Telus "Incredible Machine" BlackBerry Storm Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Nov 2008 05:39 am EST

As Craig says in the comments, this is all about the Incredible Machine.. ahh.. and what an Incredbile Machine the BlackBerry IS. I like this commercial. Well done Telus!



This was really well done. I was kind of hoping that there would be an actual release date instead of the usual "coming soon" :(


Was talking to a Telus rep in store yesterday who said their release date is December 8th.


Loved the Christmas tree layout in the end. Come on Verizon, step your game up and give us a release date too please! ASAP! :)


This commercial is right to the point. Blackberrys are fun and as they said "smart." Very good work on both commercials Telus!


This was very nicely done.

Simon Sage

About time Telus started promoting the Storm.


Hits all the right notes and points. Telus marketing is on the job.
Now get the Storm here! :)

Craig Johnston

Actually this reminds me of this old MSDOS game called The Incredible Machine, and I think this is what they are portraying here, plus it is ... The Incredible Machine :-)

Antoine Levy

All my friend's that work at Telus are also saying that Monday December Bth will be the official Storm release date.


the board game "Mousetrap"? I had that game back in the 90's and that's what this commercial reminds me of.