New Themes by WJD Team - Synthesis/Opake/Pink Plaid

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2010 09:31 am EDT

The folks from WJD Designs have been hard at work preparing some new themes for everyone. Having recently teamed up with JP Designs they have also now welcomed aboard KD. The combined efforts of all three designers has been pretty awesome as you can tell from the video above. Three new themes have been launched now. Synthesis, Opake and Pink Plaid are all available in the shop crackberry store. And looking at the design flow going here, they all look to be pretty sexy. Opake even supports the BlackBerry Pearl 3G so if you are new to that device, you might as well grab yourself a new theme to go with your new Pearl.

Reader comments

New Themes by WJD Team - Synthesis/Opake/Pink Plaid


I really like the Opake theme. Works real nice, one drawback is that there is no notifications in the fixed menu bar. Fix that and it would have to be my standard theme.

Good job guys!

great work on all three themes!

@ KD. wjd is a great group of guys....they will do nothing but help you, congratulations on joining the team!

can't wait to see more from all three of you guys