New Urban Theme From Elecite

Urban Theme Released!
By Bla1ze on 5 May 2009 06:43 am EDT

Here's a new style of theme coming from Elecite this time around for those who like simple, but still unique themes. Urban is a nice and not too flashy theme for the 89xx, 90xx and 95xx series devices that flows nicely. With 8 icons set in the corner of the device which allows for the wallpaper to be shown almost in its entirety, this is where Urban gets unique. The theme itself has 10 beautiful wallpapers built in that change up each and every hour with no ill affect on device memory nor does it cause laggyness. 

Urban is a really nice and really clean theme overall and with the customizable icons on the main screen and lots of room for high definition wallpapers this is a head turner for those who love simplicity but still want to move in style. You can pick up Urban for $5.99.



I LOVE AppleBerry, but this is a nice clean-looking theme! Yum.


Has anyone ever noticed and significant memory leaks or slowdowns from Elecite themes? They are beautiful and I have debated whether or not to purchase one, however, I have not heard any feedback about these themes. It seems like all the other themes, and I have tried many of the popular ones, always have major memory leakage, and considerable slowdown of the phone, and quite frankly, I am sick of doing battery pulls (quick pull, but its still annoying).


I would check to make sure it's not something else... I've used alot of Elecite themes and have not noticed any memory leakage due to the theme... I currently have Elecite themes loaded to both my 8330 and my Bold.


Would a Storm perform the same as with the default theme? Every Theme I tried I noticed the phone slowed down. Are these better?

Also the description says there can be up to 8 icons on the front screen, but every images only shows 3, can there really be 8 icons?


the bottom diagonal icons scroll ...
Just got the theme.. playing around with it now.


yes it is really nice but slow down every thing


I find most newly installed themes take a day before they respond quicker..don't know why maybe it's a caching thing..


Do the wallpapers have to rotate or can you disable it?


to second Hudss, can you use your own wallpapers? or is the user limited to what elecit has provided?


No, I haven't found a way to use your own images. The "set image as wallpaper" standard theme option doesn't do anything. I can see my own image in the background in the email screen, but the main wallpaper screen and the full icon screen both show Elecite images that apparently can't be changed. Pretty annoying. The image behind the icon set screen is too "busy" for me. I changed back to the default theme. Waste of $6. :(


I will take it. $6 worth of good karma for you.


wish you could change the wallpaper / decide of rotation occurs or not.


Has anyone asked these questions? I too might like to have (8) of my own pics that would rotate. I truely like the simplistic look.


Not really a fan of other themes, but this looks pretty hott.


And I dont use it because it slows up the phone. Such a shame because is so nice. I've had it for over a month.

I might snag this theme up anyway. i wonder if they will ever do a multi theme purchase discount


Looks like a nice setup from the screenshots. However, not being able to pick my own wallpaper just so they can do the hourly rotational thing is a killer. I'd rather they just include 10 backgrounds in the form of jpg's or something to use with this theme in a non-rotational manner. Thanks for the heads up about the lack of being able to choose your own wallpaper.


if they were real pictures and not computer generated. like the layout and hope more are to come like it


how about an app that rotates all your wallpapers or pics from a chosen folder. and the intervals can be manually
changed. i would pay for that


This theme sucks... i bought it... useability sucks, majorly slowed down my phone, and killed my memory and battery... BLOWS... i want my money back...


very nice and functional. just have to edit my apps and create folders to put them in. no complaints thus far.


can you use a wallpaper that isnt built into the theme?


Oh wow, this theme looks really nice. Just gotta decide if it's worth 6 bucks...


This Theme is cool , but slows down on the storm big time...


It killed the functionality. I had to uninstall it.

Walk Alone

the program is not worth after all!


Does anyone know where I can get the actual wallpapers in this theme to use on my current theme?


Great theme, but a major memory leak. Bought the theme yesterday, and had no app memory at all this morning. It does suck a little bit of the battery, but over all not too bad. Just gotta fix the memory leak in the theme. It does slow down your storm, but i think that has more to do with the memory leak.


too bad their not compatible with the 8310 curve.