New Storm OS Brings Full Keyboard in Portrait

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jan 2009 12:20 pm EST
Storm Full Keyboard!

There's some Big News coming out of the latest BlackBerry Storm OS update. When in portrait mode, you can now "Enable Full Keyboard" which lets you go Full Qwerty instead of SureType!

The keys are a bit tight, but if you're not a fan of SureType this is huge news. It's great to see RIM working around the clock on getting this OS tightened up. For more info on this latest unofficial OS release and to download, follow the link below.

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New Storm OS Brings Full Keyboard in Portrait


I don't know why you would want to type on a full keyboard in portrait mode instead of having the wider keyboard. I tried the storm out for a little while, wasn't a big fan of the surepress screen or whatever it's called.

I guess to each their own. Would anyone use this mode or just flip it to get the bigger keys?

I'm sure someone has already mentioned this but I can't count how many times I need to use my storm one handed and as intuitive as suretype is, sometimes you want more specific control of your typing. I've been using portrait all day just get used to it. Of course when you have use of both hands...landscape it is...

I'm not a fan of the sure type keyboard. Hard to do while driving (just kidding) This will be a welcome update. Any idea when the official release will come out? My phone is kind of lagging a little. It randomally reboots, I'm assuming it's happening when I am in a weak signal area. I still like the phone though, and really don't want to trade it in just yet.

I came from the Pearl, so I'm used to and like the SureType. I like having the option. Obvi some people dont, so now they have the choice too. good update RIM

i'm waiting for the official update myself. I'm new to BB so restoring the OS is all new to me. If the offical bricks my berry then it's Verizon's brick.

There is always someone who says " I will wait for the official I'm scared it might brick my phone." Why do you even read this post and take the time to respond?? Just so all the newbies know if you "brick" your phone it can be fix in about 20 mins. If you search on this site you will find many post explaining how to fix your phone. So with that all of you ppl scared to upgrade are scared for no reason, unless you like to have a laggy half functioning phone UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUE this is a message board, but why post anything if you don't even plan on downloading the upgrade? just a waste of time for all the ppl who want to know about upgrade. This a message board about the "UPGRADE" so doesn't it make sense to talk about that?????????????????????????????????????

Um...I've read up on every leaked upgrade on the Storm so far, and I'm still running .75 . None of these builds have tempted me enough to upgrade because of all the shortcomings/problems that have arisen.

A new higher build DOES NOT mean everything that has changed is an improvement.

-still no blue finger trace on keyboard
-at least my .75 camera saves all my pictures..
-LED problems
-media player freezing
-MEMORY LEAKS are up and down

With regard to this actual blogpost, I think the portrait qwerty is nice for those that still can't get SureType to work the way they want it to. If this was available upon the Storm's initial release, I think it would have gotten more people to buy it (or at least prevented them from returning it so soon).

I like reading about the leaks, and am open to getting the one that doesn't take a step backward (no screen transitions, for one). I'm not worried about bricking because I'm not a n00b. I just know whichever one Verizon chooses to make official will be the one that doesn't take steps backwards.


Your first example is not true. I have used every leaked update and the only place "finger trace" is when you hold the phone in portrait mode and have 16 items on your home screen. Other than that keyboard does "finger trace" perfect.

Not a flame, just clarifying where finger trace is lost.

Meanwhile, .75 has finger trace everywhere. The accelerometer works as fast as .90 devices. Pictures are minutely slower (not fast enough to have me upgrade). I haven't had to batt pull once, not ever. Why does everyone do that so cavalierly? As if your Storm was a cheap PC running Win98SE that froze so often you had to pull the plug on it multiple times a day/week? I also have had no VSODs. No LED problems. No critical camera problems. No media player problems. All of which have been encountered with each leak since official .75.

My daily average activity is roughly 60 emails over 3 accounts, 15 SMS, 0 MMS. So, not exactly taxing, but not dormant either.

I think the only issue I find consistent with my .75 is that I've lost the speed dial file when I speed dial someone. Not a big deal.

Obviously to many CrackBerry enthusiasts, the key is to close applications you're not using.

