nice. Breathtaking? No. But nice.

All in all, existing BB users may not fall in love. iPhone lovers almost certainly WILL NOT be converted (as long as they can get decent coverage from AT$T). New to BB and need a reliable network (Verizon -AT&T SUCKS here in Arizona), then this may be the phone for you. Me, I will probably be taking this one back and waiting for the Niagara!

Bill OUT!

I upgraded to the Storm today and was told I would receive it no later than the 15th of Dec. but they had been telling everyone no later than the 25th of Dec.

Also, a lot of people who were on the waiting list will continue to be screwed because Verizon employees had lied to them and told them they were to receive more the next day which they knowingly knew was a lie just so they could get the angry customers out of the store.

I received a flier in the mail not too long ago that I could upgrade with VZW.
I thought to myself I really shouldn't spend the money but I knew the storm was coming.
I currently have the BB Pearl and to my surprise I started to have issues with the track ball so I decided to get a new phone.
I proceed to be a crack head and race to the store on
11-21-08. Sign in electronically but asked did you already run out of the storm? The sales man said well we dont know yet just sign in and we will be able to assist you.
Stood in line for a good half hour till I was helped to be told yes they ran out but we can ship it to you next day.
Ok fine. I'm here. I'm getting this phone! now all jittery with joy..
Completed my sale even purchased the bundle with case, charger and screen covers. My sales rep said call back later and we can give you a tracking number for your order.
I wasn't too worried I have been a VZW customer for 10 years plus. That evening I decide to call for the tracking because I was just too anxious. I wanted to watch the every move of this package till it arrived to my front door the next day! I was told by the rep on the phone she did not have a tracking order because the warehouse does not process them till midnight and then they go into the system.. What the..? Um ok. Called back the next day and was put on hold for 30 minutes finally hung up and called back again. At this time it's 2 pm my phone was scheduled for 1 pm delivery so I thought. Spoke to the call center and they stated the phone is on back order and the earliest it can ship is 12-5. At this point I am so upset. Recieved a call from a friend and they were at a local store who had them in stock. I called the call center to cancel my order since it has not shipped. They cancelled the order I was given a confrimation number for the cancellation. Arrived at the local store to purchase the phone to be told well it looks like you should have never been sold the phone as you were not eligable to upgrade to the storm in the first place.. ooops your fault not mine. Manager told me he could not sell me the phone. Immediatley called the 800 number at this point I was irrate. The rep confirmed I could not get the phone explained I already cancelled the order thinking I could get the phone in the store. I asked him to confirm the order was cancelled and make sure my credit for $239 was posted. He saw the order was cancelled but just so I know he says it normally takes 7-10 days for the transaction to go thru.
He was kind enough to offer to place another order for me but of course the ship date would be even later.
At this point I was exhausted from all the drama and just said forget it.
So here I am $239 short and no phone!

I was one of the brave, maybe boarderline insane that stood out in the freezing cold (28 degrees) for an hour and a half just to get the Storm! My husband and I were so pumped about them coming out that we just could not be without this devise on opening day. Our local store only had 10, that's right 10!! I was very lucky, working my girl charm, and ended up with 2!! Yea me! It was worth the wait, because now my husband is in great debt to me! He he!! We love our phones!!! They are freaking awesome!!! For those who are having to wait.....it will be worth it!!

I called Verizon last night because I was told I was going to get my phone delivered to me the next day if I paid for overnight shipping (which I did). I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours at Tysons Corner just to get the chance to order it at the store. The customer service rep on the phone was very nice to me. She credited the $8.99 for overnight shipping fee and told me that the phone had left NJ on Saturday and was on the truck. I was then told I wouldn't get the phone until Monday. She then told me that when she left work on Friday, she was told they couldn't ship out to the 5th and when she came into work on Saturday she was told the date had changed to the 15th. Crazy! :-)

Hmm, ordered mine online on Friday night (8ish pm EST). Just got a fedex tracking today (Sunday) stating picked up from PA and expected delivery 11/25. Good luck to all.

I finally got my shipment detail and I will receive my Storm on Tuesday it's sitting in Memphis Tn right now.

