Newest BlackBerry 10 device could see the return of the trackpad and function keys

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 08:20 am EST

MWC has kicked off in Barcelona and while we still haven't heard anything about a new BlackBerry device, there are rumors that the BlackBerry Z3 should be getting an official announcement very soon. A new twist has been added to the mix as well however as now The Globe and Mail is reporting that we could also see a new full-QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device added to the lineup.

The biggest news isn't just another device however, but that the device wouldn't just be another physical keyboard model. It would see the return of the trackpad and function keys that have been sorely missed by many on BlackBerry 10 devices. The "belt" of keys resided under the screen and includes the trackpad, send, end, menu and back buttons. 

This would definitely make for an awesome BlackBerry 10 device as one thing that Q10 and Q5 users have noted is that they dearly miss the trackpad and function keys. It could also help make for an easier transition for those users coming directly from a BB7 device to BlackBerry 10. While BlackBerry hasn't confirmed the device, It would make sense for BlackBerry to go this direction and John Chen did also recently say that future devices “will have some of the features our power-users love”. 

So what say you — is the return of the trackpad and function keys a good thing? Or do you prefer to just stick with gestures on BlackBerry 10? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Newest BlackBerry 10 device could see the return of the trackpad and function keys



There have been a lot of people complaining on this forum about wanting their track pad and physical keys. I hope these people actually buy this phone if it comes out, otherwise, the complaining has just wasted a bunch of Blackberries time.

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Total nonsense, I will not be buying a BlackBerry 10 device with hard buttons.

What I would like to see if it was possible to implement would be touch controls at the bottom of the screen. To navigate back and forward and like a track pad but in touch like android and not a physical one.

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I could see a "belt " of buttons in the grey strip at the base of a Z30. Physical or virtual. However if you want a hard keyboard, make it slide out from under screen of a Z30 size device. See Verizon xv6800 phone as an example. Make screen between 5.5-6" size and keyboard slides from left side of screen for landscape typing. This way big thumbs could easily type with it. If you use two thumbs on a Q10, why not two thumbs on a Z30 with landscape keyboard?

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Bring back the scroll wheel while your at it. BlackBerry: One step forward, then 20 back.

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Gestures r much better! Only reason to get the functions back is if they make a non- touch screen phone! :)

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the cursor placement in ios WP and Android is *horrendous*
it'll be good to see the trackpad taking centre stage again.

Here is another way to look at it...

The trackpad is basically the mobile equivalent of the desktop's mouse - aka precision pointing. duh, right? Well, remember that this isn't just about smartphones. They are trying to leap the competition, not catch up. Thor said that you BlackBerry is going to replace your laptop. To do that, you are going to need precision pointing.

I don't think this is a good idea. It's like BlackBerry is clinging way too much from the past rather than going forward. I like the idea of having a larger screen Q10 without the track pad.

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I would like to see these functions brought back but in new and better ways!! I think BlackBerry has something big planned for it next phone and i can't wait to buy it! The only function key id like to see is the BlackBerry button for menus and such it was handy! But innovation is needed

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It's not with two steps forward and then one step backward that you move on quickly...
But, let's give a chance to the product, we'll see!

It's a great feature for power users. Less frustration copy paste . The track pad makes BlackBerry efficiency even more potent for power users. We been used to this ease of use since glory days of BlackBerry.

I would replace my current Blackberry for this BlackBerry If the touchscreen real estate is somewhere around z10 and z30. I recommend all models(physical &touch qwerty) have trackpad.

Let's hope next generation trackpad keeps up with greatness. Maybe it will have added security feature. I'm all in with Blackberry.

Another reason I will stay with Blackberry: Apple computers and I phones have major backdoor for hackers. Take a look at the recent news

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BB7 users are replacing their phones with full touch android phones, not sure they are clamoring for a new qwerty phone in the first place. Who are these power users? I'm pretty sure that the Kardashian already use the Q10 right?

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Would be amazing if they make it touch, I mean the return of the trackpad and function keys, gonna be like galaxy phones as an example.

Maybe hold-press of menu key will bring a nice app switcher where you can flick the apps upwards to close them.

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Great move for the enterprise power users who value messaging / content creation. Speaking for the many support personnel at my work where things are time sensitive and accuracy is a must (ie. issuing commands on a server prompt, providing instructions to others from one's documentation), this news is awesome. Those concerned with bringing back the trackpad and key features, don't buy it. Maybe this device is not for you. We do not know yet if ALL future BB10 keyboard devices will have this but last I checked BB07 still outsells BB10. There's still the Q10 and Q5. FYI my work has been testing Q10 since it came out but the 9900 is still being issued because of the preference of these OLD features for our purposes. Those testing the Q10 still carry their 9900s.


I just don't understand why so many people here feel the need to shout something down, just because they don't value it. Pretty closed minded, adolescent behavior.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!


Perhaps a TrackPad only for "Q" keyboard models, while the full touch "Z" models will *NOT* have a TrackPad to compromise?

When BB10 was in Beta, I also questioned why the TrackPad was dropped (along with other BB7 features that 60+ million current BB7 customers want), and was shouted down as "so yesterday" idea.

Whilst we realize some don't value the TrackPad, many others (60+ million current BB7 customers) do value this, to the point of refusing to upgrade to BB10. Voting with one's wallet? Yep.

No. don't step that far backwards. BB10 UI doesn't require this. I know a lot of you miss it, but it doesn't make sense.

