Newest BlackBerry 10 device could see the return of the trackpad and function keys

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 08:20 am EST

MWC has kicked off in Barcelona and while we still haven't heard anything about a new BlackBerry device, there are rumors that the BlackBerry Z3 should be getting an official announcement very soon. A new twist has been added to the mix as well however as now The Globe and Mail is reporting that we could also see a new full-QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device added to the lineup.

The biggest news isn't just another device however, but that the device wouldn't just be another physical keyboard model. It would see the return of the trackpad and function keys that have been sorely missed by many on BlackBerry 10 devices. The "belt" of keys resided under the screen and includes the trackpad, send, end, menu and back buttons. 

This would definitely make for an awesome BlackBerry 10 device as one thing that Q10 and Q5 users have noted is that they dearly miss the trackpad and function keys. It could also help make for an easier transition for those users coming directly from a BB7 device to BlackBerry 10. While BlackBerry hasn't confirmed the device, It would make sense for BlackBerry to go this direction and John Chen did also recently say that future devices “will have some of the features our power-users love”. 

So what say you — is the return of the trackpad and function keys a good thing? Or do you prefer to just stick with gestures on BlackBerry 10? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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Newest BlackBerry 10 device could see the return of the trackpad and function keys



I can only support this if it's a way to transition old bb7 users to bb10. Otherwise I don't really see it as a benefit.

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Why can't they just implement a user-selectable semi-permanent virtual "belt". As in... each chooses what they want... more screen real estate or Quick access to certain menu functions.

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Exactly. Taking up all that potential screen or keyboard space, for keys with a single function, is silly.

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We need a survey Crackberry people. Let's see what the BlackBerry nation and others have to say about this.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

I agree. Virtual buttons is the way to go. Those physical buttons were the parts I had to replace most.

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I disagree. If Chen plays it right there will be enough room for both the buttons and the larger screen.

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You don't even use a BlackBerry. Why don't you just disappear to Android Central and ask Samsung to give you a track pad. Heck, ask them for a track wheel.

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As a matter of fact... I have been thinking that there should be a track wheel on BB10 phones, especially the ones that have larger screen.
It doesn't have to be that plastic thing that we all know .. but it could be something luxurious like Audi track wheel.. All stainless steel metal with those little grain things that pretty much massage your thumb as you roll it..
Functionality wise... I think being able to flip through Apps, menus, emails and whatnot quickly and efficiently, instead of swiping in and out, would be a lot more fun...

I don't know.. I think it could be a real fun thing if they could do it right.. I would take it over track pad any day.. and besides... its not like you are going to loose any touch screen functionality.. Just replace the volume buttons with an awesome to touch track wheel...

Ahhh.. the wishes, that will never see the light of day..

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Will that luxurious Audio wheel have a Google Chrome rim on it and could you spray on some black magic to give it that new tire look? If so, then, I'll be all for

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You are a fucking asshole and should be Banned! Your kind are not needed and should be culled by society.

You don't know what other phones people might have or if they would like to come back to BB, so stop being a jerk and fall back.

I think it's safe to assume Note 3 is his primary device. It's not like I'm wrong either. The track wheel would go great with his stylus pen.

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Yep, but I *need* to see the big screen. Even if this is a third world phone, the screens on BlackBerry QWERTY devices have just been too small to date.

I requested a virtual track pad a couple of times in the beta zone quite some time ago. I never got any input back, even from fellow Beta Zone members. Good to see I'm not the only one thinking that. There are still occasions where it would be useful to be able to activate it and put it to use. I'd like to see it as something that could be activated even if the virtual keyboard is not open though.

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Yesss!!!! I really do wish my z30 wld av a virtual track pad!!!....... its a lot of screen to scroll especially when reading long novels online.....

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... and how, exactly, would this 'virtual track pad' be done?

I see that as a huge "kick me in the ass while I am bent over" for BlackBerry, as I just can't see how that would be executed with precision. Think of people that are in rainy environments, trying to battle this virtual thingy-mac-do, with a rain-dropped screen, while trying to keep their sanity.

Nope, tactile for me please. Don't change something that was a world-wide hit, and epitomized the BlackBerry experience.

My sentiments, exactly. I have the Q10, adapted to all the gestures, but hate the greasy smudges on the screen!

The virtual trackpad could be movable if possible to anywhere the user wants it.....

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Because the selection is made when you buy the phone. You want more screen real state? Buy a model without the "belt". You want a trackpad? Buy a model with the "belt "

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Yes! Now this is a good suggestion.

This would allow BlackBerry to continue marketing (ya I know BlackBerry and marketing in the same sentence is funny!) the BB10 gesture based style but also allow for an option to those who want to have dedicated functionality keys.

Virtual trackpad and function keys sounds like the way to go!