Before we flame out Verizon and Rim for the poor handling of the introduction of the Storm let's think about their perspective. I work for a manufacturer of electronic equipment that consist of hardware and software designs and I can tell you it's not an easy task to predict when a product is going to be ready. We go through two final testing steps and we start announcing a product when it has passed the first step. All it takes is a bug found during the second step to delay product release a good two weeks or more. Fortunately our product is commercial rather than consumer so we don't get the same level of scrutiny.

RIM is introducing a completely new hardware and software platform that is one of the most complex devices on the market. Rim and more importantly Verizon had to make a judgment decision, do we release something not perfect or do we delay it longer? How imperfection do we think the user base will tolerate? Can Rim deliver the quantity we need, based on the user base response? Lots of questions to be answered by Verizon. I suspect they made the decision to compromise on both perfection and delivery capability, hoping most of the user base will understand and would rather see something 90% working now rather than 98% 3 or 4 weeks later.

To add to the fray it seems that some stores have taken it on themselves to autonomously create policy for themselves, which makes it seem that Verizon really doesn’t have it together. I know some of you mentioned that they were put on a hand written list for pre-sales. I know for a fact the two stores in my area did not take a list, they both told me they would have some number of units to sell Nov 21, when they are sold out they will take orders. I seriously doubt that Verizon corporate sanctioned the hand written list.

Before we flame Verizon or Rim too badly lets take a deep breath and think about the position they were in, because of the tremendous pressure brought by this group. They made the best decision they could, with the information they had at hand. Unfortunately it was not necessarily the best decision they could have made, if we look back with 20/20 hind sight, but hind sight is always better than foresight.

Start announcing a product after the second step.....problem solved....I'll work for you for 27 million a year...;)

Then all of you would rather Verizon would have just waited until, maybe Dec 15 or even Jan 15 to release the storm, however long it took to get it perfect?

There is always a balance between marketing efforts to tell customers what's coming, finishing the product and buying enough parts to build what you need without suffering excess inventory.

This is the case whether one is manufacturing soap or highly complex electronics. It's just a lot harder when it a very complex device like the Blackberry Storm. And, no I don't work for Rim, I have just been around the electronics business since it was a pup and have been part of many, many of these kinds of product releases.

I didn't get to a Verizon store until about 10:30 a.m. Friday the 21st. I was running late and figured it wouldnt be too crowded. It was backed up out the door. And that store is huge. So, I decided to try another store. Same thing only worse. Security wasnt even letting anyone in that store anymore. Went to one lact store that has just opened on the other side of town. I pulled up, empty store. I walk in the door and the only other people in there are a customer service rep and his manager. I told them I would like a Blackberry Storm. He Told me that they had sold the 4 they recieved. I told him I was in no hurry...i'm not. He said it would be two weeks and that they could put me on a list. I said that was fine. He pulls out a freaking post it and writes my name and phone number down. He says that they will call me when they come in. I ask how much the phones are? He says if I qualify 200.00 after rebait. I said to check and see if I qualify. I knew I did, I already checked on My verizon account online. He tells me that I don't qualify. I tell him he's wrong and that I have already checked. He says Im mistaken. I tell him that I am done talking to him and to get the manager out here (the only other person in this store still). The manager comes out and looks at my account and takes about 6 seconds to say that I do qualify. I already knew that. The other guy was trying to sell me the storm for retail. He said "about 550.00 to 600.00" What a joke. I asked them to call me when it came in. The manager said they would. I left and the more I thought about it, the more I decided to just order one online. I did so Saturday evening. My order confirmation say that my order has been processed and it will arrive in 2-3 business days. SHOULD I Believe this or not. Im not holding my breath. Just really put off by how those people in the Verizon Store in Virginia Beach, Va acted. It was very shady to say the least....

Ordered my online Friday night at about 10:00PM. Sunday I received an email confirming shipment at 1:43PM and estimating delivery by 3:00PM on Tuesday. Not bad.

how the hell you guys are getting shipping info and I'm not getting anything. i ordered mines on fri. like 10:30 am not I'm getting pissed. i called Verizon like 3 times and they have no info for me. wtf!!!