Z30 unleashed

I'm still getting angry when having to edit text on aBB10. Every day.
An end call key would also feel more comfortable.

No, for the love of 'something'!!! Those buttons are totally unnecessary in a gesture based OS. Who would want to sacrifice screen size for those buttons?
If this is true, and there will [u]only[/u] be this Qwerty device, it might be the one to push me towards a full-screen device...

And I need that keyboard, my hands are too rough for touchscreen typing (wears down the screen).

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Or besides screen size: why would anyone want the extra background processes this would need. Extra battery use, extra memory use. Conflicting between touch and physical interfaces.

Just awkward overall.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I own a Z30 and Q10. I had a 9900 and tons of BlackBerry's prior. I am completely comfortable and productive on my Q10 without the row of keys. In fact. I prefer the screen real estate I know am able to have, I really hope this is a bad rumor

Z30 unleashed

We can't go forward looking... back.
Buttons and send/back keys are dead years ago.
Cmon BlackBerry! Adjust to the future. Be attractive to the new generation of customers...

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I've used my 9900 after having my Q for 6 months.....and my personal opinion is I don't miss those buttons at all!

I sure don't miss having to get them repaired all the time.

Rumors are rumors and we will see what comes!

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Return of the trackpad? I can see the slogan for this:

"Blackberry, while others look forward, we look backwards!"

Return of the trackpad and the function keys would be AWESOME!!! Those, more than anything else, are the two greatest features I miss on my Q10 from my 9900. Get me those two features without sacrificing screen real estate (more screen real estate than what the Q10 has now would be great too), coupled with BB10 OS 10.2.X (or higher) and I have got the phone of my dreams. BlackBerry forever!!!

Glad your still stuck in 2008. Nobody needs those things taking up space. I hope you also miss a 2 inch screen and the spinning clock of death.

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Ummm..., did you bother to read my post and my comment about screen real estate? Probably not, seems beyond your capabilities...,

I don't see why? A simple swipe up brings you home and a couple of swipes right or left get you to where you need to be. I think it really is a step back. BB10 is so easy to use, I can't believe there are people still wanting to use the trackpad.

Sent from my Q

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A touch screen with a track pad would be nice! I love the touch, but sometimes it is hard to select text with just that.

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+1 I find it hard to select text sometimes too. This is my first BlackBerry device but I would give the trackpad a try.

OS on Verizon Z10

I not personally a fan of the bringing the home row keys back to BlackBerry. I can see how it could help people changing from BB7 to BB10.....but what about after that phone needs to upgrade....the person may assume future BB10 devices will have the keys as well.

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No f'in way. I'd ditch BlackBerry if they bring back unnecessary keys and confuse the whole damn user experience. Keep it clean and simple and use the space to maximize the screen.

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A missing trackpad on BB10 devices is NOT the reason more ppl aren't transitioning to BB10! If I could pick 1 reason it would be the app selection! iOS and Android don't have a trackpad and that's what they are going to! Lack of a truly low cost BB10 device has badly stalled the transition esp in emerging markets where the curve devices were very popular! Now all I'm seeing are low cost Androids under 150US, 4" screens running OS 4.2! I was a physical kb guy for 5 yrs, now I use the Z10 without fuss! I don't really miss the trackpad, I adjusted.

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

No but it is a reason many are keeping their BB7 devices. The point here is to ease their upgrade pain.

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There really is no need to go backwards, while legacy users love the track pad, I highly doubt the lack of that is keeping them from staying with BlackBerry for a new device.

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It's not! It's a rubbish argument! They are going to phones without 1! How does that make sense! Lack of a truly low cost BB and the apps selection to an extent, I feel.

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

I guess if the Q series gets rid of the touch screen totally other wise it's a waste having a track pad on a touch screen device. Also..BBRY should remember, the past wasn't the best for them in this touch screen world.....isnt that why they fell behind in the first place?

Sent flawlessly from my Z30!

I'm sure this has been the most wanted feature from older enterprise users. Sometimes, it's really tough to teach an old dog new tricks, and a lot of the time, those old dogs won't even want to try the new tricks, even if we all say they're reallllly good tricks.

In other words, this should really help transition enterprise users from BBOS7 devices to BB10. A lot of them are hanging onto their old devices because they don't like the touchscreen experience of newer phones. They're used to having a "pointer" along with their keyboard. I agree this is going a bit "backwards", but the fact is OS7 devices continue to sell. In order to try to move more people to BB10, they have to offer this.

Maybe they are selling because now the once premium-priced devices are more affordable! Lots of 'old dogs' have switched to TRACKPAD-LESS iOS and Android! Get a truly low-cost BB10 device out there already!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

If these buttons and trackpad comes back in future phones, I'll switch to full touch BlackBerry phones..i don't like they as they take up screen space.

I'm on Q10 right now.

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This makes sense....Blackberry needs to please everybody and make sure to cater to everyone. This show that they are listening because a lot off BB os 7 users miss the trackpad and end call and answer call button.

Please also check out my suggestions on

Please vote up and make your comments as well and check out my other suggestions and vote up and please comment. We need to help blackberry as much as we can with their new devices.

We need to move forward. Don't look back to track pad and buttons. Touchscreen. And bigger. Is better.

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Yesss welcome back to 2008 and the bold. Let's all welcome back 2.5 inch screen and BBOS 7.4

SMH. Screw the keyboard phones I'm never going back. Bring me a badazzz full touch!

