New Vodafone Storm In Action Demo Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Oct 2008 01:56 pm EDT

You'll have to click the image above to go watch the video (they didn't make it available for embedding), but the click will be worth it. What will you see? How does a Vodafone BlackBerry Storm demo that walks through the 9500's features and native apps sound? Click the image and watch the video. Be sure to report back here with your comments!!!

Update: BIG THANKS to Storm Reviews for the video. We had to embed it above as their site is buckling under all the traffic and we know CrackBerry Nation is too dang impatient to wait to see this! *

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New Vodafone Storm In Action Demo Video!


I think too many people just tried to watch it on their site and crashed it.

STAY TUNED. Hopefully somebody can get it embedded elsewhere for easier sharing.

It works if you keep hitting refresh until you get the site to load. It took me about 2 minutes of hitting refresh until i saw the page starting to load. It's a great video which shows internet browsing, video, email, instant messaging, gps, and more

I will be buying the storm for sure when it arrives in the local verizon store...these videos are just kinda teases...I'd really like to see a video without background music drowning out the sound of the video, music, and the hint of the haptic response from the touch screen! Keep it going Kev.

One thing I love about the blackberry is the convenience of the shortcuts, ie. holding a letter key for CAP letter etc.. Will the touch allow such conveniences? I hope I don't have to shift for caps.

Yes, this works. If you download the simulator for the device from the RIM website, you can use the device in all of its glory. The left mouse button is a hold, and the right mouse button is a finger "glide over" without the push. It has a great representation of how the solution really works. You can even turn sideways, upside down, etc. It is a great simulator and really worth getting.

I have been looking for specifically how browser works. This is the first video to show that you can pan the browser with moving your finger and also that it shows full HTML page and not the mobile version. The music juke box seemed quite useful although not as good as ipod. I am ready to switch to Storm.

Where is Verizon? There's hardly any public buzz from them beyond the lame webpage on their site. If this is supposed to be a big phone for them that is releasing in a matter of weeks then why aren't they out there doing what Vodafone is doing? At least put some more meat on the website!

They released a teaser commercial that's on A LOT

I'm sure they have some stuff planned as the release date nears. Most of the public is ADD these days so I'm sure they know what they're doing. Especially since Vodaphone is doing all the advertising for them anyway ...

See im still unimpressed by the transition animations.

Honestly that lag is always there. The rotate animation in the commercial video is glitchy. The UI doesnt need to be fancy but if ure gonna try...finish it.

I agree. The choppiness was the first thing I noticed while watching the video. I really hope they fix it by release time. I'm going to hold off on buying it until I read some reviews after the release.

is the choppiness something they can smooth out with firmware updates if it isn't fixed by launch? also, i know the browser doesn't have flash support but will youtube work?

I'm sure some people are going to say this is a pre-release model, hence the lags (that will be fixed by final shipment), but I don't buy it. The phone looks really nice and I'm excited to see a real hands on review video as soon as they come out. Are the testers allowed to air something now that the official release has been announced (minus key info, pricing and dates)?

Scratch that...this thing isn't a phone its a monster.

Have played with the emulator seen the pics and the vids. They need to release this thing soon

is this serious? and does it pertain to any region in the US? like can i sign up and then get a phone at the store where i live?

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The requested document was not found on this server.

The server must be getting hammered

Yes it has brickbreaker and all the other blackberry goodies we all know and love. Dowbload the simulator over at I frikin love the browser.

seems kinda choppy..
the transition from vertical to horizontal seems slow responsive and choppy the browsing look like it lagged when scrolling through the page.

Also if you noticed when the menu item is selected it was delayed in removing the entire menu from the screen.

I'm not sure about this one, it looks cool but maybe they should have added better hardware to avoid the choppy behaviour.

i totally agree. i think it will function fine, but from what i've seen so far, the UI is still a few years behind. that delayed menu behind the keyboard is ulgly as sin.

Few things here:
1) Yeah, it did seem somewhat choppy, video may have not done the transitions justice. Dunno till I get mt hands on it.

2) I agree, where the H E LL is VZW?!?!? They aren't killing anything at this point other than their sales. I saw more advertising for the weak a$$ Samsung Glide!

