XDroid Theme (almost) turns your BlackBerry into a DroidX!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Sep 2010 05:08 pm EDT

OK, before you read any further, watch the video above. I'm typically not one to jump on using a theme that makes my BlackBerry look like a different smartphone altogether (even though the OS-clone themes tend to be some of our most popular theme sellers), but the WJD Designs promo video is so good I think may just have to rock the new XDroid theme this weekend on my 9700. Here's the overview of the theme from the developer:

Welcome to XDroid, not your average Android based theme. This theme is inspired by Motorola's Android device named "Droid X"... This was made to reflect everything from the icons to your unread messages to the function of the on screen widgets. Using the power of SVG code we provided a way to show the calendar and messages widget with a tap of the screen and still let the user hide it with one simple touch allowing them to see their wallpapers. Along with the widgets are the custom user defined Icon spaces with the text under them to give that Android feel. We also have the Droid X style bottom launch dock which allows the user get to the dial pad / contacts / and app screen with a quick tap.  

XDroid is currently available for the BlackBerry Storms, Bold 9700, 9650, 9000, Tour 9630 and Pearl 3G (os 5.0 required). I'm sure the minute Theme Builder 6 is available it'll be available for the Torch as well. Click on over to the XDroid product page below for full details and to buy. The price on this one is $3.99.

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XDroid Theme (almost) turns your BlackBerry into a DroidX!


Wayne, loving this theme by the way, but the font is pretty big. Did you get my email about that? Again, it's super fast and I love the icons! My wife actually bought it too!

Right now we will wait to see what the majority likes in font...we think the font works best as a middle ground for those who are older with bad eyes verse young eyes... if we receive support more on this issue we will change and update for free like we always do and provide great customer support....


I don't want to sound like pest, but I am having issues with my upcoming calendar events. I have noticed that sometimes they appear on the home screen, but they go away. How do I get those back. I did the update and they reappeared after a reboot, but disappeared once I navigated elsewhere. Thanks, Rich

Didn't meant to wage war over devices but I do some of the best IMHO themes for the BB device and know all devices are unique - I respect them all and take in account the graphic design of a stock theme on android vs RIMs stock approach - Just all in preference - I am bringing the style to BB so you can keep your BB and still have the look some people like...

WayneD is one of the best (if not THE best) theme developers for BB. Even if you're not into a Droid theme be sure to check out his others. I have two of his and in the numerous themes I've tried, his are the only two I will stick with because they run fast a d smooth. This one does look great though so I might gi e it a test drive despite not normally being a fan of trying to turn my BB into something else.

Android user's don't want to go back in time, the reason we went to android.

I got this theme for my sister in law, and she likes it, as usual they did a good job on this theme.


(takes a breath)


Looks like WJD and this theme are Down with the Sickness, the Droid sickness. Awesome video and theme Wayne.

1) Can I find a video of this awesome looking theme on the Bold 9650?
2) If I buy this today and os6 drops will it continue to work on my 6.0 device when the theme was designed for 5.0? If I wipe my device will I have to purchase it again.
I have never purchase any thing but the Docs2Go premium before.

I believe that the 9630 version will work for the 9650.

No one knows for sure what will happen when OS6 drops. I do know that Wayne and myself will be updating as soon as RIM releases a Theme Builder 6.0 :)

Once you purchase a theme you can always log back into your Crackberry or Mobihand account and redownload as many times as you need.

Hope this helps.

Looks cool... i have a DroidX and i really like it too... it will be interesting to see how it performs (if it slows the phone down or not).. i Cant wait until its OS6 compatible, so i can try it on my Torch 9800

Could you guys elaborate on why you think that so instead of stating an opinion we can get feedback to improve the theme in updates for free...? The majority love it and I want to keep people happy. Granted the Blackberry device is limited and so are we on what we can do but we still would love to hear how to make it better...

The main thing I did not like about it was it did not have sliding home screens like the actual droid, but I realise that with the storm, that is almost impossible and would slow the phone down a lot.

Hey Wayne, I have a couple (hopefully) constructive requests.

I know this is a Droid X theme so maybe this is not a good request, but to be honest, I'm not that crazy about the red highlighting in the menus. Would it be too anti-Droid X if the BB blue were kept there instead?

Also, on the Storm it would be nice if the home screen icons required a press. I foresee LOTS of accidental dialing and voice dial activations (I keep the VD icon on the home screen). I know that's not the way the Droid works, but it could get rather annoying in a hurry I think.

Maybe I'll get used to both those items though?

I'm sure I'll find some other wishes, but that's all for now. The theme does run well...very smooth and responsive.


It's a good looking theme but why would you want to make your beautiful Storm 2 look like a Droid X?

Be proud of the BB!

This goes to show that u clowns want a droid phone. Why own a bb and have it look like the competitor this make no sense. Like having a pinto with benz rims on it. Dumbass fanboys. Oh and take the theme maker nuts out of your mouths. He's a copier not an original. Typical bb shit

First let me address the issue of the fanboy comment in conjunction with the non original comment. If you happened to click the WJD link in the original post you would see that Wayne has more original themes on the market then most theme devs. Everyone has different likes and dislikes as well as themd preferences which is why there are so many choices available. Unless hou have some actual feedback to help developers in making themes you may want to stick to keeping your generic hating comments to yourself. Secondly, just because people express their like for a theme you make a rude comment about nuts in the mouth. Extremely poor decorum for these forums.....

Angry much? Wow!

FYI, by the time you change the wallpaper there aren't that many clues left that it's a DroidX theme. Main thing is the Droidster in the pop ups, but so what? You can also change the folders that have the Droidster on them to the one with the BB logo if you want. Then it just pretty much becomes a nice theme with a touch of Droid.

Get over yourself!

Chuck - John works for me on the WJD Designs team and he is just trying to stick up for the design team. The fact is this actually uses icons ripped from the framework and the widgets are actually the same widgets that the Droid X uses. The colors are the EXACT color codes used inside as well - I want to make sure you know that we aren't some amateur hotshots trying to give you a half made theme. We worked hard on code and design along with functionality to ensure a great theme. We appreciate all feedback and everything is a matter of your own opinion and I can respect that - I apologize for the rough tongue lashed comment back. I hope all is well...

You missed the guy in between John and me (STR8WESTCOAST)! My response was to him, not John! Just so we're clear! :)

The big font kinda throws off the way the browser & other applications are. It crunches up some of the menu to where you can see a certain amount of it. & maybe it would be cool if there was a Red Droid Circle, or the Droid icon for the wallpaper. Other than that, its great!

Just downloaded this them for my Bold 9000 and can't get any of my messages to appear in the Messages widget. What am I doing wrong?


Great theme! Bought it yesterday and I love it. Prior to this one I had the Iphone Bubbles theme. One thing I liked about it was having my upcoming calendar events on my "desktop". Today, for a brief moment, I noticed that the DroidX theme in fact had my upcoming events on the "desktop" for a brief moment. They were there,but when I moved to something different with my track pad, they disappeared. How they appeared,I don't know. My question: How did I do that and how do I get them back. Sorry if this has already been posted.

I'd buy one. Ditto the stupid "make you BB look like an iPhone!" threads. This is a sad waste of bandwidth, server space, bits...

There are several people who are advertising on many blogs their product and I hate it. Products nothing related to blackberry. Something needs to be done !! Its annoying many people! Whoever you are Ling and the rest of you StoP !!! Its very disrespectful!!!