Newer BlackBerry Blend retail demo video found in OS

By Bla1ze on 21 Aug 2014 10:21 pm EDT

We've seen a couple BlackBerry Blend retail demo videos since the app started appearing long ago but another one has now been dug out of OS In fact, everything about that OS is technically Blend ready right down to the desktop component actually launching on Windows and Mac but it's still locked out because it doesn't fully download. No matter though, at least we have a new video to watch.

Digging through the files a bit more shows BlackBerry Blend will bring the Hub, BBM, SMS, your Calendar and even the device file manager to your desktop or tablet and while it was thought to be a BlackBerry Link replacement at some point, that doesn't seem to be the case at all and it will instead, work alongside BlackBerry Link.

So, desktops and tablets. Which desktops? Well, Windows and Mac are supported and as for tablets, the documentation notes iPads and Android tablets. Sorry, no mention of PlayBook is laid out specifically but I don't want to toss away all hope so I'll say it does include support for NFC pairing as well as barcode scanning, so maybe there's something there. Maybe.

PS: It's still not official so alas, things could change but the good news is it doesn't seem as though it will be an Enterprise only thing at all. Everything here shows it'll be available to everyone.

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Newer BlackBerry Blend retail demo video found in OS


Nfc pairing sounds good. I hope they would implement something like my flip idea to activate and deactivate it...

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This is the BIGGEST part of the post, "Everything here shows it'll be available to everyone."

Wow!!! Awesome as others have figured it was enterprise only

I hope they'll change the UI before launch....
Nice idea bad UI - good draft please go ahead and modify it for your customer ;)

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His contract with Apple requires him to say something bad about something BlackBerry.

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HA! Well played RP, well played. I actually like the concept, and UI. Now I see why they didn't continue with the PB...this essentially makes every BB Blend compatible device your playbook. I mean the Bridge function was the best part of the PB for me, and I still use mine to this day.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

That UI is pretty slick, content oriented and dynamic (allowing for different sized screens)

It's also sticking with BlackBerry's newest design principles which is going to be implemented in 10.3 - 2 tone, 3rd tone for highlight. get out of the way elements, and content first.

I think I read somewhere that one of the features of 10.3 is that you can activate an option to silence your phone when flipped over, so maybe they have something similar.  I'm not sure if I would want that though.

Yah, I did read about that. I was hoping that they would have an option for the blend to be paired only while the phone is placed face down. That way if I have someone over at my house and they want to use my PC, all I have to do is grab my phone off my desk and they won't have access to my phone's notifications and storage anymore because it'll unlink once the phone isn't sitting face down.

What do you mean? If you get a call, you simply pick up your phone and take the call right? I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're wondering about. Please get back with me so I can clarify whatever it is you're confused about. :-)

Because if you lose blend when you pick up the phone then you lose blend when talking on the phone and trying to type messages on the computer.

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Oh ok, that's what you meant. I see what you mean, but honestly, that doesn't seem like an issue with me (obviously make it an option so not everyone is forced to this method) because I feel like using blend is more something you'd do while at your PC and not actually on your phone. Once you pick up the phone to use it, I would just use the phone to directly send any messages. I do that during phone calls simply by switching to speakerphone.

And I think the way they should handle this is if you're in the middle of typing something in blend and you pick up your phone either due to a phone call or due to you walking away from your desk, it'll automatically send when you have typed to your phone as a draft on the message, so you can go to your hub and continue typing the message from your phone. And vice versa, if you put your phone back down after the call ends and you didn't finish the message, you can continue it from your PC in blend.

The power of QNX is simply undeniably. The arrival of 10.3 and Blend is where BlackBerry starts to blow the doors off of the competition with its crippled operating systems. The ease at which BlackBerry adds new capacity to the mobile experience is exciting. Apple on the other hand seems stuck try to figure out how flat to make their icons. Times are a changing.

