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New York Times discontinues BlackBerry app

NYTimes BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jul 2012 04:03 pm EDT

The New York Times announced that they have discontinued their app for BlackBerry smartphones. In a move to push users to their more robust mobile site, they will no longer support the NYTimes app for BlackBerry, the DealBook BlackBerry Reader or the NYTimes app for Palm Pre.

As of July 23, 2012, The New York Times stopped supporting the NYTimes app for BlackBerry, the DealBook BlackBerry Reader or the NYTimes app for Palm Pre.

You can continue to enjoy content on your device through our mobile Web site:

I was never a huge fan of the NYTimes app originally, but I'm sure there are plenty of users who won't be too thrilled with the news. 

Source: Bloomberg



I like your spin..."In a move to push users to their more robust mobile site." I wonder if they'll push Android, Windows and IOS users the same way.


Of course they won't, even though they could. If you have such a great "robust" mobile site, why have any apps? The bias continues...


I prefer mobile sites to apps..especially for news.

Detective M Downs

Mobile sites don't allow you to download the content for offline reading...


What are you downloading from a mobile site??


The articles you numbskull ;) That way you can read them on a plane, or somewhere else where you don't have internet access.


Who downloads news articles. I never once wanted to do that.


And since you never once wanted to do that means nobody else does?

I don't do that either, but I am sure some do.


Could it possibly be because they dont want BB owners reading their incorrect and unsubstantiated -ve RIM stories!? Lol. To be fair i am in the UK and have no need for the NY Times.

Things like this make me want BB10 to be an even greater success, just to watch companies like this come scrambling back, so that we can then reject them. Dont they understand that 6 months without having their app and we will all be 5* the apps we love and they wont get a look in.

And to all the trolls who will follow... Blah blah blah blah. Thanks i got your message and deleted it.


+2 Could not have said it better


I live 30 minutes away from RIM, ( nuge nuge ) and I am told that the NEW BB will be turning heads in a good way.
People WILL WANT this phone.


This from a company that is losing money hand over fist each year .... Sounds a lot like the Obama campaign, spending more money than it takes in ... Damn, sounds like our economy ...

Anyway, no loss considering their news is just plain shit to begin with. Seriously, there are plenty other liberal media apps available ;)


*Insert political statement here*


They have made money the past 3 quarters. The losses they took in the quarter before that were non-recurring i.e. not related to their standard business. I'm not saying that they are making a killing; all I'm really saying is that you are wrong.


God Bless the NY Times. Maybe it's time to give up my subscription on Sundays. I barely read it anymore anyway.


Well time for me to start reading a new news paper... If I read the news paper:), the ny times lies all the time so who wants to read their garbage anyways
I should no I live there


It didn't work on my 9300 anyway. Hopefully they'll support BB10.


why can't they just come out and say it. "what's the point of apps, if you have a decent web browser on your mobile device." a web shortcut is much easier to develop for all platforms than apps specific to each...


+1. Besides, I'm not a big fan of the NY Times.


umm, cuz that's not the point. What they are saying w/o saying is: 85% of smartphone users are using iOS or Android, so as a business we recognize it's efficient to simply focus where the numbers are.


Damn right, I'm unhappy.


So many "apps" are just links anyway. I deleted all that crap a long time ago and just keep bookmarks on my browser.


This almost never worked on my 9900. I've been using the mobile site, and find it pretty good.

For those who hate liberal media, you can still read Brook's column. =P


The New York what? Who?


Bound to happen as the mobile website thing is really the future. It means everyone will need a good browser, Html 5 compatibility and probably some form of flash integration. I have always viewed the "App" thing as a stop gap measure for content providers. Also alters your view of the "ecosystem concept".


Your absolutely correct! Native Apps are an Apple buy product because they prefer to fleece end users as well as the developers for developing and using their ecosystem. As people wake up and realize that there is absolutely no need to develop native apps across multiple platforms, they'll begin to free themselves from the orchard shackles. I believe that's the benefit behind BB10, it's intended and designed to be able to excel in the mobile space, not just in the native space.


