New: Word Shuffle for the BlackBerry Storm

Word Shuffle for the BlackBerry Storm
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2009 10:36 pm EDT

A new game just popped up in the CrackBerry forums and CrackBerry App Store that should be a hit with BlackBerry Storm owners... Word Shuffle!

Developed by Epic Applications, the same developer who brought you Berry Wars (the #1 selling game in the CrackBerry App Store), Word Shuffle was built from scratch with the BlackBerry Storm in mind and in just a few minutes of playing I can already tell is an addictive little game (word scramble games tend to be that way!). Here's the official verbage:

Word Shuffle is a new addicting word game for the Blackberry Storm. Given a scrambled set of letters, see how many words you can find! But theres a catch, you only have 2 minutes and you have to get a certain amount to move to the next level. Immerse yourself in this highly replayable and fun game through sounds and vibrations, and even learn new words! With over 100 levels and more being added, hours and hours of fun and learning can be had! Features include:

  • Over 100 levels!
  • Designed for Blackberry Storm
  • Full touch support--swipe to do things!
  • Vibration support--pulses when you are running out of time!
  • Sound support--custom design sounds!
  • Highly addicting gameplay\
  • New words being added in updates
  • Uses TWL dictionary--same as Scrabble tournaments!

Word Shuffle sells for $2.99 but if you GRAB IT QUICK from the CrackBerry App Store you can save yourself $1 (no coupon required, sale ends June 7th). A free trial is available. You can visit the Word Shuffle forum thread for more details and if you give it a go be sure to drop a comment.

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Reader comments

New: Word Shuffle for the BlackBerry Storm


Needs larger buttons for selecting individual letters, this makes you fumble around and loose too much time when playing this game

Hey, great! I just had a hankerin' for Text Twist, which I used to play religiously on my Palm. If GameHouse isn't going to develop for the Storm, than I'll gladly send a few bucks to this outfit. Hope it's as addicitve as the original.

So far, in every game I've played, the game has gone paws-up in level 4 or 5. The down-swipe gesture stops working so that you can't submit any more words, and when the level does time out, it doesn't progress to the next level. So this isn't even worth $2.

Another bug is that the auto-shuffle which occurs between each word submission sometimes happens as you click the first letter of a new entry -- so that the letter you clicked on is replaced with another one as you click, and this different letter is the one which is recognized by the game. (In other words, you click on one letter, and some other letter is randomly posted.)

If the game did work normally, I would add that the fact that the letters disappear when you click them, requiring that you figure out where the next letter you wish to click has jumped to, is very clumsy. Would prefer that the selected letter would stay where it is and become grayed out.

First off, thank you Kevin for letting the community know about this great game. We have spent a lot of time getting it ready, and it really is the best one of our games yet.

As with all our apps, we constantly strive to improve them, and listen closely to the community for feature requests and any problems people may be running into. Everyone has a different setup on their phone, so its easy for people to try to blame a single app when something goes wrong.

Check out the thread if you have any requests, or are running into any problems.

To the person above running into issues, I am sorry you are having this experience with the game, but after many hours of testing and hundreds of people trying it out, no one else has reported your issues. Please contact me directly so we can try to figure out what is going on.

Thank you and enjoy the game! (and other Epic Application apps!)

This forum won't allow me to send you an email because I have no posts to my name, and your email address is not public in your profile.


Playing 10 consecutive times, with a battery pull in between, the swipe down mechanism no longer works making progression impossible passed level 5. Software developer emailed, awaiting response

After playing a few rounds the game completely craps out and stops working properly. This game isn't yet ready for prime time.

About 1 in 100 customers have been reporting the issue you see above. We are looking into it now and will issue an update if necessary.

I have now posted an update which fixes the problems from above which were caused by a memory leak from the audio. While we work this out, the new version does not offer sounds, but instead adds 20 new levels. Look out for an updated version once we get the sound under control.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

I appreciate the memory leak workaround, but now that I can get past level 5, I find that the frequency of level repeats is pretty disappointing. Specifically, after playing about ten games in total, I just quit a game at level 15 because I got a repeat level which I had already played earlier in that same game -- and it was the second level which repeated within that game. And there were also another two levels in that same game which were repeats from the previous 10 games. Again, that's all within the span of *one* game. That's at least an order of magnitude more frequent than the <1% repeat probability that the developer cited previously.

Don't get me wrong, though; with the memory leak circumvented, the game is absolutely worth the $2 I paid for it, so I'm not so much complaining as providing what I hope is useful feedback.

There is a somewhat significant existing comment history above regarding the memory leak, a workaround, and an almost immediate initial updated release from the developer.

I know people are seeing the same levels some time and that is because there are about 150 levels right now, so you have a 1:150 chance of any level being a repeat. I am adding 200 more levels within the next few days/weeks which will help this and that update will be free. As with all my apps, getting in early is a great idea because you can get free updates and influence features!

I play this all the time on my IPod touch. Of course, there it's a free game. Would love to play it on my Storm too, but if they're not going to have an lite or ad-supported version that's free, then I'm not going to bother.

Seriously, Blackberries need more free options ...

Has anyone tried this on the Storm2? I'm trying to transfer it to mine and it says "Unavailable for this device". The specs for the software say it is supposed to be compatible but doesn't seem to be the case.