New VistaLike Premium Theme From Hedone Design

VistaLike Hedone Design
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2009 09:25 am EST

Hedone Design has just released a new Windows Vista theme for those among you who enjoy the look of the Windows OS on your BlackBerry. As with all Hedone Design themes, VistaLike uses some awesome high resolution graphics to make it look great on any device. Numerous variations are available, so "style" of theme should not be an issue here. Zen, Today, Today Plus and many more are available for the choosing.

Along with the different variations available, Hedone has included it a wallpaper expansion pack that is available for download to allow for more personalization. Devices 4.5 OS + are supported with the excpetion of the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Storm2 series devices. Right now you can grab VistaLike for only $3.49 until November 6th. Be sure to check all the screenshots to ensure the version you choose is indeed the one you want.

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New VistaLike Premium Theme From Hedone Design


Does the theme support OS 5.0 for the Storm 9530? The description says Storm 2 OS is not supported, which makes me think the 5.0 might also not be.


i won't be buying any more themes until the White-Bar-Landscape issue is fixed.

yes, i know there are work arounds. i can go into options and blah blah blah. but i shouldn't have to do that everytime i change a wallpaper or do a batt pull.

I think I answered my own question actually. When I went to the link to look at the options available for purchase, it indicates that the various options support OS 4.7 and OS 5.0.

I'm still leary though. I've already purchased themes that appeared to be compatible and still had the landscape issues.


but will still have the white bar issues w/the storm. compatible just means it'll work with the OS and won't make things go batsh*t crazy. this is something that needs to be fixed in the OS i'm pretty sure.

it's a sad state of affairs in blackberry nation when something that worked in doesn't work in the official 5.0 OS.

I'm tempted to purchase but the types do not make sense to me. The description says to check the screen shots to figure out what version you want but the screen shots are only labeled by device as far as i can tell.

The white bar issue is an os deal that will have to be fixed by rim according to a post I read somewhere. So it has nothing to do with the theme builder. So we'll to wait for that from rim. I don't like it either but that's how it goes I guess.

but in the meantime, i won't spend money on a theme i've gotta F around with to use.

come on RIM. hook it up.

I couldn't resist this theme based on the looks alone. I am impressed with this ALOT! Appleberry, Transitions, and Vistalike are my themes now. It's fast, no memory leak, and easy to navigate. Great job!

Bought the Today Plus version for Storm 9530 running official 5.0

First load - looked great. Minor glitch where all three the left icons on the home page showed selected. Touching them unselected them one by one.

Then, made a phone call. After completion, big fat black bar across the home screen two thirds of the way down. Only way to get rid of it is a battery pull.

Damn. Un-frigging-usable!

Kevin: Can you guys PLEASE do quality control on themes before allowing them in the Crackberry store? If I spend $4 on a theme - I expect it NOT to be an alpha version!

Hey CanisMinor!
Please understand that our themes (as all others are at this time) are working on your OS as good as that is possible for that specific OS. Check CB forum for more info on that.


Appreciate the response here. I can understand that 5.0 may still have some vagaries that affect themes, and that these are likely to be pointed out in the forums by others discovering them.

However, if there is a known issue with a theme on a certain OS, it really should be pointed out on the sales page. That page specifically says this theme works with 5.0. I can handle a minor glitch here and there, but when every other incoming call leaves the device in an unusable state, I think that is a fairly major compatibility issue.

I'm not criticizing the theme - you've build an awesome looking theme here. Unfortunately, advertising it as compatible with a certain device and OS when it clearly has major issues is really frustrating.

I got your point and I understand you! The problem is that theme is (as shown on screenshots) compatible with 5.0 OS since this screens are made with 5.0
problem is in Verizon 5.0 OS and I will absolutely add mark that on this Verizon 5.0 OS theme have problems.
And thank you for understanding! I hope you will still enjoy this theme since you said its awesome... ;)
Thank you for support and comments that helps us improve user expirience!