3) This is still going to be the best phone Verizon offers, I doubt anyone can argue that.

4) We didn't get to see any 3rd party applications, so that may dress the Storm up a bit.

5) I'm still gettin it cause I love Blackberrys and want a touchscreen. I'm very eager to test this new type of touch screen that you actually push.

Ok....that's all I have for this one....

Believe or not, these little videos don't excite me anymore. Its just the same stuff, over and over and over again. No disrespect to at all; I am more than grateful for the hard work you put in to educate us lazy bastards. However, I feel that the only exciting news left to be broken is when and how much. Until then, its the same sky with different clouds.

i wonder how easy the normal navigation will be. when i watched the video, it seemed like each action by the finger was slow and deliberate. i hate to compare, but on commercials and i n real life, seems like the iphone actions are a little smoother physically. does that make any sense? i just wonder how "hard" of a push you 'll need to get it to register.

Storm is coming out November 2nd. Confirmed by my friend who works there. They have models in the store already that are used for training. He said that that this phone has got to be the most amazing he has ever lay his hands on - broswer is absolutely amazing, and the unique touch feature really is "unique" and works perfectly. He is not sure of the price yet as they are awaiting corporate's announcement, but he said price should be available within a week - either publicly or internally. He was not sure.
So, that is all I have for now.

Can we please give the "Storm will be released on *Date*" posts a rest. Everyone seems to have their source which they are convinced is correct, but yet they are all different dates. Let's just wait on the official release date instead of everyone putting in their two cents with "official" release dates.

Yeah looks good and all, but i remember when RIM was ridiculing this one company that started this whole big touch screen UI, i do not remember the name of that company, i think it starts with A or something like that. RIM you are one year late to the game. (go ahead flame)

I wonder if vodafone will release the storm first? I would've expected verizon to have some better teasers than their 1 commercial. Especially for the best Blackberry yet.

I wish they showed it being typed on in a "normal" way (with both hands holding it while typing), because he pushed the keys really slow and it makes me wonder how fast someone will be able to type on it

Hate the idea of touching the thing all day long it getting all greasy and smudgy and having to constantly wipe it down to get a sharp image. Also, do not like a device that almost always requires two hands. That is one thing (among many) I hate about the iPhone - two-handed use.

But wish you all the best with it and hope it's awesome for you.

why do you even need wifi with a blackberry. thats just dumb to search for a "hotspot" when you already get internet unlimited.

Seems to look laggy, even when he tilts it too widescreen it takes a couple seconds to register. The iphone seems more seamless especially when you flick to scroll.

I dont know if you comments are showing up are not but thanks crackberry for getting the video, it actually shows the browser which I was sceptical but its all good to me...Im glad you can double tap to zoom and the laggyness will be fixed with updates dont worry people ...forget about wifi who cares you got the best service with verizon anyways att sucks I never get service and the Iphone is good but with no insurance its not worth it...I paid 180 first month 160 the second then 126 the thrid and I then i cracked my 3g iphone glass from a 2 foot drop so I had to sell it. Im going back to verizon and getting this phone its awsome it has a warranty so no worrys of breaking it.
prepare iphone here comes the storm >)

The only thing I want to know is can you access sites like capital one or bank websites to check balances or pay bills?
if not its alright I have a computer for that anyways but it would be helpfull

Seems no one noticed that in the video when they load a browser page the video is edited by quickly shifting to a closer view and then shifting to a far away view. This is not pan in and pan out. This is a shift which eliminates the delay when loading a page.

Clever trick but clearly shows that the browser is slow or is not that fast or they would have shown the page load in real time.

Wow, the interface seems really basic...and why is it so slow? Hopefully the phone undergoes a few improvements before being released to Verizon customers.

What's the name of that song in the backround? Anonymous asked yesterday and I'm curious myself. Thanks

I really like the phone but everything seems very choppy... the browser for the internet seemed to lag while the guy was dragging.. also when the phone comes from horizontal to vertical i saw a big lag.... uh come on is this phone going to be like this when it is released if so .. im def. not going to get it till all the bugs are fixed