New Storm Optimized Game: Solitaire Buddy Gold

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2009 01:26 pm EST
Solitaire for the BlackBerry Storm

Storm owner looking for a new game to play? You might want to check out NickelBuddy's Solitaire Buddy Gold for the BlackBerry Storm.

The game has been revamped to work on the Storm's touchscreen, so you can easily move cards using drag and drop, or just by touching source and destination stacks. You can double tap the screen to undo moves and use finger swipes to change backgrounds and card sizes. The graphics have been completely redone to take advantage of the huge screen on the Storm.

Solitaire Buddy Gold includes the following 13 games: Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid Golf, 3-Peaks Black Widow, Beetle, Spiderette, Will o Wisp, Poker, Canfield, Pyramid.

For more info and to download, head on over to Solitaire Buddy Gold sells for $9.95 and a Free Trial is available.

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Reader comments

New Storm Optimized Game: Solitaire Buddy Gold


10 dollars... really? for solitaire?
funny how there are free flash games on the internet that are so fun and addicting and we have to pay 10 dollars to play solitaire on our phone. lol... count me out.

It's actually more than just Solitaire. Solitaire is one of the thirteen games included in the pack. BUT, I agree $10 just won't do.

This is what I am scared about when the app store opens. You get apps and games from iTunes for 99 cents. We have to pay $10 for Solitaire....

I would imagine that having all of the Apps in one centralized location will create greater competition amongst the developers. Giving us better apps for less money. Developers will give out lite versions of software to entice you to buy the full version or other software they've developed.

I must say that im not an iphone fan by any means im actually very anti iphone to be honest and i do love my storm tremendously...

i do agree that developers have the right to price apps as they see fit, but i just dont quite understand why games and apps tend to be so expensive for the storm vs the iphone...

i mean i know its just 9.99 but still in comparison to $1,$2,$3,and $4.00 games and apps...i feel that $10.00 is kind of expensive for a game... anyone esle agree?

It's actually 13 games for 9.95. So it comes out to something like 77 cents a game. But they're forcing you to buy 13, verses one 77 cent game.

I know I said I would pay for a game once they started rolling into the Storm but $10 for card games? Seems a little overpriced. I guess I'll have to be playing free solitaire on my laptop, lol.

To Storm Developers: Make games 3$ and below. Stop thinking your going to get a bunch of people spending 10 bucks for card games or an app that shows you how to make a gin and tonic. Stop being stupid. Youll sell ten times as many games at 3 bucks at you will at ten so itll work out. Stop being cheap, stop being dumb, and charge a fair price.

This is exactly what I was worried about with the Storm. First let me say I am not I-phone fan. I came from a Palm 755P. Palm made no effort to reassure its customers that an improved OS and phone was coming. They release the Pro, that has Windows Mobile = Worthless. Anyways, back to my point. The make it or break it for the Storm IMO was whether or not we got the applications that the I-phone has had and whether or not they will be traditionally priced. We can clearly see now after a number have titles have been released that the prices for these apps are outrageous! Tmoble G1, I-phone...both have mounds of FREE applications. Good Ones. Additionally, the majority of the pay for applications are $1-2. $10 for a phone application!? Are you crazy!!?

I have already been putting up with a progressively worsening phone (storm) and have been very patient even though the GPS appears to have a "coverage area" !!????? Fortunately Palm found their heads and released an all new OS with an all new phone. All the benefits of a Storm/i-phone PLUS a real qwerty keyboard that slides out. Looks like i will have to weather the storm (pun intended) until the Palm Pre makes it to Verizon. Sigh. Common Developers. Don't let us down. Make realistically priced phone apps. If you build it they will come!

Works great! Really takes advantage of the Storm's interface. However, you cannot change the number of suits used in the Spider Solitaire game.

How about a contest, it's been a few days!!!!! Maybe they might give 10 or so away to CB members. If so I'm in!

Ok so the solitaire is storm opitimized. Are the other 13 games you get for $9.99 also storm optimized? or does only the solitaire work for th storm?

I think that it was a mistake to put that price on it. Yes, their are not many games out and we all want some, but that is over the top. No Way.

Are those Jelly Beans or Drugs?

$10.00??? If you noticed the Car industry, banking
Industry or the Credit cards? they are ALL tanking
because they are GREEDY!! It appears you too!
Get off the Crack pipe and change your price to a
reasonable $2 and ( if its any good ) you'll sell
a ton AND get 'street credit'...
Try it...

Ain't No Way....