New TweetGenius Available for Original Customers - Soonish for Everyone Else

By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2009 02:59 pm EDT

Half of you have been patiently waiting for the new TweetGenius and the other half probably don't even know it exists. Boy Genius Report teamed up with the folks at Beejive months ago and went into hiding so they could crank out the biggest, baddest Twitter client of them all. SocialScope and Ubertwitter are the most talked about Twitter clients of late, so people seem to forget that TweetGenius broke the mold with a "poof" and was the first premium Twitter client for BlackBerry. We first scoped it out way back in May, and it was received well overall. I have to say the new TweetGenius is amazing in its most recent form. Version 1.0.9 is available now for previous customers, and will drop soon for the rest of the world. If you are an avid BlackBerry Twitterer, you should definitely check it out. More information and tons of screenshots over at BGR.

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New TweetGenius Available for Original Customers - Soonish for Everyone Else


It's good to see that after all these months they still haven't done anything to make it work well on my flipberry.

Even better, they made it worse.

And the scrolling is terrible.

still no storm support. im not surprised. when they first released they said it would be out 2 weeks after all the other devices. never happened they went into hiding then came out with this. i should have known not to buy it back then. socialscope works just fine for me. i gave up on tweetgenius a long long time ago.

So let me get this straight: Pay for an app to let me post on a free site, when there are perfectly good enough free apps to do it anyway?
Ummm... nope. not doing that.

After first launch app works great, now i see info "Devie xxxx not authorized". Any ideas? Anybody else has this message? Should i activate this app or what?

"TweetGenius is not yet supported on OSs below 4.6, we will have a 4.3 & 4.5 OS version soon."
we all know what that means.....

Yup. After the initial launch they promised it "within days". Here we are months later.

I'm perfectly happy with SocialScope. Don't see any reason from the screenshots to change.

is this going to be another social scope type deal? some people sign up for ss many months ago and have never received their invitation. I signed for tweetgenius close to 5 weeks ago and still nothing.

How much was tweetgenius when it originally came out? Or how much will it be when it is re-released?

Finally I have been waiting for this for a minute. Lets hope it lives up to the expectations. Even tho it is still a beta I hope its nice. BUT will I pay for it again once they start updating? Hmmmm

Love the improvements visually but major major lag now on my phone. I'll stick with Socialscope until they update it again.

I purchased this APP the day it was released - it was a piece of junk then, and even more of a piece of junk now.

don't waste your time or money.

it made me delete my socialscope and ubertwitter for this.....but it runs smoothly on 5.0.230 on my tour. however i think a follow/unfollow button, and trending topics would be nice. i guess in due future. uber is the only one that has it all. im still running 115mb consistently and i have beejive, yahoo im running as well....

I am running on my Bold and it is running like crap. Load of java erors (installed and reinstalled at least 5 times and gave correct permissions), on wifi is not detecting the data connection and then it is closed by operating system as "not responding". What pisses me off is that they have 5.0 version, yeah right... It is working OK on normal 3g, but it is still miles behind SocialScope and Ubertwitter. Lacking a load of functionality that i have expected for this release. They have chosen to run autostart on device boot and this is error, you cannot choose whether to run it or not. UI is nice, but it also eats up to 10 Mb of memory after 2-3 hours of constant running, and still drains battery. With imminent release of new version of SocialScope, RIM native Twitter client and Ubertwitter guys constantly updating their app, i cannot see why hype this app. Twixtreme is better if you want free app, and do not want to buy adfree Ubertwitter and you do not have SocialScope invite.

i downloaded it and must say its better then before but has a lot of crashes, still no multiple account; problems with wifi; so i deleted it again ;-( UT is still much better ...

However this looks super sick.. Maybe an Uber killer! Let's see. Just let me load it into my Storm please.

Way.. way .. way too many Twitter apps out there.. I use TweetCaster (free with no adverts!!).. I do not need another Twitter app..

i am using wifi only mode, don't know why it like forever cannot log in...hai...i will rather use ubertwitter :(

after a couple second an error pops up and says "Device (my pin number) not authorized. can someone help me with that!?
thank you! :]