New Windows Phone 7 commercial *attempts* to take a shot at BlackBerry by focusing on our CrackBerry tendencies....

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Oct 2010 11:38 am EDT

With all of the news from BlackBerry DevCon 2010 now behind us, it's been a little quiet this week in the world of BlackBerry. On the other hand, it's been a huge week in Microsoft land with the official launch of Windows Phone 7. If you're not up to speed on all the news, be sure to head over to our sibling site WPCentral (formerly WMExperts) to learn about everything Windows Phone.

Following up the Windows Phone launch, Microsoft loaded up the above commercial to their youtube account.  It's pretty funny actually - instead of focusing on their new phones, they instead hone in on all of us crazy CrackBerry Addicts out there. Funny stuff. Maybe it's just me... but the commercial actually makes me want to own a BlackBerry, not a Windows Phone. I mean, if a phone is that good that you can't take your eyes off it, then why wouldn't you want it?! :)

On another CrackBerry Addiction related note, our updated CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse book has just been released.  The paperback will be available Oct.19th, but you can already grab the electronic version from Amazon. 

So what you do think of the commercial? And how about Windows Phone 7? Sound off in the comments!

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New Windows Phone 7 commercial *attempts* to take a shot at BlackBerry by focusing on our CrackBerry tendencies....


lol. i kind of agree. that may just be the best blackberry commercial ever.

the windows phone 7 message isn't quite on the spot imo with this one. i'd argue blackberry is the quickest in/out phone for getting things done.  which is what causes the issue of always being glued to it. it's so easy to communicate with people that you use it all the time.  when the process gets cumbersome, that's when people don't use a phone like that.  will have to try one out and see how it is for real though.

That's exactly what I was thinking - while the commercial was funny and satirical - you can't tell me that a Windows Phone is going to get me "in and out" of texting or emailing someone quicker than a BlackBerry.

I agree with that and this "Funny stuff. Maybe it's just me... but the commercial actually makes me want to own a BlackBerry, not a Windows Phone. I mean, if a phone is that good that you can't take your eyes off it, then why wouldn't you want it?! :)"

Funny stuff! I have to agree. I was on my laptop lmao at this BB video. While on my Torch. Oh wait...that wasn't a BB ad???!!! Really?

They talked about this on Buzz Out Loud podcast...I think it's a very clever commercial (and funny), but they're basically arguing that people with "Blackberry" type phones like their devices too doesn't really clarify why a W7 phone would be easier to use (or if you just wouldn't want to be on it as much).

If this new Windows 7 phone is supposed to be the iPhone and Blackberry killer dont you think we would be spending more time on it than our Crakberry's!?!

So this commercial really makes no sense to me.

I think the girl in the shower was the funniest to me, or maybe the guy that dropped his in a urinal and picked it back up and continued using it. True crackberry addiction. This commercial does nothing to make me want a windows phone. Thanks guys!

the one where he drops it into the urinals certainly doesn't look like a blackberry Storm, let alone any other blackberry.

A blackberry user wouldn't drop it in piss :P

Is if I'm gonna pay over $100 on a phone, I better/gonna be on it a lot. It's very true that we crack heads does that a lot, the worst for me was trying to dribble a basketball while sending an e mail, lol.

lol!.. it was funny indeed... i dont like windows 7, everything so hmmm.. Square.. lol... just luve my BB!

they're probably staring at the phone so much because the damn thing keeps crashing like their computer OS :|

That's how my Pearl 8100 committed suicide. It was acually a decent phone, too :( it will be missed *sniff sniff*.

This is one of the best ads i've seen in awhile kinda sad that you guys are blinded all from your blackberry to not understand the commercial. With windows phone 7 you get in and you get out, and you FOCUS on the IMPORTANT things going on around you..... be it family, friends, gf/bf, peoplee and things that are important to this world.

Great example of this is lets just say someone says to me did you see Chucks camp trip photo this summer on facebook. With windows phone 7 its made easy. I go to my pictures hub click on chucks name and i see all photo's from chuck that he has either posted on facebook or another cloud service.

Another great example of simple in and out and not missing those moments in life is with the camera.... with my blackberry bold 9700 i had if i wanted to take a picture of my 3 old son i had to hit a botton unlock my phone hit the camera botton wait 10 seconds and then i could start taking pictures with windows phone 7 take it out of my pocket and hit the camera botton and im ready to go!