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I will flat out buy one off contract!

As much as this z10 has proven to be a cool mini tablet since I upgraded from the Bold 9900 in December, I loathe typing on it and using web forms, links, and text editing on it often drives me bonkers. I miss holding the phone like normal and taking a picture with the click of my thumb on the track pad button. Call/End with certainty... Point blank, the all touch interface was a downgrade from the 9900 for these things.

Lesson learned. The Bold 9900 was the ultimate communication device. Hand me a 9900 chassis with BB10 and it will be the last "smartphone" I buy! (until one with better specs in the same chassis is released) .

"Why not get a Q10?", you say. It lacks the innovative optical track pad and is not what I want in a BlackBerry or a tablet.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

Recently had to look up something on my 9800. This was when I realized how extremely clunky the back button on BBOS really is, and how happy I am with the swipe on BlackBerry 10.

I saw nothing in all these articles about this, that said swipe was going away. If you remember, even OS7 had swipe gestures to some extent. I'm sure they would not disable anything in OS10, just give us buttons and a trackpad, to do the same. And, it will be infinitely easier to insert a cursor within text with a trackpad, even if the OS10 way is easier than most OS's.

Hey man, sound logic like that is not welcome around here. If you're not spouting alarmist or hostile opinions, you're doing it wrong.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

This would be totally awesome. If they realize a full QWERTY BB10 device with the dedicated hardware buttons that would definitely be my next device (currently using Q10). I don't think the screen real estate would be much of a problem as the QWERTY devices are mostly communication tools. If you like a bigger screen you'd go for a full touch device anyway. So to me that would be a great decision to bring those features back and it could absolutely help the transition to BB10.

I don't miss the trackpad or function keys at all on my Q10. I guess this is more to appeal to BB7 users to help convince them to upgrade. I'm much faster on OS10 than I ever was on 7. Seems like a step backwards to me.

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If the all touch devices have this... I'll jump ship. Honestly full touch with trackpad a la Os7 torch... common

YES!!!! TRACK PAD IS GREAT! Small simple movements to scroll up and down the browser without these big flicking gesture, and pinch-to-zoom.

With the trackpad I can easily use ONE HAND to maneuver get things done. The amount of screen space you lose with a trackpad or 'belt' in place is minimal. If necessary, they can still have both gesture based browser AND a trackpad. Let the consumers use whichever.

My biggest peeve with the Q10 was that my thumb would be all over the screen trying to do those gestures obstructing your screen anyways.

Trackpad keeps the screen clear and unobstructed.

i think the public has spoken. most people want a button to go home, the swipe up feature, is mostly a "young" feature. i feel like the couple mins my dad would play with my phone, he forgets, and just swipes away, all mad at it.. :)
so the trackpad, and call button and end button is ok, but they should keep the gesture as an on/off feature.

Gestures is the way to go.
Cannot go back to physical keyboard.
My Z keyboard rocks.

Posted via CB10 | STL100-2 | Waiting for the mighty Squircle to return.

I thought I would miss track pad and back buttons bit now I can't remember them or wish they were there. This my experience with my z10. Maybe Q10 owners feel different. BB10 doesn't require them.

Vtecberry Z10

Im torn on this. I personally find the current layout and experience completely comfortable.

But ive seen people struggling with not having the function buttons and trackpad.

In the end I just want BlackBerry back on top so whatever that the market decides goes.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

I would love to see that, i moved to a nexus 5 for now and the track pad, phone and end keys are something I really miss.

Well if they are coming out with the gesture based keyboard, why can't the "trackpad" function be built into that?

As for the back and call buttons, really? Maybe BlackBerry is doomed afterall.

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Call answer and end keys make more sense then back, home and options keys at least to me

Posted via CB10

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I have many colleagues keeping their 9900 Bolds because they hated the loss of the trackpad!

Posted via CB10

I was grilled by some friends when I said that the last OS7 phone BlackBerry released last year didn't have the bb10 software on it.

My view on it was that they should use the bb10 software to make a new OS version for business class people. Q10 is nice but too many corporate people don't want to have a huge learning curve for it. Most of these people have an Ipad at home so they will pick an iPhone over a Q10 because there is less of a learning curve.

the business class qwerty pho E should gave bb10 performance with an OS7 feel.

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Track pad and function keys not innovative. stick with the swipe and gestures adds "swag" to the OS and phone

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I am all in favour of the trackpad and physical buttons returning. I would actually like to be able to disable the touchscreen if the physical buttons were present. I always wanted to do that on my 9900.

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seems like i am going to stick wih bb and bb10 will be awesome with the trackpad.

I don't get this step backwards. If there are the old call buttons, the call screen would be changed. If there is the old back button, then there's no need for a back button on some apps. If there is a trackpad, there's no need for a touch screen! Just wtf.

Posted via CB10 | Z10STL100-1/

I am still using a Bold 9930 because of the loss of the trackpad and button row. My son has a Z10 and I've spent a lot of time using it in tasks that are similar to how I use my BB (mainly email). I think the trackpad / button row adds a ton of speed and effectiveness and I'm unwilling to give it up. I do text selects / copy / paste several times a week. I absolutely hate doing that on the without a trackpad or other pointer device. How hard would it be to tie the trackpad / button use to equal current gestures?

Personally - I think the gesturing in BB10, while innovative, is clunky at times. Hence - I have not bought a BB10 phone. Others at my company using BB7 devices said screw it and bought iPhones because they thought they'd go that route if they had to do a touch environment.