The weekly leaks have been nice, but let's not give them so much credit. After all, we're still waiting for the build that we all deserve to have. The one that has a fast operable camera, steady media player functions, working bluetooth audio that works correctly in the event of a call, inertial scrolling, (and for some, preventing the menu from going landscape...that is just so super annoying).

Back to the post at hand, portrait qwerty looks great and is practical for those who want to type one handed in that orientation, but aren't kosher with SureType. Honestly, I'm just glad nobody is complaining about the lack of an option to turn the button press off in lieu of simple screen tapping like the iPhone. People on the RIM forums for Storm do this ad nauseam, forgetting that this ClickThrough business is the keynote feature of the Storm, and that if they don't like it, they shouldn't have purchased the phone at all.

I cant update it! it recognizes the software but in the next screen it says it isn' t necessary for me to do an update! what to do please!!

go to windows explorer>program files>common files>research in motion>appLoader

Then I always delete the vendor xml file (all the way at the bottom) then click the "Loader" exe file. this should start your upgrade. Hope this helps I had the same problem.

yea overall this is a good OS i do like it a lot, and havent had many complaints, altho i will stick with suretype, im blazing fast as text from that form. but i like that they are adding new features with the updates also.

This phone is a joke...
: (

And I have to live with the Damn thing for two more years...
: (

Someone help me get away!!!

It is most unfortunate that you are having problems. Have you tried replacing the phone and installing the OS leaks? Personally mine works great so maybe you just got a bad one?

As to the topic I make no more mistakes with the full keyboard in portrait than I do in landscape. Sometimes I like to use the phone one handed, but the suretype just isn't the best if you're texting because who speaks in proper english when texting anymore? Very hard to do acronyms or slang words with suretype. Nice option to have.

Two times of which were due to the fact that the screen stopped working, and one was my fault.

But I have a Mac so it's kind of hard to download the leaked OS on my phone, which I am aware would work wonders.

I know, I can split my hard drive, and get windows to allow me to use the DM, but I don't want to split 30GB out of my hard drive just so I can run DM...

Hopefully Mac support... not in the form of Pocket Sync... comes out soon!

Maybe any other suggestions, preferably from someone who has something that isn't attacking in any way.

I'm just really starting to regret this because I have to wait for the Dang official updates....

I don't know who told you this but you really don't need more than 10gb if all you are going to use it for is media manager.

I don't know who told you this but you really don't need more than 10gb if all you are going to use it for is media manager.

You should be able to totally reverse the upgrade you did with verizon and upgrade into another phone they have or wait until you are out of contract and switch carriers if that's more what your looking to do.

The Bold is sweet but of course it's on At&t, or you could swing into another carrier and check out their phones if they have something for you.

I messed with the Storm a little from a rep that was running the new OS and it wasn't too bad but the "surepress" screen isn't that appealing to me.

Don't worry about people tha post stupid things on here, most of the time they are unhappy with their own life and taking it out on someone else.

Hope some of this informatino helped. Have a good day.

I'd like to wait... but it's two more years... lol

And sometime this year Verizon will get the CDMA version of the Bold... maybe I should wait for that...

Thanks, this is probably some of the worse advice I've gotten at least the commenter before you had the respect to try to help me at least.

I'm sorry but I didn't think I was asking for a Smart-A** comment, just complaining about my phone is all.

I just installed and love it had the storm about a month now and everyday leaning more and more!! love the phone

Before I upgraded I could text in the portrait view with a "T9 Smart word" type of option. Is that not on the new OS now? Does anyone know how I can get the "T9 Smart Word" back? I really like being able to text with one hand like I would on a normal phone if I want to. Thanks for your help.

I like the Full Keyboard in QWERTY. I am able to pretty much type flawless until I have to type an L. I usually hit the delete button instead by accident. It's a set in the right direction and hopefully they can somehow squeeze it out a little more so it will have a little more room lol.

.90 works ok...The Portrait full keyboard is kind of small. Feels like an iphone. The choice is nice though. The camera craped the bed on me the first time but seems to be working like it always has now.

Probably won't use the full keyboard in protrait that much, but it's nice to have the choice.