Commercial all is saying is do the things u need to get done really fast and get back to life. IN and oUT

With blackberry there are soo many folders and things you have to go through to get the information you want its not made easy enough.

The commercial is soo true too we are all caught up with our phones espcially blackberrys because it takes to long to load things and to find things and were missing the important things around us.

We get you are going to "get it and get out" With a windows phone the reason you will be getting out is because the SOB does not work so you will be tossing it out the window.

You will?

I was with Blackberry for 3 years. Had no issues. I'm with Windows 7 now, and I find it comical how many people just slam the phone without having one, let alone using it day to day. I can tell you this much, the internet is MUCH faster on the Windows 7 Phone. As is the OS. As is the fact that we can wirelessly sync info to our phone.

I've got no beef with Blackberry at all. There are many people I enjoy talking to on here because they're good people. I'm not going to just criticize them because I left to Windows 7 Phone, and honestly, I don't see how you can criticize the phone when you don't use one in day to day life.

... I think they should have shown the users being more frustrated with their phones that they needed to be on them longer than they should. Otherwise it is being interpreted like what people are stating here, that the phones are addicting to use. You don't get the impression people aren't getting things done efficiently. Instead you can get the impression of "use a Windows Phone and you wont want to be on your phone all that often... not because you've done what you've wanted to do, but because it's not fun to use it".

Personally, I'm interested to see how it functions, and while the ads are funny, MS is leaving themselves open to misinterpretation of their intent.

why your arguements suck:

1. Great example of this is lets just say someone says to me did you see Chucks camp trip photo this summer on facebook. With windows phone 7 its made easy. I go to my pictures hub click on chucks name and i see all photo's from chuck that he has either posted on facebook or another cloud service.

steps: 1: open pic hub, 2 look for name, 3: look for photos 4: look at photos

on bb:(0s5)
1. open facebook, 2:go to friends, 3:type name 4:look at pics.

2: Another great example of simple in and out and not missing those moments in life is with the camera.... with my blackberry bold 9700 i had if i wanted to take a picture of my 3 old son i had to hit a botton unlock my phone hit the camera botton wait 10 seconds and then i could start taking pictures with windows phone 7 take it out of my pocket and hit the camera botton and im ready to go!

this one is the best. "i had to unlock my phone..." heres an idea. dont lock it. and are u fucking serious? u think u wont end up locking ur windows phone? and tour arguement for why windows phone is better is because u can click the camera key and take pictures? are u high? show me one cell phone from the alst 10 years that doesnt have this feature of a dedicated camera key.

3:With blackberry there are soo many folders and things you have to go through to get the information you want its not made easy enough.

this one is hilarious to me, ever hear or personalizing? you really think windows phones great new idea of making everything to big to fit on the screen and have those lame ass unchangable square buttons looks better? not to mention they dont even have copy/paste yet

windows and microsoft is a failure in its own, but to see them sprout these new failures is funny, but funnier to see people argue their usefullness. if i wanted a full touchscreen id go android or ios. not some new OS from a company thats done nothing but fail in the mobile realm.

I was thinking the same damn thing while reading this 'tard's post. Like, "You've GOT to be kidding, right?" It made me SMH and LOL at the same time.

You may see it that way and that's fine. I spend a lot of time on my blackberry bcuz I love it. It has nothing to do with the folders etc. There is so much to do with it/on it. It is the ultimate communication device in my opinion. As far as snapping pics etc. I make use of convenience keys and Quick Launch "IN & OUT" LOL.

It's funny. I don't have any of the issues you have. But I'm on a 8900. I click the unlock on top and click the camera convenience key and it pops up and ready to take a pic in about 2.3 seconds. Thats pretty snappy to me. Also you don't have to unlock your windows 7 phone? On the topic of folders, even Apple has adopted the idea of being able to organize your apps. And lets not forget you probably haven't even touched bb 6 os yet. So if your going to compare Win phone 7, let's do it to the latest BB offering.

To be honest, I think this commercial missed the mark. The majority of people will think the message was dilute at best. M$ dont out and out claim anything in this commercial, vague veiled statements. And it's not just a crackberry phenomena, it's a smartphone phenomena with people being glued to their devices. I see it from friends whether it's a Iphone 4, Droid, or BB. People just need to learn to put their phones down and enjoy the moment.

all the important people in my life.....have blackberrys ha thats a blackberry too. Dont see many companies jumping to the iPhone or Windows phones for their business needs.