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Go the 'Berries,

And don't forget to Keep moving! :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Well, to be fair - the newest version of OSX and iOS will allow a phone call to be answered on the mac, and they've had something like this with iCloud for years.

And why exactly would you want to make a phone call on a Mac with your phone next to you. Wow, now there's a feature I wouldn't use. As to the iCloud being equivalent to blend, all I can say is your dreaming and hoping it were true. Think carefully about what is being done technically. Blend is years ahead. Apple should first focus on the simple things like sending attachments properly and then maybe a communication hub.

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Actually not only does it allow you to make calls on make you can use any iOS device including you iPad to make calls with your cellular line on your iPhone if it's in proximity as well as your desktop. This is using your cellular plan so it's not different than dialing a phone number. All of your calls will ring on all of your devices as well.

Before you say Blend is "years ahead" perhaps you should try using it first oh wait you can't. Developer Previews for iOS 8 and Yosemite have been floating around of months now and they're not leaks. Maybe Blackberry should fix their contact management software or "address" book on BB10, there are lots and lots of weird issues with it including duplicate contacts, contact merging issues when you connect things like LinkedIn, FaceBook etc... Don't believe me search the CrackBerry forums, and how about that "double typing" issue on the Q10 that Blackberry refuses to acknowledge.

Blackberry loves to talk about security but NONE of it is available to their consumer market with out buying a BES.

I'm sorry to say but you have no idea what you're talking about. All of the items you mention like contacts duplication were addressed in earlier BB10 releases. I only assume you don't have a BB10 device. Furthermore, he's talking about one thing and then you start talking about completely unrelated items. Why don't you simply argue the items he discussed instead of trying to confuse the argument?

Search the crack berry forums. Considering I own a Q10 and have experienced the issues and even posted issues I know what I'm talking about with regards to contacts. They have NOT been fixed.

I too suffered the double typing issue. Took my phone back to the store as less than 12 months old and they gave me a brand new one, saying it couldn't be repaired.

But don't go blowing Apples not so perfect trumpet or have you forgotten the debacle with there phone antennae or Apple Maps.

Plus your still rocking the Q10 so your point is?

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Isn't it possible that you both have legitimate opinions that don't need to be expressed in confrontational manner? I like the idea of blend. It will allow me to continue using the operating system of my choice without having to feel like I'm not being supported. However, when I have my phone connected to blend, I would like the ability to answer my calls so that I can leave my phone on the charger without having to resort to pulling out a Bluetooth headset. This could be very functional. I really hope they come out with an app for Windows Store. I have always felt that BlackBerry and Microsoft could benefit from scratching eachothers backs more often.

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Boy someone is scared.....what a rant against BlackBerry and a plug for Apple. Notice one need Apple devices. BlackBerry software will cater to everyone! Cross platform.....this is a total different offering to what Apple chooses. Apple wants you locked down.....forever.

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This part is true.

I had a friend call me up yesterday asking me some PC laptop advice because their kid needs a PC for their post secondary program and is selling their Mac.

Hope they didn't use Apple "Blend" too much because they won't be able to use it anymore now that they've had to dump the Mac.

Bridge for PC, Mac, tablet makes any device useful for answering messages which is something that no one else is offering. For enterprise customers, I would think this would help to simply things if you could answer all your messages from the desktop while working.

I am looking forward to Blend being released. I currently use Bluestacks to have BBM on my computer, but I only use it for one of my contacts, so I rarely even start the program. It'll be nice to be able to keep working without grabbing my phone and still be able to answer texts and BBM messages.

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Well, first, iCloud is a great concept. However, with BlackBerry Link, I can actually connect to and transfer files from multiple computers to and from my phone to ANY folder on my BB10 phone. Try that with an iDevice. I have an iPad furnished from my company, and I get very frustrated with the limitations of simple file placement so that I may be able to open them with a different app. When you install a file management app on iDevice, you are restricted to the folders that app creates, unless you give it permission to access your Photos folder. But I've yet to be able to access the rest of the folders unless I use something like iFunbox and physically connect it to my Windows desktop. Yeah, Apple is years ahead....

