New web app brings iOS Gmail UI to BlackBerry 10

Gmail Web App
By Adam Zeis on 11 Mar 2013 03:33 pm EDT

If you're a Gmail user and for some odd reason not a fan of the native email experience on BlackBerry 10, you'll be happy to know that you can now get the same experience as iOS users thanks to a redesigned mobile site. The new site mirrors the design of the iOS app with a clean design and easy to find functions. You can now hit up from the BlackBerry 10 browser and use all of the features you'd expect within Gmail as well as updated search and calendar functions. A great alternative for those times you need to do some power Gmailing.




That's old I've used the same UI even when Dev Alpha still newest

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That is great start, I just hope they give us better search interface Google Music and drive


Thanks but no thanks. Next!


Looks good

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Pilot Prop

My job uses GMail/Google Calendars sooo many things. I pray someone develops a way to get google calendars to play nice with BB calendars....


at first mine didnt work very well, but then i realized i had not set my local calendar to be my gmail address, now that i have done that i have the functionality that i need.

not sure what problems you are having but this fixed mine


looks great!! thanks...I wish the native hub on z10 would let me pull up my starred mails/search all my emails (not just the ones on the device)...


I noticed that the "Remember" app lists all the flagged emails.


I'm assuming mr.hacker...

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Can anyone comment on how gmail looks for Windows Phone users? If anything this a good sign - shows Google made some sort of effort to direct BlackBerry 10 user agent to the updated mobile site. Small step but it shows that they care to a certain extent even if what they did is super simple.

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I just went to via my 9900 and its also looks revamped from only a couple days ago. So everyone should be seeing a new I know I am.


hey kevin what was the monday surprise?


I'll pass... I just love using my BlackBerry Hub.

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I do too. But some things, Hub is really bad at. Like searching.


Noticed this for Google maps on the weekend. worked amazingly. I didn't sideload the Google maps app and instead just saved the website to my home screen.


Seems to work well but I can't seem to login my account. No error message, just keeps falling back to main map.


Google what. .?

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Is this the catalyst that starts illustrating the strength of html 5 vs apps? Or maybe start the discussion regarding browser speeds when talking about ecosystems?

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The London Geezer

Kevin, buddy, your credit card details are in full view.


Yup. May wanna blur/fix that. Or, actually, call your bank. LOL

Adam Zeis

lol it's just a piece of mail, not an actual credit card :) 

The London Geezer

How utterly stupid of me! Mea culpa :)


@irwindersra - how did you set your local calendar to Gmail?

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Open the calendar, swipe down, select settings, select "Meeting invitation Settings", change local calendar drop down to your Gmail address, this allowed me to save and edit my Gmail calendar appointments

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No swipe right to go back. Lame. iOS is SOOO last decade...

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Why not just go to ?

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Is that a serious question... ?


If his card number is 4000 1234 5678 0910 in be very impressed.

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FYI: GmailBrowser application is a native BlackBerry 10 app. It gives you a dedicated browser for GMAIL and it has Application Lock. It also has Back and Home menus.
By adding a script (provided by GmailBrowser) to your Google account, you can also get push notification for your Gmails without GmailBrowser needing to run in the background.

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GmailBrowser is updated to day to 1.0.8 to handle the new Gmail UI


"...for some odd reason not a fan of the native email experience on BlackBerry 10..." How about a 15-min delay in receiving emails?:(


"You can now hit up from the BlackBerry 10 browser and use all of the features you'd expect within Gmail as well as updated search and calendar functions."
So why is this being compared to iOS?
Besides, the internal mail hailing of BlackBerry is rock solid and fast. I'd ask to give that a chance first.

Louis Belshaw

To be honest the BlackBerry Z10 integrated Gmail thing seems perfectly fine for me.. its more practical and generally easier to use.

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Edeviel, I've never had an email, Gmail, Hotmail or random Web mail work server take 15 minutes to appear on my device or notify me. It's always instant or within a couple of minutes, which is better than any android I have used in the past.

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