Sounds like maybe you just missed the Friday shipping? I had shipping confirmation at 11 AM on Friday, but I ordered just after midnight before the big rush hit. Hopefully you did get in early enough so that yours will ship tomorrow!

I was in the store on the 21st and had to get added to the account as a primary to get my mom's further $50 discount. Because of this, I waited til the 22nd's afternoon to buy and the sales guy told me I would get it shipped by December 5th. I think I purchased around 1:45 est (Pennsylvania) so the 2 pm cutoff goes along with what I heard. Can't wait til have this thing in hand!

PS Just joined the CB community. Look forward to stalking this site for years to come.

Yep, about 12 more hours and my "Crack"berry Storm will be here! Then Tuesday or Weds my 16 Gig Micro SDHC card will get here! Yippee...I can hardly stand it! I already warned the other half that I would be directing all my attention to a phone tomorrow! :)

Vodafone had a similar issue, enterprise version was not launched due to them finding the version of the software they were going to release had bugs when being used on BES.

So at the minute they've only officially launched BIS. I've got a BES device here that works ok and that's on on it.

Like the rest of you, Verizon disappoints. But unlike many of you, my MSA is not like yours and Verizon holds less than 33% of the market and they still failed to deliver.

Here in Madison, WI, there are only five corporate locations. Two kiosks in Circuit City Stores, two brick and morter, and one mall kiosk. In total, Madison had less than two dozen handsets available BUT the line from corporate was that all purchases were warehoused at local distribution and would be controlled via Sat morning FedEx delivery - First come first served.

And while the insanity at larger metro areas ensued, I walked into the Westside Circuit City at open (didn't wait in line, just walked into the store about a minute after opening) and walked up to the counter and was served immediately.

Instead of two units they expected, they had one. I relinquished my right to that unit to the nut next to me --"business man" who came out of a Mercedes E class. Afterall, I didn't need the phone and could wait until the morning. So, after FedEx missed my delivery time I received a call from Verizon telling me that I should expect it now on Monday (today).

I went to the store (was in the area anyway) to voice my concern about the way this was being handled -- don't care when I receive it. And the manager said they are now talking Wednesday 26 Nov.

This is the type of customer service and handling of a product release that drives me nuts and so far, I am climbing the corporate ladder as a Verizon consumer. If I don't get info, I climb internally as I am an insider. My recommendation for everyone who is frustrated would be to continue to climb the corporate ladder with complaints. Be reasonable and logical and rational.


I just got off the phone the vzw they said because of the rush on the storm. If you order it it will not ship till dec 5th. I was mad as hell but what can you do. I don't of a market for it in the the underworld so I guess we wait. You know why didn't they start takeing preorders a month before the release then they would have known uh duh we need dis many brwackberrys uh duh. The thing is. They had to know that it was gonna sell big and not to have the stock is a bunch of bull

I've been a Verizon customer for 10 years now. My current plan ends up being about $160/mo, which is setup for automatic billpay. Considered switching carriers many times due to the pathetic device offerings of Verizon, but always stuck with them because the service quality was better.

Finally, they come out with a device I actually want. Ordered early Friday morning, promised to have it by Tuesday. Of course, no tracking number as of today (Monday 9am CST). They still tell me that it "may" have been shipped already...I'm finding that hard to believe. For all their screwups, Verizon is going to give me a $25 credit. Wow thanks...that'll make a difference. For the first time, I'm seriously considering switching from Verizon. I'm not under contract, so if the Storm fails to really amaze me, I'll be carrier shopping.

To all of you waiting on your storm, the wait will be worth it. This is my first BB and for the bulk of the first day I hated it. You really have to figure out how the systems wants to be manipulated. I love it more and more everyday and I can't put it down. The possibilities are endless. The internet is great on the device, I'm not sure how it was before, but I have a Archos 605wifi and its internet doesn't compare to the Storm's.