Yes...because I regularly refuse to recognize my wife when she's dressed for intimacy just to look at my BlackBerry..

You probably believe in global warming as well...

How much is M$ft paying you to post that crap?

Yes, on all accounts. Except the dude texting with his old lady dressed up in the background. Thats grounds for termination buddy.


Gotta do something for an OS that any real smartphone consumer is going to pay attention to. Kinda funny.

This commercial is so true, I am glued to my blackberry not just because of communicating with others, but because of my apps too. Maybe that windows 7 phone isn't as fun to be on and thats why it doesn't "interfere" with life....Blackberry JUNKIE all the way lol :)

What the? Buy our phone so you don't use it as much as a BB? What? How is this good advertising?

*mind has been boggled*

Hilarious commercial though.

This commercial is hilarious! I love Blackberries and will keep hating on lame Windows/Android/Iphones phones lol. Kevin couldn't have wrote this article better then he did especially the middle paragraph! This commercial makes me want a blackberry more then their phone hahaha.

its not so that you can use your phone less its to use ur phone in the right way!!! so instead of spending time looking for things all over your phone or finding something or for a web page to load those things on a windows phone 7 happen quickyly and the important information is right there on the main screen! so you can get back to life

While I do see what you are saying and can see that as the message they were trying to convey. But, they missed the mark. It isn't what you are trying to say as much as what people interpret it to be. Just look at the posts on here, nobody interpreted it to mean what you said. Instead, the thought is they are trying to say people look at their phone too much. They don't convey how their phone is any improvement or going to get you on with life faster. They need to take a page out of "the ballerina" ad for AT&T 3G. As false as it is, they want you to believe you get things done faster. That is what MS needed to convey... that you find, and accomplish, what you want faster with a Windows Phone.

"get you back into life?" yeah, probably b/c you look at your win7 phone and say, "ah, crap! it locked up again. guess i'll talk to my wife while i wait for it to reboot."

"We made a phone you'll hardly want to use. You're welcome"

I was thinking the same thing as you, they are making fun of what they hope to be. Bad angle, imo.

I don't think what I do on my BB is going to work well in those childish Leapfrog-looking boxes.

All this commercial implies is that Windows Phones are boring and uninteresting, thus why you're not glued to it constantly.

for the plug and showing the world that blackberry users from all walks of life really love their BLACKBERRIES!!


PS. - hey microsoft do have fart apps too!

LMAO... Did dude just dropped his phone in the pissing stall and picked it up??... lmao... best BB commercial up to date and its not even done by RIM... how IRONIC... ppl love Blackberries, stop acting like you guys don't... lol

Really cool commercial. I get it but fail to see how any other phone could compete in regards of in and out. BB OS5 is all about that, no nonsense, straight to business and getting it done.

And, Yes I can't take my eyes off mine either, so I'm just getting that much more done.:)

Having those homescreens with all those widgets/hubs or whatever only confuses things and actually slows You down. So maybee the messages is: Do less and relief Yourself from stress. ;)

That being said. I think WP7 is very interesting compared to the Apple/Google alternative. Let's just hope that they really mean business and get those services rolled out to the smaller countries as well. (A very large number of the services are not supported in for example Denmark)

Love this commercial. I've got two phones and I'm an avid BB user but I do have control over myself at the dinner table, date, movie theater, meeting etc.

In Toronto, the vast majority of people I know are BB users (with the occasional iphone fanboy here and there) and this commercial really reflects so many in that group.

I've got to give Microsoft credit here. By no means am I changing platforms but I feel like ever since those Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld ads, followed by Windows 7 (the OS) and everything, they're really starting to come back in a big way. Besides, try plugging your Blackberry into a mac. Not fun.

Lol, they just shot themselves in the foot, best blackberry commercial ever. Cut the last few seconds and it really is a blackberry commercial. Brilliant!!!!!!!!

Heh, so true. A few of those moments have been me--at a party, in the shower to a lesser extent (was waiting for a very important BBM lol), walking into people because I'm concentrating on reading or typing something. Oh I am truly CrackBerried out and love every minute of it!

That sooo truee !!! :P
but doesn't change the fact that blackberry are way better, and im sure that we all, blackberry users, aren't in some kind of trap, and are all/were aware of what owning a blackberry is all about ;)
i just love it cause it got all my friends in it :P
when im just bored of my current situation ... i just jump into my bb !! :P

Nice to see the Torch featured so prominently in the commercial. The folks at BB did a fantastic job...oh wait, never mind.

