New video shows off iGrann, a native Instagram client for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2013 02:47 am EDT

Seems as though the third-party Instagram app space is heating up for BlackBerry 10. Previously, we've only seen some images of iGrann in action but now the developer has uploaded a new video to YouTube for us all to check out. This video comes hot on the heels of another Instagram client, ????gram, that we posted about as well.

I guess it's a bit of a race now to see who can get their app out there and on devices first. For their part, iGrann has mentioned that maybe and alpha / beta version of the app could see release at some point this week. Goes without saying, going from zero Instagram apps being worked on to having two Instagram apps to choose from eventually is a nice problem to have.

I would be remiss though if I didn't mention that this is exactly how Instagram on Windows Phone got started and now, they have an official Instagram app arriving on the platform in the 'coming weeks'.

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New video shows off iGrann, a native Instagram client for BlackBerry 10


Free...come on we are BlackBerry users , we welcome App developers and want to reward them 99 cents to 1.99 is game on this end !!$$$

Posted via CB10

Free would be better, but it is a third party app. The dev DESERVES compensation for the hard work.

0.99 to 1.99 sounds ok in my book.

I would like to pay for this. It can be free, but I would like to pay regardless. There has been enough complaining on these boards, we should be able depart with $.99 for their work.
Lets promote app developers.

They have no choice, you cannot charge for an app that logs you into something else such as Instagram. Only Instagram can charge for access. So yes all Instagram Clients should be FREE.

Why it should be free? Who will pay the developer's time and effort to develop the app, they don't have any obligation to give it for free to you so that YOU can use/access Instagram.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure if they did there would be some serious legal issues and the app would be pulled in a heartbeat. Instagram itself is not a paid service and it could be considered plagiarism if someone charges for a service that is not theirs without the permission of the company.

And that's how you take one for the team. I guess I'll have to join you on that now (also not an instagram user - though I made an accout so I can show people we can use it).

You pay for a piece of mind basically. Good for you.

People, please don't let us stop you from sending the developer a check.

Post via CB Z10

Are you people for real? There are developers out there who are committed to supporting BlackBerry 10 even though almost everyone is putting a nail the coffin and you find it hard to pay $.99-$1.99 for an app?
Just unreal..

Posted via CB10

I think they should charge for it?. I like supporting Devs for making BlackBerry life what it is.

BlackBerry since 8700c ....Sent from my Z10

I think it HAS to be free, because Instagram would not be happy with a third party dev making money off of them and they not getting a cut of it. Funny, because Facebook owns them.

I say, blackberry devs should race to develop apps that we want, but don't have yet. This way they can put pressure on snobbish companies to release their original native apps to us! That is, if we still want them :p BlackBerry dev versions seem to be better then the original >:)

Muahahahahahahahahaha >:D

pressure, pressure instagram! ask rogers about it, they know a thing or two about it :*o

Posted via CB10

Great news can't wait to use it

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What's the point of these apps? I think Flipboard Instagram integration is better than the actual app anyway. You guys should really do an article explaining how to setup Instagram with Flipboard. Just go to Content (red menu thing in the top right) then tap Accounts, tap Instagram and enter your account then voila all Instagram content is available! It looks better than native Instagram in my opinion. Tumblr and some other services that are not on BB10 yet are also available this way.

I've noticed a keyboard issue typing in my username and password just for Instagram so I copied and pasted it over from another app and everything works great!!

I'm not instagram user but I guess is not a messaging app, I guess is more like a photo social network thing

Yeah, it really looks to function better than the Android App does(on Android itself).

I'm loving the whole Cascades thing and using the built-in image editor.

Though he didn't test video...I want to see that working! :)

Good job, Dev! I will definitely be getting this!

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

it'a gorgeous i have a lotta faith in BlackBerry devs.

#IchooseBlackBerry10 (and my Z30 is just soooo awesome!!)

I know that iGrann has been in dev. for a while, but just hope that it's not now rushed out due to the competition element. Happy to wait a for a great app.

Posted via CB10

Get it integrated in the Hub with the 10.2 OS With priority hub and hub attachment

Posted via CB10

Btw folks, with this app, this is not the only layout, you will have two choices, of the "modern" layout (the one in the video) or the classic layout (which is pretty much like instagram) .

Meh, classic is lame. Though I'm sure some people might like it.

I'm loving the Cascades look! It makes it really seem like a BlackBerry App! :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Looks great!

Good to see Dev working on this, helping keep BlackBerry relevant with the masses!!

Posted via CB10

This really is a "nice problem to have".

As mentioned wp had the same situation (I think there may have been six, at one point) and IG finally decided to grace them - we may/should experience something similar!

There's obviously a need, and kudos to the devs meeting that need!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

VERY Happy to pay for this. If a Dev has managed to finally get a native insta client working, they deserve to be paid, and stand to make a fortune.
Cant Wait!

App will be free as repeatedly stated by the iGrann dev. You can however, donate to him. Just like me and the rest of us in the thread.

Wow just saw the video... sickkkkkkk!!!! I wonder how it'll look on the Q10 though

Posted from my bangin Q10

I don't like Instagram but I must admit the cascades looks great. Does this do filters? If not just side load the original one and move to this one. Bit of a pain but better than nothing hey?

Glad to see these alternative solutions being developed, but still pretty pissed with Instagram for going against their own word.

*Claims they develop for where the most users are

**Develops for Windows Phone before BlackBerry.

The app seems to run extremely smooth. Will wait for this app to hit BlackBerry world to download any IG client. And hope he includes the donation tab/page.

iGrann's looking great! Can't wait for it to hit the streets!!