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How would you do that? BB10 devices with a Keyboard all have 720x720 displays (for now, at least). Which means developers must code their app to support 720x720 displays (in addition to 1280x720 and 1280x768). Now, if you add a virtual "belt", developers will have to plan for it both being there, or not being there, when creating their UIs. So for example, if we assume the "belt" is 40 pixels in height, developers will have to code for 720x720, 680x720, 1280x720, and 1280x768. The difference between the last two is insignificant, but the difference between the first two is not.

*note - all measurements are Height x Width

I agree, I don't see any use for a track pad when u have a touch screen device. It should be an option we can choose, or make a new phone with that feature, don't change the Q10. Screen real estate is key.

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

A Trac pad gives you more precision on getting the cursor where you want it than a touch screen. ... especially the tiny ones like the Q10/Q5

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I've been using a Q10 since it launched on ATT. I love the speed and most of the OS changes, but editing and manipulating text is an absolute nightmare. Clicking links is a pain with my big thumbs and the imprecision of pretty much all touch screens is highly annoying. As a professional communicator in my early 30s who has tried EVERY platform and has continually chosen Blackberry over the competition, I really hate the arrogance of being forced toward touch screen devices simply because its easier for engineers and developers. I work with web content print and video and have worked with ui/ux developers. I know the arguments in favor and strongly prefer not having to make that compromise. Tactile feedback is important to and I will gladly pay to get it. I don't care if I'm a niche market or that consumers are sold on touch screens. I'm a holdout that is educated in this area and I know what I like. I gave it a fair shot - but will rejoice in the return of the back button and the trackpad.

Agree with you 100%. Then once they use bb10 they will realize that a track pad and function keys are a waste of real estate. It's really shocking to see how many legacy BlackBerry devices are still out there and some very aged.

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I think you don't realize how many of the Q10s were returned because the keyboard shortcuts were gone (now added back) and people just plain not understanding how to navigate the OS. Gestures are cool but not immediately intuitive to new users. You will notice that 10.2 also added an icon for the hub beaches it wasn't immediately noticeable. Yeah they have the new device tutorial but that does no good for the person given a BB that has already been configured.

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I disagree. An office that was once running 9650s and 9930s for 4yrs between them and we never had trackpad or key failures, including our field phones. I know some have had issues but by this forum and our experience, it was the exception rather than the rule. I've got no problem going back to a trackpad.

I've been torn on this a lot. I would welcome the trackpad for browser navigation and can live with the call and end buttons since there would be room for them. Seems either we have them all or none at this point though. The trackpad is the only part missing that I would really use if it came back.

Returning to the trackpad and function keys is only a good thing. This is a tool. Not a toy. And their inclusion would make me, personally, much more efficient (and my last three phones were touch phones before the Q10, so I'm not transitioning from a 9900 per se).

It's this type of thinking "This is a tool not a toy!", that put BlackBerry in the rears. If they want to make the track pad and dedicated keys a virtual option within BB10 phones, I'm all for that.

But start making BlackBerry's have the same appearance of OS7 devices is a step back words on perception scale. When people see my Z10, they ask what kind of phone that is and I get one of 2 reactions. Wow that's a BlackBerry? That's nice! Or, the typical iPhone user response, BlackBerry?! They're like dying right?

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And, after learning what it is, do these same people rush out to buy a Z10 or say they'll buy it once their contract is up? It doesn't matter if looks different than OS 7 devices if the end result is the same: they don't buy it.

Why is it so difficult to understand that the Q10 sold nowhere near the "tens of millions" that Thorsten promised - because people don't like the BB10 experience on a small screened phone without the track pad that they liked on multiple legacy BlackBerry phones...

Bring out a larger screen with a trackpad row (will still have a larger screen than on Q10) and you will have a "hit" on your hands....

Going backwards isn't the solution start being innovative instead of reverting back to old failures.

Posted via the Bat Cave

And sticking with new failures is a better approach? Or, are you implying that BB10 is not innovative enough?

I'll take a USEFUL keyboard trackpad combo over screen real estate any day.
(and I use a NOTE 2)
Playing the "fiddle game" with a screen cursor removes much of the advantage of a physical keyboard. The whole point of the keyboard is to eliminate the time wasting, inaccurate fiddling with that glass screen.

They should always focus on why we love their platform... PRODUCTIVITY! - if we wanted fun screens that's Android and iPhone

I thought I would miss the trackpad more but I only missed it when the OS was still really new. The way 10.2.1 works I can't remember the days of the trackpad anymore lol

Yeah, the Running Shift feature in 10.2.1 is all I was looking for. I no longer feel the need for a track pad.

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I think a lot of legacy holdouts prefer the button row, smart move I think. Perhaps BlackBerry should offer two QWERTY devices, one with the buttons, one without.