I really think a lot of you are missing the point to this commercial but that's okay this is a Blackberry website with people who love there phones.

Im really excited about it though, I just sold my blackberry bold 9700 for a windows phone 7 when it comes out Nov 8.... I was getting soo tired of my blackberry, being slow, having to restart the device, web page load times.... it was taking me 2 minutes to start my blackberry.

Reasons why im excited for Windows Phone 7:
1. Xbox live intergration (Sims 3, Need for speed) couldnt do that on my blackberry bold. Being able to connect with my other xbox live people. Earn achievements, play with my avatar.

2. Microsoft Office, I don't care how good office third party software is on the blackberry the best software to work with Microsoft office will be Office on Windows Phone 7!

3. Zune on Windows Phone 7 we all know that the zune pass is the most superior way of doing music. Even apple is trying to do this. Zune interface is outstanding!

Great Specification on all there devices: all must have atleast a 1ghz snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera, etc

To me this is a funny commercial and shows you how stupid we all look walk around totally fixed on our phones and not focusing on the important things around us!

"To me this is a funny commercial and shows you how stupid we all look walk around totally fixed on our phones and not focusing on the important things around us!"

But that's a message that can apply to every phone user because people enjoy their devices. They don't show people being frustrated by the BlackBerry, they show them enjoying it to the point of distraction. They didn't do a good job of showing how or why Windows 7 would be different.

This is the type of commercial you expect from a company that is not in the phone business. Where the viewers can laugh at people and then pitch a relaxation product like coffee.

Also, I think the best software to work with Microsoft Office would be one that has a cut and paste feature.

"To me this is a funny commercial and shows you how stupid we all look walk around totally fixed on our phones and not focusing on the important things around us!"

Okay, but is this a message that should be coming from a company trying to sell me a smartphone? This should be a skit on a comedy show if anything. Doesn't make me want to run out and buy a Windows Phone.

Funny, entertaining commercial. But REALLY?? It is counter-productive to itself. It really is a great ad for BlackBerries -- those of us who (*ahem*) behave that way can see the humor in it, but the commercial does nothing to make me want to change.

It's a good reminder about the sharks though... I'll remember that next time!!

I've NEVER been so wrapped up in a phone that I wouldn't notice the cute girl standing next to the bed!!!!

So basically, its saying that the Windows 7 phone is so bad, that you won't actually want to use it and so theres no risk of an addiction, such like the one you get from e.g. Blackberrys?

This really made me think the following:

My first reactions [Humor intended]

- They never work correctly, so you can't be on it

- Their phones are too busy rebooting due to the phone freezing. Love the battery pulls

- Their battery died, therefore they can't be on it.

- At least you can drop a BB and it not break, even if it is in a urinal.

- People with Blackberries are important :)

My first reactions [No humor intended]

The funny thing, I have a BB and I can get more than 1/2 the things done on my phone faster than my iPhone friends. Actually, when I watched this, I was thinking it targeted iPhone users more. Out of all my friends/family (22 people) 3 of us have BB, 16 have iPhones - and us 3 are the ONLY ones who are actually productive with our phones. More than half the time the iPhone users in my friends/family are wasting endless non productive time on their phone. (i.e. playing with Fart apps, games ect).

The commercial really is great and does work because people are viewing it and people are talking about it and right there when you get a reaction from someone viewing a commercial its already a success.

Great Job Microsoft on a good commercial can't wait for the launch November 8th here in Canada and the US. Ill be picking up my Samsung Focus from Rogers!

I dont know if this was such a good idea for MS. I mean i would rather have an WP7 phone then an iPhone but this is just purely promoting RIM. They didnt even show the phone or what it can do.

Really Microsoft? So you are telling us that your phone is still uh...a phone and not a smartphone? Way to go!
Oh yeah and thanks for making such a cool ad for Blackberry!

The commercial is funny, but it did miss it's point. The sad thing is that we are all too reliant on our phones. I like the one in the bedroom where the girl is standing there in her lingerie. Blackberry because your girlfriend/wife bores you. ha ha. Just kidding. I would be taking pics with the blackberry and asking her to do a strip tease.

As a BB user I am happy with my vzw service. I go to remote locations and the phone & data still work. I can almost guarantee that the WP7 coupled with the advertised service provider will not provide the same. Go ahead make fun of bb users - we know what we have and..."it just works."

