New ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility

By Bla1ze on 28 Jun 2009 10:45 am EDT
ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility!

Sure CaptureIt is a great application but it falls short on some features as it's a very basic application. Some people may like that, while others may want more. ZonaSnap gives us all just a little more in the way of options with its utility, and just like CaptureIt does it for free.

ZonaSnap allows you to preview your screen caps before you save them so you are sure you got the pic you wanted and then save if you do so choose. However, the integration doesn't stop there, it also allows you to email the capture or send it to photobucket for image hosting. One thing it does not allow though, is to send to BlackBerry Messenger contacts - not that big of a deal but hopefully the developer will indeed add that in a later update. Check It out today for free, available in English and Spanish translations as well!

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New ZonaSnap Screen Capture Utility


this is nice as I am always having to email my ss to post on forums. It will be a nice additition for this to do it for me!

capture it takes better high quality pictures than zonasnap, and as shown in the picture above, the screen does not look like that on my phone.

Or any other advanced image editing program, there you can see the quality of the ScreenShot of Capture It and ZonaSnap... when you do it come back and tell me what you got.

You are wrong buddy, the picture quality of ZonaSnap is higher than the CaptureIt and equal to that of QL. The preview image is a bit distorted because is scaled, but obviously that was for sending and handling to save this is excellent.

Eh, I'm not complaining. It def has a few more options then CaptureIt and best of all, its FREE. And I do agree, the quality on these captures are higher. CaptureIt doesn't compare, but I'd still recommend it as a good app regardless of if it beats this app or not.

But that is not the difference, when you take an Screen shot of your BlackBerry is because you want to share it (most of the time)... there is no more direct way than using ZonaSnap, and a tip to get the pictures sent to a BlackBerry Messenger contact... you choose email it, then over the attached file you press menu > Open Attached file > Menu > Send to a Messenger Contact... this do the trick until the developer add it directly to the app.

On the other hand i like the way to have an specific folder for the captures taken, so they do not get mixed on the image folder.

But that is my opinion.

Having to enter an email address every time and not being able to use your contact list is just down right a no go for me. There isn't even an option to store your photobucket user id and pin, so you have to enter that everytime. I would stick with capture it for you that want free or QL if you don't mind paying for it.

It stores the last photobucket account used, so when you choose that option it will ask if you want to use that one or a new one.

and about email?? what is the point, you have access to your contact list, so you pick the email address you want.

does any one know if i create a mobile pb account will it link with my account i already have (from web) or is this a different account , cause when i tried to send from phone and enter my info into the app it would only let me enter numbers and my pb web account is letters

thx figured it out i used my number from my pb account under mobile account and it connected,also if your pb info is saved to your native add book it will keep your info everytime you send a pic never have to reenter
thanks for the help

It doesnt work when i push zonasnap option when i push menu. Does anybody know why this is happening and what should i do?

I have a bold. It sometimes work. Like randomly. And when it does, it freezes with the pop up and i have to do a battery pull

In which of the Popups? The previous capture with the text "What do you want to do with the capture?"

You can roll down with the trackball? Because you have to choose an option or press the escape key for get out of the popup.

If the process is the same, what is your point?

This app just add more feature, but the process to take a screenshot Its the same

not sure if it's just my storm in particular but most of the screen shots still had the menu fading away.

Can you make it so that ZonaSnap isn't the default menu item after hitting the BB item? I tried to move around an icon on the main page of my Storm 9530 by double tapping the BB button (because the default highlighted option pre-ZonaSnap was "Move"), and I snapped a picture instead.

I deleted it because I make heavy use of double tapping the BB button ("Send" option in Messages, Facebook, Myspace, UberTwitter, etc., "Move" while rearranging the home screen)

Its the same as Capture It, I can guarantee it. I wrote parts of Capture It, and it basically just uses the RIM-supplied net.rim.device.api.system.Display.screenshot() call, with the RIM-supplied JPEG compressor. I can't see how ZonaSnap could be any different from Capture It... I wanted to do PNG, but RIM didn't have a compressor for it in the API, so I just settled on JPEG to get it out the door fast.

It seems very strange that you have written part of the implementation CapturIt, which I think is still very good application.

The API allows you to choose the JPEG quality:

Encode JPEGEncodedImage (Bitmap bitmap, int quality)
Valid values are between 0 (lowest quality) and 100 (highest quality)

In the BlackBerry Support Forum you can get a PNGEncoder to BlackBerry richard_puckett made available there

I want to say we used 100 for the quality option.. but I'm really not sure. I don't happen to have the source code handy, waiting to get it from the other guy I worked on it with, otherwise I'd just look at that. Thanks for the tip on PNGEncoder, I was looking to implement PNG in Capture It at some point soon. I may just rewrite it if I can't get the code, since the app is very small as it is.

quality? features? both?...

capture it, is a good app. But ZonaSnap is way better as the quality is superior and the advanced features it offers are not close available on Capture it.

I think the picture quality of ZonaSnap is better. But suppose the quality is equal to CaptureIt, ZonaSnap still has many more utilities for the use of the image, such as sending the capture to photbucket and receiving the image code directly into memopad. Come on! You don't have to do anything to get the link of your capture, what else can you ask for. I am mentioning only one of its many advantages. In addition, the app is extremely easy to use. So, the point is not only the quality of images, because ZonaSnap is an app much more complete and comprehensive than just "image quality".
In my opinion, if you are interested in convenience, ease and integration with other services. This app is perfect for you.


I can be more agree with something.

This is the big reason that do of ZonaSnap is more interesting than CaptureIt. (Of course, That's my opinion)
I don't need an applications who does half of work while I can get an app who do everything I need.
Almost 90% of times I take a screenshot was for share and posting in a thread; and this app do all I need to do that for me. what can I say?
Also, all the screenshots are saved in a new folder separatly. I hate have to look many pictures in my SD, but ZonaSnap, also organized my pictures for me.
Anyway, all of this is my opinion. This is the perfect app for ScreenShot for me, ZonaSnap do exactly what I want.
Everybody can choose wich is the perfect app for them