I arrived at a Verizon Wireless store in the metro-Atlanta area around 8:45 am on Friday, 11/21. I was "#12" and soon told that the store had only received 8 and that if I placed an order for a Storm that morning, VZW would ship it via FedEx overnight free of charge. I was disappointed not to get the phone right away but thought that would be the best and the quickest way to get the Storm, and placed the order. By the time I left the store (around 9:30), I heard someone being assigned "#47." Craziness.

Then I get off work Friday evening, begin reading all the threads and articles about how the shipment/delivery of Storms are/could be delayed, and start panicking. I called the 1-800 number but the gentleman on the other end said he couldn't track my order. I knew it would be futile but went to the website and checked out "Check Order Status" - nothing.

Over the weekend, I didn't receive a phone call or an email of any sort from VZW or FedEx. I panicked even more as I began reading the posts of all BlackBerry addicts here last night and thought, 'What? December 5?? December 15?!?!'

On the way to work this morning (Monday, 11/24), I called 611 and the kind gentleman told me that it looked like I would be getting the Storm "by 3 p.m. on November 25." I asked for the FedEx tracking number and the Storm is currently sitting somewhere in Memphis, Tenn.

Just thankful I'll be getting it before the holiday weekend!

You "started panicking" because a darn CELL PHONE shipment might be delayed!? Are you kidding me? Um, 'reality check, table for one, you may be seated now.'

And the rest of you...have you still not figured out that these "release" shortages/delays/screw-ups are designed for nothing more than to create hype and hysteria (e.g., see post above) and get you all worked into a frenzy? Don't you remember the iPhone 3G "release debacle?" Same thing.

It is intentional, deliberate, and as many of you have confirmed, there are oodles of Storms just sitting around warehouses and ship centers (e.g., Memphis), being methodically 'trickled out' to keep a sense of shortage.

I know many of you are utterly arlarmed and unsettled that this life saving phone is not in your clutches, but remember there are tens of millions of starving people in the world. Surely you can hang on for a few more days without the sky falling.

Yep, that's more or less the same thing that has happened to me. I went to the local Verizon store on Friday and they ordered it for me. I started freaking out because no one could give me an order confirmation.

I actually logged into my Verizon acct online and if you look under "messages" you should be able to view equipment receipts. When I clicked on that link it showed me the receipt where the store ordered it at 9:45 am on 11/21.

I called Verizon yesterday and they were unable to give me any tracking info but did confirm that it was ordered on 11/21.

Hopefully that means I will get it either tomorrow or Wednesday

I placed my online order with Verizon for the storm at 8am on 11/21, after being assured that it would ship out on the 25th and I would have it in my hands on the 26th. I come to find out today, after placing a call to Verizon that my order will not be shipped out until 12/15! Apparently my order wasn't processed until the 22nd because of high demand. This is poor oversight on Verizon's part and false advertising by many of their customer service reps that I spoke to on Friday, who assured me I would have it on 11/26. There is no way that stores are not going to have it on their shelves before the 15th. I am disappointed that Verizon would put the store purchases ahead on the online purchases.

I placed the order on Friday like 10:30am right? Now it took me like 20 min. to actually talk to a rep. today. when I finally talked to someone he says my order was finally confirmed today at like 9:30 this morning and because that happened my phone won’t get shipped until the 5th of Dec. WTF!!! So what was the point of me ordering in the morining on Friday? Verizon is working my last nerve I swear

I ordered my Storm at 10am pacific time on Friday. I just received an email this morning that it had shipped Fed-X two day and the Fed-X tracking shows that it arrived at the Ontario, CA Fed-X depot. It should arrive tomorrow.
It appears that Verizon got the early orders out over the weekend.

I run the Blackberry Enterprise server here at work and i was waiting for this phone to come along since i do not currently have a blackberry but have grown fond of the ones my company purchases.

Well i was happy to recieve the VIP mailer about the "private sale" I called the number attached to the card on the 18th asking if i would be able to get a storm even though i was not elgible for a new phone until February. They assured me that not only i could because of the promotion i recieveb but i could also place my order with them and it would get placed on the 21st.

Woo HOO!!! Well i saw everyone who placed their orders worried about when they would get thieir phone and i decided to call just to make sure mine was coming. No such luck they never placed the order for the phone but put me on a data plan anyway... That order has been cancelled since i cannot upgrade phones at the discounted rate anymore either.