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The irony of this. The best phones(running BB10) are voted as the worst phones. The crap fones are voted as the best and are outselling BB10 fones cause we don't have apps. Right! So now we have a situation where the app that makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry namely BBM is so damn popular they just cant get it fast enough. Weird! But i thought BlackBerrys don't have apps. Duh!!! So are BlackBerrys still crap?

I wonder when they see that iGrann and ????gran is better than instagrann will they want that too, or will they just go and buy a BB. Just a thought.

Would be amazing if these two native apps were able to plug into other full featured photo editors like Photo Studio Pro in addition to the native camera editor (which is good for built-in and free.) I think Photo Studio Pro has a top notch set of filters with rendering equal to or better than that of Instagram's.

Posted via CB10

Drkpitt, as long as the developer of that program exposes the functionality as a card any app could use it. It's the power of cascades

Posted via CB10

Yeah igrann was compete with ???gram.
I like this. Who will be the first native client?

Posted via CB10

im ready to buy... when its released... dont care if the dev %100 covers the features or not. great effort worth buying hope its sold to somethinf like that 5 usd and you sell a million copies which will make 5 million dollars.

Posted via CB10

Everything is better in Cascades. The app looks great! Developers like these are amazing. Thanks y'all! So awesome to see our version will actually look and run better than other platform's versions that are out right now. Lol! #pwned

Posted via CB10

I'll buy it and never use it. I don't give a damn about Instagram but, this young man could single handedly save BlackBerry. In spite of all the haters in the press and markets, despite the idiots in these very comments who think every app should be free (go to Android already), despite the Board of Directors and inadequacy of the management, this could save BlackBerry.

I just hope that iGrann willing to change the name in the actual release because somehow it reminds me of my granny

Posted via CB10


Somebody stop me....

She's brekk'in up cap'n.... ah cannah hold her....

Posted via CB10

This looks great and will be happy to donate devs like this deserve a reward thx

Posted via CB10

Does it also use Instagram filters? Don't get me wrong, I love the built in phone editor, but I can hear people complaining now.

Posted via CB10

Ah so this is the one I was thinking of when hearing about WP getting a native official Instagram app. I'm liking iGrann, will probably also give the other app mentioned a try when it's launched. Devs of these apps, if they're coming for free, as iGrann is, I hope there is still some way for you guys to profit.

Wow it looks perfect for BB10! Shows just how different Blackberry is and I love it! Also it would seem this app would be perfect for the Q10 screen size! Too excited

Posted via Q10

The dev deserves compensation for all the hard work people!
It's worth parting with $1-$2 to support the bb10 dev community

Posted via CB10

I don't use Instagram, nor care about it, but hopefully this brings some people to our Platform.

Ppl crying about free are ridiculous... is 1.99 that much? I mean we all work hard for our money..and so do the devs and every where I go ppl are crying over a buck!

Posted via CB10

Man people either don't read or don't read.... the dev has already said it will be free!!! there is nothing to argue about. The ones who whine about if it will be free. We'll there you go, it is!! The ones who want to pay, you can make a donation. Stop asking about the same thing. It's annoying as fuck!! Read people read!!!

Posted via CB10

I don't really follow all the myriad social media apps, but with how quickly "something new" comes along, I wonder if Instagram will even still be relevant by the time this and the other apps hit BlackBerry World.

It's gonna be free!! Dev has stated many times... Sheesh.. if you want, make a donation, that's what I'm doing.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure once Instagram sees how many downloads these independent devs are getting with their version of Instagram that they'll finally put in the official app. That would be the way to go.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

We'll fasttube witch is a free youtube app to download charges you 0.99 to log into your account. And that is a native youtube app. And we all know you tube is free for every other os platform including the login.

Posted via CB10

I don't like how it doesn't have the filters like it does in the instagram app.. will probably use the android ported one.

Posted via CB10

Looks like excellent work so far, and appears to be almost ready. I'm not an instagram user but my lady is on it. I may get an account just to follow her.

Posted via CB10

Go go Gasp!!! And big ups to ALL the dev's who are showing support for a platform we love.
To the all the complainers, you should probably start looking for something moan about because You can't gripe about Instagram anymore.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

With all the craving about Instagram client for BB, the first to come will make money for sure.
I never was an 'instagramer' myself but would have a look at the apps to come if they aren't to expensive.

Posted via CB10

I paid 1.99 for my instagram app on Windows phone and was glad to do it. It's nice when devs make apps for your platform when the companies themselves won't do it.

This looks really nice! Love the fact they leveraged native stuff like cascades. I would pay for this but I do hope it's free just because people would moan that it's free on other platforms. If it is free I hope BlackBerry paid them.

I hope this really makes a change and sets some fire underneath Instagrams' ass and gets us going with a native app but I would take anything right now. I do have the side load but I wanna see a different kinda flare......

Posted via CB10

I'm rather impressed that Devs are still taking time to create apps. I will certainly be contributing to this app & Dev. The End! :)

Do you think this will be in the hub

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Recently I got the older Instagram leak on my bbz10. Then when I updates to os 10.2 my Instagram said the version was to low. How do I fix it???

Posted via CB10

Funny how Windows Phone is getting an "official" app yet has a lower market share than BlackBerry 10 devices, which are not getting any "official" app. CrackBerry should get to the bottom of why Instagram/Facebook is purposefully snubbing their nose at BlackBerry. It must be reprisal for some relationship gone sour or bad deal issue.

On another note, given the fact that Facebook and Instagram are monetizing their platforms and ads will start appearing everywhere (with your user data being sucked dry for everything it's worth) then I wonder how popular it will continue to be. I think people need to weigh the risks and benefits at every turn as social media gets more bold in this respect. Fortunately I know BlackBerry is one of the few platforms remaining out there that protects and considers privacy and security a top priority.