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I miss itt every day. Ending a phone call is a chore. Selecting text is an exercise in frustration. If they bring back the function keys, I will be aa BlackBerry user forever. If they don't, I may leave.

I'm honestly not trying to be mean, but I need to know. For those who are upset by the omission of the trackpads and keys from the Q's and are saying they'll leave BlackBerry because of it:

What platform are you going to move to?

None of the other manufacturers use trackpads, and the function keys that do exist are quite different from what the BlackBerry ones did. I'm not saying anyone is wrong for wanting their hardware to function as they know and love it, but it's a nonsensical statement to make.

You could say, "I'm not buying a new phone unless it comes with a trackpad and function keys!".

That would make more sense. Well, as far as making a stand on trackpads and function keys is concerned, anyway.

Posted via CB10

I get what you're saying, but I think you're potentially misunderstanding the sentiment. It's not so much that they're *moving to* another platform due to the lack of these buttons (which, as you said, other platforms also don't have); rather, it's that they won't *stay with* BlackBerry due the lack of these buttons. While BB 10 introduced new capabilities, it also removed/deprecated capabilities that differentiated BBOS from other platforms. Folks who liked these capabilities now have fewer reasons to stick with BlackBerry and might as well explore other platforms, which offer significant advantages over BB 10.

What are those advantages you speak of? From where I'm standing I have an OS that let's me work the fastest and through Android integration I can also play when and where I want. Am I missing out on the fantastical Google services? Maybe missing Google Now? Separate client for Gmail? Google Hangouts? Or maybe it, not that...sorry, I can't think of anything. Oh I know it's iTunes I'm, wait iTunes are pretty lousy and I do prefer to be able to move my files as I want them. It must be the pastel colors...Yes! That's it! Pastel colors!

If BlackBerry does not release a pastel colored OS I will have no choice but to change platforms!

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If you guys think BlackBerry's method of text manipulation is bad on a touchscreen, you should try Android or iPhone. They are both even more of a chore to change the cursor's position as they lack the 'back and forth' buttons that blackberry's ingenious cursor bubble uses. I know this because of my HTC One, which I barely use, and my iPad.

Oooooo Dat Z10 seseee

Thank you for being the rare voice of sanity. As for the gentlemen above, please, feel free to switch to iOS or Android.

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I've started to love the frickin' bubble.

Just fine placement in the bottom right corner (near the send button) can be hit and miss. Sent off too many messages prematurely.

I keep repeating it, I would love to see W A S D arrow key combo for fine, fast & efficient cursor placement, just the way PC gamers like them.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

No it isn't...I already have a trackpad - it is 4.2". The only thing I ever used my trackpad for on my 9790 was for moving around in Google Maps because it didn't work with touch-screen navigation.

It is an archaic feature that was only useful when you couldn't just tap on the point you want on a screen. Text selection is faster and easier than it was with the trackpad...this is an absolutely moronic move if it is actually happening.

hm, After using bb10 and going back a 9900 to check something, it felt dated using the trackpad and function keys.

They could do something creative like put the track pad on the back of the device. This would probably overcome the weird issues I had with the 9900 in the sun. It would also free up screen real estate.

Posted via CB10

Funny you mentioned that. I had to send my wife's Q10 for repairs this week. She was a hardcore 9900 user back then and when we switched to the Q10 she had a hard time adjusting to the lack of trackpad.
Now that we had to go back to 9900 for the repair, she keeps swiping up and complaining that she likes he Q10 way better.

Posted via CB10

Very true. Same thing with mine. Blackberry meets the human condition as in people just have trouble adapting sometimes. I actually find myself swiping more than my phone such as a menu in a restaurant. That was embarrassing lol. Once it is firmly implanted in your body memory it's tough to shake but worth the change from the trackpad.

They are a good thing. But, screen real estate is a better thing. I hope we get both. I'll take the return of buttons and trackpad with a much, much larger screen. I don't care if the phone is tall.

+avogadro's number.

Adding the trackpad and buttons is the worst idea I've ever heard. That will seal BlackBerry's fate. If you disagree, you are wrong.

If you like the buttons? Buy an old BB7 device. BB10 was designed around the gesture based UI. Adding the buttons will either give you a incongruous experience, or require extensive OS redesign. The last thing BlackBerry needs is to have their OS and interface change yet again and confuse what little users they have.

-11111 :) Have you ever tried selecting text on small-screened Q10 or making a call? Well, if you have, then you'll understand why people are still looking for trackpad and hardware buttons.

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I've had no issues with what you find a task.

BB10 should not have the trackpad and key belt.

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Guys, I can count 35 keys on my Q10.

WE ARE POWERUSERS! All those screaming to waste screen realestate in favor of some dated single-function keys, have we (together with the touchscreen Q10 fans) even pondered the idea of CUSTOMIZABLE shortcuts and key combos, just as I can assign them on my Windows PC?

