New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Nov 2008 05:54 pm EST

Verizon BlackBerry Storm commercial part two... he uses the device. Take note though... at 4 seconds in a message pops up that reads "Screen images simulated." Now this unit looks snappy... if it can be that quick for realz when the Storm is released then I'll take three please. Game on Verizon!! Thanks Scott!

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New Verizon BlackBerry Storm Commercial!


I think an announcement is coming soon! I cant wait to get mine, and for all of you scavenger hunters out is possible to win! I did so on day one of the prize giveaway.

Notice how there is no more huge gap below the display and above the buttons. Kevin mentioned that this might be in the works. Looks much better!

Do you think that's for real? or is it just simulated to look like that? I thought the gap he was referring to earlier was the one along the edges of the clickable part that people were concerned about dust settling into

But there is no way the screen shifts that fast in real time. And did anyone else notice that keys didnt seem to light up blue when the phone was used in qwerty mode?

a) if the screen does shift that fast in real time, we're in for a treat. fingers are crossed.

b) you're right. that's interesting. in SureType mode the keys were lighting up with Blue, but doesn't appear to be the case in landscape. I wonder if that's a setting on the phone nobody has really talked about before?? Would be good if you could turn it off.

@ Kevin

I agree that the screenshots are probably simulated, but I also just saw the commercial again during the Eagles/Giants game, and if you look closely the buttons DO light up in Landscape Mode.

They don't light up as brightly as in Portrait Mode, but they definitely do light up (can't really see it on the YouTube version, but definitely evident when watching live).

Now...all this really does is make me more anxious and frustrated because we haven't seen anything new (for quite some time now!)...c'mon VZW!!!

Ya it looks like it is simulated. At 5 sec, in if you watch just before his finger hits the screen the button lights up.... I guess next week we will know for sure.

lower right hand corner 4 secs in.

but either way CX kinda implied that the newest version of the OS is at least up to par with this if not faster.

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If the videos of the Vodaphone version are any indication, that was a simulation in the Verizon commercial, because the screen didn't shift anywhere near that fast in those videos. I just assumed this was a simulation when I saw it during the football game this afternoon.

In Verizon time that means sometime after you've lost interest or sometime after someone else comes out with something better. I hope I'm wrong though.

In my experience companies dont put their products out there mainstream unless they are pretty close to hitting the market!! The Storm is coming!! I give it 2-3weeks at most! Are you ready?

Hell no I aint ready cause...REPORT CARDS COME OUT TOMORROW!!!!

I'm doomed. No Storm for me till Christmas :(

Give us a damn date already!! How long can they string us along before we start looking elsewhere?

At the end of the commercial he says "What kind of genius is behind this?" and then he looks up at the Verizon network and says "Oh, right". It makes it seem like Verizon is trying to take credit for the design/functionality of the phone. Lol.

Maybe it's just me but that is what I noticed. :P

yea i agree
on something within all the verizon people they should of had something that mentioned RIM or Blackberry on a sign or something

I love it... and then the "mad genius" is THE NETWORK.... GOOO VZW Whoooooo! Now hurry up and give us the storm!

I just noticed there is no link from Verizon Wireless home page to the Storm page. The flashing ad is gone. I think this means an announcement is imminent.

... so it's not a big deal. The main reason is for screen refresh rates and video sync. Quality on any electronic device that's shot on video is usually lacking. This includes televisions. I will though say that when he flips from portrait to landscape mode that the screen definitely does not flip that fast.. at least it didn't with the one I had my hands on. Verizon removed the animated flip to a more "jump" from one orientation to another because of the lag time.

Just saw the commercial. Have the Giants game on DVR and to answer your question, the video on Youtube is too grainy. The blue glow on the keys when you type is definitely there, when i rewind and replay. the guys fingers cover it mostly. but it is there.

oh man i want one so bad!!!!!!!!!...part of me wants to wait though to make sure they fix any bugs that have their way of coming out in the first release...but i still plan on lusting after it until i can get my hands on one!

i wouldnt expect to see this until the end of the month, maybe around the 23rd im guessing.
Can download and install the simulator for it on website.
Just go to and go to support at the bottom.
Then at the top right under site search. Type in simulator storm and then do a search.
Then click on first link that says blackberry device simulators and then click download a blackberry device simulator. Then from the drop down click on blackberry device simulator 4.7.0 which is 2nd from the top and then put in some nice info and agree and download.
Im sure you guys know that already. Just reading on how many want to see it in action and figure maybe my words will hit somewhere.

I know everyone gets all upset when people say that they think they were tipped about when the product is coming out and what not, but yesterday morning, Sunday the 9th, I went to the vzw store around the corner and talked to a sales rep. I asked about preorder, and he said they are not doing it. However, he also mentioned that on the 16th, they were PROBABLY opening an hour early for the release... He said PROBABLY which leaves room for doubt and flexibility. Lets hope he is right though. I'll most certainly be the first one in line that day...

Anyone else getting that answer from your local reps?

just talked to a rep today that came in and rented a car from me and I asked him when its coming out. I told him my 2 years is up 11/16. He wouldnt give me an exact date but he told me 11/16 is a good time to renew and it should be out just after that date. I just want the darn thing already. He had the phone last week but had to give it to another employee so I didnt get the chance to try it hands on. darn.

Stopped into Best Buy over the weekend here in NC. Seemingly knowledgeable wireless manager expects storm to be in their store on the 16th. big ad is anticipated. lets hope so.

The vzw main page has gone storm. It is very similar to last years Voyager release. If it follows that format, they should open it for pre-order late this week. That would put a release on or around Fri. 11/21. I wish they would just drop this thing now. But it looks like the Voyager release is the road map for this one to. They dropped the voyager the friday before thanksgiving. But hey if that is the case I will have a cool new toy to play with to avoid the in-laws on the holiday. And for that VZW I wolud kiss you.

That makes sense. I read on that the VZW Storm will be delayed until Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) or the following Friday. Cause? Network issues discovered after "rigorous testing." If you're like me, you're scared this will turn into the hold Bold release fiasco. Anyone else here anything.

just talked to a rep today that came in and rented a car from me and I asked him when its coming out. I told him my 2 years is up 11/16. He wouldnt give me an exact date but he told me 11/16 is a good time to renew and it should be out just after that date. I just want the darn thing already. He had the phone last week but had to give it to another employee so I didnt get the chance to try it hands on. darn

not sure when this is going to come out but i know i need it. I already contacted verizon about getting out of my contract early to get it. I got a card in the mail months ago about upgrading to a smartphone without having to pay the early term fee and getting the new two year contract price. I saw is there is a rumor of a $200 price with a two year contract.

Meh not a big fan of touch screen and this phone doesn't really come close to comparing to the Bold. I am not leaving AT&T and definitely not going to so go for a touchscreen.

I received a flyer in the (postal) mail today for a Verizon private/by-invitation-only show & sale for the Storm (and a few other phones.) The event starts next Monday the 17th at the main local Verizon store. Will post pictures when I get home and upload them from my camera. Unfortunately, the storm was the only phone that did not have a price...

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