IMHO, bringing back the trackpad / button row is a nobrainer.

Has anyone tried to do the virtual track pad as an integration into the OS or as an app. The limited function of virtual track pad on the Origami Browser for the Playbook is pretty handy, I am sure someone with more resources could make it happen.

I think it is great... Black Berry needs to solidify their base and people (me included) loved the "belt".... I can see people thinking that it is a step back... but it will help the transition to BB10 and keep their current users happy

I think there is no real need for a 5-button physical configuration. HOWEVER, overall functionality can be improved in OS10.

First thing would be a freely configurable bottom bar, which could integrate more than 3 icons. That's the basic thing. But, let's talk about a "green" and a "red" button. They are not necessarily just call and reject, but intent-color-coded buttons Red could be the reject/back/undo/close, green could be the call/fwd/open button. If there is a trackpad, BB could configure it as Home=one click, Search= 2 clicks, BB menu/hub=long push, while leaving its surface working primarily as a trackpad and fingerprint scanner. If you want to leave an app running in the BG, you'd just click the Home function.

One big functionality gain would be the actual instant closing of apps, because there would be one motion less (now swipe up and click the X), it's a more intuitive way too, and you don't have to bother with closing the idling/background apps.

I have mixed opinions about this. Live the idea of a track pad for precision text editing, the rest is very much "meh". Single function buttons are not very useful. Also, I have a feeling that by reintroducing features like this BlackBerry may be inadvertently admitting that a UI without buttons is not the right thing, which in my honest opinion would be the last kind of message you want to send out. Keep things modern. Gestures based UI and interaction is the way to go.

Haha, I guess I am against these returning after all. I'd much prefer that they perfect the on-screen editing.

Posted via CB10

I think there are a lot of details missing. First, it seems to me, BlackBerry is focusing on bringing out phones under 200 dollars. We know about the z3 but it would also make sense that they bring out a qwerty version. The BIG issue with qwerty is the comprise one makes with screen. In this regard, I don't see BlackBerry throwing up a new set of physical buttons to appease a very few track pad fans. People are screen space sensitive. A virtual trackpad maybe.

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Forward and now backwards?, I don't believe that others customers will perceive this as a Good thing for a Co that is looking to rebound.

It looks like BlackBerry is not analyzing firmly their direction.

Z30 for at&t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

This gives people more options when using a BlackBerry keyboard device. Not a bad idea. I'm sure it will have the look and feel of the Q10 without going back a step-in design. Give the people what they want I say.

Posted via CB10

This just of the press

BlackBerry going back to OS7 to appease customers having difficulty adjusting to bb10.

I missed those keys for about a month. The swipe gestures work great. The only sight issue I have is precise place selection to copy words, etc. The trackpad was superior over touch.

"The inventor of the coffee grinder, was wondering, year by year, how to improve the mill. until one day, when everyone went to buy ground coffee."

We all have our habits.
This option is addictive because it's great.
Could BlackcBerry redesign it, in a more fashion way .

I find the Z30 really great...

I've been praying to the BlackBerry gods for this to happen. Ending calls, redialing, selecting text--it's all an exercise in frustration. I have been hoping they bring back the function keys. It was their bread and butter, and it will increase the potential for productivity greatly. Physical keys are plainly better, so why aren't function keys? Especially on the go. This is only a good thing. Anyone who thinks differently can buy a Z phone. Those who want Q phones should know the benefit (and if they don't hopefully they'll realize it).

I think BB should implement the trackpad into the space bar. This way the screen real estate is their and a function from BB7 that people really want.

they could replace the search function with a virtual trackpad. No need for rest of the buttons.
It's nice for precision. Clicking X on overlay popups.

I think they should not bring the trackpad , escape .and menu key back the blackberry10 device's is match better whit out the Keys

They gave to match problems

BlackBerry 10 
Posted via BlackBerry Q5

Posted via CB10

I used my bold 9900 every day for 2 entire years, without a case, and never had a single issue with it. I even sold it at the end to someone who was happy with how new it felt and looked.

No idea what you folks are doing to your devices, but it's definitely you and not the device that is the problem, in terms of things breaking.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

Virtual buttons option only thing that makes sense to really transition diehards over. A BB10 eliminating peek, and gesture-based multi-tasking is a contradiction in terms and step backwards really. Unless they've done the focus groups that tell them it's what their QWERTY BBOS constituents want.

Posted via CB10

I think people have to realize that bb7 users probably look at the Q and are afraid to give up the track ball etc. If this is what it takes to have customers even buy a new blackberry, so be it. After people use BB10 for a few years, it will be a much easier transition.

No gestures is faster and better. Never used the track pad once my 9930 went touch. Pointless.

Posted via CB10

On my Torch, the trackpad DID gestures … same result from smaller movement.
I never used the touch screen, as I got faster results with trackpad.

The track pad! It's the only thing I miss, because you can keep your thumb or finger off the screen for precise movements.

Posted via CB10

The trackpad and function keys feel outdated! Don't do it blackberry!! Or maybe just have the option to have them as virtual keys on the bottom of the screen that you can choose from different functions for them to have. Instead of having the constant phone and camera buttons.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I would like to see a return of the scrollwheel as part of the volume controls on the Q10 successor. This could help with scrolling and text selection while keeping the advantage subtle. I also would like to see the spacebar function as the call answer and end key. This would be an ideal setup for myself.