Blackberry link for Mac is the biggest pile of garbage. Ya it sounds great to be able to browse your desktop. Here's the kicker on OsX you have to disable the firewall for it to work which is bull. I even went as far as to try and get a port list from Blackberry and open them but no one could give me a complete list.

They should just stop supporting os x because their solutions are so half baked and unpolished.

When I bought my Q10 I thought it was great that there is syncing software between os x for things like contacts but man it's so buggy fields either don't come over or are not syncd properly.

Well, IMO, the Apple device is the one not working properly. I'd be willing to bet money that Apple wouldn't share some crucial bit of code with BlackBerry to allow the file syncing part to work properly. I guess it's possible that BlackBerry didn't even ask. But Apple would just say that they are protecting their end users anyway. It all works great on my Microsoft machines. You might be right, maybe they should drop OsX support....

It's has nothing to do with file syncing... Blackberry couldn't be bothered to spend the time to open the appropriate ports on the operating system which is WHY if you just turn off the fire wall "file syncing" which is just "file browsing" works. It's been reported already and been broken for a while now and I'm not the only person that's reported it to Blackberry.

Lol I'm just making an observation. This is actually more like what hiptop/Sidekick used to do with the online login, and was such an awesome feature. iCloud, with its html5 online login where you see your email, contacts, etc in a browser is, up to now, the only thing closest to what the Hiptop had. If Blend can beat it, that's awesome.

My comment was to correct the comment that this is miles ahead of what Apple offers. I'm not an iOS fan, but I am aware of their offering. It's catching up to them, possibly overtaking slightly in one respect. It's not blowing them out of the water.

I'm not going to comment on the contacts and link - both still do not work perfectly for me.

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Actually you are exposing a limitation.

OSX and iOS are using a proprietary connection. It does enable more capability, but it's literally available for OSX alone. Which is the least used personal computing platform in the world. (Take their version of HDMI cables... yea, no one used it)

The QNX option appears to be using all open standards to perform this connectivity, which means maximum accessibility (HTML5 is available everywhere).... and even though this results in a longer development path to adhere to such standards you obtain much greater potential from those standards. It's this route that can eventually lead you to get access to making phone calls through your phone through a browser on your computer (regardless of computer). Or, use your phone as a webcam for your computer, ect..

Very true THBW. Also I am starting to see the vision of BBRY. They are going cross platform to make all devices compatible with BBRY and hence BBRY still relevant (in the eyes of the unbelievers). Then perhaps they(the unbelievers) will say to themselves "hey let me check out what blackberry is doing"

Just a thought

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

I jizz when I think about the possibilities Blend offers. Imagine sending attachments through BBM that are files on your desktop. This has to be the most exciting feature coming in 10.3

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

To be fair, that capacity has been available through Link for a while, and I use it for sending finished audio through bbm all the time.

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Wow love the UI look. This needs to come out simultaneously with 10.3, preferably glitch/issue free.

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I agree completely, although a few bugs are to be expected. Being able to access everything from my phone like back in the glory days of bridge would be awesome. I'm hoping it works on my PlayBook, I still use that old thing every day.


It actually looks decent. BlackBerry always seems to release projects quickly before taking care of the aesthetic side of things (BBM channels). Stoked for 10.3!

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Holy shit! Looks so much better then Link. I really do hope BlackBerry turns around and beat Crapple, can't wait till Crapple is gone or loses most of its consumers.

One step at a time, but that might not be the best end game to play for.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Did Bla1ze open up swearing in the comments and forums? I thought this was auto-blocked?

Not that I have a problem with it. Just noticing

Honestly I don't know lol. I've seen other user swear on different articles in the comments section and the forums. Normally I'm not one to voice my opinions on the Crackberry site.

