New Twitter Client TwiXtreme Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 27 Aug 2009 11:35 am EDT


There is a new player in the Twitter client game, and it's making an entrance in grand fashion. TwiXtreme by Xtreme Labs gives BlackBerry users yet another option for their Twittering delight. I've played around with the app a bit, and I must say it is off to a great start. It has very cool animations, is ad-free and you can do all the usually Twitter actions like uploading pictures, retweets, mentions, trends and more. The app is has just been released, so I'm sure some updated will follow based on user feedback. If you're looking for a new client, or just something different, definitely check out TwiXtreme. A free OTA download is available here.

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New Twitter Client TwiXtreme Now Available


I've only played with it but it's true that it does have most (if not all) of the features of UberTwitter with a more color UI. Only downside for me is it won't go into landscape mode on my Storm, but other than that ... it's cool.

I agree with that assessment(minus landscape mode since I'm a Tour owner). I'm digging the interface, but not digging lack of features... :-(

It doesn't look like it's made for the Storm. That's unfortunate, because if it looked as good on the storm as it does the other phones, I'd drop UberTwitter for the eye friendly UI of Twixtreme


I took mine out of compatibility mode and was still haven problems with it so I went back to TwitterBerry

I'm so discusted w/UberTwitter not keeping my sign-on info everytime i reboot. I'm willing 2 try something new.

I'm getting a message saying "this application requires the following module, which is not installed: net_rim_bbapi_messagelist" ..... ummmmm???

got it... and i can't say that i'm a fan. it has simliar features as ubertwitter but u cant goto user and u cant view twitpics, or any pics, in the tweet... i do like though that at the top it'll say 'click for 2 new tweets'. i'll stick with ubertwitter!!!

I have been using this for a couple days now and am pretty impressed overall. I have been using Ubertwitter for a while and slowly became fed up with it so went looking for something new. Twixtreme does have a few issues that I hope to be cleared up with future upgrades. 1 thing is now there is no way to change any options at all. They say that will be available later just not yet. I have had some issues also wont always show when new tweets are available. It will for a while then just stop. So I will do a reset on my phone and again it will for a while then just stop. These are a couple minor issues but for a first release I really like it and think that it will just get better as the feedback starts to roll in.

Yes, it does when there are new Tweets in your stream, however there's no preference option to set how much time it takes to check for updates. Weird.

I get one on my home screen too, but I wish I could set up and alert to notify me and a frequency for how often it updates. Although it seems to be doing it in real time and even shows the amount of new tweets received.

Cool looking app. I like the graphics. It is also functional. The big drawback for me is that I couldn't find any shortcut keys (I pressed every key on my keyboard). It seems only 't' for top and 'b' for bottom are supported, and they don't seem to work right*.

No shortcut keys is a deal breaker for me, that is how I do stuff in ubertwitter and socialscope (and with email and sms...). Perhaps future versions will have shortcut keys, if so I will try it out again then.

* B jumps to the bottom of the first "screenful" of tweets, not the bottom of the list.

I love the GUI but the lack of features compared to UberTwitter has got me. No Video, no multiple accounts, etc. No preference option either?! (I might have overlooked it, but could not find it for the life of me yesterday.) For all I know this thing could be checking the servers every 2 minutes and drain the battery.

...although TwiXtreme is very lovely. It just doesn't do everything I want it to yet. For some reason it's not detecting any of my DMs. Really fast loading time though.

There doesn't appear to be an 'in reply to' function yet? Which is something I find very useful in UberTwitter. And of course there are no additional options as with UberTwiter e.g. Gtalk status update, etc.

I agree. I tried this for about 15 minutes, then went back to SocialScope. The facebook integration with SocialScope seals the deal for me.

very pretty but like others have said, very basic, no prefernce settings, no shortcuts and no ability to view pics within tweets...i think i'll stick with ubertwitter for now even with those annoying ads...

I just tried TwiXtreme and it has great graphics and interface, but I can't seem to find the options menu for setting up sync interval and other setup options

Anyway, I'll keep using it for a while to get to know it

tested it, removed it.. first too much memory used, second, not as many features as ubertwitter yet...
but will soon grow to that i believe...

This app was not designed for the Storm apparently. It was difficult to navigate with my finger and I could not hide the KB with a finger swipe. Also it does not auto orient with the accelerometer. It seems like a great app if had another BB.

Back to ÜberTwitter for now!

I actually love this. it runs really well on my storm and im not seeing any navigation issues after I turned off compatability. I love this!

I do really like this twitter app but some deal breakers for me would be to have alert tone support and indicator light support. If this had those features then I would use it as my main Twitter app!! UberTwitter is a great app and will use that until something better comes along. Could this be it?

much prefer using ubertwitter...

just seems easier and nicer to use, not bothered about fancy animations, I just want something simple that displays all the tweets and I suppose the lack of storm compatibility is another drawback

I liked it in some ways, but some of the animation was a little excessive and makes the app rather large as a result. I do like that it has a banner icon with a count of new tweets! However, no ability to change settings and a lot of extra animations led me to remove the app. Give me some options and get rid of the animation and I'd give it another shot.

