New Version of Google Maps with 'My Location' (Beta)

By James Falconer on 28 Nov 2007 01:34 pm EST

New Google Maps for your BerryA new version of Google Maps is out, and for those of you without GPS, it's time to rejoice.

The new version uses something called 'My Location' which helps GPS-less berry users approximate their location on the map (of course, those of you that are GPS enabled will see your exact location on the map).

'My Location' uses the data sent to and from your nearest cell tower to approximate your location. So, while your location may not be exact, it should be pretty darn close. Video walk through after the jump!

For more info on the latest version, go here.

For more info about 'My Location', go here

Or, to download to your device, visit this location from your Berry:

Video Walk Through of Google Maps "My Location"



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New Version of Google Maps with 'My Location' (Beta)


I tried to do the my location thing, but it doesn't seem to find my exact location, only the approximation even though I have a VZW 8130 Pearl with GPS turned on...

VZW disabled/crippled the autonomous GPS chips inside of all its capable BlackBerry models; it does not work with any third party applications (e.g. Google Maps)...yet. By turning the GPS (really aGPS) “on”, only works with VZ Navigator.

Verizon locks GPS so it can only function with their VZ Navigator... now you can use the new GMaps to get around this. Although not exact, it's better than nothing (as Verizon prefers)...

I have a Verizon-crippled Blackberry 8830. My location is well within the blue area, but the dot is a few blocks off. When will Verizon learn that they are pissing off their customers by disabling the GPS on the phone??? So they they can earn $10/mo from some of their customers?

I just had to try it. I have a tower on the other side of the freeway and it's spot on. It's a keeper as far as google maps is concerned.


I definitely like this version of Google Maps, i am surprised at how accurate the tower locater is. Its not GPS but it is as close as us T-mobile users can get w/o buying a bluetooth receiver. This is a must have in my eyes!!!

Google does everything right. Google maps is simply great. I got it working right out of the box. Accurate and simple.

The same cannot be said for Nav4all or Amaze which did not work on my Tmo 8320 curve.

Go Google!!!

Not spot on in terms of accuracy but like the video says, it gives an approximation and it's pretty good. Good enough where you can easily figure out how to get to your destination from where you are.

Very cool. Google always does things right, that is for

For me however, it's pretty far off. The closest it gets
to my current location is about 2.5-miles.

It was able to find me within blocks; Not pinpoint but close enough to find your way around for sure. Awesome update. Google doesn't cease to amaze me.

Did anybody notice the new link under your contacts? Now it can show them on google maps! That's a nice thing that was missing.

WOW! It works almost as well as GPS. It found my location accurately within the range of the cell tower. The directions function worked well. It is not GPS accurate but it is close enough to be a valuable and useful tool. The Google team scores big on this one.

Hello...I have a blackberry 8300 and I can't seem to get your link to open for the New My Location through Google...Thanks

OK, so i d/led, installed, used, uninstalled, reinstalled, reused; SAME PROBLEM: (I'm in IL and the "My Location" locates me in Key West, FL.) "Approximate up to 5000 meters" my @$$! What's wrong with this? Is it VZW's cause with my 8830?

I also have a 8830 and with VZW carrier, though I live in the West Coast (San Francisco) in which I have used the application twice and have not had any problem so far, it's pretty accurate.

This is awesome! I installed it and it immediately picked up my location near my job. I used it again while my coworker was driving and it is so intuitive!
I dont expect it to be precise since I dont have GPS but it is pretty darn close and that works for me!!

So, today since my location is still WAY OFF (in FL when i'm in IL) i decided to uninstall v.2.0 and to my surprise when i went to redownload the app it's a new version. i don't see any difference b/w the versions b/c my location is STILL in FL. Why is it that peeps keep saying the app is for BES (I have BIS), when it's a direct maps download from google. why would they have something for companies rather than for the general BB user? What the frick?!

I just received a new 8310 from ATT (which has built-in GPS). I have installed the new 2.0.1 version of Google Maps, but it will only use the cell tower positioning, and not the internal GPS.

Anybody else seeing this? Know a fix? I did enable the google maps software to have access to the GPS data.


I have d/l'd the program. Find it somewhat helpful. BUT, of casue using an 8830 and thanks to Verizon we can't use the GPS casue they have it turned off. Then again, if you upgrade to the new OS, which then opens it so that you can use their navigation program, guess what, it still won't work for you.

We will be dependent upon the the cell towers and that will be off by 1700 meters as the program states.

Thank you Verizon.

I just installed it on my 7100, it was pretty close, my location was off by a about 200-300 yards. for a free program,I can't complain!

I just downloaded the program. I works great, found my location right away. Gave me awesome directions to my cousin's house 1 hour away in L.A. It even gives a traffic report. Very easy to use/user friendly application. Thanks Google!!!

so this thing is not working for me. Its installed on my new 8320 and i'm not seeing anything. I have tmobile. What do i do to run it??

just downloaded the nav4all program.while entering all basic details when email has to be entered the email name does accept kindly advice how i can use this navigation
please let me know which software for voice navigation can be downloaded

Thanks and wishes