Hahaha lol. I don't know maybe it's specific articles that you can swear in, cause none of swears here are being auto-blocked. Went through the whole comment section here & a user posted saying... "Where's fucking OS 10.3?"

Swearing has been open in the comments section for a little over a year now at least (when I joined). It is blocked in the forums though.

Sure playing it safe would be a good idea, but Crapple is the worst! They stole some features from BlackBerry & Android just to make iOS 8 better... am I tempted to go back to Crapple for iOS 8... maybe & Yes I know companies now and/or have been doing that for quite some time but seriously it's called come up with your own ideas!!!

Well, I want to replace my playbook with an Android tablet.

BlackBerry blend will enable that.


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Hope ur right about being available for everybody, would be great for this to go against all the apple updates with mobile/computer integration

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This looks GREAT!! I bounce between offices all day, now I just have my phone as the hub and access what I need on any system I'm in front of.
My BlackBerry just became more indispensable. Awesome!

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Agreed!  I have long wanted to make my phone my "core" that I take with me everywhere and hook up where I need to.  This looks like a step in that direction.

The C.O.R.E. of Thor!

Haha, mobile computing is getting real, just as he predicted ...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

PlayBook is not longer supported, remember? But hopefully the APK for Android will tun smooth :)

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This would be great. I plan on coming back to the Passport and this will work great with my Android tablet.

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It would be great to have you back with a BB in your hands! *whispers: come back to the black side* or sys.retaildemo- I can't remember. It's not really a video, it's embedded into the app, if you want to get technical.

This seems like very comprehensive software that would actually be ahead of the game when it releases!

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BlackBerry keep this way and guys, we will be witnesses of one of the greatest comebacks in the history of technology.

PD: OS 10.3 take away my needs of a new phone, I'm falling in love again with my Z10...

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So is BlackBerry Blend a software that is in the device that runs on the desktop once said device is connected to a computer? Or is it a standalone application that would need to be downloaded to a PC?

Very cool and slick looking looks like prime time is Hugh time come soon.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Doesn’t look very impressive, rather messy to be honest. I hope this is just one of the possible views that this app will support. I would like having some of the functionality, but on my desktop I don’t need an additional calendar or e-mail app.

BlackBerry needy to fixy stinky linky. Or at least give us a comprehensive trouble shooting set of fixes to work through depending on our system.

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How about more like the old Desktop, brought into 2014?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Looks fantastic ... BUT .... IT has an outtage at 8PM tonight lol.

Honestly this screams SO reminiscent of Nokia's on device hosted server/chat program that went public including the API. It was something only their S60 devices could do if registered on their beta program. I cannot recall the name of it though :(

If this catches on it is a big deal. The computer or tablet will become that much closer to being viewed as a dumb terminal with the BlackBerry device being seen as the best embodiment of truly mobile computing. BlackBerry hardware and software that also has the ability to run Android apps... on ANY nearby computer or tablet screen no matter what the brand... wow! Why would anyone carry anything other than a BlackBerry?

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Pull the J.O.K.E.R. out of the sleeve

and the Joker is black...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Giving us a reason to WINE...

hope we can get it working, worst case is VM...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Now just mirror BlackBerry Maps to the PC, allow phone calls through the PC and I'll have an excellent companion to my CarPC.

This looks really really nice! Being able to answer BBM and text messages with a keyboard is such an advantage!

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One small doubt....will it replace Blackberry Link or this will be separate service?
Is this for individual users or the people device activated on BES 10 and above?

Why would it not work on the PlayBook??
The PlayBook is a tablet and it is BlackBerry. I really want to know because it puts my PlayBook in another perspective.

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I thought the Blend software was html5 and thus every device with a decent browser could open blend. Not sure tough...

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Work alongside BlackBerry Link??? That's quite the feat considering BlackBerry Link doesn't even work!