Long-press A, there you have your call answer key back

Long-press R, bang! and the call is rejected

(or any other smart idea, if it doesn't conflict with anything that exists already, like speed dial long presses)

We have a million ways of creating and assigning function keys, and I guess most of us are not even using half of the existing functions assigned to keys on the Q10 already or have even familiarized themselves with them.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That's fine, but try watching all the new users get frustrated with this. It's painful enough seeing folks adopt to BlackBerry from iPhone (all 6 of them), and the complaints I hear from every Q10 user from legacy is always the same thing; "I want my track pad".

Tough argument.

If it's the encrypted in the keyboard and doesn't waste screen space, go for it!

From the Q10 Until the Q30

Track pad for keyboard phones is a good idea. I have Z10 and LOVE gesture based interface, so perhaps 2 different solutions?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

More choices the better. I guess. I have to agree on that one.

Posted via CB 10, using  BlackBerry Z10 on the SaskTel Network.

Sony has great tech where the keyboard is touch sensitive so it becomes the track pad without needing a trackpad. If this is real this will be the end of BlackBerry devices. Had so much hope for john Chen until now. This is a confused dumb move that's rooted in bring back features of a phone people have long lost live for.

Posted via CB10

Just because you don't care, doesn't mean others don't.

I know loads of people who miss the trackpad feature. In fact it's hard to understand why anyone who uses the devices to any degree would think otherwise.

It's hard work reaching to the top of the screen with your thumb to edit text or similar on a Q10. WIth the trackpad single handed operation was easy. With the new Q10 it is not.

I'm so used to not seeing the track pad, it doesn't bother me either way and I love the bigger screens on the Q10/5. #OnTheFence

Posted via CB10

Since I do not really miss the trackpad and the function keys, due to the swiping gestures of the new OS, I rather see reintroduction of them as wasting of precious space one could use for the screen.

Precisely. They aren't going to stitch until the new phone duplicates the functionality of the old without having to learn a completely different way of doing every single basic function.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

A track pad on BB10 is a terrible idea. It would completely ruin the flow of the OS.

Posted via CB10

I'll have to see what it looks and works like. I got used to the new way of navigating, selecting text and moving the cursor, so I'm not sure I'll want to have the buttons back. I certainly won't give up any screen real estate for them.

IMO the track pad is a bad idea. BlackBerry needs to get a unified path and stay on that path. BB10 is a great platform and gaining in popularity, although slower than we would like.

Bringing the track pad would surely bring some people to the new platform but how much screen real estate would be given for it?

Posted via CB10

I think it would lose more people than it would gain.. you'll get some bbos7 users but you wouldn't get any android, iphone, or windows phone users to switch with a 2001 era trackpad.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. This is a hair brained scheme if true and would shatter my confidence. Reeks if desperation.

Posted via CB10

* hare brained (as in bunny, but larger)

(I have hair on my brain, separated by a layer of skin and bone! .... just fun, not a grammar cop here)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Agreed. That's exactly it reeks of desperation.

"Uh, maybe if we back...uh, maybe if we bring back the track pad...maybe then our users would use BlackBerry 10"

No freaking way. Those that still run legacy BlackBerry devices do not, have not, and never will have the desire to upgrade. Look at how many people replied here that are still sporting 8000 series this who you want to cater to? Dinosaurs who don't care to ever upgrade their device?

Posted via CB10

True - but you will not get any Android/iPhone/Windows users with a hardware keyboard phone.
So it's only the question will you get the few (unfortunately too few) keyboard enthusiasts or even lose them ...

I agree.

To clarify I am not in favor of this rumor. As with all new things there is some resistance but most people eventually accept that change is a necessity.

Posted via CB10

Nobody complains about the iphone button.
The peek gesture is out of the screen anyway and requires bezel. This is waste of space: the full width of the device for a single function, could be few buttons.
This is worst the way it is done in landscape, not enough bezel but still too much to compete the trend towards no side bezel where it is more critical to increase the screen size.
The wonderful land of of 10.2.1. I want to make a phone call, phone being locked.
1. Press,power button (no swipe, because to save battery, i've disabled it)
2. Swipe up
3. Then fancy lock screen, that easily take 2-3 times before accepting the placement
4. Swipe up,again
5. Oh shit it comes back to the last app, swipe up again
6. Press the phone button
7. Ok, i need typing a phone number, press a button to get to the dial pad
7. Press the ridiculously placed call button.
I wished i had besides a peek/trackpad button a call button that goes straight to the point, and a texting button that I could set up for my favorite im.
I wished that like on android, the last call list pops up with the keypad that is also used to filter on the contact list with using the letters on the keys. now this is efficient for a core experience function of a phone.

If you make and market it exclusively for them, ok, great.