I agree. Platform compatibiliy in the mobile space is where everything is going. The walled garden concept is dying a rapid death. My bet is that in 3 years, we will barely remember what an App is.


Not that I'm a frequent visitor, but the mobile site of the NY times worked pretty well! Not sure what the app added to the experience, but I don't really see this as a loss.


Site/app might work. NY Times proved they're somewhat suspect when it comes to reporting accurate reports.


No big loss, who cares. Easy enough to get the "news" from various other sources.


Maybe because Blackberry updated Blackberry News lol


My sentiment exactly. There are plenty of other apps if if your the app type that offer the same if not more for free. There's always online! So whatever!


Classed with Palm OUCH!


Tell me there's a CNN app?


why are you asking people tell you when you could search AppWorld?


F em, now back to what I was doing^


PlayBook bridged to my 9900 took me to the regular NY Times Site, I can't get to the mobile Site!


New York who? What's an app? Okay.

Can't wait for bbten yo, word!

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


It's pretty obvious that the NY Times doesn't think that RIM will be in business for much longer. I think it's premature, but they will be back if RIM is still here in a year.


I can see the Engadget/Boy Genius headlines now. 'MORE EVIDENCE OF BB DEATH SPIRAL'


My stand is this. Quote "If you refuse to support Blackberry, then my family, and as many people as I can reach, WILL NOT support your company" Ernest Linder


glad i dont really read NYT either... but i hope other apps won't follow taking their foots out the door


I subscribe to the NY Times and the mobile site works quite well on the playbook, however...

... I use simple browser with iPad as the user client to get a fabulous rendering of the Financial Times (that is fully downloadable for offline reading) and now with the Economist App on the Playbook, I simply don't have time to read the NY TImes. I've been on the fence regarding whether I'll drop my subscription. I'm about to do it now even though I've never really used the NT Times app (I thought it was just a icon that took you too the website anyway)

Although I like reading the FT I must say the fact that it wors perfectly when you "fool" it into thinking the playbook is an iPad is really annoying. I mean it works perfectly, so why can't they just LET it work on the playbook. If the FT sees that you have a playbook it simply gives you a page that says there is no app.

I'd really like someone from Crackberry to contact the FT and ask them what on earth they are doing.

And let's end with three cheers for the Economist playbook app.


NYT is not even in my trash. I find it usefulfor TP


I was dreaming. I don't read publications that consistently miss-inform consumers.


if developers don't jump on bb10, rim will be sold


Rim won't be sold, dimwhit.


I know of not a single person that reads the New York Times. Honestly, a legacy media organization should be doing everything they can to hold on to (or better yet grow) subscribers and eye balls.

Boycott NYT!


Delusional responses - all of you. As someone who uses many different devices and platforms, I can say that the AVERAGE user - not you guys, but the average person - has no concept that apps exist for BB. And stories like this one just serve to reinforce (and validate, actually) that mindset. Everywhere you look, it's 'available on the AppStore' and 'also on Google Play' - you never see an ad or a notice that ANY app is available on AppWorld. The truth or not of that does not matter - it's the perception for the average person out there.

You guys are just blinded by BB love, and that's cool. Support you allthe way, but you cannot ignore the reality of the HUGE gap in the app availablility in BB vs iOS and Android. I got my 16 yr old a 16Gb Playbook for Christmas - he just sold it on Craiglist because he can't do one quarter of things that he can do on his iPhone.

So you can say 'who care about NY Times; I'll never use it/support it/read it' whatever - but this is yet another example of the reality of the BB app ecosystem. Right now it's death by a thousand cuts for RIM. Maybe BB10 can change that....maybe.


OUCH! Man, that TRUTH is gonna hurt!


I hate to break the news to you but the ecosystem argument is really half truth and mostly fiction. It sort of made sense 5 years ago when platform's were just developing. But we are moving beyond this, with the exception of Apple. Their perennial solution to their increasingly dated iOS is an App. There is absolutely no reason for this anymore. A tablet should be fully web compatible. Just take a look at what the big boys are doing including the New York Times. It all about access to the mobile website. This is the future, not some sort of dinky native app.


