A new version of Kik for BlackBerry is out but we're not allowed to tell you that, keep it a secret!

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2011 03:53 pm EDT

Well, it's been quite a while since we've last heard from Kik on the BlackBerry front. But now, a new super secret build has popped up and unlike the last time this news was passed around -- this time, it REALLY is a new and improved build. Push is indeed working fine but it's not making use of RIM's push services, instead it's opening a connection to Kik's servers to get the message out and you'll find a new UI within the app and for the most part, it appears to also be compatible with BlackBerry 7 devices.

We'll leave it up to you all if you wish to proceed in downloading it, Kik has gone ahead and addressed the issue with it scanning your address book so that it now asks permission first, which you can decline. That of course, was seemingly RIM's biggest complaint about the app when it was removed from BlackBerry App World.

One other thing to note, is that the app is not signed by RIM so it will ask your permission to basically do anything. That includes accessing the web, changing your profile pic and more. Act fast, I have a feeling Kik may not keep the link alive long.

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A new version of Kik for BlackBerry is out but we're not allowed to tell you that, keep it a secret!


Oh shits, that's bad news. Happened to me before I got the 9810 and DM or App loader wouldn't detect my 9800, had no choice but to get it replaced. Good luck.

I'm a Storm2 user - the Storm models don't show up as list of devices at http://m.kik.com, but if you select your phone model as the 9800 the installer proceeds. Got it running on my phone with no problems.

What the eff is this crap. No ringer profile integration? What a bloody waste of my time. Shame on you Bla1ze... Shame on you.

"We'll leave it up to you all if you wish to proceed in downloading it"

Don't bame me for your choices, besides -- your issue is with Kik, not me. I never NOT included ringtone integration. :P

Oh you lol. I just assumed you wouldn't post about something that misses such a basic (and needed) feature for an I.M. client.
.... ahh who'm I kidding. I can't stay mad at you

silly me tried to use hearts in my first post of this -_-

How come you can do that heart? :( I tried and the site stripped them out..

HA! Decided to not be lazy ... <3

If it got groups I would drop GroupMe in a second. I wouldn't even mind that it doesn't send pics on the BlackBerry version to get groups.

Can someone please explain to me what's the hype with kik? I just downloaded it and it's nothing special. To me WhatsApp is a much better app!

A lot more people use Kik and I believe WhatsApp is a paid app on iOS, at least it was when I got it for my iPod Touch.

It seems to work fine on my Torch, I can't do much testing though, I haven't got any contacts on it.

I'm going to try and get all my friends on it because I hate the UI on Whatsapp.

I think the mentioned adding group messaging to it, which will be very useful.

Another IM to communicate via others OS platforms. Not everyone has a BB. Many members of my family on other os use it and they like the fact that kik reminds them of BBM. They miss BBM but refuse to come back to BlackBerry just for BBM. Choice is a good thing people even if we disagree with them.

It says 'couldn't connect' when I try to register new account. And then it suggests to check if I have a data connection, which I do.

No KiK for me so far. ;(

Using Bold 9900 in Russia.

Nope! Changed TCP/IP settings to my standard provider's ones but the same error appears. Still couldn't connect. Crap! :/

Installed it and it proceeded to freeze my Torch 9800 up, and then gave me java errors. Rebooted my phone to see if that fixed things up, and same problem happened again after trying to connect to find friends, and also froze up my browser.

Deleting it till some fixes are ... well.... fixed.

Great maintenance for speedy deliveries as always...BUT
no notification integration with blackberry notification system?
no badges? just an annoying iphone-like-notification-pop-up? this is disappointing

Downloaded on my wife's Torch 9800 - it's sapping the battery pretty bad....back to whatsapp we go!

I just downloaded and installed on my 9670. I'm asking my friend with an iPhone to test it with me...if this works HOORAY! My DD has an Android phone and most of my friends have iPhones.