New suggested release dates for the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 and Curve 9350 on Sprint

New suggested release dates for the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 and Curve 9350 on Sprint
By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2011 06:20 pm EDT

It's no secret that Sprint has been gearing up for release of the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 and Curve 9350. In fact, some of the first release date confirmations came from Sprint documentation in the past. Granted, in the time since they were first posted the release dates have changed but the newest purported documentation updated on July 22 shows once again some release dates for upcoming BlackBerry devices. As you can see from the image both the Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 are suggested to be arriving on August 21 with the Curve 9350 arriving on Sept 9. Hopefully, these dates will stick this time around -- until then, grain of salt folks.

Source: BriefMobile

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New suggested release dates for the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 and Curve 9350 on Sprint


Did these dates come directly from Sprint?

Or did someone just make them up using 'word' and send them to you.
We want more 'fact' and less rumours. If rumours are just that, then it makes RIM look like they are the ones who are dropping the ball.

Why don't you look at the source image, you can judge for yourself if it's legit -

Either way, everything is just a rumor until it's not.

That makes me feel a tiny bit better.
Does this mean that the phones pasted carrier certification?

A purple Curve will be interesting.

Love those berrys.

who u telling, i am so ready to get my hands on this 9850. The sooner i can get this the sooner i can put back money for buying to QNX phone next year...

I sure hope that we feel some Verizon love at about the same time!

I agree in regard to the 9850. I was not expecting it to come out this soon or at the same time as the 9930.

These release dates are all well and nice and I'm excited about the new upcoming Blackberrys especially the Bold Touch and Torch 2, but if these are released during the same period that the rumored new iPhone 5/4S is released, Blackberry is going to have a tough time, maybe not on the corporate front but certainly on the consumer front. We'll see.

Have I missed AT&T's release date somewhere? I'm starting to feel like a stalker in the blogs and fourms. I'm beginning to look over my shoulder waiting for the police to come and get me.

Thank you for relaying that info, Blaize. It gives me a great deal of hope now that we appear to have fixed dates for these new devices. Better still, they will be released a week before the school year!!! If RIM manages to get these devices out, it will be a great quarter for them. Finally having the best line-up of BlackBerry devices every all coming out at the same time! This will certainly have investors scratching their heads.

Certainly RIM has opened the door for too many competitors to find a niche. Moto was facing bankruptcy as many speculated, and Samsung and HTC had some aimless devices until Android came along.

When these new devices come available, RIM will take some of that market back in advance of the iPhone 5. Still, we cannot expect RIM to get all its market share back as Apple and Android will keep pushing hard. Also, some techies will prefer to see what the QNX superphones will look like so they won't be jumping for these OS 7 devices.

I won't buy a new phone if I already have a contract. Most folks will wait till their current contract runs out, so it is vital that RIM continues to push new devices to market that capture people's imagination. It's a big undertaking, but I'm sure they can manage it. You need the right devices in the stores at the right time.

Forgot to speak about those exclusive contracts. They have really hurt manufacturers like RIM. They almost hurt the iPhone, but Apple had pushed so much marketing behind it, and folks had to agree that it set a new benchmark for an easy to use handheld device. Even though people hated AT&T, they stuck with them because of the iPhone. This marked a turning point in the industry where the manufacturer was getting the upper hand, rather than being at the mercy of the carriers.

RIM pushed the Torch into AT&T, iPhone territory. The Torch didn't do as well as the iPhone, but it didn't do too badly either. Nevertheless, the carriers block OS updates from the manufacturers and make it difficult for them to add new features and services.

While RIM was pushing the Torch via AT&T, Verizon had no BlackBerrys or iPhones to push, so they got even more behind Android -- so did Sprint and the other carriers. This was a huge mistake, and RIM knows it. They got burned.

Look at the Android manufacturers. They have several new devices every couple of months going to one carrier, then tweaking it with a new faceplate and issuing to another carrier. Just how many Galaxy S devices has Samsung released in the past year?

Fast forward to today. We now see BlackBerrys being pushed to all carriers. Different carriers will/may get slightly different devices (CDMA vs GSM), some will get the Torch 2 and some will get the Curve, but RIM is giving everyone some love. If folks prefer one carrier over another, they will still get a shiny new OS 7 BlackBerry to lust for. Everyone wins!

Now, if RIM can only get carriers to allow them (RIM) to provide OS updates directly to the device! That would ensure we always get the latest and greatest OS on our devices, and we will certainly remember RIM's love when it comes time for a new phone.

Im getting a little callous when it comes to "Official" release dates, even more so with these little hints. I remember reading through some directives given to a large chain of fast food stores, one said they had y to come out with something new every 6-8 weeks, or the public starts looking the other way. Thats why you see some burger joint ad says "wow! bacon and cheese on a hamburger? Thats new!" It isnt new, but they have to say that or anything else they can think of just to get in your face every 6-8 weeks. OMG! A DOUBLE chicken sandwich!
Anyway thats what these release dates remind me of. Every few weeks some new "insight" into what we might be looking for. Just noise. 08/12/2011 will come and go, nothing new. Oh well, at least they're trying. Not.