But please no "the keys are back" for everybody phone.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

If you make and market it exclusively for them, ok, great.

But please no "the keys are back" for everybody phone.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Sorry, double post.

The second one was almost exclusively composed by tapping word predictions, of what the phone had memorized already from the first one.

One great feature, I definitely don't want to miss on any phone.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Well I don't think it's going to attract new customers... people still with bb7 is most likely to go to android or iPhone... regardless of trackpad or not
Trackpass will just take space on the screen

Posted via CB10

Just switched to a Q5 today and despite muscle memory forcing my thumb to reach for the non-existant trackpad once in a while, the gestures in BlackBerry 10 are seamless and easy to get used to. And i'm a power user...

Posted via CB q5

It appears BB will learn from MS Win 8 problem. don't mess with the classics, or you will alienate customers!

I missed them at first when I switched to my Q10 but very, very quickly got over it. They're not necessary at all. My biggest fear was that my Q10 would stall or crash and I wouldn't have a 'red button' to press repeatedly to vent my frustration - but the Q10 doesn't stall or crash, so I don't miss it at all.

This is good news people! It will eliminate the complaint of the learning curve of the all touch interface that people couldn't get used to.

I think the should be just 3 buttons. A back button, home button (which should be BlackBerry berries logo only) and and the 3 dot menu button. Not so sure about the track pad though....

2014 is looking to be an exciting year for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

OMG, I haven't even noticed that they may bring back the berry button to act as a home button. If they do this, they are dead as a brand, d-e-a-d. The whole point of BlackBerry 10 is to be a button free gesture based OS. Please, please, please, if anyone out there is listening. Don't do this. You are making a serious mistake. The legacy BlackBerry holdouts won't switch. They never intended to. The rest will just move on like their predecessors to other platforms.

Posted via CB10

Except when they went from "New Coke" back to "Original Coke".... right? Sometimes you had it "correct" the first time...

That is the other valid argument. Keep essentially two BlackBerry Systems running (and updated!):

BBOS and BB10.

As confusing at it may seem to some, if BlackBerry stated that they will fully support BBOS into the future for folks that want the original BlackBerry experience, then so be it.
Then, while BB10 eventually makes headway and finally grabs traction, the legacy folks may then decide to upgrade (safely and surely).

EWWWWWWWWWWWW!! No please. The Q10 with the trackpad and function keys would make it like a 2.5 inch screen?? Oh god no, please...

It's worth pointing out that BBOS was designed for trackpad navigation, and the touch screen added on later was just an added bonus. BB10 is designed for touch navigation and is very efficient for that. But I think a 'red/end call' key and a 'blackberry menu' key would probably help some beginners and make the OS seem easier to use.

The track pad is one thing to desire as it worked well, but the back and function keys... not so sure about that!

Going back into the past will not help the BlackBerry experience on BB10. Everyone has moved on from OS7 phones, including the ones converted to iOS, Android, WP, and BB10.

So tell me how these keys, which will take unnecessary real estate on a device, not remind people of the phone they left... which I would remind, is no longer selling well.

BlackBerry, please keep moving forward. 10.2.1 is the right track.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

I'm sorry but your post is half true. First of all, many old school BB fans are still using OS7 due to the absence of the track pad, I recently bought a Q5 as a sidekick phone for work and I'm hatting. BB was always about getting things done and with the above in mind it takes a double effort to do anything. Want to select a text? Good luck with that.

Blackberry was unstoppable force in getting things with the legacy devices, but is totally garbage when it comes to touch. Switching back to my old curve or getting a used bold until the above is resolved.

I can agree with you on the track pad, like I mentioned above, but everything else is a mistake!

Me personally, I think it is redundant, but I can not deny that the track pad is precise and quick.

Posted via Me on my Z from CrackBerry

On 10.2.1 with a Q10 or Q5, you can just hold down the ALT key and drag your finger across the text to be selected. I'm a Z user, but I'm told it works great -- better than a trackpad after it becomes second nature! I get what you're saying though. I think I'm a little more productive on my Z30 because of the gesture-based multi-tasking, the invoke/share API, and the incredible browser, which renders HTML5 emails far better than BBOS ever did. But, I would have liked BB10 to come with some "getting things done" killer feature. Something that made it better as a productivity device than BBOS 7. I agree that we did not see that with the initial release of BB10. I'd still like to see it, though. I'm not sure that returning to the trackpad and function keys is a "killer" distinguishing benefit justifying upgrades to BB10, though...

