New Video: Verizon BlackBerry Storms Hits the Streets!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2008 09:32 pm EDT

Not to be outdone by Vodafone's BlackBerry Commercial, Verizon has taken the BlackBerry Storm to the streets!!! 

[ via BGR ]

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New Video: Verizon BlackBerry Storms Hits the Streets!


All this info on the Storm is just CraZy!!!! It just keeps coming and coming! Love it tho. Just wish AT&T would step it up and start leaking info on the Bold!!!

Wow, the marketing for this phone must have been like 5X the amnt for the Bold, I'm almost at a point where I can say "I'm sick of hearing about it" and I relate that kind of statement to iPhone info :P

Too bad, it is Verizon. I am pretty sure there are some negative comments given by the interviewees, but got "edited" and left out in the video. One thing I can think of right away is: "oops, where the GPS? It is crippled again, wtf?" The full GSM/UTMS version is the better I guess. Just 2 cents.

How do you know its crippled? Why don't you wait for the release before passing judgment.

Signs seem to be pointing that the GPS will be unlocked anyways.

Whats your reply to this? How outrageous VzW's prices are? Oh thats right, they are the exact same as AT&T. . .

I'm so sick of hearing WAHHHH !! VERIZON CRIPPLED THE GPS !!! Since no one on this forum has one yet and no one knows for sure Oh yeah, did I mention

Who cares about GPS!!! If you want GPS so bad buy a garmin or tom tom or whatever else is out there. I have the GPS on my Sprint BB and i can tell you it pretty much sucks!!! Anyway....I can't wait for this phone i hope they give us at least a price or release date this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't they find me so I could play with it!!

Anyways it's really not all that to see other people looking at the phone... I wish they had shown us what it could do

I guess the point of that video was to NOT show the device? I guess they were going for a "Wanna see what this thing looks like? Then go to a rumor site and look!" type of video lol

The is the Lamest Tease I have ever seen.
They never showed it to the camera, what a poor excuse for a commercial.

Lame, Lame, Lame

Invest your own millions into R&D and come out with your own cutting edge concept device. Then dump a ton-O-$$ into your advertising. Then once you have captured the leading market share of the US market....Maybe, just maybe we might listen to your "Lame,LameLame" A$$ comments.

Storm - iPhone - HTC HD - G1 - Nokia N96 - what eva floats your boat get it. They all rock in their own unique ways. Find what U like and enjoy.

Hell if I won the Lotto, I'd have contracts with ALL the carriers and change phones more than I change my mind LOL.

I just want to see how that touchscreen reacts to finger tips. and the other video even more of a tease. BUNK!!! show us the OS!!

Thats the true test, how does it type. Obviously it will be pretty, maybe as pretty as the i-phone, maybe not, but pretty nonetheless. But text input will be the make or break for me.

Apparently, the real release date of the storm is November 1st (according to

storm-pre-launch-datasheet-surfaces.). Atleast engadget has a secret document sheet that looks relatively realistic.
P.S. Srry about the space in between the link, but it would cut off the link when i didn't.

Revolutionize the market? Come on now. This device is awesome, but it's hardly revolutionary. And I'm not sure revolutionize is a word. At this point with cell phones, if you have to touch it, it's not revolutionary. I want a device that's just a chip implanted in my brain and all I have to do is think about what I want it to do and it does it. The would revolutionize the market.

particularly in Manhattan , I totally want to touch it ! It looks so promising .

im so aroused lol .

Are Verizon & RIM hoping to capture some of the "I'd sell my first born child and throw in a bucket of chicken"-hype that the iPhone had? Please get this thing to market, before The employees at the Verizon store have a restraining order placed against me for calling every single day and asking "Do you know when it's gonna be out yet? Do Ya? Do Ya?"

I haven't owned a BlackBerry more then 2 weeks now, and I'm already chomping at the bit to get my paws on a Storm. That's bad. lol.

1. Isn't the commercial's music just a '70's porn movie soundtrack speeded up?

2. Why hasn't this guy been on the streets in MY neighborhood?

Ok Verizon, I get it. I get what your trying to do. Hold off as long as possible to release any information so people will build and ask questions. Enough is enough. Seriously, this phone is the jumper for me. If its decent, Ill stick with verizon and get this. If its just another dare type device with blackberry email then thats not good enough.

Reguardless, this is crap, the one thing missing from these gigantic amounts of leaks is letting me see it work for more than .5 seconds. Why so secret on the browser?

I really think that something is fishy here. Why wont they show someone pressing it. Why cant we see the browser work (in the commercial it just says BROWSER! and then someone starts dancing, wtf is that) The commercial is considered some huge leak when all it does is take a 3d model of the phone, rotate it, and then show some generated screens.

Honestly right now I almost believe the original ninja dude just because no other non-vzw has seen or used the actual phone. Just give us one minute of actual useage. I would love for this phone to be awesome, but as far are portable browsers go, everything verizon has cowers in the iphone. Let me see the damn thing work.

Enough already. When can we get our Verizon paws on this beautiful phone. I will stalk customer service everyday until someone breaks... Hehehehe

Love the storm, but why has vodafone got the exclusive rights to sell it in the uk? when will T-mobile customers be able to have this amazing phone?