Windows Phone 7 could only wish their phone would be as addictive.
Those aren't even real addicts in the commercial, because we all know how to multitask. Though there was that one time I almost got hit by a car why answering a BBM message, Ping! me baby.

Why do I get the feeling somebody at microsoft's advertising department is gonna get fired? Lol
After you watch it ask yourself what is stuck in your head, blackberry or winmo 7?

...thats what I call funny, sell your phones by making the competitor look addictive. good luck MS.

Is it just me but this ad just makes me want a BlackBerry more?

It's free advertising for BlackBerry because people who finds this funny can relate to the crackberry addiction and the people in their life who owns one.

So if I never owned a BlackBerry before and after watching this for the first time, wouldn't I be curious and go out and get a BlackBerry to see what the fuss is all about?

Also at first glance I thought this was a BlackBerry commercial up the very end that it mentioned Windows Phone 7. This confuses the consumer not sure if this is a BlackBerry or Windows Phone commercial.

I think Microsoft didn't put much thought into this ad.

Come on, it's funny. And TRUE. And applies to more than just Blackberry users, of course. Anyone who is offended by this needs to get a sense of humor! As for the Windows Phone itself, they ought to focus on how good it is. The strategy of using the "getting back to life" idea is a good one, and may work, but the product has to hold up on its own as well.

(And let us be reminded of how many people have been rear-ended by people using their phones in traffic...ack).


What an ad. What an ad. Literally laughed while watching. It's so true. Everyone with a blackberry's hooked to it. But so what it just means it's the best

That commercial made me not want a windows phone. I not in my bb screen all day I have os6 universal search makes finding anything quick.I get what they were trying to say and do easy of use, but I have never seen a microsoft product that was easy. Windows 7 best attempt and even thathas hicups sharing music and video with a 360. Normally resart fixes. I sidtracked but anyway funny commercial but come harder get my attention not make me laugh at the fact that I love my 9800.

You could argue that with some of the BB apps/addons, BlackBerrys are in-and-out phones. With today screens you can easily see what emails and appointments you have and with BerryBuzz you can see what type of messages are waiting for you.

If Windows Phone 7 is any good, people are going to want to use it and more than just "peak."

Its a good campaign to say that you can just look at the device and know exactly what you have, but don't you think people are going to want to read the messages? Sure just by looking at the phone I'll know I have a text from my friend, facebook event, a few work emails and unread tweets, but I'm going to want to read them. People using WP7 phones should be exactly like everyone else in the commercial.

As an aside: Don't you hate it when the person walking in front of you suddenly slows to a crawl and when you pass them you see they are on their iPhone/BB/whatever? WP7 wont change that, sadly.

I'll do some "research" and show people I know the first 50 seconds of the commercial and see what they say.

Honestly, I was perplexed as well, thinking Kevin was drunk and posted a new BB Torch video :-)

But yeah, I watched the commercial a few times. They needed to show people scowling, shaking, grunting, growling, acting angry at the technology in their hand.

Look closely at the people in the ad... the guy on the bicycle, the guy in the bed, the lady (before she tumbles down the stairs), and the bride are actually smiling!

Contrast that to the guy at the end, who puts down his phone and has a mild look of disappointment. Hehe

Not only the team who made this commercial should be fired (and/or hired by RIM), but the team who approved the market research as well as the executive that approved it.

I'm not stranger to a Windows Phone: I used a HTC Tilt and had a BlackBerry 7290 at the same time. The Tilt I wanted to constantly throw at something... it was slow to receive email (I had BlackBerry desktop forwarding my outlook emails) compared to the BlackBerry, slow to send, slow. I was able to play Solitaire if I recall, but only with the stylus. Goodness I hated that phone with every fiber of my soul.

The song is "The Hall of the Mountain King" from the Peer Gynt Suite, however I have no idea who performed the version they used in the commercial. I love when companies use classical music :-)

They are 100$ right!! I know this because I've had sever windows phones over the years. You be able to get on with your life because you'll be waiting for your phone to reboot after it freezes and you do a soft reset.

Honnestly, I get things done in n out pretty quickly with my BB 8900, taking pics, uploading, looking for stuff on the net, responding to mails or any messages...

I guess the new way of marketing is to show off how addictive your competitor's product is for 95% of the commercial, then show a small glimpse of your competing product without showing any of its features. I can't believe Microsoft paid for a Blackberry

I am proud to own a Blackberry Bold 9700. That is a great commercial. I am looking at getting the Torch does anyone have any pros or cons for it?