But, for what it's worth, I think a large percentage of the small enthusiast community has already been upgraded to BB10. It's enterprise that didn't pull the trigger. Most of that is sales and I'm guessing the rest doesn't have much to do with trackpads or function keys. Companies are responding to employee demand by becoming BYOD or iOS-only shops. That's just an extension of BlackBerry being beaten in the consumer race. I don't think consumers want trackpads and function keys, so while this will address the needs of a small, but very real, number of BBOS users who didn't like the Q experience and who have avoided the upgrade for that reason, it's probably not going to stop the enterprise bleeding. For that to happen, BB needs to restablish itself as a company that makes phones *people* want to use and that's not going to happen under Watsa/Chen.

I think having the model with help some folks want to get a BlackBerry for a second time, but I'm not sure it's necessary. The idea I would think be more users.

Posted via CB10

To be honest, we're going forward with BlackBerry not backwards. I loved the trackpad but now that it's gone I can live without because of the bb10 os. I dont see a way of how this can be good in terms screen optimization.

Posted via CB10

Trackpad will be only useful with scrolling through text (cursor positioning). I wonder if the y can add track ball in the middle of the keyboard, something like the ThinkPads. Otherwise, I don't think it's a good idea to waist 1/4 of inch real estate for those keys that will be used rarely.

//Some forum moderators at some forums are like communist

I don't see the point.

The gestures provide the same functionality, but take up less screen real estate.

One way to do this may be to have it as a software option that can be turned on and off.

I guess as the saying goes, give the people what they want.

Posted via CB10

The trackpad and the four other buttons will suck a*s with BlackBerry 10. How on earth will those buttons be adapted with BlackBerry 10, when BlackBerry 10 is a gesture os.

You're acting as if this would take the gestures away. When BlackBerry added the icon to access the Hub in 10.2 it didn't remove the ability to swipe to the left to access it. It's just adding options for those who want them and that's a good thing. ... hope the rumor is true.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I don't think this move is going to help Blackberry one bit. It is playing to a very small part of the market that not only wants a keyboard AND also can't take the 10 minutes it takes to learn BB10 gestures. So, BB is catering to around .00000001% of the market.

So, someone please explain to me how this move will help grow Blackberry's business?

Worst possible idea. This will see the end of BlackBerry. The trackpad and dedicated keys are a thing of the past. It's the image that has buried BlackBerry. They will end up throwing the image they created for BlackBerry 10 down the drain with this stupid idea.

Posted via CB10

Completely agree. This, if true and I hope it is not, is a horrible and desperate move.

Posted via CB10

I've said the trackpad should be brought back but placed on the back to be used with the index finger like LG phones. That way it doesn't take up space and we get the best text editing.

Posted via CB10

Not sure how i feel about this. I've gotten used to the touchscreen and I'm actually preferring it over the trackpad.

Obviously they're not going to reintroduce the trackpad - that would be like BMW reintroducing buggy whips.

All the same, adding the "belt" is a step backwards, not forwards. If BlackBerry chooses to seize the past instead of the future, it's already game over.

Sorry, full touch guy here
I do understand though that some people would miss this, however for me it's seems obsolete
But again I'm a full touch guy so, it just doesn't apply to me

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The only thing I miss is the trackpad for text selection. Text selection on my Z10 still sucks compared to my Bold 9560 with a trackpad. Navigation and menus on BB10 are very fast, so there's no need for them in my book. They could give me an additional keyboard layout with oversized arrow keys and a shift key for text selection and I'd probably be happy.

After using the Q10,at times when i go to the mall and try out the legacy devices,feeling the trackpad seems too outdated for me. The gestures is fantastic enough and it made things like a TON easier than pressing buttons. :) its just my own opinion.

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I prefer the gestures, there's a bit of a learning curve at first when switching from BBOS to BlackBerry 10 but once you get the hang of swiping there's no going back.

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That would be great for reception. I also think that it needs a stylus, a throwback to Palm, and ideally 320x240 resolution so it's easier on the old eyes.

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I honestly don't see the benefits of having the trackpad back, the experience on BlackBerry 10 always gets me thinking this is the future, often I'm asked questions about this phone and the gesture or swiping to do something gets an applause. BlackBerry must move forward and not back

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This is ludicrous! I just don't see the point of going backwards and screwing up a good system flow. There isn't even really a learning curve to the BlackBerry 10 OS. It is important that we keep the gestures, but not bring back the trackpad.

BlackBerry will then be seen as old BlackBerry again, and quite frankly they're supposed to be making a new name for themselves ; removing the stigma of being a BlackBerry user.

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To each his own, if it helps the company sure it's good.

Still happy flicking words... =)

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agreed! they need to keep the existing bb10 gestures that the small but loyal user base as spent the past year learning.

and in case I sounds otherwise, I really like the gestures.

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I don't think the trackpad and physical buttons are really necessary. I see that as more of a crutch for people resistant to change. Others have stated the same thing: what's the point of the trackpad at this juncture? It was good back in the 9800 days when the OS needed it, but this one really doesn't. Why don't we bring back the Stylus and scroll wheel while we're at it?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

If they're hidden inside the keyboard (touch sensitive keys), then I'm perfectly fine with it. However if they take screen real estate away then I'm going to be very disappointed!