While I enjoyed it when I had it, it will take much more than that to replace my Z30

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Having used the 9850 Torch, I can say that a predominantly touch based interface and a Trackpad used for secondary navigation can work well together.

However, I have no desire to go back to either a Trackpad or physical keyboard. My z10 is perfectly functional and stylish just the way it is.

No doubt for me, I adapted to no trackpad, back buttons, phone, back button and hangup button. However, I would use the hell out of the trackpad on OS 10 during browser sessions and text editing for docs and emails. Accurate selections and navigating without have to pinch to zoom to select what and where I want is critical. If we get the right size screen real-estate and bring this back I'd be floored ecstatic! Of course having the row of the static phone buttons would be great again as well. I miss them.

Posted via CB10

nope nope, people need to understand technology must move on, bringing back the old tech won't do any good. I don't see a point in putting physical menu keys and trackpad while bb 10 is already optimized for fast gestures. Touch-screen is several times more efficient than the trackpad.

Damn. I was enjoying having a nice gesture based OS there. Loved getting away from Android with it's "click click click". This feels like a bit of a step backwards.

I 'spose Ubuntu OS will be ready for primetime some day.

The "answer call" and "hang up" buttons especially seem useless to me in this day and age. You'd basically have the back button and ... options button on either side of a trackpad, which I guess would get rid of that horrid bar at the bottom of every screen on the Q10 that we've had since one of the more recent updates.

Still, it was the swipe gestures that brought me to BB10 in the first place, even on the keyboard phones.

Yes please. I'm still a BB9900 user, and was going to upgrafe to the Q10 but after this news, I will wait for the new Q10!!!! Keep the actual buttons and trakpad!!!!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

This is exactly why they should not cater to you or anyone else like you. Learn to adapt.

Posted via CB10

Don't agree with this. It seems like a step backwards.

Sure there's a learning curve to get used to BB10 but once you're through, going back to a trackpad seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

Why not just have a gesture on virtual keyboard for a virtual trackpad or even arrow keys. The physical keyboard users could have an option to have it pop up where there word prediction appears.

Posted via CB10

I don't miss the track pad! BlackBerry 10 does a much better job! Way faster than any previous generation BlackBerry device.

Posted via CB10

Can't say I love the idea. They can't branch out to try and accommodate everyone because otherwise they will lose many. They need to stream everything properly to accommodate the majorities.

Posted via CB10

I hatre the track pad, menu buttons and those stupid call keys!!! If BlackBerry should return to those menu keys and the rest, then I guess this would be my last BlackBerry phone/device!

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

Love to get those four keys back!!!!

Would appreciate very much if anyone could let me know that how I upgrade from 8820 to Q10

Don't know why both task and Note not supported on Q10. This is really painful...

Posted via CB10

Don't be an idiot. BlackBerry 10 has Remember, with full Evernote integration. Not only can you keep your notes *and* if you want have then synced to the cloud, but you can also create tasks out of every note with reminders to your heart's content. If you have not even tried a platform don't say stupid stuff.

Posted via CB10

True! I so damn miss it in my #Q10. It would be terrific if they are coming up with this in the future devices. I will definitely trade in my #Q10 for such a device. Fingers crossed. Go Team BB!

Posted via CB10

Leave them out. Suppose to be moving forward not backwards. I was a big trackpad fan but now it would only hinder my efforts due to screen real-estate and the fact the screen is touch-screen. I have the Q10, had the Z10 first and bought my girl the Z30.

The gesture based system is fine, and by far much better than the trackpad. I was hesitant at first but realized the benefits of the current system quickly.

People are not making the switch cause of no trackpad, there just isn't anywhere in the U.S. To play with the device before buying it. (the verizon by my house has only the Z30 on display, but no stock of any BB10 device).

All four of the government facilities I work with have switched to the new Z10s everyone, and I mean EVERYONE " likes the new phones (one office had all storm 2 before the switch, now that is scary to think of)

Posted via CB10

I thought BlackBerry tag line is "Keep Moving..."
Why would we need to go back?!

Sure, some functions of the past were good and I also was a person that missed some of these. I was a super user of the physical keyboard on all of the now legacy devices but since using my Z10 and now Z30 I don't even want to change with my wife's Q10 anymore...I find it even irritating!

I get that people think that it would be "easier for people to transition to BB10 devices" but building and selling a new device for that purpose is just silly. I argue that most legacy device users are just either still on their old contract or business users bound by the replacement cycles of their company...

We should all just advocate the new OS and the new devices and get people into this amazing new ways of using our beloved Blackberries...the 2014 way...

Just my two cents... ;-)!

Posted via CB10 / Z30 (!)

Seriously... no. The whole screen is a touch pad :)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but why do you need a touch pad? With the brilliant cursor controls in 10.1 & 10.2, I see no reason for it.

I like to stay up to date with devices. If this happens I will probably move on from BB10 which i've had a Blackberry since OS4 so that would be around 2007.

It doesn't sound right to put those unnecessary buttons back to a fully gesture-based navigating BB10 OS. The reason why I chose my Z10 and ditched iPhone is because I don't like even on physical button to navigate. All gesture-based is way cooler than navigation by buttons. Gesture-based navigation is the way to go. All gesture-based is the future. All Windows tablets are now going button-less. This is the trend. Maybe, just make one model that has those buttons for current BBOS users to make better switch. Please do not make those buttons on any all touch screen BB10 devices! Otherwise, I will not buy any BB10 devices anymore.

