New super cool BlackBerry India commercial - check it out!

By Yousif Abdullah on 16 Nov 2010 01:42 pm EST

I came across this new BlackBerry commercial for India, and to put it in a word, it is just awesome. No spoilers here; check out the video for yourself! I'll only add that it is catchy, spot on and a great example of how a BlackBerry smartphone can help you get through the day with multitasking and exceptional connectivity options. So, do you love what you do on your BlackBerry? Express your opinions in the comments!

Via: BlackBerry India



I can relate to that one.


This commercial could work in "The West", possibly as is. No need to re-shoot. All the same "Western" stereotypes seem to be in there. I wonder if that has anything to do with India being under British rule for so long.

Only thing missing? Voice-over probably has to be performed by some silver throated super model (or a woman who SOUNDS like a super model). That's how we roll in "Da West".


Now THAT is a cool Ad!!


Don't know how I missed this post but that was a good ad! Need one just like this for the Americas.