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As long as BlackBerry continues to push out full touchscreen devices, I see no harm in making one model of device for the users who want these things back. If every qwerty herein had them I could see negative perceptions of BlackBerry's stance, but one model? A-OK with me, I spend an awful lot of time in Docs To Go and find it ridiculous trying to bounce around on lines of text or in fields with this "blue ring" as opposed to the exact precision of a cursor. People who don't spend a lot of time doing these things and aren't old school BlackBerry users are incapable of understanding all of this.

Anyway, thanks BBRY, if this is all true anyway. Can't wait.

Having migrated to a full touchscreen BlackBerry Z10, I think I have outgrown my need of a physical keyboard. No doubt it has its benefits, but none for me as of now. As for my Q5 and Q10 friends, they have adopted themselves to the new interface, don't think it will matter to them as well. It's all about getting used to.

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Maybe for keyboard devices, but not for full touch screen devices. I want my screen as big as the phone with gestures. This is what makes the Z series unique.

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That would mean blackberry has to roll out a new SDK for developers, why can't just keep it simple for developers?

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The lack of these was a factor in my switch from the 9900 to the Z as opposed to a Q. I don't think I would go back now though. This OS is great on touchscreen and my thumbs have never felt better.

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Absolutely. I love my q, but using c/p is simply not doable in a productive way. Having the track pad will allow that feature to be utilized.

Not so sure the other function keys are needed..?

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I like the trackpad make it easier to click on small link whit out having to zoom in.would be cool on my q5 . . only if it doesn't sacrifice screen size, but don't want that on my z10

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don't like the idea. We're in 2014 no more track pad is needed. If someone doesn't want to transition over to bb10 because of no track pad that's a stupid excuse. Do we still sell glass tvs? No only LcDs now. My point exactly

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No need for a track pad- that is outdated tech. BlackBerry finally has phones that can compete with all the major brands, can't imagine why they would want to go backwards.

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overall, I don't like this idea. I don't ever miss the trackpad. because the interface of bb10 is touch based, I don't get what a trackpad would offer.

however, I seem to accidentally dial people often with bb10, so maybe some keys to dial would help me avoid that. and, after using bb10 for a year, I still have to swipe up multiple times to get it to unlock sometimes.

so, I can see have a send key, but I don't want to give up too much real estate.

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I might have to reverse myself.

just in typing responses to this post, I find myself going back to correct my typos on every comment. having a trackpad would makebthat process much easier.

I am on a Z30, but I seem to remember far fewer typos om the q10.

now, to pivot on the idea that the keyboard is touch sensitive.... what if you have a key that turned the keyboard into a trackpad. that would be sweet. maybe we are thinking of "trackpad" too narrowly.

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You guys are nuts bringing the trackpad back is catering for the enterprise market which unless you missed the memo is BlackBerry's target market and not regular consumers!

I think it's a great move! Good job BlackBerry you're finally giving us business people back the trackpad we loved and need!

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Can you elaborate on why the trackpad is good for enterprise business users?

True that enterprise is the target and BB's strength. But, I think, that has more to do with security and management than ui.

and even in enterprise, they are fighting an uphill battle.

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I wouldn't want to give up any screen or keyboard real estate but would be open to a device that had the dedicated buttons again. I don't understand why it is an either or proposition for some people (dedicated keys are a step backward! Or I've lost all my BBOS functionality!). The way I see it, a person could have all of the bells and whistles in the modern OS (IMHO a far better OS than BBOS) and the functionality that comes with dedicated buttons and maybe even a track pad. Good lord people, get a grip.

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The reality is the damage has already been done. Those longtime BBOS users have moved on to other platforms. As some have noted catering to an ever decrease circle is somewhat futile.

This is not innovative, BlackBerry needs to innovative and move forward!

I am sure some will be happy to have the trackpad back.

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Let it go BB, let it goooo... You are doing so well moving forward.

Embrace change! Be OK *issing off a few die hards. Take the press critism and just keep building a modern OS and all that it entails.

Trackpads and function keys = 200,000 really happy BB fanatics and a DEAD Blackberry company.

that would be massive! I miss the trackpad every day. Mostly when I am writing.

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider.

Such a bad move. They are going back to having multiple devices again. This was the issue with the legacy line up, too many variations in hardware and software so soon bb10 os maybe fragmented too

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Nah I don't want the trackpad and have function keys anymore i'm pretty happy with the gestures... Its amazing...