This is really a complaint about the rep not really verizon as a whole. Just needed to vent.

I just opened the box about half an hour ago and have been unpacking and sorting through things. I nearly had an orgasm while I was opening the box...lol!

Initial thoughts after about 10 minutes with the device on:

1) typing IS a PITA right now. I'm coming from a Samsung Alias flip phone (has the dual flip with QWERTY keyboard) and this is much more difficult for me. Surprised me because the Samsung keyboard is even smaller. I think it's just the difference of having raised keys instead of the flat surface. WIth the Samsung I used my left index finger and my right thumb to type. That doesn't work on the Storm. I think I'm going to have to learn to use both index fingers instead. My thumb is just too fat! I'm not going to complain about this yet as it's probably just a matter of adjusting to it.

2) The phone is GORGEOUS! I can't believe how good looking it is...I was almost afraid to touch it. The build is solid and it's nicely weighted. The metal back is a nice touch.

3) The screen does move a little from side to side, but it's not bothering me. Pressing the screen comes naturally to me (and it doesn't require a hard press), so no problem there.

4) The screen orientation flips quickly without any delay. It's not too sensitive either...I'd say it's perfect.

5) The few programs and menus I have opened have been quick to load, though the intial boot-up of the phone took quite awhile. Setting up the bluetooth was easy once I figured out the menu. No complaints here, just need to learn how the menu system and everything works.

6) the travel adpapter seems well made and is nice. I doubt I'll ever need to change the plug on it, but it's nice to know I have that option.

Now for the extra goodies I got:

1) Spare battery. Nothing to comment on really except I got one!

2) Docking stand. It's really nice, well made, and will be nice to set next to the bed. Is it worth $30? Um, that's questionable. I think it should have come with at least a basic power adapter for that price. Still, it's nice and I'm glad I ordered it.

3) Screen protectors. I totally botched the first one trying to put it on. Once I figured out the method the second one went on easy. Key thing here is to take your time. Make sure the screen is clean then line up one of the short sides of the protector. Then slowly work on long side down and work your way toward the other side. This keeps the bubbles out and it's easy to control the "sticky" that way. Worked for me anyway.

So, so far so good. I think I'm going to be pleased with this phone once I learn the ins and outs of it. OK, need to get the service switched on it so I can make phone calls and stuff! :)

Oh yeah, my OS is version for those keeping score on that.

Ordered my storm on Friday Nov. 21 at 8:29a as the confirmation email stated. I received no confirmation email, thus checking on Sat. to see where my order was. I was told that my phone would not ship until 12/5. Frustrated I called again on Monday morn. THe rep said my phone would ship on Monday afternoon for overnight delivery on Tuesday. I called late Monday afternoon to get a tracking number and was told that it should ship, however they could not tell for sure and told me to reply back to the order confirmation email VZW sent requesting ship date and tracking number. I sent the email, however no response. For a product this big, I think Verizon has shot themself in the foot. Their marketing crew in a company that size should have had this stuff figured out long before release....thoughts?

I know what you mean about frustrations. What gets me with this is that I placed the order online at 7:30am ET on Nov. 21 and I'm thinking that I should be getting mine by now after reading how if you placed the order before 2pm ET you will be getting it by Nov. 25, yada yada yada. So I get an email on the 22nd stating that my order is pending due to 'additional information required'. I called them and they told me that they needed me to confirm the tax to be charged was ok with me, because it didn't calculate when I placed the order. I said, "OF COURSE!! PROCESS THE ORDER PLEASE!!" Well sure enough, my order was processed on Saturday, and after the 2pm Nov. 21st deadline and I'll be one of the lucky ones getting the phone after Dec. 5 or maybe even Dec. 15.

The wonderful thing is that they emailed me back saying that my order has been shipped and that I should expect it in 10-15 days!!! They also charged my credit card already. Very annoyed!! Can they actually charge me if the phone hasn't actually been shipped yet while I wait 2-3 weeks for the phone?!?! There is no tracking number and I know they're just waiting for more phones to be available....

