New Theme BeMeemo from Corey Visto for the BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2009 09:39 am EDT

Our good friend Corey Visto is back with a brand new theme. BeMeemo has a sleek look and clean icons, and great minimalist banner. There are custom icons, custom dialog buttons and a pop-up today area. I like the darker colors on this one and the way the icons stand out. The fonts through the menus are clean and crisp and not difficult to read like some other custom themes. BeMeemo is currently only available for the Tour, Bold and Curve 8900 and sells for $7 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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New Theme BeMeemo from Corey Visto for the BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve 8900


No way....I am happy with my free themes....why the heck I need to shell out $7 for every new theme which comes out? I understand it takes time and effort to make a theme, but say if you price the theme for $3 which is quite reasonable, and now image you have 100 buyers initially (BlackBerry community is huge) you still are make $300. I think that's still fair!

What say folks?

$7 seems a bit high.
I've got a few free themes with same icons & more features.

It looks like a nice theme, but seems a bit high.

Maybe a few more screen shots might show its worth more.

I'm all for charging for "your" themes, the type of theme that you put time and effort into. But the idea of using icons that are out there for free, and then charging for the theme is pretty ballsy. The sad part is, until the sheep stop paying the money for these type of themes, people will continue to make them.

And $7? Really? That's more than half the applications in the app store.

i won't be spending money on any themes regardless, but $7 is totally absurd, not to mention the fact that its not even an original theme, its ripped off of several others and the icon pack is totally stolen from free themes like several varations of free hero themes already available

With that great price am sure Crackberry will continue selling premium themes like this one. LOL Sike i wouldn't pay $0.50 for that theme. Its to clean and simple. If iam going to pay for a theme and were to cost me $7 that thing better talk back to me, and make me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mayber a snack here and there as well.

I wouldn't mind paying for a theme. I bought a few CV themes in the past but I just don't like this one for some reason. maybe if it was "completely" original. Yeah that $7 price tag isn't making a lot of fans either.

yeah... um... yeah... um... dude $7 for THAT? nah man, i have seen many free themes that look alot better. but if $7 is what you require, then my seven will be in my pocket where it deserves a gooood rest.