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They should implement the trackpad on the side of the phone where the thumb or index finger would be like how the Sony Xperia Z1 power button is, maybe even integrate the power button and trackpad together to reduce the number of buttons on the phone

Programmable function keys would be great!
You could even have the SEND/END keys as programmable so people can use them for other quick functions. Maybe allow multiple commands to be assigned to one button (in sequence or selectable).
I like being able to launch a favorite app or change an option with a dedicated button instead of shuffling through icons each time.

No better way for copy and paste than the track pad... while I don't miss it, it definitely has its advantages.

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I'd love a BB10 device with a trackpad - I miss the speed and precision of selecting text with it, plus scrolling without munging up my screen.

I type a lot of articles on my Q10, and the selector circle is awkward at times, especially if you want to select the beginning of a line on the left.

People already think of legacy OS when they hear BlackBerry 10.
Now they'll even keep thinking it after they glance at the device. We need marketing if this is really happening. Marketing that educates people about the change between BlackBerry OS 5/6/7 and BlackBerry 10.

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I have to say that I feel I had more control with the trackpad than I do without it. It made for far easier and more accurate selection of any written word.

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People who liked the 9000, 8700, 9900 and 9930 are people who use a phone to communicate. By the, relatively, low sales numbers of the Q10 - it is apparent that bringing more of what they liked about the older models to a BB10 phone makes perfect sense.

For example, the track pad.

CB10 from the Z30

that's a function of proper advertising and messaging.... we did not have that under the Thor/Frank Boulben experiment...

I must agree with Mauro, this seems like a marketable idea to port outdated BBZ device users to BB10. Unfortunately, many BlackBerry users stuck with the older phones, and not take that leap of faith with BB10 (cowards! Just kidding...), and hence only hurting BlackBerry as a whole. One thing is for certain, I've yet to see such dedicated and "power" users as exists for BlackBerry... myself one of them.

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You people do know that the next iPhone is rumored to have a trackpad built into the home button?

It doesn't mean gestures are going away but it does mean text editing gets better.

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Logic and reason does not phase the majority of interwebians, I am sorry to say.

Of course when apple does it everyone will hail it as a great innovation, despite the fact BlackBerry did a button with an optical track pad first. Then, of course, the track pad haters will magically disappear...

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Apple is as out of ideas as BlackBerry. They just have loads more cash. If they bring a semblance of a track pad on the next iPhone it will just confirm that they totally lost it.

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It's not going to be the same trackpad you're all thinking of. It's going to be more of a trackbar. It's been alluded here already with the recently leaked dev device. The physical keyboard will allow gestures.

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For me personally, no. I don't see the use.

For those transitioning, I've seen lots of people struggle.

The thing is, what would it means anyways? There is no 'back'. The call and answer still hold true. The BlackBerry button could still make sense.

I don't know, I'm torn...

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I think that going wholesale back to the function keys would be a very bad idea. BB10 was designed to run without these keys, and is a very slick OS. BlackBerry news to distinguish between what is a growing pain with the OS, and what is actual missing functionality. In my view the "back", "menu" and phone keys add nothing to functionality, as they are easily accessible in the OS at any time anyway. For the keyboard phones, though, the trackpad is a missing piece of functionality. The lack of the trackpad on the Q10, essentially makes it a two-handed phone... by that I mean it is much harder to operate the Q10 under your desk with one hand than it is to do the same thing with the Bold 9900. The solution, I think, though is to implement a virtual track pad in the keyboard phone, that essentially just mimics the bluetooth mouse functionality. The alt key+trackpad = right mouse click. You could even implement it like Apple does with its accessibility feature for the "home" button, so that you can place the trackpad wherever you want on the screen, and it hides itself when you're not using it. This I could see improving the attractiveness of the keyboard phones with power-users, without compromising the integrity of the OS.

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Won't see that in my hands, ever. I love the full gesture based OS. Most intuitive OS I've used. While having this on some BlackBerry models would be fine, I would be sad if they brought it back on all the new ones.

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I don't think this is a smart move for BlackBerry. I wasn't a BlackBerry user before my q10 so I don't feel a need for any more buttons on the device.

If they are hell bent on bringing back those buttons buttons how about a phone that.... SLIDES!! this way the function keys are seen when the phone is closed and you could answer a call without opening the phone.

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If it's like android screen buttons then it would be nice without compromising screen real estate.

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Before I made the switch from my 9930 to my Q10, I would have celebrated this news. Having had BB10 since September however, it doesn't seem as if this is necessary at all. I lost the felt need for the track pad and buttons about a day into my experience and haven't really missed them since. There are some things that would be easier with them, but not enough to justify the loss of screen real estate, especially on a hardware keyboard handset. This feels a lot like a lack of confidence in their initial decision to remove them from BB10 devices in the first place. My thought is that BlackBerry should stick with their plan and keep moving forward.

They can always have a cursor like a mouse cursor in PC, it would be easier to navigate through and select/ highlight texts. Pretty much use the trackpad as a mouse in a computer.

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