Just take out the last few seconds of windows crap and replace it with a BlackBerry logo and "please use responsibly". Perfect BlackBerry Ad.

Microsoft seems to have a lousy reputation when it comes to operating systems. I would not want one on my phone.

ahah, I liked it.. reminded me of some people on any type of phones

hopefully the phone doesnt come with internet, games, and apps. it will totally get you in and out of a phone and into real life ;)

that shows how great bb is

really now berry is "in and out" its just nobody tend to do the "out" part. i know i will get a email and check it in 2 seconds, then for whatever reason blast onto facebook, check in with fouresquare, read my bbms, and pocket the phone to have it go off again

sucks when you phone is addicting i guess?

Lets see if I want to read and reply to a text on my torch -
click the top message preview, read, and either type on screen or slide open keyboard and hit enter. Seems like I'm in and out.

Maybe if someone doesn't know how to use their blackberry they will seem like a goof but with a little practice I find it to be a very efficient phone that I can do what I need to do quickly.

Is it commercials like this and the 'funeral' microsoft held for the blackberry/iphone that makes people across the world hate windows?

Fanboys are just a disease in general. Unwilling to accept anything but what they want to accept. You guys obviously did not get the point of the video. I personally wouldn't want to stare at my blackberry anymore than I have to. I applaud Microsoft for their efforts in trying to get their point and message across.

ok... Everyone knows that BlackBerry users have the ability to walk, run, etc... while heads-down clicking away on the crackberry without ever running into anything/one...

if you think about it a little, you can really see that those over a Microsoft just kicked themselves in the ass. They freely promoted the Blackberry like because everyone for about 90% of the video had a blackberry. Being that not everyone watches commercials in their entirety, they'll see the blackberry and say, "huh another good blackberry commercial." And those that DO watch the video fully, can see that they are promoting a phone that is "less superior" than the blackberry. If your phone can't "crack" you out by mesmerizing you with it's functionality and overall performance..........why get it? Thank you Microsoft for supporting BLACKBERRY, keep the free advertisements coming. ha ha


There were all sorts of phones would love to take credit for the whole AD, but it wasn't even about blackberry.

I asked a friend after watching it he said...idk the were making fun of all the other phone makers. Which is what most people would say.

I agree with Kevin. My BB 9700 is THAT interesting. Oh yeah, exactly what does the MS phone actually do? The according to the ad, it just sits there on the table, not being used. Sad if you ask me.

This commercial is not much different than the Blackberry "Love What You Do" campaign a few months back...except I enjoyed this ad.

I don't think this is supposed to show why Windows Mobile is that much better. It makes you laugh and leaves you with a positive feeling about the OS hoping you'll want to learn more or at the very least peaks your interest.

But Blackberry's biggest threat isn't Windows Mobile...and the numbers show that.

I had a couple of phones running windows mobile and it sucked with the constant lockups, slow reactivity and not being able to find anything worth a dang to install on them, so hopefully they fixed that issue.

This ad is junk primarily they are trying to bash another phone without even talking about theirs... what makes it faster... how does it work... what can it actually do? Seriously...? I agree with the rest of the people when they say its an ad for RIM because like many people said even though they were using the phone excessively they are all smiling and having fun with the phone!

I showed my dad this ad... he is not a smart phone user, does not text or browse the web and he said why would I buy something that could crash on me? When he thinks of microsoft he thinks about their operating system.

To the person who said this OS would be easier to use... How much easier can you really make it? I am on BOS6.0 and I have all my stuff organized in folders: Setup, Applications, Social, Games and Media. For all my apps that I have got to have quick access to they are in my favorites... Slide my finger to the left and tap on the app...pretty easy and fast! All emails, text messages and social programs show up in my notification bar. Click notification bar (one click) view my stuff when done hit back or power button or if I have more I can view it and either delete it or go back to to view something else... pretty fast and simple to me.

Camera use? Unlock, hold camera button down and take picture, view it (same screen), send to facebook and then hit ok... Thats four taps... to do all that I just mentioned a few more if you want to tag to the picture... EASY!

I for one will not be buying this phone and if I ever do leave the Blackberry behind I am moving to droid.

I havent really been on a date. but i'm pretty sure that if you pull out a phone during a date the date is already ruined...

Lets see who is more impressive, and who's phone makes a greater leap forward. We already know 6.0 was a new theme wrapped in a very slow moving torch.

