Newspile - A Google Reader client for your BlackBerry PlayBook

Newspile BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2011 01:03 pm EDT

I'm constantly in search of the next best Google Reader client for my BlackBerry PlayBook and Newspile is the latest addition to the bunch. This smooth RSS reader has a beautiful UI and works seemlessly with Google Reader. Newspile syncs both ways with so what you read in the app will be marked read in Google Reader and vice versa. It also sports a clean interface, pull to refresh and more. Features of Newspile include:

  • offers a huge pile of news articles you love.
  • synchronizes two ways. This means that all changes you make within Newspile (i.e. read, star, or broadcast an news item) appear in your Google Reader and vice versa.
  • allows easy, touch optimized pull-to-refresh synchronization
  • lets you view embedded videos in fullscreen mode.
  • lets you share news items via Google.
  • is optimized for low CPU and Memory consumption to increase the battery life of your BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • stores news items locally, for a faster reading experience.
  • has a intuitive and clean layout.
  • opens embedded links in your BlackBerry PlayBook Browser.
  • supports GZIP - Compression, which makes fetching news items efficient, fast and bandwidth friendly.

Newspile is available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99 (and well worth it). More features are on the way including sharing support (to Twitter, Instapaper etc) and deeper Google Reader integration.

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Newspile - A Google Reader client for your BlackBerry PlayBook


I use GeeReader as well however, if this lets me view my instapaper submissions as well as save to delicious/instapaper and send to twitter I'm all over it. Since Geereader doesn't do that.

Seems to be a few new apps popping up lately on the playbook. Is this because of the beta NDK? How can one tell if an app is native, adobe, air, etc?

It's probably a combination of the lack of a decent SDK/NDK/dev tools and the fact that they've been promising Android integration for months already.

I'm a developer and have been wanting to program a decent Google Reader app as well but refuse to do it in some Adobe language. I'm also hesitant to create one when Android integration will bring tons of good ones. And it's only one month away (I hope).

Good question.

Also I like to read news. Are their any website that I can use this that give real news rather than just one or two lines. I noticed like with Crackberry you get the whole post but with news site you ten to just get a couple of lines and a link.

I purchased this but find it wastes too much screen real estate for my tastes. I don't have the best eyes and on a 7" screen I want as much of that screen dedicated to the article I'm reading instead of having the article squished into a little box. The headlines column should definitely be able to be hidden or minimized so the article can take up almost the whole width of the screen. The big title up at the top wastes space and so does the gap around the whole app showing a wood background. I believe in function over form especially when dealing with a screen of this size.

I'm still waiting for someone to create a truly maximized reading experience where the article takes up at least 90% of the screen instead of one where they try to fit as much other info and whizzbang features onto the screen as they can. Feed Wheel comes the closest to my ideal type of rss reader that I've seen so far but it can be a little flaky at times and does still need improvement... at least it's free though!