New two-year contracts and rate plans heading to Telus and Bell

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2013 09:19 am EDT

In early June the CRTC announced a plan that would place some limitations on Canadian carriers including capping data and roaming charges and allowing customers to cancel contracts after just two years with no additional fees. Rogers, Bell and Telus all responded saying they would make the necessary changed to comply with the new codes before the effective date of December 2, 2013.

Today Telus has officially announced the arrival of their new two-year pricing terms that will go into effect starting July 30th. The news plans include easy device unlocking, easier to understand contracts, flex plans and no device activation fees. The plans also bring unlimited talk along with a "data bucket" of the customers choice that can be shared across the account. 

According to Mobile Syrup, Bell will also be launching new two-year plans starting July 17th. Under the new plans, the price of devices will vary depending on the choice of plan, either Voice, Voice and Data Life or Voice and Data Plus.

No word from Rogers yet on just what their plans are for two-year contracts. 

Canadian users - what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Press Release

TELUS offers Canadians clear and simple two-year wireless plans

New SharePlus plan offers unprecedented value on any smartphone or tablet – unlimited nationwide talk and text, household data sharing
TORONTO – TELUS today unveiled two-year clear and simple rate plans for both consumers and small business customers. Launching July 30, TELUS’ new plans will feature unlimited nationwide talk and text and the ability to share data with multiple subscribers on the same account.

“In another significant step forward on our long-standing journey to put customers first in everything we do, we are introducing our next innovation in how we offer our wireless services,” said Joe Natale, TELUS Chief Commerical Officer. “Just as we did with our Clear and Simple plans in 2009, we have listened to our customers and provided them with a choice that offers the best of talk, data and text for Canadians and their families.

“TELUS’ new model will give customers peace of mind on their monthly bills with unlimited nation-wide talk and text and the ability to share wireless data across multiple devices in the same household,” Mr. Natale added.

TELUS’ Clear and Simple approach started in 2009, when TELUS eliminated system access fees and introduced all-in pricing plans. TELUS’ clear and simple philosophy has seen the company embrace a keen focus on listening to customers and making real changes to its services based on their input, including:

  • Eliminating contract cancellation charges in favour of simple device balances
  • Re-writing contracts in plain language
  • Reducing international roaming rates by 60 per cent
  • Introducing easy and inexpensive device unlocking
  • Introducing international roaming data notifications and caps to eliminate bill shock
  • Creating flex plans
  • Eliminating device activation fees
  • Launching learning centres in our retail stores
  • Introducing a simple trade-in program
  • Adding caller ID and voicemail as standard in all plans

TELUS offers customers one of the world’s largest 4G LTE networks – the fastest wireless technology in the world – already available to more than 70 per cent of Canadians, as well as Canada’s most reliable 4G HSPA+ network.

Keeping it clear and simple with TELUS SharePlus

The new two-year TELUS SharePlus plan brings the best of talk, text and data together. With the new plans you first select the smartphones and tablets you want, with unlimited nationwide talk and text giving customers more certainty on their monthy bills. You then select one data plan that will cover all the wireless internet needs of you or your entire household – including smartphones and tablets. The cost per device goes down as more devices are added to the data plan on the primary account. You can add an existing device you already have to the plan, buy a new one outright and pay a lower monthly rate, or pay off a new device on an easy-pay plan amortized over two years.


A single person  gets a new iPhone 5 and a new Samsung tablet from TELUS, both on two year terms at discounted prices, along with a shared 1 GB data plan - $105 a month.

A family of four gets a new iPhone 5, a new BlackBerry Q10 (both on the Smartphone plan), and two new Samsung Galaxy Ace II X’s (both on the Smartphone Lite plan), all on two-year terms at discounted prices. They already have a tablet, and add that to the data plan. They are fairly heavy data users, so decide to share 3 GB’s a month - $270 a month for the entire family.

An individual already has their own smartphone they want to keep using so opt for the BYOD plan. While they talk and text a lot they don’t use much data, just a bit of social media and a few apps. They go with the 250 MB plan - $50 a month total.

Similarly, TELUS will introduce two-year plans for Small Business. The TELUS Small Business SharePlus suite of plans was designed with small businesses in mind and offers fantastic value with unlimited nationwide talk and text and shared data across smartphones and tablets. Plans with U.S. roaming built in will complete the suite of plans for small business customers with 15 wireless devices or less per account.

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Reader comments

New two-year contracts and rate plans heading to Telus and Bell


This sounds promising but I wonder how much of the fees taken out will somehow be recycled and hidden under some new monthly fee?!!