RIM went no where with 6.0m its like we are still waiting for it to be released all over again it was so weak, lol.

Its gonna be a lonnnnng time before they do a OS overhaul ( a bunch of tweaks sure), if they go with the Playbook OS, great because the one they work from is complete Crap and even Kevin admitted that on VIDEO, while reviewing the torch.

So more power to Windows 7

I Love It!! But not for the reason's Microsoft is aiming for.
I see people really loving (becoming obsessed maybe) with their Blackberry's. There is so much to do with a Blackberry. You have to be a "User and Abuser" to fully understand why we love it so much.

That keeps finding myself going back and watching this hilarious commercial over and over and over! Laughing Out Loud and thinking yep that's me...yep I've done that. And all the laughs...on MS! Thanx MS.

"Maybe it's just me... but the commercial actually makes me want to own a BlackBerry, not a Windows Phone. I mean, if a phone is that good that you can't take your eyes off it, then why wouldn't you want it?! :) "

Exactly! MS totally missed the point on this one. If I wanted a phone that wasn't interesting I wouldn't even bother with a smart phone.

Some other great comments in here...survive the fall into the urinal, etc...

Really the commercial is ass-backwards marketing!!!

The ad simply represents a blockbuster gone wrong again for Microsoft, they really aren't the best of marketeers out there... they are just lucky to be able to fill the void when Apple was in turmoil... now... let's hope they can pull their act together and REALLY give us a killer product...

This is hilarious imho, I could care less about the win7 device ...i just haz no interest. The fact they made a Blackberry parody type of ad cracks me up. I like the surgeon, I imagine he was on google looking for the directions to the procedure. haha thx for the laugh!!

The new Windows 7 phone just isn't that interesting. I mean that's obviously what they're showing here right? Everyone else is so engrossed in what their Blackberries can do that the Windows 7 phone won't be able to offer nearly as much so you won't be on it nearly as often. :-)

Good Morning BERRY world...... I found that commercial funny. It is true but we are happy with our blackberry. It got me out of some bad dates.

Someone definitely dropped the ball in creating this ad. I was bbm'n (which i know i cant do on a windows fone)and changing my facebook status all while watching this ad that makes blackberry seem to make more sense!! LOL. Good Job Microsoft.

(This message was typed on a macbook!)

You sure that wasn't a BB commercial? Seems to describe a good number of us, quite well. Oh well. Be sure to remind RIM to send Windows a thank you card for the free advertising.

1) You bring ur BB to the bathroom with you

2) Complete happiness when u reach a traffic light or get stuck in traffic

3) You giggle or burst out into hysterical fits of laughter even when you are alone

4) You leave your nails as short as possible so u can glide across your keypad

5) You sleep with your BB beside you

6) Completely obsessed with BBM

7) Depression when something happens to your BB

8) Stress when your BB has no EDGE/3G

9) Bipolarity and random fits of rage when the BB service goes.

If u experience 2 or more of the symptoms above u may be suffering from blackberryitis!

It's not taking shots at BlackBerry - get over yourselves. It's just a marketing spin using humour. I liked it a lot, and I get more done on my current phone than I ever did on my BB. The ONLY thing I lost was push email to my POP/IMAP account. Easily resolved by transitioning to gmail, which has better spam protection than my POP ever did.

What I gained is multiple input options and navigation as quick as seeing what I want to click and sticking my finger on it. I also gained fun options for killing time, superior navigation, and independence from RIM's unreliable servers that essentially render me dead in the water when they go down.

Yeah, I'm still one of those yayhoos in the commercial but it's because the phone is a joy and not a nuisance.

It appears that about 90% (at least) of the phones people are using in the commercial are, in fact, BlackBerries, so I do believe it's intended as a direct hit to the Crackberry Addict... I sent 'round it to some friends (one with a BB addiction, one who *hates* cellphones of all kinds) because it really is funny...

So to sum up, I'd say yes, this commercial is highly entertaining, and I do hope it runs!

My thoughts are, why add multi media, a camera, texting and email to a phone, if all you are suppose to do with it, is get in and out (make calls).

The second you start texting, responding to emails, using any social networking apps, games, making it yours by being able to customize it.

Nice try Microsoft, but it's just another phone, and people are going to use it, the same way they use any other phone. Don't add what people want, and they won't buy it.

RIM could NOT pay for that kind of advertising! I wanna get one of those phones!!!! Hang on....I already have one!!!!!