New: Mobile Reader for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2008 09:00 am EDT
- Mobile Reader for BlackBerry

Regular readers of,, and have a better way to view content on their BlackBerry smartphones today with the release of the Mobile Reader for BlackBerry.

Benefits of the Mobile Reader include:

  • Simple user interface and differentiated content tabs - What's News, Tech, MarketWatch, Columns and more - with the option to customize categories and news sources for a personalized experience.
  • "My Stocks" allows users to track select companies with stock quotes (up to a 30-minute delay) and headlines
  • "My Keywords" lets users track news most important to them by choosing keywords and receiving alerts directly from select search engines
  • "My Feeds" tab allows users to add RSS feeds from other sites and blogs
  • Articles can be saved or shared via social bookmarking and social networking sites
  • Seamless integration with a user's BlackBerry smartphone address book, allowing articles to be easily shared with friends and colleagues
  • Headlines, article summaries and previously downloaded articles are still available when offline for true anytime access

BIG PROPS go to WSJ for releasing something that's more than just a homescreen shortcut. To learn more about Mobile Reader, see available devices and sign up, go to:

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Reader comments

New: Mobile Reader for BlackBerry


So I tried sending the link to download it like 4 times nwo and I have yet to see a single e-mail to downlaod this program...thoughts?

i tried as well a few times ...with nothing ...i subscribe to journal so i am going to call the member services number and see what they say .

If you go to the WSJ mobile site on your BB, there is a link at the bottom of the front page which installs easily. I have it up and running now.

This is a great, easy to download app. The format is easy to read and best of all, I can get wsj content for freee! So good.

Downloaded directly from BB browser and install with no problems. Excellent design and user interface. Recommend to anyone. I have been using Yahoo Go 3.0 and this application I think is better, easier and faster.

I like the idea... but everytime I try to get a full article I get

"A Communications Error Occured"

and nothing shows... I have tried like 10 times and reset. Still doesn't work.

Sprint 4.3

Anyone have luck with this for Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile? I keep getting the same connection error messages that gameboy213 is receiving.

Hi -

Yes, the communications error that you saw was a temporary problem and is now fixed. Please try it again!

Hope you enjoy using the application.


Jon M.
FreeRange Communications

it worked for a couple of days, but it hasn't updated any news in several dates. i've pressed for updates several times, but nothing comes of it.

I am having backup problems with only the profiles module and wondering if its related to the WSJ alert that is now default in every profile since loading the reader. Anyone else having issues?

Is there a link on WSJ's site for the BES version. I would love to deploy this in our environment but need some more control over the app.

When I get to the tab section I can see the text “We’ll set up your WSJ Reader……..” but no tabs show up and then I get an error message “No catalog account found”

Any suggestions on what to do next?


Anyone encounter this one? "Error Loading An Article Record : null address? Upon loading the App. The OK button below does nothing. Check that...after numerous times hitting the OK button, the app loads properly