New York Times DealBook conference attendees get the full hands on experience with BlackBerry 10

By Zach Gilbert on 18 Dec 2012 10:42 pm EST

Over the past few months BlackBerry has been on a world tour showing off the new BlackBerry 10 operating system to celebrities, carriers, people of the media and other influential members of the public. Their latest stop was at the New York Times DealBook: Opportunities for Tomorrow Conference in New York City.

During the conference, BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben and Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software Portfolio at BlackBerry, took the stage to demonstrate the new operating system. After the presentation conference attendees were eager to get their hands on the future of BlackBerry. Check out the video to hear some of their great responses.

Reader comments

New York Times DealBook conference attendees get the full hands on experience with BlackBerry 10


Troy~£€€ hope everything works good with bold 9900 need to take off battery to reinstall BIS....make me feel confused with my network carrier many times....sucking damn!

Shows you don't have a data plan at all. You'll have to keep doing so in order for it to keep getting bis, only to drop after an hour or so. Get the data plan!

All I can say is that I'm pumped pumped pumped. Launch day is going to be like a second birthday and a second Christmas.

~ "What I saw today is mind blowing"
~ "I really think you have jumped ahead of the pack"
~ "A huge leap, I'm very impressed with the device"
~ "BlackBerry is Back!"

Those are some awesome comments. I'm very impressed with the marketing push by RIM and I hope it continues to grow.
We are still unfortunately just over a month away from launch date and the excitement is steadily growing...more and more each week. Can't wait for Jan 30!

Interesting video. From the comments based on this and other videos, there must be a few good surprises waiting to be revealed on January 30.

I just knew it. There are many intelligent people living in New York, and they know a great think when the see it. Me and my friend thought that the new OS was truly unbelievable. The experience you have when you use it is so COOL. Swiping is where it's at. Not sticking you finger into a hole. That is just plain silly.

BlackBerry is definitely back !!

Nothing like extracting these glowing comments from the same people who ridiculed RIM just weeks ago. Well done my blacksheep friends.

Music from pokemon is cool. I think it was from Koch records, the primary record company that promoted the music for that American anime series. Alas, the japanese one is much better, though I never have watched it.

No one said anything negative? Can we see some comments about it being OK but nothing special or did no one actually say anything but glowing comments?

No one thought any negative comments would come from a troll? Can we see what their comments are about when they are in their "favorite blog"? Or do they only say negative things on

I actually like seeing the negative comments I know it's weird but it let's me know what I may not like about the phone. Just like I've yet to see negative comments about the note 2. Well I've seen very few.

Mixed constructive criticism is better than negativity and down-right bashing relentlessly for no reason at all.

Reality: These guy's are top managers... they are political animals. do not trust them at all, they simply state what is more convenient or agenda.

Ok, it is better this than if they would say that it was a piece of sh#$... LOL