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I'm not sure if Bla1ze or anyone else can answer this yet? This article states that Blend looks to work along side Link. I'm just wondering if you need to load link to run Blend? I personally do not use Link and would like to use Blend as a stand alone application. I'm guessing this isn't the case as Blend is for other operating system as well. Just making sure. Thanks


That would be an amazing asset. I can't see why it wouldn't be included?


I think this is really exciting as providing a "system" for the BlackBerry experience across the different devices we all have, which by necessity are not BlackBerry devices. I hope it's really good. So far, I really dislike BlackBerry Link for everything except backing up my z30.

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Looks like great software! #BlackBerry is ahead of the competition with this and security. Hope they will be top spot again overall! Loving my #Q10. Long Live #BlackBerry!

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Thanks for posting this. Really looking forward to these kinda apps. Wish it replaced Link though :(

Keep moving forward BlackBerry and don't look back ;)

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Imagine, QNX "Blending" in with my car-system (video-system, motormanagement and environment-systeem).

I get to the car, directed by my BB, unlock it with my BB. System knows it's me, so can adjust musicplayer, heating, airco, seat-position. Garagedoor opens (QNX-powered) automatically (or I pay through NFC at gate). While driving my videosystem reads my messages. That's what I call real Blending.

Just one little problem, don't have such a car :-(

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It does look great. Something that has been missing for ages. One of the reasons I used GoogleTalk instead of BBM (before Google broke it with Hangouts), was that I could use it BOTH on my BB and my computer... However, this patchy support for some OS is not good. There should be a web UI (served by the phone itself?), so one could use ANY device. That would be cool!

Why they need to create something separate? They have already BlackBerry Link. I know guys that even BlackBerry Link they don't have...

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BlackBerry Blend is a brilliant idea! Simple and will be indispensable to the working class (white and blue collar). Brilliant, brilliant brilliant...!!!

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on enterprise world linux is a must in many field.. nothing on BB works with linux... Well, continue to produce bbm stickers, and try the t-shirt market, because i think it's the bb future

I would rather have Blend than Link. The previous desktop software from BB is better than Link. Blend looks so much better and I really hope they'll replace Link with this one day.

Can't wait for it looks great rocking 10.3 on my z30

Forgive me if I am wrong!
BlackBerry PlayBook was ground breaking with BlackBerry bridge was it not?
The PlayBook was slated by the media etc for not having native email etc etc. But us BlackBerry smartphone phone users new what it was all about to us it as a larger screen for work space (me anyway) and yes should have launched with all the native stuff as well.

I see blend as a relaunch of bridge with so much more ...but for everyone not just BlackBerry devices

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This is excellent - all that needs to be added is the ability to make / take calls through a computer! A move in the right direction - lets hope that BB can add more resources to the company and add more functionality in the near future.

This is nonsense, what I personally need is cloud base syncing. Nokia was doing this over 10 years ago.

Sent from my outdated Z10

It seems like a really neat feature. Let's keep moving forward!!

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

I would have labeled Blend as a Communication Feature, but the addition of the File Manager through me off...hummm

With the File Manager that would give you access to all your device/media card stuff, including pictures, videos, and music...very nice.

On a side note, the Application Bar below looks a bit empty, not a good use of space, or is that space intended for some other for thought.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

You mentioned hub, but the video said showed BBM and Text. Will we be able to view Whatsapp etc

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If this is not available to consumers (similar to how BB Balance is not available) I will be extremely disappointed and bitter and may reconsider my future purchase of the passport. Please don't f*ck this up BB.

Hi Everybody!!

I really do like what I see with BlackBerry Blend. But!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it looks to me that BlackBerry Blend is nothing more than BlackBerry Bridge with Mustard and Extra Cheese. Yes, it's new and improved.(Mustard) Yes, it's cross platform.(Extra Cheese) But these are all the features I once had on my PlayBook connected to my Bold 9900, that were then taken away after I bought my Q10.

Your thoughts..............


