New version of Google Talk hits the BlackBerry Beta Zone for legacy devices

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 03:45 pm EDT

If you're running a BBOS device with OS 5, 6, 7 or 7.1 - a new version of Google Talk is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. This one kind of came out of nowhere but who doesn't love a good update, right?

Notable changes include UI improvements, a newly designed chat screen and Improved notifications when client is logged out by IM service.

It's been quite a while since we've seen a Google Talk update at all, so this one is definitely welcome. If you're running a legacy device you can give this one a go in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you do fire it up be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it is!

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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New version of Google Talk hits the BlackBerry Beta Zone for legacy devices


So next will be an update for the BB10 Devices?

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Most random piece of news I've read in a while. Are Google apps for BBOS made in-house or by Google themselves?

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If I still had my beloved 9900, I'd be happy about this. Glad to see BlackBerry still supporting/updating BBOS.

As much as I'd like to use BBM more, most of my friends and family moved to iOS or Android long ago. Gtalk (Hangouts) is my most used IM. I'm hoping when BBM goes cross-platform that changes.

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I still have my 9930 and will install it on that device! Thanks for the heads up, Adam! Now, if we can only get video call on our Z10s....

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It's been updated to Hangouts on iOS and Android since they rebranded the service at I/O so what's the deal with this update? Whatever.

This says improved notifications when client is logged out by im service. Seems like the disconnect issue is on google's side and not blackberry's.

Yea, wish that Google Talk for BB10 was more like Google Talk for Android (pre-hangout). I would really like to see invisible mode and chat sync (easily switch between mobile and desktop). It would also be nice to view the chat history from the device.

Like codemaker said, the worst part is that you can get disconnected from the service without knowing (or have invalid offline/online statuses for contacts).

Oh ya, there's still 10's of millions of those legacy BlackBerry devices in use around the world. What, like 70 millionish?

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Google calendar is integrated with the phone already when you use the BlackBerry calendar. I'm not quite sure how it works but it is automatically putting my appointments through my Gmail account when I create them in BlackBerry

What puzzles me is that Google Talk was supposed to have been absorbed into Google Hangout. We really need to be asking for a Google Hangout app. (available on iOS and Android).

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I have a blackberry torch 9860 and
my google talk beta version install keeps giving me: connection error (66): problem receiving data from server.

im running 7.1 bundle 2508 (v7.1.0.912, platform

Anyone encounter this problem?
i will send feedback to blackberry beta to inform them immediately after i post this.

I love that BlackBerry is supporting the legacy devices for such a long time. :) app updates for os5 devices, that's great


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Update it for bb10. Let me send images and files, let me change to a dark theme, let me choose font and format (bold italics etc.) and be a in a hurry!

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Use this and get spied upon by the nsa and general bone saw? No thanks, I'll wait for bbm to go cross platform and get my buddies to use that. Hopefully it is secure...??