What is this banner icon you speak of? I've been running it since yesterday, and haven't received any notifications of any kind whatsoever. If I close the app...nothing. If I leave it running in the background...nothing. I can't for the life of me understand how a Twitter app doesn't have any kind of notification icon and/or ringtone associated with it! I even deleted UberTwitter thinking maybe it was interfering with Twixtreme. I really like the UI, but I hope they fix these issues soon or it's back to UT

the best twitter app next to Uber.

but it fails on no reply or retweet option and concerns on twitpics. ill pass.

all hail Uber!!! (even with the ads)

All I get is an error message that says Sorry, Twitter cannot process your request at this time. Can't get past the first screen.

I think I'll stick with SocialScope

Not happy with no landscape mode on the Storm. Definitely, a large drawback. Also, just updating status seems to be an issue. It kept wanting to take a picture.

Where is the spot to configure settings on the app?

I'm really liking the app. No add's which is great! There could be a few improvements like an options menu and integrated twitpic so the photos show in the feed like on ubertwitter. Other then that i'm liking it.

Just deleted this junk off my phone. No reply feature = fail. DELETED. Damn u ubertwitter, damn u to hell for putting in ads. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING.

I tried it on my lunch break today. I didn't like it too much on the Storm. But what I found weird is that when I went to view a user's profile in TwiXtreme (from one of my twitter accts) it opened up in SocialScope (where I was logged into my other twitter acct). Hmmm...


It's just in a more inconvenient location. You have to hit enter to open someones tweet and then those options appear at the bottom of the screen. Also favorite shows up there too. This app looks cool and for me is super fast on my 8330 compared to Ubertwitter. If it had twitpic compatibility and multiple accounts I would switch to it in a hear beat. Though admittedly I would rather have the reply, retweet and favorites options in the menu rather then opening the tweet directly. But that's just me...

I'm giving this a shot; although beware it is a sizeable app at around 530kb or so. The cons: I didn't like the small retweet icons and actually unfollowed someone because of it. I also use direct message quite a bit so the lack of alert is in need of attention for the next upgrade. Now the positives: I did like the look of the app and unlike Uber it sort of "stops" where the old tweets end alerting you that new ones have arrived. You can also modify your profile within TwiX.

Overall Uber still has a slight edge but for a new release TwiX has a very strong showing. Lookout Uber, the kid is in town.

i tried it out for a few hours and its slow. i myself am a SocialScope user, but for those who havent gotten the invite i would stick with UberTwitter or TwitterBerry.

Clicked the link on my Curve & got the following:
This application requires the following module, which is not installed:

I'd love to try this app. Any help?

Downloaded it, tried it, deleted it. It works, but Uber Twitter is the best Twitter client IMO.
It's not bad, just not my preference.

I like this one, have not had a single problem and the UI is better then Uber IMO. So far so good very solid on my 8330.

I tried a retweet and it cut off about 75% of the message, even though it was well below 160 characters...

500+K is a bit brutish for a hopping bluebird...

Its a nice app..but it doesn't support multiple accounts, and everything is accessed through the menu, there is no scrolling or using the trackball ...

I tried to download the app and when I do I get the following notice: "This application requires the following module which is not installed: net_rim_bbapi_messagelist"
Can some one tell me how to get this app and how to install it!! I have a Verizon 8330 Curve.


Download successful and got it to go landscape, but for the life of me, everytime I try to sign in I get kicked back to home screen. Uninstalled and still using Uber!

Have all of you who are so happy with UberTwitter tried SocialScobe? They have been really fast about sending ota links to those who sign up lately and it blows UberTwitter out of the water.

That is all

I love the interface of the app. More importantly I love the home screen alert showing the # of new unread tweets. Problem is after 2 days of using it, the app seems to have problem updating tweets. I went through a day with no alerts, went in to the Home page found no new updates. Got curious, started up UT, and found a long list of updates I didn't get via TwiExtreme.

I had to exit TwiExtreme and restart the app before all the new tweets came flooding in. As many others have mentioned, there's no setting option. I would stick with UT until the bugs are taken out. Looking forward to the next update!

Well i have it installed ... working great !! i like the nice UI .. the only thing i couldnt figure out was how to upload a pic... i couldnt find a way to get into options coz i dont think there r any ... the main reason i like this over Ubertwitter is that this works on WiFi and UberTwitter doesnt !!

i would greatly appreciate it if someone would kindly tell me how to upload pics ... thanks a lot

i've tried/used all the twitapps for bb out there and this one def raises the bar. it's very colourful and fun. the little icons are cool too but hard to see (eg star to favorite, arrow to reply, etc) so would be nice if bigger next version)

worth a gander and you may find you like it too. i'm glad to see such a nice polished first release!