I would have been okay with this for the Q10 but now I feel like they're taking a step backwards. As usual, BB is just trying to make their product line confusing.

No problem here with the Q10 as it is now. I'm just hoping for a larger screen! If all things will remain equal and the trackpad and function keys take away from screen and key size, the I think I woud just keep it the way it is. However, is screen and key size are not compromised...I'm all for it.

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Oh no, I don't think it's a good idea. BlackBerry 10 is specialty designed for touch screen. Traditional keys and touchpad shouldn't exist in BB10. Maybe,BlackBerry could learn from, NOKIA sybiam, s60v3 and s60v5, to develop two systems.

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I missed it at the beginning, now I prefer not to have it. Plus it would mean developers doing more work = less apps. Going back to the old conundrum.

From my Z10.

Yes! Bring back the track pad. Lack of a track pad and the crappy screen was why I never got a Q10. How goes having buttons take away screen size? All they have to do is add a1/4 inch or so to the keyboard . Extra length equals bigger battery too. Make the screen taller while they are at it.

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Forget them, let them die then. I'm so sick of hearing legacy BlackBerry users whining about why their device is not like their 7 year old BlackBerry. In fact, these lumbering dinosaurs are at least partly at fault for where we are today. They never cared to upgrade and we're perfectly content with their track wheel, track ball, and lastly track pad. Heck, there is one poster here that *actually* suggested bringing back the track wheel would be good. Good god.

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I am 100% supportive of this. Even if it means extending the length of the phone 3/4 of an inch to keep the new screen size. I seriously miss the physical buttons and trackpad. Personally, I have always said, my ultimate blackberry would have been a 9930 with OS10+. Keep the virtual stuff away. I prefer manual heater and radio controls in a car too!
Now, if they could only get ATT to release the official 10.2 update.

If they just support a long press key to hang up, I'll be happy. I have had my Q10 for a while and have adjusted to everything fine except hanging up the phone is a pain!

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Its been said a few times in the comments already, but i'll gladly say it again, because I think its a great idea:

Im sure everyone can do without the dedicated call and end buttons. The trackpad seems to be a sticky point for some. I miss the trackpad myself, but im not sure about sacrificing screen real estate for the trackpad. SO:


Place it in the center of the already existing 'bottom bar' which appears when you are entering text. Im thinking it will work 80-90% as good as a physical optical track pad, with 0% of the screen intrusion.

And if people prefer the blue circle text selector thing that already exists, they can choose to turn off the virtual trackpad.

Yes, please bring the trackpad back. My thumb is about to fall off from gesturing so much. The trackpad is quicker and more reliable when trying to do most things. It's like using a mouse vs touchscreen on a PC, touchscreen may look fancy, but it's not necessarily faster.

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I agree, it's great to get people on board to BB 10. Many of us have made that transition much easier but some haven't made that change because of the differences. I've heard from people that currently have legacy devices and some that have transitioned and that's their biggest problem.

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While I use a Z30 and wouldn't really consider going back to the physical keyboard, I work with many people who use older Torch and Bold devices who really want to keep the keyboard and track pad. I guess it's whatever you get used to, and having options is always good.

I haven't missed the trackpad and menu keys at all. The touchscreen mixed with physical keyboard is a perfect match (like peanut butter cups) and should've been on devices looong ago :). I love the Q10 and wouldn't change that setup at all...except for maybe adding directional keys (although I am getting used to the loupe minus my fingers sometimes covering up the area).

I don't care if the keys and trackpad are there physically but it would be great to just have those features back even if it is just on screen.

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Although I am I definitely used to no trackpad, and can do without it, I would love a actually call and end call button. Don't know how that would look but it would be a lot easier than it is now on my Q10.

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Great new and a wise move. Even tho I've got use to the gesture it will win back (hopefully) a lot of the blackberry loyal. At least you will not have to choice to gesture or not. Win win.

Post via a very smart Q10

I've been using the z10 since it was released and having just jumped back to my 9780 due to hardware issues (BSOD), I have to say... I LOVE having a keyboard and the 'belt' back!!

If BB could come up with some virtual (and optional) implementation of the belt, alongside a QWERTY keyboard and screen real-estate somewhere between the Q10 and Z10... I'd say, 'we got a winner'!

Not sure why they'd bring that back that seams like a look to blackberry's dark past if anything! And how many full qwerty's do they really need, what seams to be the most popular phone among the smartphone masses are large touch screens. Just my opinions right...

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I get annoyed when I use my wife's iPhone and gestures don't work. I also bought her her first iPhone (until my z10 I was a solid iOS user) because I was tired if her complaints about the track pad in her multiple blackberrys (blackberries?) so bringing that back seems like a step backwards.

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Nope, going backwards is not good. Forward thinking is required. Like the z30 and z10, physical keyboard is not required.

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10

Hooray for thinking backwards! I think they should take it one step further and go with the little trackball and get rid of LTE and the high-res screen!

Whoever dreams up stuff like bringing back antiquated hardware to boost sales, needs to be fired and never again allowed to hold a position where their ideas can be thought on.

Good idea if the belt will combine phone call logs en will be easier going thru call logs en viewing their history with the option button

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I sincerely hope this strategy works. We shall all know if it is a success if legacy users start switching over to BB10 in droves.

