NewTek stops by #CESlive to discuss their 'TV Truck in a Box'

By Bla1ze on 9 Jan 2014 07:45 pm EST

If you've been tuned into our #CESlive coverage then you'll already know we have quite a few sponsors for the event. One of those sponsors is NewTek, creators of TriCaster whose goal is to 'let people get their hands on the tools they need to make a “real” TV show'. In other words, they're a huge driving force behind the content we're putting out.

Kevin and Cali got to sit down with Philip Nelson, Chief Relationship Officer at NewTek, who took the time to give us all a little bit of a behind the scenes explanation of how a production like this comes together, the tools used and share some history of NewTek, which was founded 1985 and grew from there after the release of their Video Toaster product that was dubbed the first real “television studio-in-a-box.”

Go ahead, click play on the video above and check it out. If you're looking to learn more, head on over to the NewTek site. Needless to say, thanks to NewTek for helping us out!

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NewTek stops by #CESlive to discuss their 'TV Truck in a Box'


Great video! So jealous. I want to be at CES but I can't go to vegas twice. Already going there for the DJ convention in February.

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Cali Lewis should be the new Mobile Nations Cheif Relationship Officer! I've been a GeekBeat fan for years, I think it's awesome that you've partnered up with them!

I don't have bandwidth to watch this, yet. But you can't get more awesome than CBK and Newtek. By the way, I'll join the chorus and say that I really like Cali Lewis, very good fit for the tech niche, good talent. Interestingly enough, Newtek used to have a figure sort of like Cali in the Video Toaster days named Kiki Stockhammer. She could attract geeks to trade shows in the hundreds, maybe thousands. Kind of a girl next store with a little extra bit of enticing charm.

When I learned Mobile Nations was using a tricaster at BB Live, I tried to convince Renee into interviewing Tim Jenson about the benefits of QNX being a realtime OS. Tim not only invented the video toaster, he was very good at explaining the advantages of RTOS in practical terms, at least in the Amiga days -- this is something BlackBerry has yet to do very well. Dan Dodge sort of tries, but he's probably better at other things. Nothing came of it and, frankly, at BBLive, I wanted Kevin to be interviewing people more central to BBLive, but it's going to be awesome to see Kevin and a Newtek rep talk streaming video...


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