The Verizon website now says orders placed today will be shipped by 12/8. This was originally 12/5, then 12/15 now it's been moved up a week. Guess they solved the OS SW problem earlier then expected????

Screw the phone upgrade...how 'bout they fix the desktop manager first? For day one with the Storm the phone itself worked perfectly, but the desktop manager for the computer is a nightmare and a half! I've installed, removed, and repaired the install on it 5 times and it still only works sometimes and is crash happy. Took me 6 hours to put ten MP3's onto the phone! :(

The more I think about this the more it pisses me off. They have charged my Credit Card and I have no idea if or when my phone is coming. I'm a pretty patient person, but this is ridiculous. I honestly don't mind waiting for the phone, but after spending more for a phone than I ever have, I would atleast expect a confirmation e-mail and estimated ship date. Am I being unreasonable? I really like the Verizon network, which is the only reason I would ever put up with this siht. So, now the date is 12/8. Maybe they realize that for 50% of the people out there, three and half weeks is too long to wait for a phone that was promised immediately. Hence the term Launch Date...
Imagine how many phones they would have sold if they had this planned out correctly. 77,000 employees and they can't launch a phone...go figure. Sounds like the Corporate structure of a company that I worked for for 2 decades, Ford Motor Company. You see where they are at Today....

Alright people. The storm will not ship until at least December 15th. And that date will be pushed back further in the next day or two until the beginning of the year. By then it will have 2 software upgrades but that is normal for all phones. No matter who the manufacturer is. Its how they fix glithches. The storm is a great phone and WILL be even better. I work in one of verizons busiest stores seeing around 1000 people a day and its in tiny Canton,OH. There are no reserve for storms so don't hold your breath or you'll die!!!!!!! Our store gets the biggest allotment and has 22 registers. We sold 100 storms in 42 minutes. The main warehouse in Tennessee doesn't even have anymore. You have to pay an overnight shipping charge of 20 just to get it out on time. Its worth it but not going to be a xmas present anymore. Get the curve. Just as good and no real glitches. Or the dare if its the touch screen that interests you. And for the lady the was complaining about not feeling like a VIP. GET OVER IT!!! What do you want. Look people, with all companies that are worth anything you sign a two year contract. The reason is that Verizon pays BB the retail price of the phone. With the storm for example the phone is worth 500+ but an eligible upgrade can get the phone for around 200 after MIR. You are in the contact to pay back the hundreds of dollars you saved on the phone. This goes for all major companies! So just because you have paid your bills on time and become a VIP (congrats)(did the sarcasm come through) doesn't mean a company is going to take a 500 loss for one out of 85 million customers (after alltel aquisition). This might get me in hot water or even fired but I'm tired of hearing it! Verizon values all customers and I can't emphasize that enough!! But its still a business and throwing away that kind of money would be stupid. A VIP can upgrade early, get discounts on phones or accessories, and get many fees waived so thank you for paying your bills but get over yourself! Add a line if you want a new phone at discounts. Hell I work there and have 3 phones beacause I couldn't upgrade early like a VIP and had to do it myself to get what I wanted. I'm love my job and verizon but people like you make it hard. You're probably the same peron that comes into my store to get a FREE phone. Welcome to the real world. You get what you pay for and for the most part free phones are a thing of the past!! Of that's what you want go to Revol or freedom wireless ar something like that. Your phone won't work worth a crap but you can have it for free. Its like buying a 150 car with no engine. Wake up! I am the nicest guy in the world but cmon give me a break. You probably pay 39.99 a month and want a 500 phone before our clients with account that pay 100s if not 1000s a month. Not gonna happen anytime soon. I love all you people but think like a business person and take your cardboard card and shove it! Love you all! And good luck getting the storm, it will be worth the wait!!! :)

1. I had gotten on my local store (Ridgefield, CT) waiting list 2 weeks ago. I was #14. (This was a backup just in case, my corp rep couldn't get one to me by Thanksgiving.) T-mobile and AT&T don't work so hot (No data - limited to no phone service.)

2. On Thursday I called and e-mailed my corporate rep several times to find out if she could order for me as soon as they were released.

