The new Telus BlackBerry PlayBook commercial rocks!

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2011 11:31 am EDT

Telus has always come up with some pretty awesome commercials for products but this one, for the BlackBerry PlayBook totally rocks. Not only does the commercial rock, Telus takes the time allotted to show everyone they actually get the concept behind the BlackBerry PlayBook as well by highlighting the fact you can pair your BlackBerry with your PlayBook -- for no extra charge! Kudos Telus, awesome commercial! Now, what can we do about getting Angus a PlayBook?

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The new Telus BlackBerry PlayBook commercial rocks!


Interesting how some carriers are trying to strong arm the tether tax while others are using it as a selling feature to gain customers.

Well don't be too sure that tethering is included with TELUS. According to the people answering the phones at TELUS, if you have a BES (not BIS) service with TELUS it is entirely impossible for them NOT to charge you extra (at an absolutely ridiculous charge per MB) for tethered data usage. Apparently it is a limitation of the way the billing packages are setup in their billing system, and according to a Director in their customer service group there are no plans in place to change this...

Makes me wonder just how much they want Enterprise customers who average $500/month with them.

...So buy one?

Honestly, comments like this make me wonder if folks are only doing this to get a rise of of the rest of u---


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see the game here. Well played, sir. Well played.




Very nice, though. Definitely caught my attention from moment one, which is the ENTIRE purpose of advertising in general. RIM could really take some pointers on the concept (not the commerical, per se ) of what was done here .

That is not the WHOLE purpose of of the main things is to actually ADVERTISE, which this commercial only does for about 5 seconds and the other 25 seconds we are just looking at the rock and roll birds...

the last one had sydney displayed prominently in the last advert. this one has ACDC.

I think Australia needs a playbook release :P

The music is great and I like that they used a Blackberry smartphone and Playbook but is it specifically made just for Blackberry playbook? At least they aren't charging that ridiculous fee of pairing your devices.

I know RIM wont advertise it but it'll be nice if people were clear on the facts that you could pair any phone with a playbook and the wording in this helps the cause even if it just showed two blackberry products.

Australia really does need a release :) I'm patiently waiting over in Perth. Well I don't know if I would call it patiently considering how much I keep checking the forums...

One big detriment of Canadian carriers: 3 years is standard instead of 2 years. You may have to sign for 2 years to get a phone at $50, but we have to sign for 3 to get the same price. We do have really good networks, though - I know Telus says they cover 98% of the Canadian population, which is pretty impressive considering how spread out we are.

I've been with Telus since they took over ClearNet and they have always produced eye catching advertising.
Their data plans all include tethering for free! No extra charges! So not only can I bridge my PlayBook to my Torch I can also Tether it the PlayBook or even my laptop to my Torch at no extra charge. Just be mindful of your data plan allowance for data, you don't want to go over because it isn't cheap!! In a near emergency situation its a great feature when you just can't find a wi-fi hotspot.

If you become worried about your data usage you can always change your plan to the data flex plan, it will change the price of your plan depending on how much data you use. To being with its 60 with 1gb. 2gb is 75 and 5gb is 90. Then anything over that is 5 cents a mb. The plan offers quite a bit as well.

Sprint is the same way and thought that was pretty cool. The song is one my favorites and I loved the way they used the birds. I will be showing this video to my friends.


Telus is my carrier ... and they ROCK. You can change your contract plan at anytime you want ... no questions.

Advertising Free Bridging .... They double rock !

The PlayBook is the best tablet on the market today.
Thanks Mike and Jim.

Now our organization wants to give a bunch of these away in a promotion. Do I have your o.k.?

I'll be honest---this is the second time I actually really looked at a Telus advertisement and took it seriously. The first time was a week ago before a movie... again, birds. (parrots) where one of them steps on a button and a female parrot appeared, then he stepped on it again for a second female-parrot. This advertisement is probably even better because the first one grabbed my attention but I really don't remember what they were advertising other than it being a Telus commercial. This one stuck with me. Grab a BB and Playbook from Telus, share a single data plan. Double-win for me as a consumer. Well done... think I'll take a look at their website now and see what their data plans are actually like now.