The only thing I'm missing from the typing experience it a Tab button.

just installed the new OS 90 and yes, it does work ALOT better..the buttons will be a little bigger and the phone itself will respond alot better than before.the option to either have the full board or suretype is a very nice option..wish they would of started with this OS in the 1st place

I updated my BB, and after doing so, my camera isn't working.

I can take a picture, and it looks as if it takes the snap shot, but it doesn't save.

has anyone else experience this?

CANT SAY ENOUGH HOW MUCH THIS UPDATE IS THE UPDATE THAT SHOULD HAVE SHIPPED. If they would have shipped with this update, i garuntee the phone wouldnt have gotten as much gripe!

the portrait qwerty is impossible to type on. it takes me forever! think i'll stick to suretype....i think the buttons are just too small for my fingers.

I have fairly large hands so Im not sure I really need the Qwerty in portrait. Does this update do anything else?

hello, I installed the new OS but I've noticed the homepage icons such as emails sms, contacts and all that are much bigger than in the .86 version.

anyone know how to make them smaller?

thank u

I have enough problems with the full keyboard in landscape mode so this doesn't do much good for me personally. What I need is to be able to send multiple text messages in one message rather than being limited to 160 characters permessage.

Anyone know anything about that?

I'm not sure with Verizon if they totally limit you down to 160 and won't let you go any further or if you can keep going and send multiple texts. It sounds like once you get to 160 characters you literally can't go any further. Not sure if you can change this.

I have the Bold and my texts just get sent to non-at&t customer in mulitple texts. They will get sent in one text but be considered two messages to an at&t customer.

awesome....i'm so excited about this keyboard!!! ...... :/

I hope the fact that this is one of RIMS fixes for the storm means that the other more important fixes are already done. If i get the update and its still all broke but i now have qwerty in portrait, i'm gonna throw a hissy.

Now they just need to allow a feature to allow "Type on Touch" instead of being forced to use SurePress. Why not let speed demons type away without having to click.. sure you might make more mistakes, but you'll be wicked fast. Leave SurePress to those who want the clicking screen for confirmation.

Wow - I really liked the new keypad features and the Storm seemed to be quite perky - but, Stereo Bluetooth from Media Player / VIDEO mode is STILL MISSING since .75!

I'm hooded on watching movies on my Storm while traveling - which I'll be doing a lot the next few weeks. So, it was back to .75 . . .

Wish someone here has a RIM connection to find out if they threw the baby out with the bath water. Gee, it could just be a programing switch they forgot to turn 'on' since it worked so well before.

This is like a soap opera. Never ending story.
I'll stick with .76 until the official release.

I've never seen so much problems with an OS like this before.
What heck are the QA people doing? Smoking all their RIM stocks?

i hope that the "alt" button (change to symbols and numbers) actually is designed so that it doesn't run off the outlines of the button. makes it look cheap.

Since this latest update, I cannot get my laptop to recognize my phone when I try to use Desktop Manager..
Anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening..

Thanks in advance..

Since this latest update, I cannot get my laptop to recognize my phone when I try to use Desktop Manager..
Anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening..

Thanks in advance..

how safe is it to install an unoffical update?? and i think its amazing how RIM has only released 1 official update (Dec 7)and its been more than a month. any comments??

I am a noob to updating with an unofficial update. Pretty nervous through the process but all is well and I like the portrait full KB. Had an 8830 and have no effing use for suretype. I don't notice much difference other than the new KB maybe a little faster landscape to portrait switch. I don't use the camera so no comment on the camera issues.

Not a major difference. The new keyboard is okay. It's like typing on an iPhone, but a little more difficult because of pressing the screen down. I know a big feature of the phone is the clicking screening, but I think an option to only have a touch screen would be pretty cool. And also a SureType keyboard in landscape mode would be one of the best additions.

I actually had to register just now so I could comment on this.

Each release has definately been an improvement...nothing was ever unbearable (obviously I still have my storm), but there were definate issues with the OS. There were some things that would happen that I figured the OS was doing just for effect (the slow scoll on the main screen for example). It didn't make sense that the phone did this by accident as it should have been pretty easy to resolve. However, over time, I realized this was legit lag, something I realized based on the way the phone performed elsewhere.