Maybe not a new fee, but pricier monthly plans?
The example in the press release mentions a $50 plan that only includes 250mb of data.
That's pricey :S

If you get a smartphone from them, does that mean you pay $55 (from the left column) plus data in the right column? Using 1 gig would make an $85 bill?

Is it just me or is that insanely high?

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This is all thanx to the 2yr contract changes. People want shorter contracts, so cost goes up. Ya'll shot urselves in the foot...

Posted via CB10

Thanks. That's what I was looking for as my wife is making the switch from Bell and getting a Q10 but needed to know whether it was better to do it now or after the switch. It seems that assuming we're comfortable with committing to 3 years (we are; I like Telus), the $67 a month promo plan right now gives the same as $85 a month will after that. We'll be making the switch this week before the changes!

It depends on your usage, but may I suggest you take a look at Koodo?
If you want a new phone, you'll pay a bigger up front cost, but they have very competitive monthly plans that can reduce the overall cost over the lifetime of the phone.
If you bring in an old phone, they'll take 10% off any monthly plan sans initial up front costs.

The news is not recent, as you pointed out, but it is welcomed anyway. Canadian carriers are largely more expensive than US or EU, having the same basic phone price, but with a three years contract instead of two, which make us pay at least eight more months to them.

Now the thing is: will they just increase the cost of the phone at contract signing instead to "balance"?

Posted via CB10

Prices for monthly plans will go up and we'll get screwed again. Take a look at their data plan pricing? Good Lord.

Promising yes thanks to the CRTC. But we still need more competition to bring the prices down. We need a couple major players to enter the market before we see any real decrease.

Canada just isn't big enough market to support 10's of cell phone companies. With Mobilicity on deaths doorstep and Wind Mobile looking for buyers I'm afraid government regulation is here to stay.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully Verizon buys out Wind. That will light a fire under the Big 3

Posted using my Cando-American Z10 via CB10

I'm sure that they will still be finding a way to gouge us and make us spend 20% or so then our neighbors to the south.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure these new plans are only for new customers. Existing customers with 3-year plans will be stuck with it until we re-new or pay off the contract.

Posted via CB10

I just looked at Bells' new plans. My current plan is way better and I just passed my one year mark, so technically only have 2 years left. Not bad on my books.

Tman. You will be allowed to get out of your contract after 2 years in December with no fee. Anyways. This sounds promising. I just hope they don't find a new way to over charge us.

Posted via Q10-->cb10

Rogers will release their new plans a day before the due date, if at all. They've been the most vocal against the new law; Telus embraced the new law.

Makes me proud to be Telus. If only I had rural Manitoba 4G coverage...

Posted via CB10

TELUS was first to introduce 3-year contacts; Bell and Rogers followed. TELUS was also the first to introduce evening calling starting at 9PM; Bell and Rogers followed. Seems like Bell and Rogers always wait for TELUS to make the first move.

I like the idea of two year contracts but also think should keep 3 year for those that want more discounts up front. Right now can get a feature phone for 199$ on 3 year contract but jumps to 500$ on two year and 550$ for one year. Has to be some middle ground.

Posted via CB10

With the new 2yr terms, the phones will still be priced like 3yr terms, just the minimum cost requirements will be higher. ($70 before taxes for premium phones)

Posted via CB10

I love three year contracts. I have a great retention plan and will always have a cell phone so

Posted via CB10

A three year contract only means a better plan and a lower priced phone.

All we're going to see is an increase in phone and rate plan prices. This is bad news for me.

Posted via CB10

That's not true. The same phones in the US on 2-year contracts usually cost the same as in Canada on 3-year. Take the Q10 for example. $199 on a 2-year contracts in the US, $199 on a 3-year contract in Canada.

The whole share data with another device for more money is absurd. I'm already paying for the data, who cares which device consumes it.

Posted via CB10

I'm not impressed. It seems like they grabbed a bunch of ideas from the small players like wind and mobilicity, but their data allowances and price points are off.

Posted via CB10

Bahahahahaha, what a joke. They are doing exactly what I have speculated they would do in response to the new CRTC rules. No cancellation fee, instead a "simple device balance". Guess what this is? A tab, and it already exists with Virgin and Koodo. I should really dig up my assessment of the original ruling and test the assumptions.

Canadian system for mobile devices is a complete joke.

Posted via CB10

I'm assuming the device balance is the difference between retail price and discount price offered. That makes sense to me as they sell 700 dollar phones for 199. If you cancelled they'd lose a chunk. The balance would probably be the remainder. You won't have any contract cancel fees

Posted via Q10-->cb10

So what's wrong with having a Device Balance?! When you buy something on credit, don't you pay it back like a loan? How stupid are you really?!?

