New Tweeteev Twitter App Coming Soon?

New Tweeteev Twitter App Coming Soon?
By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2009 02:30 pm EDT

In the slew of Twitter applications that have been launched so far, a new challenger appears--Kind of. Tweeteev is not set for launch as of yet but a rather omnious website and sign up page has been set up and is now accepting email addresses to let users know when it is available. The above screen shot is all we have to go on for now although the sneak peek sure does look interesting that's for sure. Check it out and sign up if getting in on another Twitter application is your thing.

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New Tweeteev Twitter App Coming Soon?


Isn't "disruptive" in the official top 10 list of words never to use in a marketing campaign or slogan? I can't wait to download a "disruptive" app to my phone!

I think they mean "disruptive" in the way it prevents you from doing anything else in your life. They probably thought "addictive" was too cliche.

Looks interesting, and I am always up for trying something new. Especially when it looks cool like this!
Hopefully functionality lives up to the looks. :)

All I am looking for is a Twitter client that has a banner notification icon(i.e. new messages, calendar...). If this one will finally have it that I will be happy and impressed, if not....just another client.

email sign up (not working) is any indication of what will come; I'll stick with ubertwitter.

If you want iPhone applications on the Blackberry, get an iPhone. I see comments from business & end consumers about wanting iPhone applications. Its comical -- get an iPhone.
Yes it takes a bit getting used to (touchscreen) but you will find the phone- amazing. Nothing RIM has, compares to it. RIM is getting fat on profits and their time will come.

Exactly no one is talking about the iPhone. So because it's twitter it's automatically a iPhone thing? Your aware twitter was around WAY before the iPhone right? Secondly you know the Apple is getting fat on Profits as well right? So we could just spin your statement right back at you.

So i was one of the few that got a version of SocialScope and still have yet to see a SOCIAL MEDIA client that beats it, its one thing to have "twitter" clients, but the beauty of SocialScope is that it rolls your Facebook, Twitter, and i believe many more Social Media clients into one.....why settle for one when you can access ALL!!!!!

because socialscope acts like the popular crowd in highschool. They don't respond to requests and they leave people waiting for invites for 6 months? I'm sure there app is great but if another company comes along and does what socialscope does then I will go to them out of principle.

it would have to be better than uber for me to like it. It would also have to be just as cheap as Uber which was free.

I've signed up and wait with baited breath... I love uber and is the app that got me really into twitter and with the recent update freshening up the look of it... hmmm... Although I do like the look of the screen shots.

This Twitter App looks very interesting - Also like what appears to be a multiple account logins (For more than one twitter account). Besides that, the concept reminds me of TweetGenius.