Telus BlackBerry Storm Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Dec 2008 12:06 pm EST

Best BlackBerry Storm Commercial to date! HAHA. Are your hands ready for RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry? Any new Canadian Telus Storm owners in the house??

[ via BBCool ]

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Telus BlackBerry Storm Commercial!


Picked mine up yesterday at Square One in Mississauga, Ont. Luckily the Purolator delivery was extremely delayed. They ended up getting 16 units, I was 1st in line! So happy with it, totally worth the 3 hour wait!

Was that a commercial about hands or a smart phone? I learned more about doing my nails then I did about the storm.

Wanna know what is really funny about that commercial? I specifically trimmed my nails down and painted them in anticipation of showing my hands off when I showed everyone my phone.

Crazy! It was like getting my nails done for my wedding ring or something.

I never seen this commercial on tv just youtube but it isn't new! And the point in the commercial is to prepare your hands for the smartphone! DUH!

low budget cause we lost so damn much money on the bidding war for the exclusivity of the device...which we didnt get, and all the money we spent trying to get all these damn units...which we didnt get YAY TELUS!!