Anyways, each release made an improvement over the prior...but this is the first time I've unplugged from my computer and actually had a facial reaction to what has transpired. This is like a rebirth. No joke, if you've been waiting to install the legit Verizon OTA version because you are scared you'll reck your phone with a leaked version that isn't approved...throw that out the window, you just have load this.

There are still things that can be worked out, but they are minor, and I'm sure there are still some random things that may still happen (if i press x y and z then turn the phone around and tap this...then this will happen and the battery needs to be pulled) that the OS update didn't address because nobody has really run into it yet, however this update is leaps and bounds above where it was. No and install NOW!

I am using an unlocked Storm on tmobile and want to use the new OS .90, I downloaded it and got to the point right before where I was to push finish in the application loader and got this message :

Warning: After completing the loading operation, you must activate your device wirelessly to continue to send and receive messages and use other BlackBerry services. If you do not want to continue with this loading press Cancel.

What should I do? Should I finish it and everything will still work normally and better with the new OS?
Any help, pleaseeee

Thanks for the all the information on this site. Has helped me alot. I put the .90 on my storm (had .75) and in the last 24 hours her are my thoughts. The speed has improved alot. Had 2 random reboots no big deal since bootup time is better now too. Camera seems to work better and shutter is quicker. When I lock the screen I like that you have to unlock it in order to get a display, few times (3 or 4) took a few seconds for display to come up had to pull battery once. My facebook works now, it did not with .75. That is about all I can say for now. I am happy with .90 Thanks.

I am a newbie - How do I download this? If I go to the site on my storm it says I need Flash to use the site and when I try to download Flash it says its not supported on that platform. Do you download it onto a computer and transfer it somehow? Appreciate the help.

I am sure this has been asked before, but here goes. I tried to download the new .90 upgrade, but when I load the page on my Storm, then click the "free download" option, it says "page is forbidden". What the heck? Some advice?

I installed this OS update and my camera is acting funky and the device seems to be rebooting itself every couple of hours.

10000% improvement....response time increased significantly...feels much more smoother and fluid to more lag time between programs....very responsive....cant wait for the official release.....thanks for sharing.....

I hate how people are complianing about how many leak os are coming out. To be honest i have had this great phone since day one and i like many other owners have not had any problems with calling or screen freezing up etc, the fact is that with any new phone there will be people who love it or hate it period. i personally love this phone because it does everything i not anyone else but i need it to do. its a personal prefrence in which phone you like be it the Iphone or any other touchdcreen phone out there. The Storm has not just been hyped i think its been overhype by people expecting it to do too much, the fact is there will never be a perfect phone for anyone, people will always find something wron. Me personally this Leak not official update is the best leak everything is faster smoother its great. So to all those haters keep hating because this phone rocks.

I agree with many this latest unofficial version is a lot faster. So far my only problems with it are trying to turn it off. When i try to power off whether a a normal or full power off the little box appears saying the next scheduled power on is..... and it never disappears and actually turns off. Also while using the auto turn off feature i had to turn it back on before it was scheduled to and it froze at the verizon screen. Overall though great update.

While I enjoyed the .90 upgrade I had to go back to .75. I cannot say that all will have the same problems I did but I will tell you what happend. After the first day of running the upgrade my phone started locking up and I could not get a display or anything untill I pulled the battery. Had some locking up issues with the screen lock program when on the phone. Lots of restarts.The worst problem I has was I got a white screen with a 200 error. I am going to wait and see when the official .90 comes out because the changes were really nice. For those of you that are not having trouble with the upgrade enjoy it because it welcomes alot of nice changes.

I just noticed that when I make a call to my voice mail, when I go to deleted the message, I press the number pad icon in the bottom left corner of the call screen and a weird set of icons show up.
When you set your phone to the new portrait full keyboard view, this comes up. When you are in suretype or multitap setting, this doesn't happen, but when you are in the new setting, then this "bug" happens.

Just wanted to let everyone know!

I just noticed that when I make a call to my voice mail, when I go to deleted the message, I press the number pad icon in the bottom left corner of the call screen and a weird set of icons show up.
When you set your phone to the new portrait full keyboard view, this comes up. When you are in suretype or multitap setting, this doesn't happen, but when you are in the new setting, then this "bug" happens.

Just wanted to let everyone know!