These new berries can't come soon enough.

I really hope to see Verizon and AT&T promote these also, regardless of what some people say these are a major upgrade in terms of speed and function and should sell well.

I agree! Despite the upcoming QNX superphones, these phones aren't bad at all; most Berry users will be very pleased with these new devices. Here is some of what you get:

1. Much improved user interface with lots of improvements over OS 6.

2. Smooth graphic touch & feel, finally at par with iOS.

3. A very low UI latency will make this device extremely quick & responsive. Obviously, some significant work behind the scenes.

4. Much improved browser will finally compete for RIM. Early previews have shown it to be a little slow, but I expect great things from RIM. The browser will rock. It just has to, and they have the people to make this happen.

5. The tried and trusted BlackBerry push services, rock solid messenging, and the security behind it to make it all reliable & dependable. Now, it will just be better and faster!

Overall, these improvements deserve a full OS jump. Actually, you can already see the benefit that QNX is having on BlackBerry OS. Although the changes don't appear to be dramatic, there was obviously a lot of code rewrite at the core to improve overall latency & performance. I wouldn't be surprised if a significant portion of the kernel was re-written in OS 7 led by meticulous QNX developers. Kudos indeed, because these OS 7 devices look to be huge hits for RIM!

Regarding the misses:

1. RIM should have added a front facing camera! Perhaps future OS 7 devices will have it.

2. Timing is everything, and these devices are late! RIM needs to tighten the screws to ensure products hit the market on time. Two months from now, these devices will look "old" compared to the new iPhone 5. RIM needs to get themselves back in the game before the next generation iPhone.

3. RIM should have more full-touch devices. The Torch might be considered a full-touch device, but it has a physical keyboard, so it's not as slim as it can be. Apparently, there will be a Curve Touch. We will see...

You have no reason to believe me, but I heard from someone who knows at RIM that AT LEAST one of the new models has passed certification from AT LEAST one major US carrier, so these release dates are legit. And the Torch and the Bold are almost identical for certification purposes, just different form factors so no surprise that they will be released at the same time.

I might end up missing out on these devices, I'm getting my HTC Sensation on the 5th of August..I'm still a true CrackBerry Addict at heart no doubt about that but I was hoping for late July..Huuu! Sicks..

I have heard from a few people on CB that Sprint has a history of releasing phones on Sundays. I don't have any proof or confirmation, but I have seen multiple people report that it is not uncommon for Sprint.

I dont know about Sprint, but i know AT&T has launched many a phone on Sunday. Sometimes I would go in to get a device on launch day, and neither AT&T or Best Buy even knew they had it in stock yet.

I hope the bold release date is correct, my contract ran up last week and I'm hankerin' for a new phone already! Pllleeze release this phone soon!

It is not so much BB anymore as it is the carriers themselves. Carrier testing is the only thing holding up the release at this point. Now, that might be because they new OS is having issues during the testing and BB needs to correct them, but it is up to the carriers at this point to get the devices out the door.

I wonder if these new devices will be worth buying, considering OS7 wont be too much of a difference from OS6, and RIM bought all these companies and will be implementing QNX out in just a few months and probably add front Face cams and a even better design, I'd be pissed if I locked into a 2 year on a 9930 and then 6 mos later QNX is here and its badass!

I am starting to feel that I have waited so long for the 9930 that I could easily see myself waiting longer for a QNX phone.

I'm with you there. I think these would have been great 2010 phones but now I just see them as interim phones until the QNX LTE phones are developed and released. My Tour still works and I honestly don't see much for me to gain with these phones where I'd get under another two year contract. I think I'd be disappointed to get stuck when phones that have noticeable upgrades roll out. OS 6.1 (I know they've rebranded it OS 7 for marketing) with slightly peppier phones that have a few new tricks isn't quite enough for me at this time. Maybe after reading unbiased user reviews I may change my mind.

damn im still praying for a torch 2 (slider) on sprint
looks like thats not comming soon...if at all lol

I called a Sprint rep and said that Sprint will be releasing the Bold 9930 AND Torch 9850 on the same day (August 21st which is a Sunday) and ask if that is normal for Sprint to release not one but two devices on a Sunday? and she said "Sprint will release a device whatever day they seem to want...even a Sunday") So I guess some folks will miss Church on the 21st of August to be 1st in line to get the Bold 9930 (IMO, the Torch 9850 will be the worst selling BlackBerry device this year)

I am so ready to for the Bold 9930. Love my Tour but after 2 years I am ready to step up to the awesomeness of the 9930. Someone please tell me Verizon is definately on for this August 21 release. I don't want to experience them lagging behind again.