NewBay officially joins RIM

By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2011 11:40 am EDT


A few weeks ago we got word that RIM had aquired digital content company NewBay for $100 million. Today it was made official as NewBay has joined up with RIM. We're hoping this will lead to some great digital content distribution from RIM.

From the BlackBerry Blog:

Today we are pleased to announce that NewBay has joined Research In Motion (RIM). We're excited that the NewBay team will be bringing their expertise in cloud-based digital content services to the BlackBerry platform.

NewBay's LifeCache platform helps enable operators and device makers to deliver content across multiple, connected devices such as mobile phones, PCs and tablets.

Another acquisition that hopefully brings more good things to BlackBerry. You can check out more on NewBay and their annoucement at

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Reader comments

NewBay officially joins RIM


If this acquisition/alliance will potentially allow us to share our content (pictures, music) from our Playbook's to our phones without physically taking the space I am all for it!

Think I'll stick with DropBox, thanks. The way things are shaping up, I may no longer be a BB user by the time they formulate a discrete user offering.