Great idea for "transition users" from BBOS to BB10.
Once they get used to BB10 - especially 10.2.1 - they will drop the trackpad and belt keys pretty quickly

I think the track pad is only important when you want to copy and paste specific sections of text. Using the touch screen to copy and paste text is no where near as easy as using that track pad to efficiently and effectively move the cursor to the exact point you need. With the track pad you just quickly click to start, swipe to select, and then BlackBerry key to copy.

It is by far the best way.

The question is: does that one GREAT function make the track pad absolutely necessary? Some would say yes, some would say no.

A track pad cannot be virtual like the BlackBerry button, back button, etc. My suggestion would be for BlackBerry to consider making a track pad at the bottom middle of their touch screen phones (where the "ckB" is currently located on the Z10).

As for Qwerty phones, I would suggest placing it in the same place if they change the keyboard to three rows and give it an extra function to allow the keyboard to be more effective.....or, for keyboards with four rows, cone up with a way to put the track pad in the middle, kind of like IBM did with their track ball on their laptops.

Anyhow, what do you all think? Bad idea? Good idea? - Jonathan

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Perhaps a TrackPad only for "Q" keyboard models, while the full touch "Z" models will *NOT* have a TrackPad to compromise?

There's only one key I do really miss (and only because of Android ports I guess): the return/back button. This could be solved by just giving the backspace button a second function in these apps.

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Or they could make the space bar touch sensitive and it could double as the track pad. Forget the action keys. Then you still get the screen and for those who can't live with it it it's there. But it should be an option to turn on and off for those who don't want it

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I like the idea of the space bar doubling as the track pad. One could get used to it over time.

The ability to use a track pad is light years more efficient than not having it. Those that say otherwise are kidding themselves.

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I for sure welcome the return of the physical buttons and trackpad. The absence of them on the Q10 almost pushed me away from BlackBerry.

To me there's no replacement for physical buttons. I still despise OS10 every time I need to edit or select text, or navigate a web page that requires me to input something. I shouldn't have to zoom in on something just because I can't accurately click on it using the touchscreen.

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Has everyone who's complaining about how hard it is to cut and paste text tried it on 10.2 OS? Text selection is cake now.

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If we all want BlackBerry to succeed, which we do, then we need it to move forward with ideas that attract new users, and not lose momentum on trying to please a minority who still prefer legacy technology. Sounds harsh, but for the good of us all, it must be done. I am an experienced hardware engineer, and can verify that it is far more costly and less reliable to implement buttons and trackball technology. I loved the trackball on my Bold, but when graduating to the Q10, I took the time to properly learn the new gestures instead of bucking against them and longing for yesterday. Now, there's no comparison; after some practice I am more efficient and quicker with the combination of keyboard and gestures. Old dogs like me CAN learn new tricks - there's hope for you, too.

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One of the reasons why blackberry is in the shape it is in is because they alienated a good majority of their users with the OS10 devices. Long term blackberry users didn't upgrade old devices because they stripped the Q10 down, I didn't upgrade from my bold till this fall because of it and there are countless others who moved on because of it. Hell you still can't even speed dial from the home screen on most carries in the US because the 10.2 update still isn't available unless you load a leak. Keyboard shortcuts are gone, trackpad gone, dedicated call buttons gone. Gestures are nice but no matter what you say gestures take longer than physical keys that do the same function. I am not sure why people are arguing against getting the track pad back. It will only make the phones that much more usable, if you don't want a track pad don't get the device that has one.

they had no business taken it off the phone in the first place, foolishness, just foolishness
doo u know how many people still have thee old blackberries in toronto just because of the stupid designs of the blackberry 10 devices........... weather its virtual or not being it back i dont give a fuck its needed

This is ridiculous! what function would they serve? BlackBerry 7 and under are designed for trackpad navigation. It's like how when you build a website you should specify a "Tab Order" so a keyboard only user can use the Tab Key to navigate the items on the page. I just can't see BlackBerry 10 conforming to this. It was built from the ground up for gestures. What would be the function of the "Menu button"? There are so many different types of menu in BlackBerry 10. How would you get into the Hub quickly with a trackpad? How would you peek with a trackpad? It doesn't make sense.

I think this is phenomenal news. I have only owned BB smartphones. I am a AT&T user that adopted the Z10 last March and more recently went back to my 9900. (Nothing better for email management IMHO) Waiting for the latest official update and then may revisit the Z10.

Actually, in lieu of a physical "Call End" button, I would take an easy-access "End" feature in the existing infrastructure.

For example, if I had used my Z30 while on a call, ending a call could be (as it is presently) a swipe up to the main screen which then shows the virtual "Call" button. The new derivation / feature would be to swipe from the call button to the left to end the call.

This new derivation / feature would eliminate pressing the "Call" button, waiting for the call screen to fade in and then press the "End Call" button.

I have had a Z10 since last summer. I have 10.2.1 now. As efficeincy goes, it's not even close. Track pad wins hands down.

People keep saying it is backwards technology. Thats crazy. Just because something came out a few years ago doesn't team it isn't better than current options.

I will say this, if the track pad never existed and BlackBerry came out with it now to strategically implement it into the touch and qwerty phones, people currently against it would be singing a different tune once they tried it.

As for attracting the masses, if they did this the right way, THAT is what may get people back. Remember, everyone loved the efficiency of BlackBerry but the apps and screen size was just too much to pass up.