Yes and no. The bridge on the playbook could have been taken further. I think when the PB failed to sell in significant numbers, BlackBerry refocused on cross platform software as a means of survival and becoming relevant again in the consumer side of the market. This will be a better "bridge" than what we experienced on the PB. Don't get me wrong. I was sporting a Bold 9000 on OS5 for years. That was one tough phone, and the PB bridged to it gave me a great work surface and actually "modernized" my device. You will personally love this feature. Walk up to your laptop, doesn't matter the brand, and use it to work on your phone. Awesome. I personally can't wait to show this feature off when it comes out.

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I think it looks way more slick and functional than Bridge ever was. It also does what Bridge never did - work on a cross-platform basis with tablets AND pc's.

When is this gonna be released?! Looks awesome - this is something BlackBerry should highlight in its marketing, if it ever does any marketing!

They need to move and get this out before PC's are near obsolete. BlackBerry is doing better, but they are still SLOW AS MOLASSES. Google and Apple run circles around them. When BB10 introduced the hub, it was less than a year later Google and Apple followed suit. Siri has been out for iPhone for 2 - 3 years now. We just starting to see a real voice assistant now.

To put this in perspective it takes BB longer to impliemnt a new feature in their OS than it takes Activision to develop a new Call of Duty game. Which has MANY MORE moving parts and MANY MORE resources. Some features take longer than RockStar takes to develop GTA games. We as BlackBerry fans need to expect more and demand more.

That isn't going to be fast enough for BlackBerry to win back business, they need to be more nimble than this. Given they are a much smaller company, there is really no excuse except for poor management or perhaps BB still has the silios going.

That's looking great ! Very important feature for business people, I am looking fwd to update to 10.3 !

That is what we need. There isn't just windows and mac (freeBSD/Darwin UNIX) users!!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I hope they use web technologies, it will finally be a almost universal platform independent system! But it's too late for that now anyway...

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Z50 Please!
And update the Z10 too... or revive the PlayBook as soon as possible.
Do something like BlackBerry Pad phone thing. Just provide the basic screen and loudspeakers and allow people to use their BlackBerry as the computing unit.
Listen to the people and their needs, suggestions that will make you successful as a company.

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I'm really sad that Blend is a normal application that only runs with a pretty heavyweight software stack on Windows and Mac OS X. Was really hoping it would be like a "personal cloud" in that connecting to it via any web browser would work. Any ideas why BlackBerry did this instead of an HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript application? That tech is advanced enough so offline stuff also works fine now.

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All I want is to be able to BBM from my Mac, and also from my iPad. Using the same pin. Just ask Apple how they do iMessages. That's all we want!

Posted via CB10

Yeah, just walk over to apple head office and ask them. Or actually, Chen should give them a call and ask someone at Apple to let him borrow the iMessage architecture for a bit.

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" mention of PlayBook is laid out specifically but I don't want to toss away all hope so I'll say it does include support for NFC pairing..."

If I'm not mistaken, only LTE Playbook has NFC. As this is rare product, hopes are tossed away already for most PB users.

What would be interesting to see is... will this required administrative rights to install? most work computers wont allow any software that require administrative rights.

With the exception of BBM, I already have all of this on my desktop both at home and at work. I guess some will find value in this but frankly speaking I don't see the need to duplicate this information.

The newer builds has more apps like Contacts and Work Browser. I wonder how many more will come as time goes.

If this App is not on the PlayBook as originally seen, PlayBook users will leave the BlackBerry brand in droves. Its the last hope for the PlayBook for many!

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Finally some new features I can really appreciate. The device network HUB is da (Hottest Universal Brand)


Can someone send me the link to the latest video that's mentioned by the OP please ??

Today, i dont know why but my Blackberry Z10 using 10.3.1025 give me a source of Blackberry Blend have appeared as a CD Disk and on my BB just noti that : if i don't install blackberry Blend on my pc just go to to download and install. But till now, im still can;t connect to server to download Blackberry Blend. So if anyone want to get Setup Source to try download and install. just comment below. I will upload to a host and share it