I hate to break the news to you but the ecosystem argument is really half truth and mostly fiction. It sort of made sense 5 years ago when platform's were just developing. But we are moving beyond this, with the exception of Apple. Their perennial solution to their increasingly dated iOS is an App. There is absolutely no reason for this anymore. A tablet should be fully web compatible. Just take a look at what the big boys are doing including the New York Times. It all about access to the mobile website. This is the future, not some sort of dinky native app with truncated content.


It doesn't matter how many times you post this, it still won't make it true.
For Rim's sake, I hope they don't share your opinion! Do you?


How can you come to crackberry and write sh#t like this. "For RIM's sake ..." have you ever heard of DevCon??? Blackberry Jam??

What you said makes you look like a apple fanboy moron. you may not be one but pick up the quality of your posts.


Yeah, I've heard of Blackberry Jam, it taste great on toast! Speaking of toast.....


Every commercial about Apple that I see is about Retina Display. RIM needs to step up with BB10, but Apple needs to do something with their outdated ecosystem. Competition is good.


Exactimo when your hard headed ! BB10 could start my car but with a lack of Apps its dead in the water.


If you have development skils, make some apps for pete's sake.


A function that can start your car from a cell phone. Couldn't that be an ... "app"?


I live in Phoenix AZ Who give a flying Fooook? There are so many ways to get news on your phone! NYC doesnt have a lot of interest to me. Oh wait I cant buy a 20 OZ coke. Get real
AS far as apps are concerned the eco system is iportant to each and evry user in a different way. I only need a few apps. Should we have the choice? Of course but its totally overblown in my opinion.


If the BlackBerry actually had a reasonable amount of app storage (GB vs MB) then sure I'd love having the app. The mobile site is the best way to go in the long run as it will be the full fledge access to the site and that can have a one-click access via a bookmark shortcut. One could always use an RSS Reader and get the headlines! So all-in-all no loss!


Couldn't care less. If I wanted the pigswill they pass off as news, I could get the same viewpoint from any one of a hundred different sources via an RSS feed. Just another roadsign on the path to the NYT's obsolescence.


This is interesting, generally the "newspapers" the UK are quite supportive of blackberry...those who sometimes claim the US media, are anti RIM will be given ammunition from this.


I'll eagerly await the headlines of a Major Corporation Dropping its BB App, adding to the woes of BB etc etc

haters gonna hate


All I need is "XPRSS" and SideSwipe to catch up on my news. SS can be used without a data connection although it won't refresh the content; how long does anyone really go without wifi or data connected. Oh and by the way XPRSS is very customizable, I have several news feeds along with many other various topic news feeds.


I got NYT on my IPod Touch that constantly sending headline news that I barely notice if it's not for the notification alert. Just like my many other apps and games on my Ipod touch that I barely use. I do travel every year to great distance, like a 24 hrs of flight and between airports, again I only use a couple of apps and games. That's the extend of my usage of apps and games. I often go to different outlet on the internet to get my story. So NYT dropping BlackBerry? Not even a drop in a bucket!

Wow, it seems like the print media can't catch a break. I though for sure this would be the redemption the NYT would jump at. I guess not.


i think we all agree that RIM need to put more attention to apps we need to have on our bb/pb (of course without interfering with preparation of BB10). so how about crackberry put a questionnaire/poll of what app we want most (doesn't have to all app we want, just the essential ones that we need), maybe like 5 or 10 apps we need that is not available yet on appworld (like maybe blackberry news, it's still not available in my country yet lol), and give the list to RIM so they can sort it out (to give like official app perhaps, for those who doesn't give their official app until now-or encourage devs to build app and named it as the official apps for app we need)?

or is there a poll/questionnaire like that already? :D


Didn't even know there was an app for The Old Gray Lady. I never liked the rag anyway. If it's not on Drudge, Fox, or Brietbart and a few technical news sites I could care less.


Wow... Just wow. Blackberry has REALLY fallen hard! How many more punches can RIM take? This is the hardest fall since that asteroid fell to Earth and finished off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago....


DIDN'T you even read the article? SHAME!!!


(I think SD was joking)