New: StormKick Theme for the BlackBerry Storm - 99 cents!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2009 10:16 am EDT

A new theme popped up in the CrackBerry forums that is getting a LOT of attention. StormKick, by KD, is pretty slick (watch the video above) and offers the following features:

  • Tap the StormKick Trackball Orb on the homescreen to switch between the first six Static icons and the next six User Definable icons
  • Icons 7-10 in the Application Menu are accessible on the homescreen by clicking one of the four buttons on the StormKick Trackpad from top to bottom
  • On the Homescreen, by tapping any of the first six static icons, a corresponding large icon pop up will slide in from the right
  • Features a 5 entry Today Area
  • Click the top banner to launch the 3rd Party App "QuickLaunch" (not included)
  • Click the Time on the Homescreen to open the Clock application
  • Click any blank spot on the homescreen to go straight to the Application Menu 

I love these themes that are initiated and developed with the help of the CrackBerry community. Be sure to jump into the forums to view the Official StormKick thread. As for cost, KD has put StormKick on the market for the low, low price of 99 cents. You can grab it from the CrackBerry App Store at the link below.

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Reader comments

New: StormKick Theme for the BlackBerry Storm - 99 cents!


Can ysomeone tell me wath is this program, with this video was recorded from the Bb screen?

Also how there is a mouse icon on the video? is it poosible somehow to remote the BB from a PC?

Please someone tlle me this! :)


By the way, awesome theme! Defenetely wort the 99 cent!!!

I always put down paying for any apps or themes, especially if you can't try something first.

I am running a .148/5.0/.151 hybrid and it works great. I see no lag after doing a battery pull after installing the theme and selecting it as my active theme.

Worth every penny.

There is no battery meter on the home page/only on the icon page which is bright yellow,making it hard to read the white markings underneath the icons. The home page revolving icons interfere with wallpaper and cannot be hidden once involked (annoying). The theme is slow, constantly causing the hour glass to appear. Try making a call and read the number your calling. You need a microscope! Its so small and white on a yellow background to boot! Difficult or impossible to read that number on my Storm.

The concept impressed me to buy it. With some corrections by the developer, this would be a good theme. As it stands, the dollar and time wasted to install it would have been better spent for soap at the dollar store....