Posted via CB10

It's just one big she'll game. Some call it creative accounting. You pay one way or another. Just buy a used unlocked phone off eBay then sign up on a low monthly plan that suits your needs. If your needs change or if you can find a lower price change you plan. See no commitments!

Posted via CB10

These prices are outrageous, cell phone plans are way over priced in North America, but I guess if people are willing to pay there is no need for them to reduce the cost

Posted via CB10

Good to only have 2 year contracts, but we'll see what that does to other costs. It's looking like they'll make up all of their money on the new plans, since it seems like individuals pay ridiculous amounts to subsidize for families with lots of devices getting "discounts", so hopefully this means that device prices won't rise.

TELUS used to be the only wireless provider to offer the first fully unlimited data plan (albeit 1X EVDO) and then they stopped and became greedy. Now, in light of being pressured, they figure they're offering "innovation in wireless"? LOL, they were forced to do this and still don't offer unlimited data.

Posted via CB10

I've met big Joe there, on several occasions. LOL, TELUS Mobility gave up being cool a long time ago, right after merging with TELUS Corporation and they made it more like the landline operation, old school and stuffy.

Posted via CB10

I use over 10GB's of data less than two weeks into every single billing cycle. I can average upwards of between 40GB and 50GB of data, even with the fair use policy applied to the speed, every month. Even with that policy in place, I can travel around the city and still receive LTE, just throttles back when I get home. I can go across the street and sit in the park to enjoy LTE speeds unlimited, for example, after the policy is applied to my account.

Posted via CB10

It's good to see the Telus and Bell not waiting for the last minute to introduce the 2 year plans. I am waiting for Rogers to do the same so that I can upgrade to BB10.
The price of the phone better not go up otherwise am going month to month.

North America's problem is that we do everything on credit or financing. Yeah, we want two year plans, but then we also want the same phones for free or very cheap. The carriers are not going to take the extra $150-200 of subsidy, they'll just find a way to spread it out over the new plans. Paying $200 extra is unpalatable to most consumers, but $10 more a month is okay to them. Of course, the smart carriers can use this as an opportunity to increase their profits because few will bother to do the math.

I preferred the old system where there were 3 year contracts but the cancellation fee was pro-rated. That seemed the most fair to the consumers and carriers; can't demand everything for nothing.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

or giving us a choice, 1-2 or 3 years contracts.

but its true our monthly rates will go up, what is one less year on the contract really going to do?
most of the time I call telus with a year left looking for a new phone and they always take care of me.

The crtc had to step in because people were stupid and locked in on three years so they could buy phones they couldn't afford. All a two year will do is increase the price

Posted via CB10

Hmmm, the 2008 financial crisis was partly caused by people buying houses that cost more than they could afford. Sounds like a systemic problem.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I'm actually quite surprised by the fact the the big 2 out of the 3 are being proactive with the new CRTC ruling. What are they up to? hmm? I thought I'd have to wait until December for the new 2 year deal. We shall see what this is all about, I have to say I'm a little sceptical about Bell being a little too cooperative with the new ruling.

Why are you surprised? They're going to make more money by selling their devices for more and upping the prices of plans. Why wouldn't they want to do that as soon as possible?

Posted via CB10

After looking at those prices I will gladly stay with my Telus $60 plan for 400 mina, unlimited text and 6GB of data....

Posted via CB10

I have almost an identical plan. And also am not tempted by these new ones. Data waaay too pricy.

Posted via CB10

Wow 1 Gb plan oh sooooo plenty
for streaming movies in hd too.
very chep indeed.
What a cah cow for these big telecoms.

BB Z10 rocks.

I wish unlimited data plans were available for a reasonable price perhaps at $50. Until then, I'll stick to no data plan and thank you Shaw for having Exo Internet which is an extension of your home internet throughout the city with Shaw Wifi.

Posted via CB10

My 3 year contract is up in a few months. I'm goona do whatever I can to get my monthly plan below 50$.

Right now data is the killer, 30$ for 6 gigs. And no option to cut that In half and pay 15$ for 3 gigs

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, I just thought some people might find this helpful. I have been with FIDO for a couple of months, and have convinced them to give me a plan that isn't being offered anymore!

Plan details:
-400 outgoing, unlimited incoming, free evening and weekens across canada
-unlimited messaging from canada to any mobile number around the world
-6 GB (that's right, not MB, but GB) of data
-voicemail, calldisplay, conference calling

$65 a month (I convinced them to give me it for. $60)

This is their $35 standard plan with a 6GB $30 add-on

You can call them and try to convince them, they havn't offered the plan for about a month but might still be able to give it to you if you are good with words.

Posted via CB10