3. By 11:00 my rep had not gotten back to me - I called my store in Ridgefield - they only got 10, but were expecting another 10 on Black Friday. No problem. But as I was adding a line, they were going to charge me $350.00 for the phone, - they don't honor my corporate pricing.

4. I called Verizon - women said (Operator Ext.# 5194), if we hurry up and order now it will be in before 2:00 pm and I will have it before Thanksgiving and she will honor my corporate pricing. I placed the order. I called my store back and said please give my slot to someone else.

5. I called Verizon Saturday - I wanted to add a charging pod to the order. The Verizon rep said the pods were not out yet. But my order should ship on Monday.

6. I never got an e-mail on Monday. I called Monday night and Verizon Rep told me my order is still in the warehouse and will ship tomorrow. (PS my corporate rep finally got back to me on Mon. afternoon)

7. I called Tuesday afternoon for tracking number, and invoice. Verizon Rep tells me that order is in warehouse for shipping and I was charged for o/n shipping. I am upset as I was told o/n would be free when I placed order on Tuesday. I ask for supervisor. Transferred to Sheila Dobbos (ext. 5221) She has no voicemail. I leave message in general box.

7. (a) Concerned someone may not get that message, and PS Shila Dobbos never called me back as of 1:00 Weds. I get another supervisor. Supervisor tells me she can't even find my order!!

8. Supervisor says she will call me back in an hour.

9. 3 hours later, supervisor calls back, she explains she could not see my order (and hence all the other people I spoke with since I ordered on Tuesday also could not see my order -- the BIG FAT FREAKING LIERS THAT THEY ARE)because my order had not yet been processed. She explained they were overwhelmed on Friday and despite the fact that an e-mail from Verizon went out directing their sales people to tell customers that if they ordered before 2 pm they would get the Storm shipped out by the 25th (VERIZON DIRECTS THEIR PEOPLE TO LIE FOR THEM), orders placed after 10AM would not go out until the 16th!!!

10. Am I pissed? You bet. DON'T F-IN LIE TO ME! I was with T-mobile for 10 years until I just moved, and well - they are rather incompetent, and EDGE is slower than my mother on crutches...but they never lied to me.

11. I have detailed all of this and some other really shabby treatment by my corporate rep to our firm's Chicago ordering office. Verizon- we are currently renegotiating our contract with you. I can guarantee you - you will not be happy. This is not about a silly piece of plastic and metal that will be insignificant in our lives in 3 years. It is about how we are treated as people, and how we treat each other. Like a girlfriend that does something sleazy to you. Obviously - the relationship was going nowhere, your feelings are hurt, but there are deeper principals at play. I will take every chance I have to tell people what I think of this company. I don't expect that little ole me can bring Verizon down, any more than I expect that I alone can eliminate world hunger; but I will be damned if I ever stop trying.

I ordered my phone around 6pm on friday the 21st..
When will i get my phone?
I heard after 2:30pm you get it the 5th the latest?
maybe sooner?

Who in the hell do you think you are? You wouldn't say these things while you are at work. If you did speak to us like that you would be a former Verizon employee. Telling us to get over ourselves? Then saying that you love us all. We have all done everything we are supposed to do. Including pay our bills. We just want a answer about the phones we ordered almost a week ago. I've got news for you...I'm going to call the Canton store and see if I can't get you fired myself...Then we will see who is getting over their self...


Hey its just a car - sorry I keyed it up.

It's actually just your bumper I dented cause I was texting my boyfriend "ohh my gosh" - sorry but your insurance should cover most of it..

Racial slurs are just words.

Discrimination is temporary - there are other jobs.

What people like you fail to get is PRINCIPAL. Most people - not all would be ok, anxious, but ok if Verizon said we have a limited amount of phones - we are really sorry - we know demand will be high, but many of you will have to wait 2-3 weeks after ordering to get your device. It would be clear and honest.

What is unacceptable is lying and misleading to sell anything - cars, phones, houses, mortgages... What is just as unacceptable is mouth breathing, knuckle dragging apologists, who don't believe in principals!