With Android files now available, outfitting BB10 OS with an "old" school track pad would be fantastic: best OS, enough screen size, and the efficiency everyone used to be "cracked duo about."

I even say it would be the second coming of being hooked on "crack."

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I wouldn't want such a device. On-screen buttons would seem a logical intermediate option for those who really can't manage the gestures. Hardware buttons would just differentiate the devices too much.

If they release a BB10 device with a track pad then all it does is shows that they are inconsisive and don't understand their game plan or have faith in BB10. That'd be bad. I'd consider buying the next Q device, but if it has a trackpad and/or physical call/end keys then I will not even consider it without a shadow of a doubt. BB10 does NOT need the trackpad anymore, please do not let this be true.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

I could care less. As long as they keep this foolish idea away from my all touch BB10 devices .. they could make a track pad out of sand paper for all I care.. I have no intentions of going back to a physical keyboard so if they limit this idea to the Q series or whatever physical keyboard having phone its alright in my books ...if it makes the ppl happy, go for it. As I said just leave it out of the all touch devices.

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I like the idea but what is going to happen when you do a swipe up to get back to the home screen? You will just end up moving the mouse on the trackpad instead… right? I wonder how they plan on handling that?

I'll buy a BB10 device with trackpad and function keys in heartbeat. My first BB device was a Q10 which I downgraded to a 9930 because of for my needs, a trackpad and function keys make operation easier. To get back 4G/LTE would be fantastic.

Can't wait for my next device. It will definitely be a qwerty. I enjoyed my 9900, as well as all my all touch phones (Z10/30) so I'm sure I'll like the next Q device with or without the belt. The whole "taking a step back" rhetoric is moot because a) nobody hated this feature in legacy devices and b) some people hate it's absence now. For the people who like like it's absence now, I doubt they will dislike what the new addition will bring to the phones (complaints that scrolling is too accurate?). Whether it's a carbon copy of the legacy design or something different, I think it will be a useful feature, especially for power users. I love the gestures but the ability to scroll was second to none. Even if I love the current Q10... what's to not like about the scroll except for this theoretical "step back"? I think the only answer is screen size and I think BlackBerry will address that since it seems like a no brainer at this point. I see the next Q device having more screen real estate than the Q10 one way or the other regardless.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

This would suit my mother, she is stuck on an old legacy device, it might help to bring her across.

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When I switched to Q10 I did miss the trackpad, and I still do at times. The #1 thing I miss is that you can One-hand operate the phone all the time. With q10 it gets tricky at the highpoints of the screen. I love my q10 still and I cant see how BB10 with trackpad would work.

You know what BlackBerry needs to bring back? Word Mole!

On a side note: I passed up the Q10 because it lacked the trackpad. I'm quite happy with my Z10, but if a future BB10 device were to have a trackpad I would certainly go back to qwerty.

I'm thinking options are best. After all, aren't we talking about many BlackBerry faithfuls who swear by these features? Let them have their perfect phones! Options without compromise. Maybe we can become one big happy BlackBerry family, moving, and grooving together. I'm seeing this as a prosperous option. Happy people produce productive results. If BlackBerry can keep people happy, then what do you suppose is next? What is to stop them from making both, at different times? IMO it is possible, and it can work. We want more people not less enjoying their BlackBerry experience.

This is good. I'm a big fan of the gesture based functions but the older crowd I've noticed aren't that fond of it and/or learning it. So the buttons will definitely help bring users back on board in my opinion.


I have to admit I miss the trackpad and call buttons but not the back or menu buttons. I'm not sure what exactly I'd prefer as the perfect features for me but I'm more than confident that Mr. Chen and his team will build the best BlackBerry ever made!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Make the KEYBOARD the trackball. Like ps3clip-on keyboard.
Gesture physical keyboard.

 Q10 - 2ADB71BC

Why not just add touch short cut buttons on screen when you press a keyboard button or something. That way the screen is larger for video and games etc while still giving a nice transition to older BlackBerry users. Going back to an old format isn't a smart move imo. It's part of why people left blackberry. Give them something new.

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I like the gestures, but if the screen is still large enough its fine, because it'll help bring more BB OS users switch to BB 10.

I don't have this is good news for BlackBerry 10 users at all. New buttons means new sdk for devs. Sounds like my z30 will be a thing of the past sooner than I would have liked... hope I'm wrong.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I'm Aa modernist/futurist and I think it should stay the same! The gesture based os 10 is just so much more fluid and practical than to re-add the usage bar with esc, Bb, green and red calll button. To re-introduce a trackpad is redundant!

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I like the buttons. That being said, when the phone gets wet, not if but when, the buttons are the first things to go.

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Maybe it's kind of old fashioned, but why don't make a scroll wheel between the volume buttons and make it double as the function key?
BBQ10 is my first BB device so I have no experience using the trackpad..

Bring em' back!

It is clear that legacy BlackBerry users have revolted. EVERY BlackBerry user I have talked to agrees, and so do I.

Imagine a z10 device with a keyboard, and track keys, along with all the latest tech.....

I think it's a step backwards unless like some android devices, the buttons are virtual and not physical.

BB10 requires screen realestate and it does not flow with physical navigation buttons. They want to make another BB7OS device, fill your boots, leave the BB10 device navigation to gestures

I don't understand why a gesture based OS would need physical buttons or a trackpad. I think those that complain need to catch up and keep with the times. I went from a curve 8530 to the Z10 and there is absolutely nothing about the old curve that I miss. Swiping is where it's at.